tagCelebrities & Fan FictionA Lucky Fan: The Next Chapter

A Lucky Fan: The Next Chapter


This fantasy is about the Actress Demi Lovato. Former star of "Sonny with a Chance."

In the fantasy, I am dating my all time celebrity crush, and Demi Lovato's real life best friend Selena Gomez.

Selena and I are hanging out at my apartment in Burbank. Selena had just gotten back in town and was spending a few days with me. We are sitting at my kitchen table playing a board game when Selena's cell phone rings.

Selena answers it and tells me that it was Demi calling. A couple of minutes later, Selena tells me that Demi wants to stop by and asks if I would mind.

"No, that'll be fine, tell her to stop over." I tell Selena. Then, she hands me the phone and I talk to Demi.

"Hey, Mike, how are you?" Demi asks.

"I'm doing good, and yourself?" I reply.

"Good, good, um, I was wondering if I could come over and spend the night with you and Selena." Demi asks.

"Oh sure, now you wanna spend the night, huh?" I say jokingly.

"Well, if you don't..." Demi starts to say.

"I'm kidding Demi, you can stop by anytime." I tell her.

"Great, I'll be over soon then." Demi responds.

"Ok, I'll see you in a bit." I tell her, and I hand the phone back to Selena.

Selena and Demi talk for another minute and then they hang up. I walk over to my stereo system and turn it on. I grab Selena and her and I start dancing. The two of us crack up with laughter as we dance.

Twenty minutes later, the door bell to my apartment rings and I walk over to answer it. I open the door and Demi is standing there smiling.

I invite her in and I give her a hug. I tell her that she can put her over night bag in the bedroom on the right and I point down the hallway in my apartment.

I turn the light on and Demi walks down the hall to the bedroom.

I walk back to the kitchen table and sit with Selena.

"You guys wanna order Chinese food?" I ask Selena.

"Yeah, do you have a menu?" She asks.

I walk over to the refrigerator and pull the Chinese food menu from the clamp holding it.

I hand it to Selena and Demi comes walking over to the table. Selena and Demi tell me what they want and I get up, dial the restaurant and start placing the order, in Chinese.

As I am on the phone, I can hear Selena and Demi whispering something, but I can't make anything out over my voice as well as the woman on the phone who is taking my order.

I finish placing our order and I walk back over to the table and sit down with the girls.

"It'll take about a half hour or so.' I tell them. "I'm gonna go pick it up." I continue.

"Mike, would you mind if I take a shower?" Demi asks.

"Nah, go ahead, make yourself at home." I tell her.

I walk into the hallway to the linen closet and get her a towel and a fresh bar of soap.

Demi walks over to me, hugs me and then continues down the hall to the bathroom.

Selena gets up and watches Demi walk into the bathroom and ask she hears the door close, she turns to me.

"Listen." Selena says. "Demi was just telling me about how she's been having trouble... getting herself off while she's out on tour." Selena tells me.

"Oh that sucks." I respond.

"Yeah, so here, here's $200.00, when you go for our food, stop at the adult shop down the street and buy her something." Selena tells me.

Selena hands me a handful of twenty dollar bills and then I kiss her and head out.

On my way to the Chinese food place, I stop at an adult book and novelty store and I start looking around for a few things to buy Demi.

The first thing I see is a small vibrator that attaches to the tip of your finger and the battery pack slides onto your wrist. I shop around a little more and see another style of vibrator. This one is a little bigger then a tube of lipstick and it has a little blue rubber dolphin on the tip that vibrates rapidly.

The third toy I pick out for Demi is a long rubber dildo that on the box says is molded from the penis of an actual porn star.

Once I pick out some toys for Demi, I grab a handful of batteries in varying sizes for the toys and head to the counter.

The man behind the counter begins ringing me up.

"Gonna have a party tonight?" he asks.

"I doubt it, those are for someone I know." I tell him.

The man finishes ringing up my items and it comes out to just over a hundred dollars.

Instead of using Selena's money, I hand the guy my debit card and he swipes it through the machine. I sign the receipt and he hands me the bag with the toys inside. I head back out to my car and drive down the road to the Chinese restaurant.

When I get back to the apartment, I open the door and Selena and Demi are dancing around the living room with the stereo blaring.

I walk over and set the bags of Chinese food on the kitchen table and I hide the bag of sex toys behind my back and run into the living room.

I stash the bag between my couch and end table and head back into the kitchen. Selena, Demi and I sit down at the table and start eating our food. The three of us talk and laugh and sing along with the music on the radio.

About a half hour later, we finish eating, we have some ice cream for dessert, then we sit and talk a bit more.

After waiting for our food to settle, Selena gives me a wink.

"Demi!" Selena yells.

"What?" Demi asks in a timid and confused tone.

"Come with me." Selena says, grabbing Demi's hand and leading her over to the couch.

"Sit right here." Selena commanded.

Demi quickly sits down with the confused look still in her eye.

Selena and I sit on the other couch directly in front of Demi. Selena cuddles with me, then looks at Demi.

"Listen, I told Mike about your problem that you told me about earlier, and we got something to help you out." Selena tells her.

"I gave him some money to..." Selena starts, but before she can finish, I cut her off.

"Consider them a gift." I tell Demi, and I give Selena her money back.

"Reach beside near the table and there's something there for you." I say to Demi.

Demi reaches next to her and grabs the bag. She lifts the bag up and sets it in her lap.

Demi opens the bag and looks in.

"Oh my gosh, I can't believe you got me something like this." Demi says.

"Well, come on let's see what he got you." Selena demands.

Demi pulls the toys from the bag one by one and begins looking over the packaging.

"There's batteries in the for the vibrators." I tell her.

Demi reaches back into the bag and pulls out the packages of batteries.

"Why don't you test them out?" Selena suggests.

Demi opens the package containing the little finger massage and the batteries for it and puts them it. She attaches the massage to her finger tip and slides the battery pack up onto her forearm.

She switches it on and the vibrator begins whirring. Demi runs her right hand down into the front of her pajama pants and the whirring becomes muffled as she begins using it.

"Come on Demi, take em off." Selena yells.

Demi looks up and smiles and slowly pulls her pajama bottoms off. She has a thick plump Pussy with a dark thick patch of hair that is shaped and cropped in all the right places.

Demi spreads her legs and continues running the vibrator slowly up and down her clit.

Selena and I sit quietly and watch Demi pleasure herself with her brand new toys.

The sound of the vibrator hums and whirrs and grinds as Demi slips it slowly across her Pussy walls.

Demi's eyes are fixated on her Pussy and her face grimaces in pleasure as she does.

"Why don't you use the other one, give it a try." Selena suggests.

Demi switches off the micro vibrator and reaches for the second vibrator and puts the batteries into it.

She switches it on and the vibrator whirs and the little dolphin starts rattling. She places it against her clit and the dolphin pulsates against it.

Demi smiles and sighs in pleasure as she runs it up and down. Selena and I hold each other and watch Demi while she masturbates.

Ten minutes after using the second vibrator, Demi opens the package with the dildo and pulls it out.

The dildo came with a small bottle of lube and Demi squeezes some of it onto the shaft of the dildo before plunging it into her Pussy. She shoves it in and out a few times and she grunts and her body shutters.

She lays her head back and continuously shoves the dildo in and pulls it out.

I watch her fucking herself with the dildo and every once in a while she looks down at the toy before laying her hack back again.

Selena grabs my head and whispers into my ear.

"Next time she lays her head back, sneak over there and help her out." she tells me.

I watch her and wait for the right time. Demi lays her head back again and as soon as she does, I make my move.

I slowly get up from the couch and I crawl over to Demi. I wait for her to pull the dildo out, then I reach for it.

Demi lifts her head up and looks at me startled.

"It's alright Demi, I told him to." Selena says.

Demi lets go of the dildo and I slowly start shoving it in and out of her. I twist the dildo from side to side as I push it and and out.

Demi moans and sighs, then, I pull the dildo from her Pussy. I lean my head forward and begin licking her clit. I make Demi shout in a mixture of shock and pleasure as I start licking her.

Selena walks over and sits next to Demi on the couch and lays her head on Demi's shoulder and watches me eating her Pussy.

Demi squeals and sighs and holds my head down in her Pussy.

"Oh god... Oh god." Demi begins to say, barely audible.

Selena just sits next to Demi and strokes her long black hair and watches me licking and sucking her best friend's Pussy.

"Oh, I think I'm gonna Cum!" Demi says.

"No just a few more seconds." Selena screams at her.

Demi's body begins convulsing as her orgasm builds from deep within.

"Oh, no, no, no, please stop." Demi pleads, in a trembling voice.

"No, Mike, keep going." Selena commands.

I continue to tongue Demi's clit for another few seconds and she begins screaming.

Demi's Pussy begins dripping. Her Pussy juices rain down like a broken faucet. My hand, still embedded inside her becomes covered with a fine sheen of Demi's cum.

Demi moans and sits on the edge of the cushion and she pulls my hand out of her.

I look up at her and her face is blank and she stares down at her Pussy.

Selena sits up and looks at Demi and lets out a loud laugh.

"Are you alright?" she ask Demi.

"I.... I never had an orgasm like that before." Demi says in an exhausted voice.

I touch Demi's clit lightly and she trembles from the sensitivity.

"I guess I don't have to ask how it was." Selena says.

Demi and I began laughing hysterically.

"Oh shit, I still feel it." Demi shouts.

Selena and I laugh at Demi's comment and shortly after, Demi's laughter joins ours.

"do you wanna do something for him?" Selena asks Demi.

"Yeah, I guess I can." Demi replies.

Demi gets up from the couch and I sit down in her spot. Demi undoes my pants and pulls my cock out.

"Oh wow, are you sure you want me to do this?" Demi asks.

"Only if you want to." I tell her.

Demi smiles and slowly wraps her mouth around my cock and slides it slowly up and down.

Selena lays her head on my shoulder and I wrap my arm around her and we cuddle again, as she watches Demi giving me a blowjob.

"Having fun?" Selena asks Demi.

"Yes, I am." She replies.

Demi sucks me for about six minutes, then I grab her shoulder and pull her up from the floor.

"Come here." I tell her.

Demi sits on me and I slide my cock into her tight Pussy. Demi moans lightly as my cock parts her lips and slides in deeply.

"Oh god!" Demi yells in pleasure.

Demi lifts herself up a bit so that only a bit of my cock remains in her Pussy.

She slowly rides me and I look up at her.

Demi's face cringes in both pleasure and slight pain and her eyes were fixated on my cock.

"Ah, can you take it out?" Demi asks. Her voice breaking again.

"Yeah, come on hop off." I tell her.

Demi rises up and my cock exits her Pussy and it stands right up with a snap.

She grabs my cock and jerks it a bit, then she begins sliding my cock against her clit in a technique the Japanese call "Sumata"

Demi just hold my cock with her and and rocks back and forth sliding her clit the entire length of my cock. Selena smiles at me and I kiss her lightly.

I reach up and pull Demi's shirt off and begin rubbing her tits between my hands.

A few minutes later, Demi begins riding me faster and starts moaning and sighing again. Suddenly, her Pussy opens with another torrent of her juices.

Not long after, Demi continues grinding on my cock and I start cumming. She continues squirming on my cock as my cum intensifies the feeling.

When I finish cumming, Demi rises up and her nicely cropped bush and clit is now covered in a pearly white coating. She moves her hands and finger tips were glazed with my cum.

Demi smiles and looks at Selena.

"I gotta go for another shower." Demi says. She rises off of me and leans over and licks the head of my cock, then walks into the bathroom.

Selena walks into the kitchen and grabs a roll of paper towels and sits back next to me on the couch. She wraps the paper towels around her right hand and starts wiping my legs and balls clean of both Demi's Pussy juice and my cum.

"Thank you for doing that for her." Selena says. "She'll remember that for a while."

She continues.

"No problem, anything for my baby." I say to Selena.

Selena smiles and kisses me. She lays on my shoulder and relaxes while waiting for Demi to finish in the shower.

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Anyone else in love right now, I am , is that bad? Wish I had selena & demi together , rim & blowjobs.

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