tagText With AudioA Loving Whisper to Help You Sleep

A Loving Whisper to Help You Sleep


Note from Author: This is entirely Role Play fantasy with consenting Adults over the age of 18 playing each role spoken and depicted.

Hey, hey come on what's up eh, that's unlike you. You wipe those tears away now ok, you be a, you be a grown up girl, you're a big girl now a grown woman eh you shouldn't be crying. I know you're having problems getting to sleep so listen why don't we make a deal where I help you get to sleep and maybe you climb into bed with me and then I can get my fix of stroking your body and being a dirty middle aged man and you can just drift off to sleep in my arms, how about that eh? cos I don't like seeing you like that where you can't sleep. I want to try and help you, if you've got anything on your mind you can tell me whilst you're in my bed ok. So come on then lets get into bed, lets get into bed, you can tell me, tell me all about it. Ok so what's been on your mind, why can't you sleep eh...it's unlike you isn't it...

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by Anonymous04/24/18


This audio is so wonderful because I’ve never felt so relaxed and sexually charged in my life. It’s so peaceful to listen to.

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