tagNovels and NovellasA Loser Rebounds Ch. 16

A Loser Rebounds Ch. 16


The sun was shining, the birds were singing and every woman, even the elderly, eyed by Andy appeared to have big breasts and long legs. He knew this was not so, that he was just horny and Addison was uncomfortable in her final stages of pregnancy and kept pushing him away.

Andy was trudging through the city on a quest for his wife: Addison wanted him to buy some crème brulee.

He'd said no one sells that, he'd buy custard and mix some super thick cream into it but she began to cry and alleged he was being mean to her and so he drop his Ph.D studies and walked the mile into the heart of Downtown muttering.

Andy saw a magnificent pair of tits approaching and when he finally lifted her eyes he recognized Maggie.

"Hi how is it?"

Andy croaked, "It's time."

She smiled and said no it wasn't, Addison still had another six weeks to go.

He eyed her like a guy coming out of a desert after three days and nights lost and without water.

"Omigod you're coming with me," she said, pulling out her phone and calling her office. She then said, "I'm taking you to mom's house, they are away in Texas."

"Thanks," Andy said, feeling better already and hoping he'd be offered more than coffee.

Maggie stripped off in the lounge and watched as Andy stretched the elastic of his underpants to get it over his thick erection that was already higher than the top of his underpants.

Her eyes bulged and her right hand circled into cock-pulling mode and she trembled Dribble ran down the side of her mouth as she screamed "Omigod" and rushed him.

They wrestled, hands moving frantically and they almost toppled to the floor, but Andy braced and they kept them balanced although their teeth clashed when their mouths searched for a kiss. They finally got a kiss going, breathing through their nostrils like horses ending a half-mile gallop.

Maggie pulled away, gasping for more air, face aflame, brow already sweating and she croaked, "Be not afraid, grab pussy."

Andy slapped a hand against the bald beauty and there was an immediate slurp because she was leaking. He pushed three fingers at the opening and apart from Maggi's bit of a yelp, they slid in like a cartridge into a firing chamber.

"Do you want it?" he growled like a randy wolf arriving out of exile from the timberland.

"Oh yes, yes, yes," she said, slobbering kisses deep into his neck.

He slurred, "Condom?"

"Fuck waiting for a condom, give me all you've got. I'm protected."

Andy dropped her to the floor and that's what he did, gave her all he had, banging against her groin in heavy passionate bangs that had her releasing every three or four minutes until, sweat dripping down both of them, he grabbed both her tits and pushing up and bending his back he yelled "Cunts are the most under-rated thing in the world" and erupted in big deliveries of semen into her depths.

Panting heavily, Maggie said, "God that was awesome. I better get back to the office."

"Just a minute, I'm still revved up," said her best friend's husband.

Andy flipped her over, pulled her back to him by her hips and plowed into her doggie, squeezing her tits and enjoyed the encouragement he received from her mouthing an endless string of obscenities.

As Maggie drove him back toward her office she said, "I haven't been fucked like that since a couple of New Year's Eve gang splashes ten and eleven years ago. I can meet you again on Friday lunchtime.

"Fine. You're a great fuck Maggie. I knew you would be."

He then remembered his reason for coming Downtown.

"My reason for coming Downtown was to buy crème brulee."

"The only place I know that sells it is Desiree's Deli, I'll drop you off there."

Andy arrived home and called he was sweaty and needed a shower.

When he entered the dayroom overlooking the sunny garden he found Addison asleep.

Andy fetched his computer and read a couple of extracts associated with his studies and finally Addison awoke, stretched and smiled a greeting.

He watched her eat the dessert, slowly, almost catlike in movement and savoring every teaspoon of the enriched delicacy. When she finished, he came across to take the dish and she noticed his bulge.

"Oh my poor man, just watching me eat made you hard."

He nodded and smiled. Well it was the truth.

She sighed and said, "Come here my boy. I'm sorry I'm off penetration at the moment but I'll jerk you off."

She told him he could squirt over her tits because she was about to have a bath and would change her dress.

Andy was nervous she would notice it was a smaller eruption than usual. But he worried needlessly. Perhaps it was the fear of being found out. Addison's chest received a heavy splash.

Next morning when Addison watched Andy scoff his breakfast, she saw him tense and stop eating.


He looked at her and said it was about to happen.

"What is?"

He resumed eating and she clicked and said he'd just experienced the feeling.


"And you don't know what or when?"

"Correct. Shouldn't you be eating?"

"I feel a bit nauseous."

"I heard mom say to someone once that letting a mare rub your shoulder with her face gets rid of that for pregnant women."

"Andy Ash, that's complete bullshit."

He grinned and helped her to her feet.

She called from the bathroom to lightly brown her a piece of toast and spread it with only honey.

He brought it in along with the herbal tea she usually drank these days.

"I'm glad you are feeling better."

"Thanks to you. I thought of your grandmother and began to feel better."

Andy looked at her thoughtfully.

She said, "I'd like you to drive me through the park later. We could have late lunch at the kiosk restaurant. There won't be many people about to stare at me at that time of day."

"Some of them look at you in admiration."


"Women with big tits."

She screamed in laughter and Andy knew she was happy again.

In the restaurant he said to Addison, "Whenever you feel off-color think of my grandma."

Addison stared at Andy.

He looked away and said, "What?"

"You think I've managed to establish some kind of wave length with her."

"That's bullshit and you know it," he said. "God you women have crazy thoughts at times."

Addison didn't look overly convinced; she thought he looked evasive.

Six days later as Andy kissed Addison before he left on his run to the gym, he placed his phone on her bedside cabinet.

"What are you doing?"

Usually he never bothered about phone calls while out running saying callers could leave a message.

"I think it could be today."

He had gone and she yelled "What about today?"

But she received no reply and then knew what he'd meant, the call.

She sat up and switched on the bedroom TV and kept the controller and his phone within easy reach.

But the phone didn't ring. But when he went off to get bread and milk after lunch his phone rang.

A number but no name came up on the display. She didn't recognize the number.

"Addison Ash speaking."

"Oh Addison, are you guys in America or living somewhere exotic? It's Jan Thomas, of J Crombie-Angus."

"Oh hi Jan. We are still in the Midwest actually."

"Oh great. And how are you?"

"Pregnant and well."

"Oh that's great. Um is Andy around."

"Almost always but is out at the moment. May I get him to call you?"

"Yes please darling. Could you say this is an SOS? He'll know what that means."

"And I don't," grumbled Addison as she slid the phone shut after Jan said goodbye.

"Omigod, JCA is in financial trouble or the business is failing, probably both, and they are desperate to keep that quiet. They need someone to extricate them and believe Andy is the man. Omigod, I can deliver Karen at the hospital where mom has been on the board of trustees for zonks. Oh happy days Karen, we are about to leave this hole. If it hadn't been for this house I never would have stayed."

Karen kicked. Whether or not that was approval, Addison had no idea.

* * *

After a tearful farewell from Maggie, with Allison doing her bit, Chicago's high-rise skyline loomed up ahead of the couple.

"We are coming home," Addison said, sounding a little nostalgic. She knew not to weep, knowing that made Andy uncomfortable.

"Yeah and home is where the heart is."

"Good boy," she purred.

Andy had always referred to Wyoming as home but now realized his allegiance had shifted. In that case he should sharpen up on local politics and local issues to feel more attuned to his adopted home territory.

"You can drop me off and then go to the office if you wish."

"No I'll go in tomorrow in time for the board meeting at 9:00. I still think our old apartment building would be fine if there's a suitable apartment available."

"I'm sorry darling but we are rich and I wish to be housed in something more upmarket."

"The assholes will rip us off; property owners are addicted to squeezing the affluent."

"I start looking tomorrow with mom and the daughter of a friend of hers who is a property specialist, although not working where I'd like to live. Both of them know value and can sniff out rip-off rats."

Andy grinned. "Well as I said, locate where you wish. I only need a bed and sufficient space to allow me to get away from the noise of a howling baby."

"Our baby will not howl."

"You ought to be writing fiction," he laughed and had his ear lobe pulled sharply.

Andy's mother-in-law Emily came out to greet them and even kissed him as if awarding the top prize for being best bull of the show.

Emily stroked her daughter's stomach and said, "Oh my darling grandson."

"It's a girl and her name is Karen."

Both women looked at Andy shocked, Emily's eyes filling with tears and she said she didn't believe him and Addison looked murderously at her husband.

"Do you know the results of the scan?"

"No mother."

"But he does?"

"No mother."

"But then how can he say such a thing to me? I want a grandson."

Addison sighed and said, "He knows mom and I believe him. Now let's talk about something else."

"He can't know. He's a man and one I don't particularly like because he has wandering eyes."

"Mom shut up otherwise we'll book into a hotel and you know dad will be angry that you forced us to do that."

Emily began bawling and Andy thought well that's it, they were off to a hotel but then Addison turned and winked at him and somehow that little thing dissolved his aggression.

He whispered, "Don't reveal" and Addison whispered, "No way."

Andy headed for the offices of JCA next morning and sat across the street having late breakfast. He crossed the street to arrive at the boardroom right on the dot. He had much to smile about because he'd negotiated a contract for a year with salary of $350,000 and a bonus of up to $350,000 to be apportioned in steps relating to improvement in gross profit. He'd assured Jan Thomas and her father James Crombie he could move ruthlessly to lead the company into full recovery in twelve months providing present conditions remained no worse and nothing unexpected arose to torpedo the recovery.

Well neither of them would be dumb enough to expect a miracle within a couple of months. The contract promised him the experience he needed as part of his Ph.D studies at being involved in problem-solving and reorganization and the partners and Jan's father, the chairman, had agreed to Andy using this project as his required degree dissertation if approved by his online university.

Andy shook hands with the other two partners and then was introduced to the other two board members, an attorney and an accountant who was a taxation specialist.

Andy listened as the company's situation was outlined, with a slide presentation of its slide toward insolvency and graphs showing staffing numbers, department earnings and costs and other business statistics.

"Well Mr Chairman," Andy said when the presentation finished and all eyes turned to him, "it's a classic case of costing rising and of slowing of money coming in because the company has lost momentum and that has cost it market share. The way back to profitability means working urgently to increase billings, slashing costs to allow debt to be reduced and analyzing how loans could be restructured along with tweaking your business plan."

They all nodded, unimpressed, because Andy was telling them what they already knew. What they had been unable to do was to curb the rot, let alone stop it.

"I have the advantage of coming in from the outside and not being emotionally attached to the company and its people," he said.

"First of all Mr Chairman would you prefer a long grind to achieve full recovery or to take the quick and painful path?

James, chairman and biggest investor in the company said, "We should bite the bullet so I believe we should opt for the quick route. He looked at the three partners and they all nodded, looking gloomy, although having no idea of what was in Andy's mind.

"Okay this will be brutal and even you guys in this room take a hit."

"Go to it Andy," said James. "You are in charge of the fight back and we promise you 100% cooperation even if it hurts."

Andy didn't smile.

"First of all Mr Chairman, your honorarium is suspended as from midnight tonight. The payout to investors will be at 50% of last year's payouts. You two outside directors must agree to accept a cut to 50% in fees that you received from this company in the past twelve months. You all must hand in your company cards to our financial controller as you leave this meeting; they will be suspended for twelve months.

"Legitimate expenses will be reimbursed on application together with receipts. All leased vehicles will be handed back as soon as their return has been negotiated. All air travel is suspended for twelve months unless specifically authorized by my office. All items of capital expenditure exceeding $1000, irrespective of how the payments are to be staged, must be specifically authorized by my office. Immediate steps are to be taken to reduce staffing by 20% and by that I mean 20%. The public relations wing of this company is to be housed in your existing space in this building and a decision how that is done and how many of its staffing are to go is for the partners to decide but I recommend that firings or revenue producers be based on revenue production, or rather lack of it. Firings of non-revenue producers should have the weakest links targeted."

"Jan would you please line up the three people on this payroll, not partners, who would be best to assist me in this slash, burn and regrow initiative and I'll pick one of them as my assistant and we would need one PA to share. That's all for the moment and, oh yes, your existing benefits being suspended will be restored in one year from today, perhaps a bit sooner. Oh and please don't fire anyone who has been successful at finding or generating new business. We desperately need those people."

"That's all for now Mr Chairman."

"Oh thank you Mr Grim Reaper," James said, and even he looked shaken. "I know we must do this if we are to avoid having to sell the business."

Jan took Andy to a meeting room that was already set up as office to house him and any assistants. The big table had gone and there were two desks and a small meeting table plus a desk set up outside for their PA in the usual remote PA mode.

A thick arm bruiser (female) was already sitting at the station.

Andy whispered to Jan he was most impressed and she smiled at him for the first time ever.

"Please get us out of this Andy. We are relying on you. You shook us to the core in there and I'm sure that was needed. No person but an outsider could have done what you just did and gotten away with it."

Well even a smile from Jan was an incentive to succeed.

"Maria this is your new boss, please do your best for him. Mr Ash, this is Maria Delgado."

Andy spoke rapidly to the woman in Spanish and she looked ready to hug him.

He switched back to English and said, "Maria my assistant and I have the duty to get this company back on an even keel. Some people could come up here ready to rip us apart. We'd appreciate an early warning."

"Sir my husband's good-for-nothing drunken uncles behave like gentlemen when they visit us. They've learned the hard way."

Andy grinned and told Maria to call him Andy.

Jan went off and called fifteen minutes later to say she had the handpicked people on call with one to be his assistant.

"Do you have a recommendation?"

"No. You'll be able to pick the tough-ass."

The executive and two managers arrived, each with a résumé sheet.

Andy read those documents rapidly but knew he wouldn't be selecting someone with the most impressive work record. There were two females and one male. He chose the one with the biggest tits and no, it wasn't the male. Felicity was the assistant manager of the new business team.

"Okay I've decided to pick Felicity," Andy said. "It was close and thanks for presenting so well Ruth and Paul."

When the other two had gone, Felicity asked, "What did it for me?"

"You have a tough-ass manner and you have worked in new business. Those two assets are like gold to me."

"Then I can be assured of increased pay."

"A bonus when we finish, perhaps. You'll just be cruising working with me."

"Liar," she said, not turning a hair.

Andy grinned and Felicity said she'd go and clear her desk. "Who'll tell my boss about this appointment?"

"You can. Your manager will be relieved you have been seconded because he or she will know their position is safe because top management wouldn't be insane enough to cut both managers from new business."

"You are ruthless," Felicity said. "Oh by the way I'm married."

"Funny you should say that. So am I. Are you disappointed?"

She smiled and left.

Andy thought well from what Felicity had said, it would appear their workforce was expecting something to happen. He called Jan and asked could his appointment and the reason for his appointment be emailed to all staff.

"Already done, at 9:01 this morning."

"Good girl. May I send you a brief statement to send out to everyone?"

"Of course. I'll arrange for our IT manager later to give Maria uploading access to the all staff network."

The message read:

'Hi I'm the new guy at the top to carry out what the board of this company wants and that is to turn this company around. Mrs Felicity Adams has been appointed my chief assistant and Mrs Maria Delgado is our PA, your first point of contact. My first duty to return this company to profitability is to reduce staffing by 20%. If you are willing to take 10% of your salary as a bonus and leave as soon as you complete your existing assignments then please call Maria and arrange to see Mrs Adams. I have the business experience and the track record of performing well under adversity and to be confident I can turn this company around to give all remaining employees the confidence they will be working for a leaner and more efficient company that has won the fight and is gaining its biggest market share ever. It is my hope that only the timid and under-performers will leave or will be fired, and they know who they are. Thanks for reading this. If you have any complaints about my robust management direct them at this company's recent change of managing partner, Mrs Jan Thomas.'

Andy Ash

Director of Change Management

J Crombie-Angus

Meeting Room 2

Felicity arrived back pushing a trolley loaded with her office effects. She was surprised to see a 50 in. video screen had been attached to one wall and a screen projector hung from the ceiling.

"Fashion movies for you, porn for me," Andy joked.

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