tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA.M.K.O. Film Studio Ch. 3

A.M.K.O. Film Studio Ch. 3


I awoke to a new day, entwined with my lover in a firm embrace. I knew that my partners would have left the building by now and as I looked at Jim's sleeping form beside me I gathered my thoughts and remembered my objectives. He now knew that I was embarking on a prosperous new career as an 'adult actress'. Arnold was right about that terminology. It sounded so much better than the more commonly used job descriptions that I had heard in the past. In my remaining time with Jim I vowed to convince him that working in the industry would be an acceptable alternative to his current, lowly paid retail occupation.

I rolled back the blanket and eased myself away to get out of bed. I squinted as the strong lights of the room assaulted my unaccustomed eyes. Jim had looked so peaceful laying beside me. His face portrayed the contentment of a man who had recently made love to a young lady that had excited his male imaginations far beyond their normal, day to day boundaries. This morning I resolved to enlighten him to all the exciting possibilities of being a regular lover, not only to me but to Olivia and possibly Monica as well. If our business grew, as Arnold projected, many other attractive ladies may be encouraged to submit to his charms as well. It seemed impossible for me to believe that he could turn away such a gift-wrapped opportunity. He had to at least consider it.

I tip toed out of the bedroom to go next door to turn off the bright lights, noting that the sun was up and it was already ten o'clock in the morning. I left our door wide open and crept next door. Film cans littered the floor but my partners, long gone, had turned out all the other lights before they left.

I turned off the bedroom/studio lights, making sure that the door to the camera room was securely locked again, hiding the key.

I considered the best way to revisit the subject with Jim while I returned to our love nest. My throat was dry so I looked into the lunchroom frig, further past the bedroom door in the next room. While work was still underway on the rest of the upstairs floor, we had made sure that we had all the necessary goods to prepare food in what had been the staff cafeteria under the old tenancy. As I remembered, we had plenty of food to make a quick snack for all of us while we did the renovations. We had no need to leave the building just yet.

I made two coffees, thinking that Jim would probably appreciate some breakfast before he went home. I glanced at the phone as the kettle began to boil and decided against ringing the apartment to let Monica know about the progress so far. I wanted to tell her that we now had our first new employee when I spoke to her next.

"Morning, Katrina!"

I jumped and turned to see Jim, wide awake and standing in the narrow doorway with a towel wrapped around his waist. His tanned face was smiling at me and he looked almost ready for action again. There was a conspicuous bulge holding the towel away from his upper thigh and I realised that standing there, enjoying watching me pour the coffees without a stitch to cover my nakedness. This had produced a predictable and welcome stirring in his loins. I smiled at him.

"Coffee, tea or me, darling?" I opened my arms.

"You seem to be well set up here. Mind if I have all three?"

Jim was beaming with pleasure as he kissed me and sat at the table.

"I see that there's been a lot of work going on up here. Who owns this company that you work for?"

"Well, actually we all do. Arnold, Monica, myself and a young lady that you haven't met yet, Olivia." I confessed with a smile. "A.M.K.O. That's you guys?"

I nodded toward his astonished face with a smile.

"You're a partner then? What are you going to do with this big building? Smiling widely with a curious look and twinkling eyes.

He had brightened up considerably as though his respect for my ideas last night had suddenly taken a turn for the better.

Jim was full of questions so I answered them one by one, telling him about my idea to develop an apartment to live in and some of Arnolds plans for the rest of the space downstairs. I had the chance to tell him that if he wished to be part of our new enterprise that I could virtually guarantee that he could give up his day job and make more money than ever before. I emphasised that he had already been part of the scenes at the beach and that it wasn't only 'adult' movies that we were thinking of making.

"That will lead into other productions as well." I sipped at my coffee. "Arnold has a lot of contacts in television programming and plans to make documentaries and special interest features once we get going properly."

"What would be involved if I did agree to do what we did last night for the camera." He blushed and faltered. "It would be hard for me to do that sort of thing with cameras and other people in the room." He added quickly.

"Arnold's going to set it up like you would never even know they were there."

"How?" Jim inquired with an astonished expression.

I wondered whether I should tell him the truth about last night but decided that I just couldn't risk his wrath. I continued carefully. "We haven't finished yet, but we were going to use the room we used last night." I paused. "That's going to be our new studio, once we get going."

"I don't understand." Jim paused. "How does that help with my problem." He was perplexed.

"We'll have cameras behind some of those mirrors. They're two way from the other side, look! This is the shower we used last night."

I opened a door in the room, adjacent to the lunch room. What looked like a glass wall, looked into the shower and toilet. It was hard to see with the lights out in the other room but it was possible to see the shower and the toilet bowl behind the glass when you looked more closely.

"Thank God there was nobody else in the building last night." Jim was astounded. "They would have seen everything we were doing in there." He was grinning like a Cheshire cat. "Wow!"

"Look Jim, all you have to do is forget about what's going on. Just relax and enjoy yourself like we did last night. You wouldn't even know whether you were being filmed or not. I had no idea that those bastards were making a movie when they kidnapped me." ---

I halted my explanation, realising that I had betrayed Jim's trust in exactly the same way last night. I bit my tongue. "I'll tell you, once we're properly set up and we can do a test run with me and Olivia sometime next week if you like?" I asked him more eagerly. "We should be ready by then."

"Three hundred bucks a day?" He asked cautiously.

"Maybe more. It's dependent on so many things. That would be a minimum I would think." I laughed. "Let's go back and get some more practice, eh?" I giggled and turned back to him.

"What ever you say, boss!" Jim joked as he looked at my body. My nipples were erect and I could detect another stirring object behind Jim's casually knotted towel. I tugged at his towel and it came away in my hand easily. Jim's glistening penis sprang into life. He had a cheeky familiar grin on his face. I was almost there. No point in telling him any more at this point, I decided. Practice makes perfect.

"Race you back to the bedroom then." I gasped. "Jim Jnr. seems ready enough to go to work."

We left the bedroom door open so that we had some light inside and fell onto the bed together. I was ready to have a private lovemaking session with Jim and he was even more enthusiastic to ravish me than he had been last night. I hoped the thought of being him in this room with two willing sex partners would be churning over in his brain. He hadn't met Olivia yet but I knew that he would have no objection to getting to know her much better, once he saw her bountiful figure. No man in his right mind would turn her away. Like myself, Jim was primarily interested in the joys of uncomplicated sexual union with no expected permanent ties to spoil the pleasure afterward.

Jim entered me lustfully and I melted into his arms without any of my previous apprehension or guilt. I enjoyed coupling with him in a far more uncomplicated way now that I knew that we were truly alone in the silence of the large building. We became well accustomed to each others basic needs and Jim proved to be an enthusiastic and inventive lover. We experimented with several positions, pleasuring each other in untried ways until now. His staying power was helped by frequent rests, both hoping to delay his climax as long as we could. By the time Jim finally climaxed I was thoroughly wet with the many orgasmic bursts that he had helped me to enjoy.

With warm seminal fluids escaping from my womb we showered and discussed our other growing hunger, for food. Reluctantly we left the bedroom/studio complex and returned to the lunchroom. I wondered how I could tell Jim the truth about last night or indeed whether it might be best not to mention it at all. It might spoil everything at this point of our relationship.

We stayed naked as I prepared a hearty breakfast/lunch and we talked about bringing Olivia to the beach the next day, along with Monica, to meet Annie and whoever was there with them. The surfing friends had a loose, gregarious and unfettered lifestyle of meeting up at the beach with whoever was disposed toward joining their group for the day. I hoped that Olivia would enjoy, as I had, lazing about near the water and making new friends with them. I described Olivia's more startling physical attributes and told Jim that she easily had as healthy a libido as mine. I could see that he was interested. He was stunned to learn that the three of us had already enjoyed group sex with Arnold now that we were business partners. I could detect a tinge of envy in his manner as I arranged the cooked food on two big plates.

"Just think about it while we eat." I suggested.

"Don't worry, I am. It's just that---. He hesitated.

Jim agreed that he was seriously considering becoming a 'male adult actor' but still had some natural reservations about his ability to perform for the camera on demand. I interrupted.

"Like I told you, just relax and enjoy the fun. We girls will make sure that you can rise to the occasion. Don't keep worrying about it all the time." I jokingly scolded him. "You've really got to believe in yourself a whole lot more, darling. I do!"

We sat down to eat and I cast my mind back to the day at the beach when Arnold had surprised us all by turning up with a movie camera.

Although Jim had been camera shy, Arnold had obtained some brilliant footage once Jim was concentrating more on his surfing manoeuvres.

I believed that once he became more familiar with all four of us, the problem, as he saw it, would sort itself out readily and he would be a keen asset to the company. With a well defined and proportioned young body he would potentially become popular within the adult movie industry. It appeared that any other probable objections would be sorted out by the more venal thoughts of earning easy money for his participation.

It was more a matter of leaving him to think about it, until he came to the terms that what we were offering him, would make it much more acceptable than to continue with his current financial circumstances. I watched him as we tucked in to the bacon, eggs, beans and toast that I had rustled up. We ate in silence, wrapped in our thoughts. With the late morning sunlight streaming in through the open windows, we both became aware that the morning had passed into oblivion. I was keen to get back to our flat and update Monica and Olivia, also suspecting that Jim might also have a few other commitments. Jim was the first to speak.

"What are your plans for the rest of the day, Katrina?"

Putting aside his empty plate and watching me finish off the last of mine, he added. "I'm supposed to be starting work at 2pm and doing a late shift at work today."

"What about tomorrow?" I asked him with a quick gasp of dismay.

"The builders will be back on Monday and we'll all be busy for the rest of the week." I gushed while I explained my plans.

I hadn't even thought about his job at the supermarket.

"I've got the next two days off." He smiled and continued, as if thinking of our previous arrangements. "I wouldn't miss the chance of meeting you guys at the beach. I'll be there all day with Annie and the others." He touched my arm gently. "Karen and Wayne too.-- You are coming aren't you?" He appeared anxious.

I wondered if he was thinking about meeting Olivia. The glowing description that I had already given him earlier on had certainly interested him quite a bit.

"Well that depends." I said ambiguously. "Can I tell my partners that you might be considering my offer?" I laughed as he showed his anxiety again. "Of course we will, darling. I'll be there anyway!" I reassured him.

Jim helped to clean up the dishes, then gallantly offered to drop me back at the apartment.


When we arrived we kissed goodbye at the kerbside in his car. He asked if it would be alright with me if he came over to the studio on Monday to help us to get the studio ready. Before we left I had given him the grand tour and explained our plans in more detail. Of course, I explained that Arnold had the only key to the small room that would have betrayed our little deception.

"Anytime." I said cheerily as I closed the car door.

"I'd really like to give your idea a try, darling. See you tomorrow." He waved as I got out of his car to let him go.

"Take care!" I waved back.

He drove off and I smiled triumphantly. Now all I needed to do was warn Arnold and the others not to mention that we already had a large slice of classic footage of last night's encounter with our new potential employee. It appeared that he had been thinking about all the advantages and was on the verge of accepting a radical change in occupation. I watched his car disappear into the other traffic and gaily waltzed inside toward the elevator. I was overwhelmed with curiosity about the quality of the footage last night.

"Well it's about time!"

Monica's smiling face greeted me at the door. She seemed happy to see me back, but was obviously vexed that I hadn't rung her.

"Jim just dropped me off." I explained weakly. "I couldn't very well ring you with him standing right beside me most of the time." I kissed her and, walking into the apartment, I noticed that there was only Monica and Olivia in the main room. "Where's the other girls? Gone out already?"

"Well it is getting quite late you know." Olivia answered. "They all went out together to get some shopping done for the weekend supplies." Her voice grew more excited. "What happened? Did you tell him yet? Was he angry?"

"Yes. Sit down and tell us all about it." Monica chimed in. "Have you had some food yet?" She appeared concerned.

We sat at the table and, with the excitement of a schoolgirl just back from her first date, I told both of them everything that had happened since I last saw them both in the filming room. We drank tea and discussed their thoughts about my arrangements to meet Jim's friends at the beach the next day. Olivia and Monica both seemed willing to go along with me. Olivia agreed not to mention that she had already seen Jim last night. She was keen not to spoil her chance to have her own screen test with both of us. She had admired his physique and from what she saw of him she welcomed the idea of co-starring with him, as I had last night. Monica was more circumspect and said very little although I sensed that she approved.

Apparently, our flatmates were pleased for us about the new proposal for us to shift in to the new film studio as soon as we had finished the alterations.

I had some regrets that I had not been present when Monica gave them the news. In the same way that I had been reluctant to tell Jim the complete truth about how far we were toward final completion and our readiness to begin filming, Monica had been equally economic with the details that she had conveyed to my other friends. I fully understood her reasoning and agreed that I wouldn't tell them any more about our plans. We were going to be staying with them for at least a couple of weeks yet, until the builders completed our new flat. At least we were giving them more time to find another tenant for our room.

We met Arnold at the studio, later that afternoon and had a meeting to discuss our various tasks for the following week. I mentioned the project that had been delayed by meeting Dárcy and Michelle. In all the excitement over the past week, Arnold was still very conscious of the need to finish off that project to his client's satisfaction

"I'll set up another segment tomorrow while you guys have some fun." Arnold paused. "See if Jim wants to join us and we'll shoot some footage next week. We'll have to get an answer from him about that other little matter too, you realise?" He gave me a reproachful look. "By the way that footage last night was brilliant. You just make sure that we can use it. I'm counting on you, baby."

"I'm sure she will." Monica interrupted him brusquely. "Why don't we show her how good they look together on camera." Monica's eyes were twinkling with delight as she nudged Arnold's elbow.

"We haven't finished work on it yet." Arnold protested. "I've still got some editing to do."

With some persuasion from Monica, Arnold surrendered his artistic objections and we all adjourned to the viewing room.

So it was that my first viewing of the film shot only last night was shared by all of us together. Even I was amazed by all the close-up detail that Arnold had filmed, of my amorous coupling with Jim. It was embarrassing to watch it at first, but Arnold captured so many details that my own involvement had prevented me from noticing. It was interesting to see the delighted expression on Jim's face as he spurted his seed deep inside my bottom. I hoped that I could watch the un-consented footage with him, once he was fully reconciled to sexual performance for the movie camera, one day.

Perhaps I would even enjoy viewing the footage of my performances at the other studio that Arnold had managed to secure. Up until now I had not been particularly interested. I found myself more curious than ever to see what Greg had filmed without my consent or knowledge. I was glad that we had so much of that footage stored in Arnold's new archives.

"See if you can get the rest of that film from the police, once they've finished with it." I turned to Arnold with a cheeky smile. "It would be a shame to destroy it if we could use it some day."

Arnold looked at me with surprise.

"It wouldn't bother you, babe?"

"No. I don't think so." I paused reflectively. "I'd like to see it first, though." I affirmed. "Just get it if you can."

"Leave it to me, sweetheart!" Arnold was smiling as the most current footage came to an end. "I already asked the cops to let us know when they are finished with it. I was going to talk to you about it, anyway."


Monica and Arnold worked on the film together, after the screening, so Olivia and I were left to our own devices for a while. She was full of questions about Jim as well as glowing comments about my performance. I was a bit distant as I kept thinking how much nicer it would have been to have been more honest with him. Now, I felt guiltier than ever.

I changed the subject and we planned the best approach for our Sunday outing. She seemed keener than ever to meet my other friends and she could hardly wait until the day that we all moved in together so that we could live nearer to the beach.

"Whatever you do, leave any discussion about movies to me." I told her. "Just enjoy the day out and don't say anything about last night, to anyone. Promise me?"

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