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A Loving Daughter


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"You really have to stop watching those," Nicole said to her mother, as she noticed her gazing at the romantic comedies on display in the store. "Believe me, you'll find the right guy soon enough."

"You've been saying for the past few years, and I'm the only one of all my close friends who's still single," Barbara replied.

"That's because you're too picky and won't give anyone a decent chance mom."

"Has it really come to this?" Barbara said in a depressing, yet playful tone. "Now my own daughter is giving me advice on dating. I guess I'm going to be all alone again once your next semester starts next week."

Nicole smiled and put her hand on her mom's shoulder, "Come on mom, let's go to the check out counter and then have lunch afterwards. We have plenty of other stores to visit today."

"You're right, it certainly beats standing around and talking about such a depressing topic. Let's go."


Barbara knew she was lucky woman at 46 years old. She certainly had a lot going for her in life. She had a great job at a law firm where she made a near six-figure income. She was surrounded by friends and family who cared for her very much. And most of all, she had a daughter whom she loved and adored more than anything else in this world. Barbara truly considered her 19 year old daughter Nicole to be her best friend, and she so proud of her for being able to attend one of the best universities in the country.

But the one thing missing in Barbara's life was a steady relationship. It's not that she couldn't find a date, she had plenty, but she could never make one last. It was always one reason or another that would ruin a good relationship for her. Often times it was her hectic work schedule which turned men away. Other times it would be that she felt that the guy she was with simply wasn't good enough for her, a point which her daughter had alluded to several times during their discussions.

Whatever it was, Barbara was always fearful of ending up alone. She wasn't getting any younger after all. So she spent a lot of time doing her best to look good, whether it going to the gym as many times as she could in a week, or tan in the back yard whenever possible. She always dressed professionally and with class, but tried to look modern and sexy at the same time. Whenever she felt depressed, she would always try to remember her daughter's optimistic words, 'you'll find someone soon...'


Nicole walked into her mother's room to drop off her new clothes as her mom finished unpacking the rest of their groceries.

But when she put the bag down, she noticed something in the slightly open drawer next to her mom's bed. She had an idea of what it was, but she wanted to be sure. So she opened the drawer to reveal a flesh colored vibrator sitting on top of a small towel. Her curiosity got the better of her and so she picked it up and looked at it for a moment, not knowing what to think.

"Nicole?" she heard her mother say behind her.

She suddenly threw the vibrator back onto the towel, slammed the drawer shut, and turned around to see her mother standing at the door way.

"Well, you obviously saw something that you weren't supposed to," Barbara said, feeling humiliated that her daughter discovered her sex toy.

"Mom...there's really nothing to feel embarrassed about," Nicole replied, trying to ease the awkwardness. "Lots of women own these nowadays. It's perfectly normal."

"Oh cut it out, I see that nervous look on your face. You're just trying to be nice because you know how embarrassing this is for me."

"...I guess that's part of it. I'm also pretty surprised that you would own something like this, despite what I've said. You don't seem like the type who would just walk into a sex shop or go to an adult website and buy one of these things."

"I'm not. Well not really," Barbara replied. "A few weeks after you left for college, on my birthday, one of my friends gave it to me as a joke. We all had a good laugh and I took it knowing that I would throw it out eventually. But you're at the age where you understand a woman's needs; and so one night I was feeling lonely and I thought I would give it a try. You can figure out the rest and why it's next to my bed right now."

"Okay, now that sounds just like you," Nicole joked, making the both of them laugh.

With the mood in the room lightening up, Barbara curiously asked her daughter, "Since you know such much about this and think it's so casual, is it safe to assume that you've used one before?"

"No, I haven't," Nicole answered. "It's actually the first time I've ever even touched one."

The phone suddenly rang, bringing an abrupt end to a taboo conversation by a mother and daughter.

Barbara checked the caller ID, and before answering it, she told Nicole, "I have to take this call, we'll talk later."


The rest of the day was awkward for both women. They prepared dinner and ate as usual. They even talked about some of their usual topics. But the odd tension from Nicole discovering her mom's vibrator still lingered.

Barbara went to bed that night replaying the conversation which took place in her bedroom earlier that day. In some ways, she felt even worse about it because it finally sunk in that her daughter would always remember that she owned a sex toy.

Even worse, she couldn't believe that she ended that conversation with her asking her daughter if she had ever used a vibrator before. To her, that was probably even worse than getting caught in the first place. She had no idea how those words even came out of her mouth to begin with. All she knew was that tomorrow was another day and she firmly decided that she needed to talk with her daughter about it once again to clear the air.


Barbara closed her bathroom door and disrobed. She then turned the faucet in the tub to prepare for her usual weekend bath. She ran her hand through the warm water and bubbles to make sure the temperature was perfect. The sit-down she planned to have with her daughter had to wait because Nicole had gone out with some friends.

The water was where it needed to be and was at the right temperature, so Barbara turned off the water, leaving her bathroom in complete silence before she would get in the tub.

Then, she heard it. There was a faint sound coming from the other room. She pressed her ear against the door to hear something buzzing. It was a sound she knew all too well as it comforted her on many nights. It was her vibrator.

She knew that it had to have been her daughter, and that Nicole had come home while the bath was filling and had assumed that she wouldn't have been able to hear the sex toy being used. In that moment of realization, Barbara didn't know how to react or what to feel. Her mind was in a frenzy of trying to decide whether to just get in the bath and pretend she didn't know what was going on, or, even worse- have a look.

Barbara had wanted a mother/daughter discussion on this issue, so what better time then now? She knew that her daughter was fascinated by her vibrator as she had never even touched one before, so she assumed Nicole had just wanted to see how it worked. The time felt right for her to initiate their talk. And with Barbara's robe put back on, she gently turned the knob on the door and slowly opened it. She expected to see her daughter curiously looking at the vibrating object. But when Barbara got her first glimpse of her daughter, she was in for a serious shock.


Nicole was completely unaware as her mother now looked on. She was still dressed in her jean pants and t-shirt from having just arrived home. Her pants were unzipped and slightly pulled down along with her panties as she rubbed her mother's vibrator against her throbbing clitoris. It was first time she had ever experienced such an odd sensation despite already having her fair share of sexual partners.

Barbara remained silent as she peeked through the small opening of the door. She felt nervous and her heart began racing. Her hands slightly started to shake as well. But it was now or never. Barbara wanted an open dialogue about this with her daughter. She didn't know why, other than she didn't want secrets or tension to exist between them. Perhaps it would even bring them even closer together in a maternal sense. And also, she wanted to feel what she felt yesterday for some reason. In some way, deep down, she enjoyed it.


"Fun...isn't it?" Barbara asked, as she opened the door and stood there in her silk bath robe.

"MOM!!!" her daughter yelled back, as she quickly put the vibrator away and pulled her pants back up. "Oh god! I thought you were in the bath! I'm so sorry...I can't believe this is happening right now."

"Calm down, I'm not mad. But I do think we should talk about all of this. Here, have a seat."

Barbara walked over to where her daughter was standing and had her sit right next to her on the bed.

"What's there to talk about?" Nicole replied, nearly in tears. "You just caught me using your sex toy when I thought you were in the bath. It's just that...I walked by your room and was curious about it, that's all. I wanted to see what it was like when I thought the opportunity was there. God, this is so humiliating. I knew it was a bad idea."

Barbara raised an eyebrow and asked in teasing manner, "What happened to my feminist daughter who was telling me the other day about how common and open this is?"

"Very funny mom. But this isn't exactly what I had in mind when I said that."

"But you were curious about it?" Barbara asked, enquiring more about her daughter's thoughts.

"Yeah, it's something I've wanted to try for a while now. That's why I was looking at it yesterday."

Barbara reached over to her open drawer and picked up the vibrator, and said, "Here, if you're so curious, and if you want to try something new, give it a shot. Who am I to judge?"

"Are you sure about this?" Nicole asked with skepticism. "I mean, it's yours and you've...you know...put it inside your private area."

"Well that didn't seem to be a problem for you a few minutes ago did it?"

Nicole blushed, "I know. I just used it a little on the outside of my...ugh...I can't believe we're even talking to each other like this. It feels so odd."

"I know exactly what you mean," Barbara said, as she smiled and put her hands on her daughter's shoulder. "You've grown up so fast and now we're talking to each other like adult women. But I'll always think of you as my little girl."

"Thanks mom, you're the best," Nicole replied with a smile of her own.

Barbara held out the vibrator once again for her daughter to take, which she hesitantly did this time. She had assumed that this awkward conversation would be finished, but it wasn't.

"So...you're just going to give this to me without showing me how to use it?" Nicole asked in a soft voice.

"Excuse me?"

Feeling even bolder, Nicole continued, "Do you think you can show me how to use it? How you use it? We're both adult women here, as you've already pointed out. I'm sure you and your friends talk about sex the same way me and my friends do. This isn't any different, but I suppose we can be a little more open about it since we're family."

A wave of different emotions rushed through Barbara's head. She didn't know what to feel. Her daughter had basically asked her to masturbate so that she could watch. A part of her wanted to get up and scold her for even suggesting such a vile thing. But how could she? Barbara was the one who wanted this conversation, and she also just encourage her daughter to use the sex toy; which is why another part of her couldn't say no and wanted this to happen. It was the side of her that was longing for some sexual excitement in her life- even if it was with her own daughter.

"Alright," she agreed. "I don't see the harm in this as long as it stays between us."

Barbara opened the bottom half of her robe and spread her legs apart, revealing her bare vagina. The pubic hairs were trimmed short, making her large brown labia clearly visible for her daughter to see. It was the first time Nicole had ever seen her mother's exposed vaginal region so intimately, not to mention watching her prepare to masturbate.

Nicole handed back the vibrator to her mother, to which Barbara casually turned it on and used it to rub the outer part of her labia and clitoris, just as her daughter had done with it moments ago.

Barbara kept her focus on her vagina as she was too embarrassed to even look at her daughter's reaction. Frankly, she didn't care what it was. This act of incestuous exhibitionism was causing her to feel a level of sexual arousal which she hadn't felt in years. And she swiftly dealt with it by plunging the buzzing sex toy deep inside of her. It made her even more aroused knowing that the tip of the vibrator had just been used on her daughter's clit. She eventually lost track of time as she pushed and pulled it inside of her to the point of nearing an orgasm.

But before Barbara could cum, her daughter unexpectedly touched the hand she was using to masturbate with. She knew what it meant. She looked in her daughter's eyes for the first time since this started and saw that the once innocent and curious look was gone; only to be replaced with a look of lust for her own mother. Nicole wanted to be the one to bring her mother to an orgasm.

Barbara let go of the sex toy while it was still vibrating inside of her, and let her daughter take control of it. Nicole slowly started emulating the movements her mother was making, pushing the vibrator in and out. And the more comfortable she became doing it, the faster she went.

Barbara looked up at the ceiling before eventually closing her eyes, almost in a state of sexual disbelief that her daughter was making her feel this way. She started moaning and then looked at her daughter once again, noticing that Nicole was receiving sexual gratification of her own by doing this to her mother. The sight of her daughter getting off in such away was enough to send her into a state of orgasm with her body starting to become tense.

Nicole suddenly pulled the dripping wet vibrator out of her vagina before her mother could cum, and said, "Lay on the bed mom. I have something else for you."

Barbara did as she was told and laid in the position where she had always slept. She felt nervous about what her daughter planning since she turned off the sex toy and put it back in the drawer. But at the same time, she was excited at what might come next.

She then received the biggest shock of this encounter as her daughter proceeded to get on her hands and knees right between her legs. It was obvious what was about to happen. Her daughter was about to perform oral sex on her. Barbara watched in disbelief as Nicole bent down and used her fingers to spread her labia apart. Nicole looked like she was studying it at first, examining it, learning what her mother's privates looked like.

Barbara then witnessed the surreal sight of her daughter leaning forward to use her tongue on her vagina. Nicole began by expertly licking up and down her mother's large brown labia as if she had done it many times before to other women. Then she used her tongue on her mother's sensitive clitoris, rubbing it in circular motions. Finally, she stuck her tongue as far inside her mother as she could, causing Barbara to moan out loud and squirm in her bed.

It was a different sensation than any other time a man had performed oral sex on her. It was the little things that made it different. The lips pressing against her vagina were a lot softer. The hands grabbing a hold of her thighs were softer. The tongue inside of her knew exactly where all of her pleasure spots were. It felt different. It was another woman orally pleasing her for the first time in her life. It was her daughter.

Barbara squeezed her eyes shut and clenched onto her bed sheet. Her back became arched. She was cumming. She was on her way to a powerful orgasm as Nicole began fingering her in addition to performing oral sex. Then, it happened. A flood of liquids gushed out of her vagina and into her daughter's wanting mouth. Nicole eagerly drank the squirting orgasm her mother was producing. Barbara screamed and thrashed her arms across her bed as her body and feet stiffened. She suddenly went limp after it was over.

Nicole got up and gently rubbed her mother's hair while Barbara's eyes were still closed and she was in a state of bliss.

"It's okay mom. Just enjoy it..." Nicole whispered.


A few moments had past before Barbara opened her eyes again after emerging from a state of pure ecstasy. Her daughter was sitting on the bed right next to her, starring at her, while continuing to caress her hair.

Barbara tried to gather her thoughts about all of this, and sat up on the bed next to her daughter.

"Why did you do that?" asked Barbara, feeling guilty about what she had just let happen.

"I did it because I knew you would like it," Nicole replied. "I've always felt guilty going so far off to college and leaving you alone. And you've seemed so depressed about your love life since I came back. There was nothing I could do or say that would cheer you up. So when you handed me the vibrator to use, I suddenly had the idea of taking care of your needs for you, and I took it. Besides, it's common for women to fantasize about other women, so I had a feeling you might have especially enjoyed that from me."

"Well I did enjoy it, obviously. But you know we shouldn't have done that, regardless of the reason. It isn't right and it's inappropriate. You're my daughter and I'm your mother and things shouldn't go beyond that."

"You're right mom, I'm sorry," Nicole said in a sincere voice after feeling like she was being scolded.

"Don't be," Barbara replied. "I really did enjoy it and it was something that I'll never forget. I've never told you this, but when I was around your age, I had a chance to be with another woman. She was someone I had thought about many times, but I was too scared to do anything with her back then, and I've regretted it ever since. So I don't want you to feel bad about what we did, you really did help me to experience a fantasy. It's just that, it shouldn't have happened between us. I enjoyed it but we should try our best to put this behind us, as hard as that may be."

"Thanks mom, I'm glad. And I'm glad about what's happened these past few days, I feel like we've become a lot closer now and know each other a lot better."

"You're certainly right about us being closer together," Barbara said as they both laughed. "But since we're on the subject, I have to ask, have you ever done anything like that before? With the way you did it to me, I can't imagine that it was your first time."

"I have...once...or twice...with my roommate."

Barbara gave her daughter a serious motherly look with a hint of playfulness, "Once or twice? Is that all young lady?"

"Trust me, you're better off not knowing," Nicole replied with a smile.

"Well, thank you for still caring about me at least. I'm sure using your mouth on your middle-aged mother isn't as fun as doing it on a young woman who's your own age."

"You really think that's the case?" Nicole replied. "Mom, you are one of the most beautiful and elegant woman I've ever met in my life. I think your age makes you sexier than any of the other girls on my campus."

Barbara blushed, "Thank you. I really appreciate hearing that from you."

"You don't believe me do you?" Nicole asked. "Come here..."

Nicole led her mother over to the full length mirror in the room and stood behind her with Barbara still dressed in her robe.

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