tagErotic CouplingsA Lovers BJ

A Lovers BJ


Your lover walks into your room, her hips swaying slightly with her walk causing her the tiny red silk dress she has off to brush softly across her legs, her long brunette hair pooling around her shoulders and curling just under her breasts. Her long legs are covered with tight highs that disappear under the skirt of her dress. Her shoes are a pair of knee high snug fitting black leather high heel boots. As your gaze travel up those long legs and up over her skirt you see a plunging neck line in her dress, barley covering the tips of her breasts. Thin red straps link over her shoulders and a single necklace with such a delicate chain that you can barely see it holds a small silver cross amulet, your gaze continues to travel up to her face where you see her lips glossed and wet, her blue eyes twinkling with mischief and something else, maybe a hint of lust. She tosses her hair over her shoulders and proceeds to walk over to you after your inspection. Perching herself on the edge of the desk in your room, she faces your bed where you are sitting on the edge. She leans over to slowly slide her boots off causing the front of her dress to fall forward, exposing her breasts in full view for your eyes, her nipples perking a little already. Finished with her boots, she sets them aside and places one leg on either side of you up on the bed, also allowing your gaze to travel up her skirt and allowing you to see the tops of her thigh highs and more. She moans at you seductively, watching you gaze at her.

As you look at her hungrily she is satisfied she has thoroughly caught your attention, she slides herself from the desk and stands pulling you up to your feet as well. She bends down in front of you breathing on you hotly through your pants as she slowly takes out the button and zipper holding them up. She slides them down your legs and follows them with your boxers, exposing your hard erect manhood for the world to see. She moans at the site of you, out of want, love, desire, lust, and passion. She tosses your clothing aside and runs her hands up the sides of your legs, and over your chest, her hands sliding under your shirt and pulling it off of you as well.

She pushes you back down to your bed and settles herself down between you legs, teasing you with hot breaths of air, hovering over your swelling cock, her lips occasionally brushing against your shaft, her fingertips slightly touching you. She strokes your balls with her fingertips with a bit more pressure, finally cupping her hand around them, she gently squeezes as she licks over the tip of your hard cock with her hot tongue. She licks on the edges of your hood, breathing hotly down your shaft as she does, stroking your balls, squeezing them a bit more, tasting the drops of moisture pooling at your tip, moaning at the taste of you. She closes her eyes to absorb the taste of you, closing her mouth on your tip, sucking gently on it, lingering over the tip, occasionally flicking her tongue down further, but staying at the top. She finally pushes her mouth down on you inch by slow inch, swirling her tongue hotly around you, her mouth making you very wet, presses her tongue against the vein of you, moaning as she gently sucks on you continuing to take more of you into her mouth very slowly. She looks up at you through her eyelashes, watching you with passion filling her eyes, her hair falls around your crotch, brushing softly around that area, she picks up your silk boxers and uses them to rub your balls with, making it more smooth to rub on you, sliding the silk as it heats up in her hands.

She reaches the base of you with her lips, lashes her tongue across your vein and slowly starts to pull back up, sucking on you as she does, pressing her lips tight around you and her tongue against your vein, and catching the drops of pre-cum in her mouth. She reaches the tip of you and once again she teases the tip, flicking her tongue over, licking and tasting you, and slides back down you shaft a bit faster this time, her mouth a bit tighter.

Feeling you buck your hips in time with her movement, moaning louder she settles into a rhythm of stroking and squeezing your balls, her eyes are closed taking you into her mouth. She pulls up a bit faster, sucking as she does, and pushes back down again, harder, more quickly, her lips tight around you, her tongue pressed hotly on your vein, her hands increasing in pace with her mouth.

Hearing you groan aloud your pleasure slowly rising she takes more of you into her mouth and throat and licks up the length of you, flicking her tongue over the tip. She swirls around you with her tongue, sucking gently upon your hard cock, licking your ridges. She takes you deeper into her mouth, lashing her tongue across you as she goes down, licks and sucks back up the length of you, flicking her tongue repeatedly over the tip of you, sucking gently, licking up the drops of moisture you have released.

When she hears you moan with want as you teeter at the edge.

she tightens her lips over you and slide you fully into her mouth and throat, pressing her tongue against the vein of you as she pushes down to your base again, moans around you as she pulls back up, sucking on you. She massages your balls as she does this gently squeezing them, sucking on you, and licking over every inch of you, moving faster, hotter, and tighter over your hard delicious cock.

Feeling you push yourself deep into her mouth, moaning loudly as you cum hard she massages your balls, gently squeezing them, sucking on you, licking over every inch of you, moving faster, hotter, and tighter over your hard delicious cock, licking up every drop of your cum, swallowing it as she looks up at you through her eyelashes, enjoying the taste of you. Sucking on you as she slowly pulls off your cock, she smiles and settles down at your side on the bed.

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