tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Loving Brother in Law

A Loving Brother in Law


Sally Kendra had been on her sofa giving herself a damn good fingering, she had been feeling as horny as hell all day, and now she was at home, her knickers were around her ankles, her knees pushed outwards, except for the times they drove inward as she clipped herself.

She loved and hated it when this happened, she hated it when her horniness took her over, but she adored the feelings of relief her searching fingers gave her. She had left work early by about an hour today so she could dash home for this. She had only just started, and her eyes were closed from the sensual enjoyment it was giving her. She had her short skirt hitched up to her waist, she had opened the front of her blouse, and lifted her bra to get at her nipples,

She hadn't heard the door open in her yard, and she hadn't heard him call out to her. Now he was stood in the doorway peering through the crack, and he also had on now, a fucking big hard on, all because of the fabulous sight he was witnessing.

Sally was a beautiful sensuous woman, long legged, big titted, very large sensitive nipples, as her sleek and succulent pussy was just as sensitive. Sally was a narrow wasted, long haired, full lipped sexy faced marvel to any man who had the honour of seeing her, or even being in her company.

He had been wanting to seduce her for some time, or even just to fuck, even if it was just the once, at least he would be able to say before he died that he had fucked and made love to Sally Kendra. No one would ever know though, because how could he tally anyone he had done the lovely dirty deed!

Steeling himself for what he was about to do, he took a deep breath, he stepped out of his shoes, undid the belt on his trousers, lowered the zip and left one button to keep them up until the moment arrived. He walked in, his eyes glued to her closed ones, and he approached her.

As he got to her, her eyes flew open, she must have sensed him standing there. It paralysed her for a moment before she acted.

"What!" she stuttered, Sally jumped up, then she stumbled and fell over, she immediately cursed herself for not at least pulling one foot out of her knickers. They had tripped her, and now she was heading for the floor face down.

Her skirt stayed hoisted around her waist, her blouse stayed pulled open an apart, and incongruously, although she didn't realise it, the two fingers of her right hand stayed in her pussy. As her left arm reached out to help her land as soft as she could, he, seeing the opportunity, went with her.

As Sally landed with a 'whooooof' of air from her, he landed on his knees each astride her left leg. His left hand went to the middle of her back to keep her there, his right hand dipped under and sank into the still hot depths of Sally's soft, extremely wet, slippy and shaven pussy.

She squealed as he felt her, she felt the fingers jostling for position in her sweet pussy, he fingered her, her lovely rounded ass lifted and waggled as if in an attempt to get away from them. Sally should have given up right then, there was no way on earth now that he wouldn't be sinking his hot thick heavy member into the pussy he had so yearned for.

"Get off me, leave me alone you bastard!" she shouted, both of her hands were now down the front of her body, trying to wrestle the damning fingers out of her pussy. She tried rolling one way then the other, but his hand was hard down on her back, he was sat on her leg, and his knees were trapping her.

"Please Simon don't," she called, "let me go and I won't say anything to anyone about this?" His finger pad ran over her clit, the bit she had been murdering herself. "Argggggh," she cried, "no Simon please stop, don't Oh God don't, Argggggh!" He rubbed it again, it was almost too much for Sally to bear.

She had been so close to cumming when this had occurred, another thirty seconds, she would have definitely cum, and this would not be a reality. She would have seen him, and got into a position where any attempt from him, again, would have been thwarted. But this time, this time things were different, she was in a very high state of arousal.

He had seen it, and known it, and now she was in more serious trouble, greater jeopardy of giving in to another man, for the first time in her life, and it would have to be him, Simon! His fingers were right where they shouldn't be, or put another way, right where they should be.

Simon was a lecherous womaniser, not a nasty person, but a woman lover of the flesh. And for a twenty year old young man he was well versed in the opposite sex, And there was no finer verse than Sally Kendra his sister in law, than he wanted to sing it. He was the youngest of three boys, or now men. Sally was Lenny's wife, his brother and older by seven years, and Sally sat right in between them at nearly twenty four.

He had told her at their wedding, as she swished around in her beautiful silk gown, that one day he would get her. Even though at the time he was legally underage, she had smiled at him and whispered, "You wish!" And he had told her that she would be more than willing to make love to him when he did. Sally was as yet still unaware of it, but that the moment of truth had arrived, and that Simon's fingers were doing the walk in her.

Simon had had more women than you could shake a stick at, he was devilishly good looking in a gypsy sort of way, tousled black wavy hair, swarthy complexion, tall at 6ft 3" exuded sex appeal, oozed it in fact, he had enough of it to sink a battleship! An absolutely engaging smile, and a body to die for. His peers hated him for it, and married men of the wives he knew, feared him for it.

He had been seducing women of all ages and creeds as soon as he found out about the power of flesh in flesh, women wanted him, he had sexed two of his teachers, some of his friend's mothers, wives of colleagues of his dad, and various other women he had met along the way. No one knew about them, well, not too many anyway. He was a born bad boy, and he was the boy every girl's mother warned them to stay away from, but many, or most of them never did. He had seduced two of past girlfriends mothers too.

They all wanted to tame him, none succeeded, he was his own man, he treated every woman he seduced with total respect, never badly. But every one of them saw and read total danger in his eyes, he was an irresistible magnet to nearly every one he met. That was except Sally his sister in law, she had seen the signs when he was a lot younger, she knew a couple of girls who had lowered the flags to him.

And Sally had made sure he never got too close, he was trouble, and he was danger, she knew that, and, she admitted to herself, he was so exciting in his manner. The way he talked, looked at you, winked at you, and saying unsaid, "I want you badly, so badly!" It was in his eyes, it sounded like a ships claxon in your head, going off in fog, to the women and girls he was around, Sally too.

Sally was in the biggest trouble of her life, all of her virtues were being called into question. She had forcibly made herself a virgin before she married, much to Simon's brother's chagrin. Her virtue was intact until the night of her wedding. Simon wouldn't have let her, he would have had her from the off. And on the odd occasion she had thought about it, she knew he would have too.

But now she needed her husband to walk through the door and save her, she knew he wouldn't be, he was over seven hundred miles away on a very lucrative contract. By now Sally's pussy was giving way to the fingers creating more and more havoc within her. She fought, but he was far bigger than her, more determined than her, he was the alpha male here, she was the female in heat. Because Sally, was already in the throes of her own sexual fulfilment when he had happened upon her.

"Simon," she gasped as he caressed her clit and pussy, she was still trying to get them out, but it was a losing battle. She was giving in to the desires she had in her, hidden secret desires, now wondering what he was really like in bed, or to have a rampant sex session with him, a one off?

Sally rested on the soft rug she was lying on, her hands came away from her pussy, and lay at her side, her face buried into rug, her hair shrouding her lovely face as if trying to protect her from seeing her surrender to her younger sexy brother in law. Inside she knew this battle was lost, she needed sexing badly, her husband wasn't here. But her young brother in law was, and the thoughts of him. Though firmly rejected in her mind in the past, were realising themselves.

Her body convulsed the way it does when it was finally receiving the attention it was demanding from her, the fact that it was her brother in laws fingers doing the damage was of no consequence to her pussy now. Sally wanted cock, a cock that would satisfy the craving she had unwittingly started, her seducer was on the horizon as yet unseen, and it was too late to even think of not going on, not now.

He knew she was ready for him, her pussy was burning his fingers, she was leaking all over, her ass was twitching as if it was being slapped. He had been here often enough to know when a women needed what he had, it was time. Then Sally spoke softly, as if in fear.

"Simon?" she breathed huskily through her hair, "don't make me wait, hurry please?"

Sally wasn't to know that she was asking him to make love to her, it was her mind and pussy offering her body to him. He quickly undid the button, his trousers fell to his knees, and he placed them inside of hers, making her open up like a flower. Then he leaned over her, hands on the rug at each side of her shoulders and Simon slid into Sally's unploughed, by another man, hot sweet pussy.

Sally moaned in unutterable pleasure as his girth forced her apart, the strength of it pushing her wide to accommodate him. Then Simon settled on her back. He was all the way in, he had found in the past that most women, in that first instant of a new cock's intrusion, liked to savour the feeling, as if their pussy was measuring it for future reference, Sally was no different.

"You beautiful bastard Simon," she moaned though her hair again, all semblance of resistance now up in the air as she felt the weight of him, and his cock doing what a man's cock was meant to do.

"You are too sexy by half," she whispered, "now make love to me, and do it properly or I will kill you!" She demanded.

Simon grinned, and told himself, "Just who am I to disobey such an order!"

Being where he was, in his brother's beautiful wife's shaven pussy, where he had wanted to be since he had met her, where he was, and telling her at her wedding that one day he would be, gave him all the inspiration needed, if any was to be needed?

Simon withdrew in a long and easy stroke, going back in just as lengthily, and slowly, Sally mewled under him, she wanted him to go faster, to go harder, to finish her off, to give her what she so desperately needed. But again Simon knew all the tricks, and his favourite was, "Treat them mean, keep them keen!"

Sally humped her ass up when he was going back in, he slowed to almost a stop, she gave in again and lay still, it was agonisingly arousing, feeling his cock in her but having no control over its movements. Simon did this until he felt she was about to start getting upset, he had no wish for that. So, pulling almost the entire way out, he drove it back in so swiftly, and so hard, Sally cried out in pain and complete surprise. But before she had time to utter a word he was in and out like lightening.

Sally's pussy blew up, her muscles tightened around him and she exploded in a plethora of stars and fireworks, rockets went off in her lovely head, and her whole body ignited in a firebomb way. She came so hard she spit her cum out of her between his cock and her pussy. Her fingers were trying to dig into and get a hold of the rug, her toes were curling into it, her hips pressed down on it, as she tried to save herself for the atomic detonation she knew would be coming in a second.

It landed, bounced, then went off, Sally thought her life was ending, she hoped it would, this was so wonderfully unbearable. She had never had such a glorious climax as this one. It knifed through her severing all reason, all artery's, she died right there.

Simon was watching her, he had to make sure she got all the way there before he himself unloaded, when he saw that, he powered on and blew bottles full of hot, thick steamy cum into and right up inside of her. He slowed and stopped, then lifted himself away, Sally lay there beaten, fucked, and dead.

He stood quickly, and hurried away, locked the house up, and returned to her. He picked her up gently, then he carried her upstairs to her bed. He laid her in it, shrugged off the rest of his clothes. Got in with his beautiful sister in law and undressed her too. Then she was in his arms as she rested serenely up against him.

Sally didn't know it yet but that wasn't a one off, and she would be going nowhere but back under him several more times this night, and tomorrow. Simon smiled at that, rested his cheek in her hair and waited for her to get herself together. "The next one might be a bit of a battle," he reminded himself.

He felt a hand seep around his waist, then a nail dug in to his ribs and kept on digging until he jumped from it. "You are a horrible nasty bastard Simon, why did you do that, why me? You can have almost any woman you want, but you wanted me, your brother's wife, why?" her tears were palpable, she sobbed quietly.

If Simon had been someone else he would have felt guilty, very guilty, he did a little, but not a lot. "You Sally, are the most beautiful, and sexiest woman I have ever known." He told her, "I told you at your wedding I would get you one day, so don't tell me you are surprised by it."

Sally never spoke, she remembered alright, but she had always thought he wouldn't get the chance, and even if he did he would get absolutely nowhere. "How wrong can you be," she asked herself.

"It doesn't make it right Simon," she said, "you know that, you should have had the strength not to make me do it." she told him sorrowfully.

Now Simon decided to attack, the best form of defence was? Attack. "So," he said softly into her hair, "tell me you didn't like it, love it even, and tell me you didn't have the blow out you had, go on Sally, tell me!"

She never replied, she lay there thinking, "He's right, I know he is, but he still shouldn't have," she said to herself. Sally was having a conversation with him, and one with herself!

He moved slightly and gently squeezed a nipple, Sally knocked his hand away. "Don't," she said hotly, but Simon noticed she hadn't yet moved away from him yet, or left the bed. He squeezed it again, and again she knocked his hand away.

"She's biding her time," he told himself, "waiting for the right time to give in again, to make it look like I made her do it again!" Again he squeezed, and again she knocked his hand away but not so vigorously, he went straight back to it, and gave it another harder squeeze this time.

Her voice was soft and quiet, "Please Simon don't, it's not right, you know it isn't?" He ignored her plea, and attached his fingers and thumb once more. "Simon, Simon please, Oh Simon don..." She struggled against him, but the struggle was really within herself. "You're not going to stop are you Simon?"

Now he knew, this was her way of giving in, she had to, she couldn't stop him, she was innocent once more.

"Not a chance!" he told her firmly but gently. Now Sally gave him the permission he was seeking, and she gave herself the protection that she had tried to defend her honour.

"Oh alright then, go on, do what you want to me," she said almost resignedly, "I don't care, make love to me again, I can't stop you can I, you are too strong for me You are going to do me again no matter what I say aren't you, I have to give in to you don't I?" Simon nearly shouted with glee, now he had her for the whole weekend, it was Friday, early in the evening, and she was on her own until she had to go to work on Monday morning.

Sally was saving face to herself, she had begged him not to, but he wouldn't stop, she had no option but to do as he said. He pushed her onto her back, took her wrist and guided her hand to his cock, she grasped it, and Sally gasped at it. "Oh Simon, oh Simon," was all she could gabble, then he kissed her for the first time. He broke it, looked at her and kissed her once more. This time his gorgeous sister in law went for it too, and kissed him back passionately.

In her mind she told herself that this was unstoppable, Simon was unstoppable, he was going to screw her once more, protest or no protest. She yanked at his cock, forcing herself under him. "You have to make him happy, don't you Sally, you've got to!" she reasoned in her head.

Further saving face by telling herself that she had to make 'him' happy. Simon needed no further prompting, he got over her, looked down at her now expectant face, kissed her, held himself in position and poised for effect. Sally took the bait and hooked her feet over his thighs, "Do it!" she growled felinely.

He thudded right in, it forced the breath out of Sally's wide open mouth, she expected a scream, all she got was a husky mumbled muttering. Simon was in and out at breakneck speed, she wanted and needed this, he was going to give her it. There would be no more protests from his beautiful brother's wife, not if he had anything to do with it.

Sally clamped her gorgeous frame to him, nails deep in his back drawing blood, feet tight over him, and she was biting and gnawing at his neck and shoulders before release hit her, she orgasmed. Simon ploughed on and on. His stamina was endless and Sally was going to be one very sore pussy battered lady later.

Simon knew he wouldn't cum again for some time, even he couldn't manufacture that. But Sally had no option but to cum time and again, he drained her. She kept losing her grip until she could no longer hang on to him. Simon had routed her into utter defeat, not that he was looking to do so. But Sally now knew something she had never known of anyway. What it was like for the first time ever, to fully, and completely surrender to a man.

Simon went through the motions of cumming himself, he grunted and groaned. He knew it was time for them to rest, Sally made the effort to hold him tight whilst he came in her, she didn't know he hadn't. This was one reason Simon was the lover he was, it was all for the woman, her satisfaction was his too.

He slipped gently off her, snuggled her into him, and held her, kissed her, kissed her eyes, her ears, her nose, her cheek. Entwining her body with his, letting her know she was the most important woman on earth, Sally snuggled back in to him, she was a happy woman, he had made her so.

"We need to shower Simon, you stink like a drain, come on ," she said, took his hand and pulled him after her, he went willingly, no matter what she told him to do, he would do it, apart from to leave! She turned it on and ushered him in, taking the soap she knelt down and began to wash his feet, working her way up his legs. "I hope she stops for a while," he said to himself as her hands caught his balls.

Sally had every intention of making a pit stop, but this wasn't formulae one, this was a go slow race to her. She caressed his testicles, rubbed his cock, got him nice and clean. Then she dropped the soap to take his cock into her lovely mouth, her hands cupped him, she sucked hard and long, kissed him, took each ball into her mouth.

Sally as going to stay where she was until she had made him cum, no matter how long it took. She loved sucking his older brother's cock, but even she had to admit she liked sucking this one better. She poked a finger into his ass, she sucked and licked, until Simon felt that unmistakable surge in his belly. It was cum time he smiled happily.

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