tagIncest/TabooA Loving Mother

A Loving Mother


Josh was standing naked in the shower, one hand against the wall, the other stroking his penis. He had stopped the water as he had finished showering, and the bathroom was silent apart from his heavy breathing.

"Oh... Jennifer... Yes..." he whispered as his pleasure grew. He could think of no one except his ex girlfriend when he relieved himself. She had been the world to him, and now that she had left the state with her family, he still couldn't think of any other girl. It had been three months already, a short time compared to the two years they had spent together, but it felt like an eternity.

Being alone in the house, he didn't bother to lock the door. He hadn't heard his mother coming home from work when the water was still running. Deborah was 36, she lived alone with her son. The father had left long ago, not wanting to look after a child he had gotten too soon. So Deborah had had to raise him alone. They lived far from town and she didn't get out a lot, thus her good looks weren't of much use and she didn't have a boyfriend. It was the middle of July and first thing she wanted to do was take a shower. She went to her bedroom and dropped all her clothes. She had a nice body with firm breasts. She liked to keep her sex shaven even though she wasn't seeing anyone. She untied her brown hair, letting them fall on her shoulders and back. She knew Josh was home as she had heard the shower when she came in. But the water had stopped for about five minutes now, so she guessed he was in his bedroom already.

She grabbed a towel, wrapped it around herself, and went upstairs to the bathroom. Just as she opened the door, she saw Josh masturbating. The shower's curtain wasn't closed, there was nothing between them. He instinctively turned to her in surprise, his twitching member still in his hand. Deborah opened her eyes wide and stood still as her son stroked his penis a few more times in front of her before his brain processed what was happening.

After a second, he tried to hide his erect member with his hands and said urgently, his face red with embarrassment :

"I'm sorry mom! Sorry!"

She smiled.

"It's okay Josh, there's nothing to apologize for. What you're doing is only natural. I'm the one who should be sorry for walking in on you. But, er, maybe you'd like to finish what you were doing? I can come back later..."

"What? No, no! Just give me my towel, please."

She grabbed his towel which was hanging next to her, and handed it to him.

Josh quickly wrapped the towel around his waist without looking at his mother. The bulge was very visible through the towel, and he walked out without saying another word. He left his mother thinking. She had had fantasies about him for a while now. He was twenty and already a fine looking man. She had fantasized about catching him in the act of masturbating, but this was the first time she actually saw him. Sometimes, in the silence of the night, she could hear him panting, whispering the name of his ex girlfriend. She would masturbate silently, trying to picture her son doing the same. What she had just seen had fueled her fantasy, but also left her wanting more. She wished she had seen him come.

Back in his room, Josh was still very embarrassed. He wished he had locked the damned door. Then he heard the shower running. In the safety of his room, his thoughts went back to his still hard penis. He dropped the towel and sat on the edge of his bed. With a tissue in his left hand, he stroke his penis again. But this time it was different. For the first time in months, he wasn't thinking about Jennifer. His mind was filled with the picture of his mother, standing before him wrapped in her towel. Naked underneath...

He quickly reached climax and caught his sperm in his tissue. "Oh my god," he thought as he got back to his senses, "did I just masturbate to my mother?"

Deborah was rubbing her body with soapy hands. The image of her son with his cock in his hands still imprinted in her mind, she let one slippery finger move down between her thighs...

Chapter 2

The dinner this evening was rather quiet, until Deborah broke the silence.

"Do you want to talk about what happened earlier?"

"Umm, no... It's fine."

"I don't mean to make you uncomfortable! On the contrary, actually. I don't want you to feel bad about this. I bet it's not the first time a mother walks in on her son masturbating."


Deborah laughed at her son's embarrassment.

"Is it the word "masturbate" that troubles you? I know people your age get easily embarrassed by this subject. But you're okay with me. I'm very opened about it."

Josh raised his eyebrows slightly and looked at his mother.


"Yes, of course. We all do it, you know. Come to think of it, it's silly we lock ourselves up and try to hide it, even though it's something natural that everybody does."

"If you say so..."

Josh really didn't feel comfortable about this whole conversation, but his mother didn't seem to mind. She continued :

"We should break the ice, you know. I know you had sex very often with Jennifer, so now I can only guess it's hard for you, on your own. Do you masturbate often?"

"Mom! Come on. You can't ask me this!"

"You really don't need to get defensive. I'm only trying to get you to open up a bit. I'm your mother, not a stranger. Besides, we live together, just the two of us. Why have this kind of barrier?"

She was determined to get him to talk. Her words were driven by her desire, she wanted more than what she had seen earlier. Also, she knew he was feeling lonely, and wished she could do something about it. She kept the pressure on.

"Besides, I often hear you, you know."

"You what?"

Josh's eyes were now opened wide.

"I hear you when you masturbate. Not every time I guess, but at least twice or three times a week."

"You can't... I mean, I don't..."

She had him cornered and they both knew it. She was playing all her cards and he had to give in. He just couldn't avoid the subject. She knew the thing to say to finally make him enter the conversation.

"I do it too, you know," she said with a smile.


From the way he replied, she knew she had gotten his interest. And she could tell from his look that he was trying to picture her fingering herself. She had him right where she wanted him.

"Well yeah! I may be your mom, but I'm a woman too. I also have needs."

"But you..." He hesitated before finishing his sentence. "You do it often?"

"Wouldn't you like to know," she said with a smile. "Actually, yes, pretty often. Usually every other day. I did it today, too."

Josh blushed. Did she do it before of after walking in on him? He wondered. At first he was embarrassed, but now he was getting a bit turned on by the conversation. She was, after all, a very attractive woman. Suddenly he was getting curious about his mother's sexual life. Maybe it was also his way of defending himself against the earlier invasion of privacy.

"But, like, when do you do it? I mean, you do it when I'm at home?"

"Sometimes. Sometimes I do it after you leave and before I go to work. Sometimes when you're already sleeping. Sometimes under the shower."

"She definitely did it when she was in the shower after she caught me", Josh thought.

She wanted to ask him why he was so curious all of a sudden, but she refrained, fearing it would discourage him from talking and bring an early end to the conversation. Instead, she asked him :

"Do you always think of Jennifer when you do it?"

"Er... Yeah."

Deep down, some part of her wished he had said otherwise. She knew it was impossible, but she had this crazy hope, that he would have said he sometimes fantasized about his mother.

"And who do you think about, mom?"

She sure as hell wasn't going to tell him that lately, most of her fantasies involved him. She lied :

"Well, no one in particular. Usually just actors I see on TV, or people I see at work."

The conversation didn't go further that night. After dinner, Deborah stayed in the living room and watched a movie, and Josh went to his bedroom and played on his computer. They both had a lot to think about. When Josh had left for his room, his mother had told him "it was nice to have this talk with you." He wondered if she had something in mind.

Chapter 3

A few days later, Josh and his mom were watching a movie together in the living room. It ended rather late in the evening. It was a great fantasy movie about a magical ring.

"That's how it ends? What a let down," Deborah said, taking the remote in her hand.

"Well that's just the first movie. There are two sequels after this one. I think they're on next week."

"Oh," she replied, browsing through the channels. She stayed a few seconds on each one before changing for the next. She eventually landed on a softcore erotic film. She didn't skip it.

On the screen were two naked women making love. The pictures were explicit enough without showing close-ups of their genitals. They were kissing passionately on a sofa, pressing their breasts and vaginas against each other's. Deborah, with a smile, looked at her son who had his eyes glued to the screen. As he remembered his mother was right next to him, he looked away, blushing slightly, and asked :

"Would you mind putting something else?"

She noticed a bulge was growing in his pants. Even though he wasn't looking at the screen, the volume was up and moans of pleasure from the two girls were filling the room.

"What's wrong? Don't tell me you never watch porn? I bet you've watched things far worse than this," she added, amused.

"Well... Certainly not when you're around."

"I suppose so." She put the remote down on the table. "But I told you already. You don't need to be ashamed with me. Let's just watch this together, I'm sure you'll get comfortable."

Josh reluctantly moved his eyes back to the screen. He asked :

"You watch this kind of films?"

"Occasionally, yes."

They watched silently for a few minutes. They were both getting really turned on by the scene with the two women. Deborah couldn't help but glance at her son's hard-on through his pants. She said eventually :

"This must hurt, Josh."

"Huh?" he said, before looking at her and seeing what she was referring to. He blushed again. "It's... It's okay."

"No it's not. You should just let it free."

"What? You mean, with you right here?"

"I know it feels weird, but I'm your mother. Don't forget where you came out from! And I've already seen you naked, just a few days ago, remember? Go on. Please."

Josh nodded, then slowly unbuckled his belt, and unbuttoned his jeans. He pulled them down to his knees. The bulge was now much more visible through his boxers. He turned hesitantly to his mother, and seeing her benevolent smile, he pulled them down as well. His hard sex sprang. She could see the tip glistening with preseminal fluid. His penis twitched slightly with every heartbeat. They carried on watching the film for a few more minutes. Josh felt the air in the room softly brushing against the glistening tip of his member, making him very conscious that he was naked, with a full erection, right next to him mom.

There was now a different scene on screen, with to couples making love right next to each other. Deborah softly put her right hand on her son's naked thigh as the screams of pleasure from the actors filled the room. He twitched at the unexpected but pleasant touch. Her hand... His mother's hand, it was so close to his cock, to his balls... It made him even harder.

"You can stroke it if you feel like it," she said, still smiling to him. He hadn't noticed, but for the past few minutes, she hadn't seen a single picture from the film, her eyes had been glued to his erection.

Josh obeyed and slowly brought his right hand to his manhood. He wrapped his fingers around it and began masturbating, slowly. His mother's hand was still on his thigh, but she was now caressing it softly, sending him shivers. She asked him to remove the rest of his clothes completely and he did so, dropping them on the floor. As the action on screen got more intense and his own arousal grew, Josh began stroking faster and faster. Deborah left her seat and sat on her knees right before her son, her face close to his sex. Josh had a moment of hesitation, and slowed down. His mother said kindly :

"Come on son, do it. Don't be ashamed. I want to see you come. I want to see you ejaculate. Do it for mommy."

Her words sounded so wrong, but so arousing, he felt his pleasure grow very fast. He was already on the edge of orgasm. He kept a slow but steady pace, strengthening his grip, making each stroke more intense until he came. His whole body twitched, and ropes of sperm erupted from his shaft. Deborah watched with passion, inches away from his sex, as the white fluid flew before her and landed on the carpet.

She had never been so turned on, as far as she could recall. The wetness between her legs was becoming very uncomfortable. Time seemed to slow down as her son's hard sex twitched, and his semen erupted from it inches from her eyes. She watched as the juice of his pleasure landed next to her, sullying the carpet. Finally his orgasm ended. Seeing his mother's face so close to his sex, looking at it so passionately as he ejaculated with abandon, almost drove him crazy as endorphin filled his body.

"This was beautiful Josh. I love you. Don't worry about the mess, I'll clean it up."

Spent, Josh put his boxers back on, grabbed the rest of his clothes in his hands, and walked upstairs to his bedroom after kissing his mother goodnight. "This was nice, mom," was all he said as he left timidly.

He got to bed and didn't hear his mother masturbate on the couch, her hand buried inside her panties. She was so excited she didn't even take the time to remove her clothes. "I wish you were here to see me," she thought just before she came.

Chapter 4

The next day was Saturday and Josh and his mom both stayed at home. She woke him up at 10 in the morning with a swift kiss on the forehead. She was wearing a bathrobe and had obviously just come out of the shower. Once josh came to his senses, Deborah spoke :

"Hi, son. I hope you don't feel bad about last night."

"No, mom... It's okay. It was good... Great, even. But I still feel uncomfortable about all this. You're my mother, you shouldn't see me do this."

"But I love you, son. And right now, all we have is each other. I don't want you to keep anything from me, nor do I wish to keep anything from you. That is why I wish to be fair with you. I have seen you naked, twice since you're a man, but you haven't seen me."

Before he could say anything, she untied the belt of her bathrobe, opened it and let it fall to the floor, displaying her naked body to her son. Josh was stunned as the beauty of his mother was revealed to him. She was so much better than Jennifer! Deborah sat on his bed. Josh slept naked, and already she could see a bulge forming underneath the quilt.

"There is something else I need to do to be perfectly even with you..."

She stood on her knees, right above his face, her knees placed on both sides of her son's head. He could see his mother's vulva very clearly as she brought her right hand to it and circled her clitoris with her index, looking at Josh in the eyes. He remained motionless, apart from the still growing bulge beneath the sheets. She finally inserted a finger inside her vagina, accompanying the penetration with a long, soft moan.

She started rocking her hips, making her gorgeous breasts bounce in rhythm. Josh had never watched a woman masturbate before. He could see her vagina clearly as her fingers penetrated it. She almost touched his face every time she pulled her glistening fingers out. Her movements were getting quicker and quicker and her moans of pleasure filled her son's bedroom along with her scent. She could feel it coming now.

"Yes, Josh... watch me! Watch your mommy as she comes for you! Ooh!"

Josh was in awe as he watched his mother bring herself to orgasm inches from his face. From where he was, he had a perfect view of her orgasmic contractions. She had removed her finger, and he could see as her vagina opened slowly, giving him a glimpse of its depth, before suddenly contracting, making Deborah's whole body twitch with pleasure every time. When she was done, she let herself fall on the bed next to him. With her hand, she reached for her son's erection and caressed it through the sheets.

"Did you like what you saw?"

"Yeah... That was amazing."

"It's your turn now."

She pulled the sheets down in one quick move, then grabbed her son's sex and began masturbating him. Just as she did the evening before, she brought her face close to his sex, staring at it with lust and passion. She placed her free arm under Josh's thigh, and reached for his testicles with her hand. She caressed them as she kept pumping his erect shaft faster and faster.

"I love to think that I'm making you so hard, Josh."

He blushed, and could already feel the pleasure building inside him. With the show she had just put on for him, and the way she was handling his manhood, he couldn't hold it for very long. When she felt he was close to coming, Deborah moved closer and placed her face directly above her son's penis, still masturbating him eagerly. She saw the expression on his face change as his orgasm was building up, and said :

"Come on now, come for mommy. I want to make my son have an orgasm. I want your cum all over me. Show me you love me. Ejaculate all over my face, cover you mother with your sperm!"

This dirty talk was way more than Josh could take, and he burst into the most powerful orgasm he had ever felt, moaning loudly as his semen erupted from his sex and gushed all over his mother's face. Her eyes were closed and her mouth opened, and he watched as each shot of his sperm landed on her cheeks, her chin, her nose, her eyelids, and inside her mouth. When his orgasm was over, Deborah kept pumping him slowly, drawing out the last drops of white fluid from his still twitching member. She opened her eyes, his sperm dripping down her face.

"You taste wonderful, my son. This was great. I love you."

She swallowed some of the liquid that had landed in her mouth between each sentence. When she was done, she licked her lips. Finally, she sat up, and said, smiling :

"I have to go wash my face now. You made a mess of your mother, Josh."

As he heard the shower, Josh took a moment to come to his senses. He still didn't fully realize his situation, but he sure was enjoying it. He was trying to fight away the feelings of guilt. They both wanted to do this, they were both adults, nothing was wrong. Sure, they were breaking some cultural rules, but they weren't hurting anyone. Deborah had the same thoughts, as the water pouring on her face washed off her son's semen. She watched as the white drops fell at her feet, and swirled down the drain.

Once she finished her shower, she dried herself and went back to Josh's room. She didn't bother to wear anything, she just walked in completely naked. Josh himself was just standing up, still not wearing anything either. Deborah spoke :

"It was nice to put on a little show for you. If you enjoyed it, you can watch me anytime. My door will always be open, you're welcome to walk in on me anytime and watch me as I masturbate."

He took a few seconds to process her words.

"Also, whenever you want to masturbate, I'll be glad to do it for you. I don't want you to be lonely when I'm right here. Just ask and I'll give you a hand."

They both laughed at the unintended pun.

"But seriously, though. I'm your mother and all I want is to see you happy."

She walked to him and embraced him, pressing her naked body against his. Already she could feel his erection growing against her thigh.

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