tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Lunch Time Special

A Lunch Time Special

byThe Freek©

I sat with my back to the window eating my lunch. I had been invited out by my parents as I had not spent any time with them in a few weeks. I was sipping at my coke when I saw her walk in.

She was accompanied by her man I could not tell if they were married. I really did not care. Her dark hair was shoulder length as it cascaded onto her bare shinny flesh. She looked around the diner before sitting two tables away facing me.

Her legs were bare beneath her navy blue mini skirt and her freshly painted toes sparkled in her sandals. Her light blue top fell off her shoulders revealing her soft glowing skin. Her man was balding and obviously not paying a lot of attention to her as he looked around the room. She smiled at me as our eyes met. I returned the politeness.

She sat with her hand in her lap as they waited for their food to arrive. Several times she glanced over at me, trying to catch my eye. Every time her man was distracted she peeked over his shoulder to catch a glimpse of me. I liked the attention so I peeked back.

Looking over my father's shoulder I caught a look of her crossing her legs and tucking her hand between them. When I was able to fully look again, she was looking up at me with her head lowered. She quickly looked back at her man as she pulled her hand out from obstructing my view.

My eyes shot straight for her skirt hem, driving upwards to the sight of complete pink. She paused for a moment before sliding her legs closed and swinging her head around looking to see if I had witnessed her movements. I looked her in the eyes and smirked as she turned away quickly. It was a real life Basic Instinct moment.

Several times during the meal she moved her legs trying to find a comfortable position before settling on leaving them slightly agape. The view was tremendous. I could see she was not wearing panties and had shaved herself clean. From my view it appeared she had shaved recently, probably this morning. Each time she shifted in her chair she flashed me a little more until her legs were no longer crossed and neither was my view.

Her pussy lips were pouty as they pushed away from her body with excitement. It was obvious to me that she was well aware of her taunting me. I received confirmation when her hand slid under the table to touch her pussy as she glanced over at me catching my eye as I tried to look away.

She rubbed her pussy lips several times as she spoke to her man and ate her food. She had great skill and practice as her man never looked around at all. He was completely absorbed in his food and the conversation. I continued to eat as I watched her stroke herself for me.

At one point it appeared she was saying something funny as she tilted back in her chair. Soon I realized that the laughter was a cover for her to push her middle finger deep into her pussy. Deeper in to the pink darkness her finger sank. She rocked back several times in apparent laughter as she finger fucked her self in the middle of the restaurant and in front of me. Near the end of their comedic interlude she looked at me and pumped herself hard as her eyes rolled back into her head. Opening her eyes I was locked in to her gaze.

As her man turned to talk to the waitress she pulled her glistening finger from her pussy and reached for her sandwich. As she picked it up I could see her juices on her finger as they rested on top of the food. She readjusted her grip on the sandwich several times, effectively wiping her juices onto the food. As his attention returned to the table she continued to eat, putting down the sandwich she licked her fingers clean. She spent a few moments licking her middle finger clean.

It was then that the waitress returned to the table to speak to him again. Her hand dove under the table as she spread her legs during this distraction. Her glistening juices were visible from where I sat. Her hand roamed all over her pussy, rubbing her juices with her entire hand. It did not take long before she was pushing her fingers back inside. This time she inserted two to start and quickly moved to three.

I was stunned. This woman was fucking herself right here in this restaurant. I was having trouble controlling my hard on. I could feel it growing in my shorts. I was quickly not interested in eating much more. At least not eating my food, but hers looked really good. As our eyes met again I could not resist squeezing my cock as I licked my lips. A huge smile broke out across her face. A slightly pained look, but I think I knew why.

I adjusted my shorts making a gap in my pant leg. I could see her nodding her head. I assumed it was at me and not at something her man was saying. So I adjusted in my seat and pulled my underwear to the side, letting my cock slide out in to my pant leg. I rested my hand on it and pushed it out into the air.

Her mouth fell open as she stared at my cock for what felt like minutes. She gulped deeply and started rocking in her chair again. This time she was pounding her pussy with all three fingers. A couple of times she leaned back and forced her fingers in as hard as she could. The muscle in her fore arm flexed as she pushed hard into her glistening pussy. Using my left hand I gently rubbed my hard cock, moving the skin back and forth as I slowly jerked myself off.

This was about as much as she could take. I could see the skin on her neck was becoming flushed and red. She gestured towards her man as he laughed along with her. Her movements became more pronounced and she sunk her fingers into her pussy and fiddled with her clit with her thumb. Her man excused himself as he placed his napkin on the table and headed for the bathroom. She glanced over her shoulder as he left only to spin around and put both hands under the table.

She opened her legs and rubbed her clit with her left hand and she hastened her pace in pumping her pussy. She stared at me as she was furiously aggressive with her clit. Her forth finger disappeared into her snatch. I watched as the blood in her face became more apparent. I slid my cock out of my shorts, leaving it completely exposed to her while she came. I gently rubbed it as I did not want to shoot all over the floor.

Her head leaned back and her mouth fell open as her orgasm overtook her. Slowly her head rolled forward and she stared at me, eyes fluttering as she watched me watching her cum. She stayed like that for a few minutes before she removed her hands from her pussy and rested them on the table. Her right hand went to her mouth, one finger at a time. I nearly blew my load as I watched her clean her fingers. She savored each and every finger as she tasted her pussy.

Her pussy was now red from the violent attack it had just received. Her juices dripped out of her and disappeared from view. I assumed that they were running down to her anus making it all wet as well. She took several deep breaths as she flashed a smile towards me. I tucked my cock back into my shorts with great difficulty.

Moments later her man returned to the table and they resumed their conversation. The waitress approached their table to bring them a refill of their drinks. She paused for a moment as the scent of the woman caught her nose. She looked at the woman for a moment before walking away. The woman made no acknowledgement that the waitress had even spoken to her. Now she was only interested in what her man had to say.

I was feeling particularly randy at the moment and I needed to release quite badly. So I took the only option available to me. I got up from my chair and headed for the bathroom feigning an upset stomach. As I entered the bathroom I noticed it was a unisex bathroom. By this I mean there was a not separate bathroom for each gender, only one. I turned to lock the door only to find a doorknob that pushed in to lock. Not very secure in the least. It was better than nothing.

I stepped into the stall and leaned against the wall and dropped my shorts to my ankles. I pulled out my slightly wilted manhood and started to rub it with my left hand. I closed my eyes as I fantasized about the girl in the restaurant. I thought about how her face reddened as she neared her orgasm. I thought about how tasty her bald pussy would be. The smell filled my nostrils as I slowly pumped my now hard cock. I was enjoying myself when I felt the stall door pull open.

Horrified, I stood in the bathroom with my cock in my hand and shorts around my ankles. To my surprise the waitress stepped in and pulled the door closed behind her. Without a word she dropped to her knees and took my cock into her mouth. She sucked me so hard I felt the skin was going to come off. Her free hand stroked my balls, rubbing them together and against my body as her mouth took in all of my cock. Looking down I stumbled with my words in disbelief.

She raised a hand to silence me before she unbuttoned her shirt and pulled down her bra. Her B cup tits jumped out, firm with protruding dark little nipples. Her hand pulled mine to her chest. I quickly rubbed her nipples in my fingers, as I love hard nipples. I watched as her mouth bobbed up and down on my cock. For some reason I was beyond my threshold, but still did not cum. I was watching her touch my legs and felt her run her hands over my ass. This girl loved having cock in her mouth and I was glad it was mine. She straightened her legs without missing a beat as she undid her apron and pulled down her black pants.

In the mirror I could now see the black lace boy shorts she was sporting. They were crawling up her ass exposing her full plump checks. I could see her fingers rubbing through her legs in long well intended strokes.

Her hand moved from my shaft and rubbed my balls towards my back. Her hand slid between my legs and felt my ass checks as she slid her fingers down between my cheeks. She paused at my asshole to gently push on it before she mashed my balls with her palm. She did this for a few minutes as she controlled the entire experience. I was perfectly ok with letting her.

While I was totally enjoying myself she switched hands without me realizing. Suddenly, I felt a wet slimy finger rubbing my asshole. She circled it with care before gently pushing it into my butt. I started to convulse as she pumped into my ass as she sucked my cock deep into my throat. I had no experience with anal play, but I was willing to see where this went. A groan escaped my lips as I tried to settle into this new feeling. My breathing became raged and shortened. I felt my cock pulsate in her throat.

The throbbing of my cock made her force as much of me as she could down her throat. She started to gag as she pulled back only to slam her head down again forcing her nose against my pubic bone. She was forcing herself to gag on my cock. It really turned me on. I could see in the mirror that she had pulled down her panties and was fingering her own ass in time with mine. Her asshole shone with all of her juices she had rubbed against it.

After several more gags and full fingering in both of our asses she quickly pulled off my cock and removed her fingers. I stared at her for a moment before she spun around and bent over the toilet placing her one hand against the wall and the other kept rubbing her pussy. I did not need to be told what to do next. That part was the easiest.

My natural instinct kicked in as I approached her sopping pussy pushing my rock hard cock into her. In one single stroke I buried my entire length into her gripping pussy. I dug my fingers into her ass as I pulled out only to pound into her as hard as I could. I pounded her pussy as she moaned gently. I was amazing myself at my staying power. Normally, two minutes of head and I am ready to blow, but this was different.

I felt insatiable as I continued to thrust into her pussy. I could feel her fingers around my shaft as she held my cock through every stroke. I had hit a rhythm and was pumping hard when she leaned forward, forcing me out of her pussy.

Before I could say a word she had lined up my cock with her little brown rosebud and was pushing her full heart shaped ass backwards, forcing me to fuck her. Now a definite groan escaped her lips when I pushed my cock deep up her ass. The juice from her pussy coated my cock allowing it to slide right in.

"Fuck yeah that's it," she said. "Now don't stop until you fill my ass with cum, got it?

All I could do was nod and start to comply. I stepped out of my shorts and underwear and leaned in to her ass and started pumping. Several times I felt I was going to shoot so I slowed down so I could try to make it last as long as possible. In what seemed like and hour of pounding her little asshole, I found that I was rapidly running out of control and I had to cum soon.

She braced herself against the wall as the intensity of my thrusts became more severe. I slammed my cock into her puckering anus for all I was worth. Her finger tips flicked my balls as I held my cock deep inside her. Her soft round ass cushioned my hips as my hips forced myself against her. I could feel my orgasm coming rapidly. It was the biggest orgasm I had ever had. I started to quiver all over and became light headed. She groaned loudly herself as I felt her asshole squeeze my hardness.

Subconsciously, I pumped twice more as I unloaded every dribble of cum I had into her willing body. I held her close as I finished fucking her as she orgasmed with an abrupt push backwards into me. She kept my cock inside her as best as possible, but after a few seconds my shot made it slide back out.

Her hand darted between her legs and scooped up as much shot as she could before moving it to her mouth and eating it all. Turning in her spot she grabbed my cock and sucked it all in. The sensations were good, but it started to tickle as she licked every drop of cum off of me. My wilted member easily slid into her throat. She sucked hard again refusing to let the blood retreat from my cock, but it was too late.

Leaning back against the wall I stood with my now limp cock swinging in front of her eyes. She smiled and breathed depth as she relaxed for a moment, her panties still around her knees.

"Lunch is on me," she said, "as long as you promise to come back and flash me your cock again. I work every day."

I readily agreed to make it back as soon as I could and I would be more than happy to flash her as I put back on my shorts and moved to the sink to wash my hands. She stood with her pants down still breathing heavily as I exited the bathroom. I heard the door lock behind me. I walked back to the table only to find my parents getting ready to go.

"You must not be feeling well, son lets go home," said Dad.

"That sounds great, I saw the waitress back there so I paid the bill, so we can go," I replied.

As I opened the door I looked back into the restaurant. To my surprise the first flashing girl was still there. She winked at me in a quick glance as I scanned the room. I smiled back and headed out the door for my car. I needed to check my schedule to find when I could return. I have never been into liquid lunches, but this kind of liquid lunch I could handle every day.

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