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A Loving Wife


This si a story of a man falling in love with his son's black wife.

I gazed at her with a lump in my throat, she is so heart breakingly beautiful, her soft angelic cherub like face, even elfin when she is in a cheeky mood, but today, like some other's before this, her face was crumpled. I knew what she was thinking.

"Why is he treating me like this, I don't deserve it, I hold myself for him, only him."

I had only met her once a year ago, when I came back to this country for her wedding. That too had been a surprise because she was/is black, it turns out her great grandparents were servants to a Royal Naval attaché in Kenya and he brought them back with him, but things turned out badly and they ended up on the streets trying make a living. Somehow they got through it. Now I was home between jobs, one was on for a month's time to start, and it is in South Africa, so I had plenty of time for a holiday at home, one I hadn't had for some years.

She is Roberta, or Bobbi to me and others, her husband of one year was my son. I'm divorced from his mother so have only seen him a few times in the last 4 or 5 years, he is twenty now, and Bobbi is nineteen. What on earth possessed her to marry my son will forever remain a mystery to me. But there again maybe not, she could have been trying to improve her life style and that of her parents, I wished her well!

He is so much like his mother, and again I ask myself what on earth possessed me to marry her those twenty long years ago, I don't know either. I suppose it must have been because she told me she was pregnant and I was the father. I was too, but I tried to be a good dad while he was growing, but when he got to nearly sixteen, I broke up, moved away, got work overseas, and then divorced, and I have never been happier.

Danny, my son, never got to hear my side; I was blamed as the bad guy by his mother, a terrible father for abandoning my son and her. He never has known of what she was like, a domineering person, wanting everything, and giving little in return. He, Danny of course was brought up in his mother's image; I could never quite get my face in.

So when I left, I fit the bill for his mother down to a tee. Danny had been given everything by her; I at least tried to be more strict without being bossy or nasty. But I got painted that way, and that's the way he sees me. He is a spoiled brat to put it bluntly, everything all his life was done for him.

But in my heart I want him to be a success, how I don't know because his grades at school left a lot to be desired, I even got him and opening with me in Dubai, he lasted two weeks. "Too hot, too dusty, the work is too hard, I miss my mom, I don't like it here." He called his mother; the next thing he was in a taxi to the airport, and that was that.

I know he is only young to be away from home, but he had me looking out for him, but he just flatly refused to give it a go. I never heard from his mother about it. I called him 3 months later, he was okay, never apologised, he never even mentioned his injured pride at having to work for a living.

I think the biggest problem was the fact that his mother had money, lots of it. All gained from very rich grand parents, good luck to her is my attitude, but I refused to be a kept man. I had my own pride, oh don't worry I had the holidays, and the cars but it was all with a cost.

"Don't you forget who paid for that!" she would remind me, I put myself through college, got my masters in engineering and I was up and running, after 5 more years was well paid, and well thought of. After the separation became complete I moved away for good. I tried to keep up contact with Danny, but I was wasting my time. Then out of the blue I received an invite to his wedding.

I of course accepted, I was told what to buy, what to wear, which hotel to stay in, all I had to do was buy my air ticket! I went to her house on the Friday night to speak with her, I asked if there was any thing I could do, no matter how small, suffice to say, I wasn't needed in that regard.

She did in fact tell me that she was paying for everything, Danny's wife to be was from an impoverished background, and his mother had taken it all away from her parents, who lived in council accommodation. I wondered how they felt about that and made a note to myself to find out.

Danny was there too, he greeted me with an, 'hello' and nothing else. I felt like already the proverbial spare prick at a wedding, his bloody wedding! I asked his brides name and where was she from all that kind of thing, I was genuinely interested. I was told her name was Roberta Carol Jennings, just turned 18 years of age, which surprised me more than I could say. So young to be getting married, I thought.

I asked if she from this town or elsewhere, Danny told me she lived on an estate called Netherwood, I knew it, so now I knew her name and also where she was from. I checked the phone books and there were two families with that name from that area. I hit pay dirt on the first call.

I introduced myself as Danny's father, I could almost hear the 'OH,' down the phone, I quickly explained why I was calling to put them at ease, and asked if I may call to see them. Fortunately they agreed, and around I went. I knocked and waited, the door opened, and I was greeted by an ordinary looking man, well, I suppose we can all be ordinary, can't we?

He invited me in to a not so well furnished small council house, but it was sparkling clean. I could see that they were not well off, but I could sense the pride within. I liked them both immediately. Without going into too much detail, I learned they were on benefits, but he was ill, and his wife cared for him. I had a lovely afternoon and I saw eventually where Bobbi got her looks from, her mother had the same hair, long sleek and jet black, the arched eyebrows, the full lips, the hauntingly beautiful face, yes, she was her mother's daughter okay.

He told me they had cashed in their insurance policies, but Danny's mother had refused to acknowledge it or them. It was her do, and it would be done her way, bitch! I thought. I could see the hurt in their eyes. I confided in them that my ex wife treated me and everyone else the same, as lesser beings. He turned out to be an ex car mechanic, and from his wife, I learned he had been better than anyone there is alive.

I made a couple of phone calls, and soon I had him placed as a technical advisor to apprentices at the local technical college, learning the car mechanical trade, no hands on, just expertise. The friend I arm twisted allowed me to pay, unknowingly, his first months wage, and then if he proved any worth he would take him on. It's another story now but it worked a treat and their lives are improving immeasurably.

I was staying at an hotel, but didn't like it, I asked the receptionist if she knew of any short term lettings for an apartment nearby. She looked over her shoulder to make sure no one was listening, and gave me a phone number to call. I did, I went to see this apartment over looking the river, and took it right away, it was a beauty!

The wedding was two days away, I was at my son's house, I didn't even like calling it a home. I tried to gain an interest in the upcoming day, but I found it difficult, she more or less ignored me, and he just wasn't interested in anything I had to say. I learned through normal gossip in the house that Danny thought he was jack the lad, since becoming engaged to Bobbi he had treated her badly. Not physically, but by doing and going to wherever and whenever he wanted, I also learned he was messing about too. Why the fuck was he getting married, and why was this dark beauty letting him?

Let me describe her, she is about 5ft 7" tall, elegantly styled in her manner, demeanour and grace, your eyes lock on to her when she walks, or slides and glides on her tiny feet. Her face is astonishingly beautiful, extenuated by her fabulous silky black hair that reaches past her slim shoulders, she is slender, yet has an almost voluptuous body, but what she has is all girl like, and certainly all woman, even if she is still tender in years, she is sensual, sexy and very feminine.

Having worked abroad I know how sexy black women can be, they give their man everything, love, heart and soul. I guessed this what Bobbi was trying to do with Danny, but he didn't care about that very much as far as I could see. What a fucking idiot, I said to myself. He ought to have her at his side, day and night!

So here I was, sat in my ex wife's house, just me and Bobbi. I asked if she was alright when I knew she wasn't. I imagined she was utterly gob smacked by all the goings on, the whirlwind that was to be her new mother in law, the idiot she was marrying, and the arrangements of which she was taking no part in, even though it was supposed to be her own wedding. The hurt in her eyes was palpable.

"What's happening tonight Bobbi, are you going out, staying in, going back to your parents, what?" I asked.

"I think I'll go home, there isn't much point in staying here is there really?" she said sadly.

"I'll drive you okay?" And I stood up to avoid any refusals from her.

"Thank you Mr Herbert," she smiled wanly.

"Bobbi, I'm not Mr Herbert, I'm Alan to you, and your mom and dad okay?"

"They'll call you Mr Herbert when they meet you, er Alan."

"Well this afternoon they were calling me Alan, and I was calling them Thomas, and Lily!" I replied smiling. The look on her face was priceless.

"You mean you have met them, where?"

"At your home," I told her, "I went to see them, I wanted to meet my beautiful future daughter in laws parents, and so I did. And I think they are wonderful loving parents, I like them tremendously."

Bobbi sat back down in shock. "I can't believe it; they don't want anything to do with them." She told me, nodding her head, meaning Danny and his mother. This I really was shocked by, I knew my ex could be a nasty piece of work, but fucking hell, I thought, you have to give it a go at a wedding!

"Come on," I said, "lets leave a note telling them we've gone, and he can call you later."

"He won't call me, and she won't care." I saw the lump slide up and down her throat, It was none of my business, but I was thinking I had to stop this stupid wedding, knowing there would be little I could do, or her life would be ruined.

I didn't take her home, I drove to a little out of town bistro, it was late afternoon and we had the place to ourselves. I sat her in the far corner, in a little booth, and sat next to her. The waitress came and I ordered for us, she gave me a knowing look, that said. 'You lucky dirty old bastard!'

"Hey,' I told her in my own head, 'less of the old, I'm only forty two!' Then I laughed, and she saw the joke too, and went off smiling to herself.

We had a great time, the food was fabulous, the wine too, and she told me everything about her and her family. I listened to every word. Then I told her about me, my ex, and Danny. She wasn't impressed at all. It was 8 o'clock now, so I said, "I hate to do this, but I think we had better go, don't you?"

"Yes I suppose so, but I don't want to, I love being with you Alan, you are so nice."

"Ugh," I said, "There's that awful word that every man hates being called," I said, "nice!" She laughed, and then said.

"Okay you are not nice, you are a wonderful man, I love everything about you. You are so utterly different to Danny and his blessed mother."

"And you," I told her, "are so utterly breathtakingly beautiful, if you were mine, I would never leave alone you for one minute!" Without missing a beat, she said.

"I don't want to go home yet Alan;" she said quietly, "can we go somewhere else please?"

"Well it's a little late, and I have things to do, I was going to drop you off and go home." I told her.

"I want to go with you, please?" Now I was shocked.

"But if people found that out, there would be trouble Bobbi," I told her.

She giggled, and said, "I'll hide in the back of the car, and I won't breathe a word if you don't." Not realising the position I was placing myself in, I said, yes okay. And certainly not even contemplating what was going to happen either. It never even entered my silly dumpy head!

We drove back, she chatting happily, and we arrived, I parked the car out of the way and up we went. She was like a school girl when she saw the views and the terrific apartment, running and jumping. I laughed, sat in a chair and took off my jacket and shoes. And that's when things changed.

She came to me with a look in her huge deep brown doe like eyes, that said. "You can't resist me?' And she was right too, I couldn't and I didn't. The next thing was, no words were spoken, she simply sat in my lap, laid her lovely head on my shoulder, curled herself up into me and went right to sleep. I sat there in stunned silence, now what? I thought. I made myself as comfortable as I could. I was glad I had visited the loo just prior to this taking place.

I woke up a few short hours, or many minutes later, I didn't know. But what was different was what had woken me up, her hand was inside my shirt and she was running it around and through my quite hairy chest. Her face was buried in my neck, and I could feel those wonderful thick pouty, and very soft lips sort of clamped to me.

I kind of held my breath, not knowing what was going on, was she sleeping still? Did she know what she was doing, ie, turning her to be soon father in law, into a quivering horny wreck! I knew my prick was growing, I could feel it. Well, wouldn't yours do the fucking same!

That was when her ass shifted, not a lot, just enough to get me fully hard. Here I was, sat in my chair with the girl that was going to marry my son, and I had now, a raging fucking hard on. Then I knew, that she knew what was going on, she half bit, half kissed my neck, and whispered to me, "Alan?"

"Bobbi," I croaked, I'm sat there with this breathtaking black beauty in my lap, sat on my now fully prominent and very hard prick, already turning me inside out. I was old enough to be her father and this shouldn't be happening, but I knew I wouldn't be doing anything to stop it, or her.

Her hand inside my shirt got more insistent, more entertaining, more brave, the fingers even dipped into my waist band, now I knew where this was going to go. My bed and her pussy!

"Bobbi," I said again.

"Don't worry daddy," she whispered in my ear, between nibbling it. "It'll be our secret forever." Bobbi didn't waste anymore time now she knew I was in for a penny, and in for a pound!

My shirt was opened, she moved a little and those lips of hers closed over mine, my future daughter in law was kissing me like no daughter in law should, and I was kissing her back. It was a magical sweet tasting kiss. Her hand was working magic on my chest and skin, and soon my shirt wasn't covering me anymore.

She pulled away slightly, gazed into my eyes, and said.

"Daddy, I need you, I need this, please don't say no, please?" I answered by kissing her hard and long, my tongue found hers she joined battle. I don't know ho won, or who lost, I didn't care. When we looked at each other again, she wiggled her eyes, indicating over her shoulder.

'Bedroom,' she was saying. I pushed myself away from the chair and carried her to my bed. We undressed each other in a sort of controlled frenzy, stopping now and then to learn each other, to touch, to feel, to know. We were both breathing hard with excitement, and then we were there, her half under me, me ready to plunge my full prick into where it should never be going.

I slid in bringing a soft moan from her, and a very satisfied happy grunt from me. Her long slender legs slid up and over me in one sweeping movement, her arms encircled me. I was on top in the dominant role, but it was her who had me completely. Her dark skin was silk smooth, shiny, translucent like. I bent my head and kissed those soft brown lips, and immediately leaped the gap into heaven.

Her hips gave way to me and I began the ride to bliss, for myself and for her, our bodies tightly hugged together, moving in unison. I gave her all I had to give, and Bobbi gave it all back and more. How long I lasted I'm not sure but I went for a good time, Bobbi moaned and mewled, licked, kissed and bit me. We both came in rush of passion that blazed through us, certainly me, my toes curled as I blasted my cum into her warm soft and receptive pussy. I looked down at her and knew I had met someone more than special, God how I wished I was twenty years younger.

She smiled up at me, and said sweetly.

"Now you see why I said you were nice Alan, in fact you are better than nice," her tight hug confirmed her words. "That was the best ever Alan, and I mean it, I have never had that kind of orgasm before, I know what its like to feel at last like a real woman."

Her smell filled my nostrils, black women have a smell all of their own, it's different to white women, no worse, no better, just different, and I loved hers. I loved the feel of her soft hands sliding across me back, the way her legs laid over the back of mine. But most of all I loved those eyes ans lips. I felt as if I could fall into those dark limpid pools of desire. And kissing her was every mans dream.

I have had my share of lovely, sexy beautiful women, and fucked a few I shouldn't have because of possible repercussions. I had a sheik's daughter one night until I found out who she was.

Arab women can fuck for any world team, they have no life except away from their families, and then their hair comes down, big time. Under the black garb are women desperate to be loved and fucked. They have gold dripping out of their ears; it is of no value to them. I have been given plenty over the years as gifts. And I have sold it all on and now have a tidy sum in the bank, thank you very much!

But as I peered at this dark beauty below me, it came to me that I had never met one such as Bobbi, never! I also sort of came to my senses then too, although I had no intention of moving yet, except for sliding off and facing her, her legs kept me captive, her arms prevented me from slipping away.

"You are regretting this now Alan, now that you have had me? now that we have made love?"

"No Bobbi, not in that sense anyway, how could I ever regret something as wonderful as this, as wonderful as you." I told her and kissed those lips once more. She kissed me back hard and long, her head moving to capture every bit of me.

"You will love me forever Alan, want me forever, need me forever, even though I am to marry your son?" This was said wistfully.

"Yes Bobbi I will I promise, I wish you could be mine, but the scandal it would cause if this got out would hurt everyone, and that includes your mom and dad."

"Yes," she said into my mouth, we fell asleep then, the both of us, each entangled in the others arms and bodies.

I awoke in the early hours, the sun was just rising, it was 5.45am. I reached for her but she wasn't there, then I smelled frying, she was in the kitchen making me breakfast, all I wanted to do was fuck and make love to her again. I went in and there was a sight every man should be blessed to see. This dark beauty was stood there, one shapely knee raised, wearing nothing but a huge bright dazzling smile and one of my white shirts. She looked staggering.

I went to her and we shared the most amazing morning first kiss.

"I want you Bobbi, I can't wait," I told her, my hard on sticking into her. Without batting an eye, she turned off the cooker, dropped to her knees and engulfed my throbbing prick. Her eyes glued up to mine she ate me, that's all I can say, she ate me alive. Her long silky black hair dangling down her back, emblazoned by my white mans shirt. I can honestly say I have never seen a woman wear a mans shirt the way Bobbi did that morning.

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