tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Loving Wife's Life Is Changed

A Loving Wife's Life Is Changed


Holly Carter was on her knees in the little store room tucked away in the corner of her classroom. She had a big cock in her mouth and she was servicing it as best as she could, this cock was bigger than her husbands and was only the second one she had ever gobbled.

She was having no option now to do this dirty deed, she had seen the light and agreed with the big cocks owner that he was right, and she was wrong. So having been shown the way, he had asked her if she wanted to 'pop' into the store room and discuss her situation a little more, "we don't want to be disturbed now do we?" he had said.

Reluctantly she had nodded her head not yet fully understanding what he could say in there that he couldn't say out here. So she went in innocence. He had no intention of going over it all again, he was going in there to take her, willingly or unwillingly, but she was going to have it, like it or not. He loved this new found power he had, he wasn't the biggest in school, and he wasn't the toughest, or even the handsomest. He was just an ordinary 'Joe.'

But he had Holly hadn't he? He had bested her in their exchange in their exchanges and in the classroom and now she knew it. There really hadn't been any wiggle room for her. He had the floor, he had the upper hand and now he had her. He looked down at the beautiful sexy woman as she worked on his prick for him, sucking and slurping away, his hands in her soft hair, moving her on and off as it suited him.

Holly had the familiar smell of man sex in her nostrils, it wasn't her loving husbands smell but it was a man smell and Holly loved that man smell. This was only the second man smell she had ever sniffed and it turned her on, the fact that she was being made to suck his cock had had no effect on her libido, but the smell had! His man musk was all pervading, it entered her nostrils and permeated up into her mind, this sent the necessary messages to the parts of her body that controlled her sexual urges and desires.

Holly's inhibitions were flying out of the window, she was forgetting that she was being forced to do this, her mind was turning her attention to the task in hand (or mouth) she unknowingly began to adjust herself to giving him the blowjob that had been reserved totally and the complete ownership of her darling husband.

This had all began two weeks ago when she had received a note in her letter box at her home, it was lying on the mat, her husband had gone to work and she picked up the unstamped envelope and seen her name on it.

F.A.O. Mrs Holly Carter.

Private and confidential, it had read.

She opened it and nearly fell over.

The first page was a photo copy of a news paper report written 12 years ago. It was from the city paper where she had gone to college. The police had raided a party that had taken place in her flat, one she shared with her then boyfriend, now husband, and the other guy they shared with.

It had been an end of term party, to celebrate passing of exams etc and saying goodbye to old friends and looking forward to the new. It had been a roaring success everyone had a fantastic time, but near the end about 20 police men had entered and contained them all. They had received a tip off that hard drugs were being sold and taken. She along with her boyfriend and sharer had been taken away, brought to court, fined and given community orders.

The magistrate told them they had been within a hairs breadth of a prison sentence, but had decided that their educations had to be taken into consideration. The newspaper was full of it the next day, 'DRUGS AT PARTY' the headline had screamed, and it had a full report, named names and had a photo taken outside the court of the three of them leaving. They all had been facing the camera when it had been taken.

Over the next few months Holly lived in fear of it finding its way back to her parents, or her boyfriends parents, both sets were noted families, and to have a criminal daughter would have had a devastating effect on their standing. But somehow it hadn't reared it ugly head and over the years she gradually forgot about it and got on with her life.

She had been forgiven at the university and had passed her exams with flying colours and now she was doing what she believed she had been born for. They had both relocated to another part of the country and got on with their lives together. She was teacher and a teacher of some renown. She had majored in math and chemistry.

She had married her boyfriend and he had a great well paid job, both were doing their chosen professions, and life was sweet. He was on his way up, and Holly was too, she knew one day soon she would head up a school, and then she would head back to uni and go for a professorship.

Holly was an extraordinary beautiful woman, she would often say a prayer to the good Lord for all she had been given, beauty, brains, and a nice disposition, even if she did say so herself. She was popular with her charges, her fellow teachers; everyone thought the world of her. Long ago Holly had decided that she would be the person she knew she was, and it had worked. The world was her oyster.

Long chestnut hair that brightened the sun as it shimmered when she moved, a hauntingly lovely face, huge wide brown eyes, a little turned up nose and those lips, oh those lips. 5ft 7" tall, she never flaunted her body, but something as gorgeous as her body was refused to be hidden away, even when she wore loose clothes her very being, the way she moved, held her self, walked it gravitated everywhere.

She had, she thought, overly large breasts, though her husband disagreed vehemently, nipples that could hold a hat on them, upturned, pointing at 45 degrees to her, thick prominent, crinkly when at normal, big and thick when aroused. And at this moment in time Holly could feel them unwrapping themselves and starting the metamorphism into their alter ego, big, thick and so sensitive.

She had met her husband to be within two weeks of starting college at the tender age of 18, they were more or less inseparable, apart from twice after having a huge row, but soon got back together, and after college they had had a huge wedding, and Holly's life kept on the path of true love and happiness, until now!

She stood staring at the copy, her heart lurched to the other side of her chest, it was a copy of the original story, no doubt about that, she remembered it as if it was yesterday. At the bottom of it was written the words in felt tip.

What did you get up to Holly, you naughty naughty teacher? There was also an e mail address written on it.

She turned the paper over, nothing, only the e mail address. She sat down and cried, her world had just ended, what was she going to do. Somehow someone had found out her secret and now who ever it was had found her too, 'what am I going to do?' she thought.

She stood, pulled herself together and decided that no one, but no one was going to ruin her life, she would tell Norman tonight, and decide if they would call the police, blackmail was a serious crime. She felt better and went to work. She started off well but as the day wore on her resolve began to crumble, by the time it came to go home she was an internal wreck again.

She didn't tell her husband, she kept it to herself, 'he would be ruined too,' was her reasoning. The following morning there was another note on her mat.

I was disappointed Holly not to get a message from you, this isn't going away and you may find it would be to your interest to contact me, don't you think?

She shuddered, 'oh God, no please,' she whispered to herself. She hurriedly went onto her computer; she was making her first mistake. She knew she was but this had to be contained, she would find out who it was and then take action she told herself.

Good morning, I am not partial to blackmail, tell me what you want, this all happened over 12 years ago and was well documented at the time, it is in the public arena.

There she thought, that should take care of that, she went to work and felt happier believing she had nipped whichever bud this was sprouting from. But he now had her e mail address, so that made life easier for him now.

Hi Holly, yes I know it is in the public arena, that's where I found it, but are the governors, and your fellow teachers aware of it. Somehow I think not, what do you believe would be their reaction to having a convicted drug user among their collective midsts?

Holly nearly died when she read that, she envisioned her whole life crashing around her, her husband close behind. She managed to get through the week and halfway through the second of this nightmare when things came to a head. She finally conceded that her blackmailer had her right in between a rock and a hard place, and was squeezing it tight.

The person had never mentioned money, not asked for anything, they had just guided her to where she was now, and there was nothing bad in the e mails, just questions and innuendoes. She began to make her mind up, she had to stop this somehow, get the control back, she had to get her life back, whatever the cost.

She wrote.

I concede my untenable position, I have no where to go, you have the control, I have nothing, you are in a position to ruin my life, though why you would want to do that I am at a loss to know. Please tell me what you want, money? I have some but not a great deal, other than that you will have to make your own mind up. This cannot go on; I have a life to live, a future to make. Please tell me, can we meet?

He replied.

Holly, now you are seeing things from my perspective, I will contact you personally, I will stand beside you and say the word 'Report,' that is the key word; do not react when you hear me say it. Do not appear surprised. I will not tolerate exposure, because you will have nothing to expose. So then Holly, you need to be careful, okay?

Holly didn't know what to make of it, how could he contact her, she was rarely alone, or always busy, with school, she worked hard, often stayed back to prepare things, and was a most conscientious of teachers. Her thought s were on her problem all day but she waded through it. At the end of her lessons, she dismissed the class and watched who could possibly contact her here. Was a fellow teacher about to confront her, it couldn't be, they would then be in the position she herself was in?

As her pupils were filing out, a boy passed her and whispered, 'Report.'

Holly was mortified, she nearly had a seizure, she just about kept herself in check but she could not stop the sudden charge racing through her, and the sudden intake of breath that became a gulp. She watched Dmitri Sand glance at her as he slid by. When he got to the door he hesitated a little then turned and faced her. He saw a woman stood there with her jaw on the floor and her eyes wide enough to tip her head off her shoulders.

He was the last of the group to leave, when the girl in front of him went through the door, he took 2 steps back, shut it and turned the simple knob on the inside of the door, this locked it and they were alone. He smiled at her a little awkwardly, but closed the gap between them.

"Mrs Carter, I'm glad we have come to an agreement, a sort of agreement, this is so grown up don't you think?" He said confidently.

"Dmitri, what the hell do you think you are doing, I can't believe that you have done this to me, what are you after?" she almost shouted. Dmitri was 18 years old and leaving in two months to go to college, he was very popular with the girls because of his handsome Mediterranean looks, black wavy hair, tall, and very good looking

"Mrs Carter, I haven't done anything to you, I have just let you know that I am aware of your iniquitous past?" He knew also that this was the sort of litmus test, if she went on the offensive and really did threaten to call the police, he would have to back off. All the e mails, photo copies and any other bits although deleted would be found in a forensic investigation on his PCs hard drive. He wanted a career in criminology, and on top of that he wasn't going to put his future in jeopardy just to be able to screw his gorgeous sexy beautiful teacher.

"Don't play games with me Dmitri," she said, "what the hell are you up to?"

"Mrs Carter, I have only made you aware that your past is open to public scrutiny, what would the headmaster, say if copies of the newspaper report appeared on school notice boards."

And then he hit her with the hammer.

"And," he followed that threat up with another, one that would literally bring her to her knees. "Your husband works for Consolidated Construction doesn't he, one of the worlds largest construction companies, I'm sure they wouldn't be very happy if they received it in the post either, what do you think Mrs Carter?"

Holly's resolve went totally. "Please Dmitri I'll do anything you tell me please don't do this to me, to us, tell me what you want me to do." Tear slid down her cheeks, Dmitri nearly cracked.

He stepped to her and wrapped her in his arms. Holly stiffened; it was obvious now what he wanted.

"No," she said, "I, we can't, you mustn't Dmitri it's not right, I'm married, please think what you are about to ask me what to do?"

"Again Mrs Carter, I'm not making any demands, you are the mistress of your own destiny." Was his all knowing answer, he knew now that the fight, having been fought was over, he was the victor.

He held her to him, but if someone happened to pass the classroom there was a chance of being seen.

"Let's pop into the store room Mrs Carter to discuss this a little further." He told her. Holly reluctantly turned to go, Dmitri picked up the cushion that was on her chair. He followed her in turned on the light and dropped the cushion to the floor. He took her in his arms again and kissed her, it wasn't returned, 'not to be unexpected I suppose,' he thought.

"Dmitri there is still time for you to relent and stop all this," she whispered softly, hoping he would do just that. "I won't say a word about it I promise you."

"I'm already sure you won't say a word about it now Mrs Carter." He said confidently, he put his hands on her shoulders and pressed downwards, he pushed the cushion with his foot to where her knees would hit the floor.

Holly sank down, she looked up at him, 'oh Jesus he isn't going to make me...' She couldn't even finish the words.

Dmitri unzipped his pants and fished out his cock, it was erect, hard, the veins prominent, it was also long and thick, and topped off by a very bulbous mushroom on the end of it. He was circumcised too. It was the first time she had ever seen one like it. Holly had no option but to look at it, it was right there in front of her face.

"Now Holly, do your best for me okay and please don't disappoint me." The implied threat wasn't lost on his lovely teacher. She leaned forward and touched it with her soft, firm pouty lips, they were so pronounced they looked as if they were pumped up, which of course they were certainly not. It was why nearly every man she had ever met had had the same thoughts about her, 'if only?'

Holly sensed his man smell, it wafted over her face, she had already decided that she would not succumb to his demands in any way but to do as he told her. She would never ever be made to enjoy this, no way. She pursed her lips and Dmitri nearly died with the cool soft pleasure of looking down and watching her take him on. Her mouth slowly but surely covered and enveloped him, a little later he felt the first tug as she sucked, his knees twitched in appreciation.

Holly closed her eyes and began to suck him off in earnest, 'lets get this over with,' were the words in her mind. Soon she was working him up and down, she loved taking Norman this way, and his man smell always got the better of her. That was when she really smelled Dmitri's own odour and it wasn't unpleasant, this was something she hadn't thought about or bargained for.

He pressed a switch on the tiny recorder in his pocket; it was right next to her mouth, covered only by the thin material of his trousers.

"You seem to be enjoying sucking my cock Mrs Carter," he said, and pulled her off him. "do you?" he asked again

"Yes Dmitri I do," and jammed her mouth back on and continued with her set task, one she was now really enjoying.

"I think you must be the best there is at doing this Mrs Carter, are you?" Again he pulled her off. She looked up at him wondering why he was wasting time.

"You had better believe it." She answered, and returned to his thick heavy prick. 'That'll do me,' he thought, 'got all I want on tape now, my insurance has been purchased.' He pressed the button again and turned the recorder off.

He filled her nostrils, he surrounded her whole head, it washed over her, the musk was making her try harder to please him, 'what am I doing!' She said to herself, but she was finding it hard to fight, it was a smell that turned her on. It was like an Alpha male hormone he was delivering to his chosen mate, and as a female of the species it was in her genes to submit to the dominant male. Holly was submitting.

Without knowing it Holly now raged at his cock, 'this is just beautiful,' she thought, 'his cock is perfect, it fits me so good.' The heat coming from it almost singed the inside of her mouth. Her lips and tongue were fighting each other to win the battle to make him cum. Dmitri had his hands in her hair and making her travel at the speed he wanted, he needed to make this last as long as possible, which he knew, wasn't going to be too long.

Holly attacked his prick with urgent ferocity, sucking hard, licking, taking as much of him into her succulent mouth as she could, and every time she did this, she was injecting her nostrils with his man smell making her submit even further with every forward press her nose was tickled by his pubic hairs. She built up a heaven sent suction that he could no longer resist, he gripped her head. Holly knew instinctively that he was going to blow. She had no intention of pulling off; she wanted him, to taste him, to swallow for all time his pungent man smell and his cum.

Dmitri shot his load hard and fast into his beautiful teachers waiting and willing mouth, she sucked and swallowed just as fast and hard to ensure nothing was wasted. She got it all down and a feeling of immense pride and satisfaction that she had done so came over her. She was pleased and beamed up at him. She saw him looking down, his mouth pen, his cock slipped from her lips and he sank down on his knees. Without waiting he kissed her, his arms went around her, she kissed him back, her body, her mind, and her heart wanted to, so she did.

After many minutes of kissing, caressing, holding and touching she with drew.

"Dmitri, what now, is that it, have you had what you wanted, are we done?" She already knew the answer was a no. He shook his handsome head.

"Afraid not Mrs Carter, we have a lot more to find out about each other don't we?" Holly knew there was no point in arguing too much, but she still tried.

"You can't keep blackmailing me Dmitri, you and I will be discovered and then we will both be facing the consequences of your actions."

"Yes Mrs Carter I know you are right, but I have to make love to you at least a few times, and judging by this performance today I think you just might want to as well." He lay her down on the floor, putting the cushion under her head, he would rather have been in a bed with her, 'but beggars can't be choosers' he said to himself.

He hitched her skirt up, undid her blouse and pushed up her bra and sucked hard on one nipple then the other, they were already hard and erect, she moaned involuntarily, he delved a hand between her toned thighs and poked a finger into her until now, unknown soaking pussy, bringing a holding embrace to him. He mounted her, he was inside her in moments and fucking her like a mad man, Holly couldn't stop herself responding to the big prick in her, it travelled to places her husband hadn't.

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