tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Mage's Tale Ch. 04

A Mage's Tale Ch. 04


Yeah I know some of you are miffed I didn't make a play for a soapy hot elf chick. Yet your relieved I didn't try to diddle the halfling. I tell you now, if those kinda hang-ups get to you. Stop reading! I'm a healthy male mage in my prime, and as you will soon see, not prone to turning down pleasurable company of any kind. Long as it's of consenting age and of female gender were applicable.

As I regained some sense of awareness, a few sensations signaled alarm in my hazy state. I felt that I was laying on my back with something laying on top of me. The warm firm grip of something soft and throbbing around my morning wood caused me to inhale sharply as my eyes sprang open.

"Don't you dare move?" Liz mumbled as I looked down to see her head lying on my chest.

"What are you doing?" I inquire in raspy morning voice.

"Keeping a close eye on you like Val told me." She answers shifting to look up at me.

"You have to be on me to do that?"

"No, this part is me trying to stay warm cause someone didn't get any blankets."

"How cold did it get?"

"Your thinking to much. Your hot trouser beast is getting all wimpy. You felt so good there for awhile. Hot throbbing cock showing how much it liked the body heat I was sharing. Snaking it's way up between my legs, pulsing against my love canal."

"Did we... you know..?"

"Get a grip. You sprang wood less then ten minutes ago. And now it's all spongy and weird feeling." she says and rolls off of me.

The wash of brisk morning air over my bare skin is, dare I say it, nipple raising. On me as well as on her proportionally ample breasts. I shiver involuntarily kinda grabbing a hand full of Lizs tight little ass. She springs off the bed into a defensive stance out of instinct. I raise my hands in front of myself by the same reflex.

"Hey now, thought you only did tall girls." Liz remarks.

I sit up not knowing what to say to the demur amazon, who had been all but throwing herself at me for the better part of a day and was just lying naked on top of me. I just shrugged which got a snort and giggle in reply. Looking around for the few odd pieces of metal grate I noticed when bringing the bed parts up, I swing my feet to the floor. I cross the room to get them walking closely past her. I hear her sharp intake of breath as I approach then a 'huff' after I have passed her.

"Do you find me desirable?" she asks bluntly.

"You are attractive, battle marks, lewd tattoos not overly detracting of you feminine allure."

"So would you fuck me? Even thou I'm Halfling?"

"Right now? I would need a minute or to but, if you want to have sex, we can."

"But yesterday even with all the comments..."

"I didn't know you, plus you were right I hadn't seen you naked."

Her eyes flooded as the tears came. "I want to.. but I can't. Best you could hope to get from me is some vigorous thigh rubbing or a blowjob. This fucking curse has kept me a virgin." she sobbed.

"You're cursed? How? When?" I started interrogating.

"My cousin's did it to me before puberty, with a crayon of curse's, a Halfling Voodoo thing."

"Why? It seems so.. not halfling like.."

"I well got all the boys attention. Girls, regardless of race, are vile, evil, irrational bitches when they are jealous. The village elders tried to reverse it - failed. The two clerics that tried to lift it- failed. I got my hopes up once, a wizard said he could remove it. I spent eight months gatherimg up things he said he needed to do it with. Turns out he had me gathering things to brew a potion that would turn me into a six foot tall blond bimbo who's only want in life was to suck his cock."

"You didn't drink it, so what happened?'

"I pored it in the half-ork guards wine skin. The results were not even close to what the wizard intended." she said with a smirk.

"So why do all this with me?"

"Your glow makes me horny. I mean even your smell turns me on. When you got hard as I was laying on top of you, I got wet. First time ever." she admitted sheepishly. "I mean being around you makes me think weird."

"What kinda weird? Should I be afraid?" I said keeping my tone jovial.

"This is, well, I don't know if I can tell you now." she said as her face reddened.

"We can leave it at that."

"Do that fresh thing on my cloths so I can go get us food."

I weave the spell and cast it. She hurriedly dresses and bolts out of the book store like shes on fire. As I took stock of the rest of the loft, the folio, office case, and the contents there of were no longer here. Liz was right about the books having magic and I went down to add the spell books to the tables she started. Half way down the steps to grab a second load I see a cloaked figure standing in the center of the shop.

"Are you Riktys?" the figure asks.

"Yes.." I answer continuing down the steps.

"I have correspondence for you from His Majesty." the messenger squeaked.

"Oh, well, let me grab these and follow me up."

The cloaked figure flinches back as I grab up the stack of spell books. I shake my head and start up the stairs. The messenger is slow to follow. I am most of the way through standing the books along the shelf when the messenger finally makes it to the top of the stairs.

"Is there some issue with giving me this message that has you frightened."

"More the choice of your attire, sir."

"You haven't seen another man naked before?"

"I.. have never seen any man naked before." she says dropping the hood on the cloak.

"Oh.. oh?" I mutter looking down at myself. "Well people in this place can steal the shirt off your back if your not careful and I seem to be cursed when it comes to my luck."

"Is that the truth?" she asks worriedly.

"You really need better training." I say grabbing the sheet and wrapping it toga style around myself.

"These aren't my normal duties."

"I apologize." I say with a slight bow at the waist, "So the correspondence from His Majesty."

"Yes, here it is." she says handing a envoys folio.

"Thank you," I say as I accept it. "What are your normal duties?"


"And how did you get roped into doing this then?"

"I'm naturally unscryable." she states.

"Handy talent to be blessed with." I say as I read through the message from the King.

Reading it through didn't take long. The agreement laid out wasn't taxing or sorted. The magic statue and instructions for it's use were included. I looked at the scribe and was astonished that she was standing there completely naked. She was visibly terrified, shaking like a leaf as tears streamed down her cheeks.

"What are you doing?" I asked gently.

"Her Majesty is leaving it to you on how to deal with me."

"I don't understand, what 'deal with you' means in this part of the world that would need you to strip naked. Is there more to this message thats not in this bag?"

Instead of an answer she holds a small folded piece of stationary out to me in a quivering hand. I take it and open it. 'Once the messenger arrives, she can never return, I leave it to you to deal with her. Cathy.' the note reads. Surely the Queen didn't intend that I kill her.

"Given your lack of attire when I first saw you, I hoped I would have a pleasing enough body for you to keep me, instead of killing me."

"Command or no I am not killing you. What kinda fucked up country is this?"

"You better not even touch her." Valkyrie yells as she careens up the stairwell three steps at a clip. "Jillian that note was for me. Her Majesty found out Vilkirk is targeting you and sent you here to hide you from him. Her Majesty signed the note that way to let me know she cares about you and want me to keep you safe, not kill you."

Jillian crumples to the floor in sobs of relief. I hand Val the note and start for the stairs. Val gives me a sideways glance as she leans down to comfort the sobbing scribe. I grab up the bag with the statue as I pass it. Once at the bottom of the stairs I remove it from the bag...

"Rather cruel of Your Majesties, which of you devised this test?" I say into the statue.

After a few minutes, "I know this is active, the instructions on it's operation might fool most people, but I am not most people. So you can talk to me or listen to the bottom of the lake."

"I see." a deep male voice says, "Valkyrie did say you were skilled in magic, it was my idea."

"Why risk the girl like that?"

"Vilkirk is a devious man, I needed to make sure."

"Well you have your proof and now it's going to cost you."

"You would try to extort money from me?" flares of anger shading his voice.

"No you will give Jillian her Certificate as an independent scribe. Blank so that what ever new name Valkyrie gets for her can be filled in. And you will insure it stays valid for as long as I am a guest in your country."

"I ... You ant me to ..." the king stammered.

"I'll give you til an hour after sunset to give me an answer. We will talk more then." I say flatly then cast silence over the statue.

Turning around I see Val and Jill at the foot of the stairs gaping wide eyed at me. I open a small cupboard and set the statue in. I walk over to the last few of the spell books pick them up and start to head back up stairs. Both women watch me in amazement but say nothing. I gesture for them to move along. They step out of the way blinking and getting this wistful look on their faces.

Shaking my head I carry the last of the spell books up stairs. I hear the door as they leave so quickly retrieve the statue and bag from the cupboard. I find a place in the loft for them out of the way.

"What are you doing?" Liz asks from behind me.

"Putting the chat with the king thing out of the way. You sure took a long time."

"I got held up by a couple people who said Val was in here having words with you again."

"Yeah, things didn't unfold in any form of normal manor. So what kinda food you get?"

"Here you go. A scribble wrap. Scrambled eggs, ham shreds, and some crumbled cheese in a flat bread. I already ate mine, so eat up." she says offering it up to me on both hands.

"Thanks. I was beginning to worry I'd starve." I joke and sit on one of the empty short tables.

"Val and that other girl sent something up for desert. Did you want in now or you want to wait?"

"Does it go good with this?" I ask pointing at the flat bread.

"I think it will." she answers.

"Sure I'll have it now."

She darted forward tossing the sheet up off my lap and diving on my manhood. I gasped as her nose nuzzled into the lay of my pubic hair. Feeling her tongue sliding side to side brought on such a rapid erection it had stars dancing in my vision. As her head started bobbing up and down she hummed in pleasure which left me panting. Quick as she began she stopped.

"Don't think I'm done with that." she breathed as she pulled her cloths off at a lightning pace.

Before I even had a chance to catch my breath she was naked and had her hand wrapped around my shaft. Lowering her head back down she takes the head of my cock between her lips. Sucking hard she stocks my shaft rapidly, rubbing herself at the same pace with her other hand. As I reach climax her body trembles as she has one of her own. She clamps her lips tightly on me and sucks every last drop of me.

She licks a few last times then sits back. Looking down she beams a smile at me with a playful glint dancing in her eyes. I shakily rise to my feet. Her giggles at the way I stagger to the water closet seem almost evil. When I return the flat bread is waiting for me, she is fully dressed and Valkyrie is sitting in a chair that wasn't in the room when I left.

"So that thank you was enjoyable?" Val asks.

"Good wasn't it? I can do that again, right?" Liz asks.

"Sounds like you enjoyed it as much as he did Liz."

"He's sweet. I never tasted someone like him. You should try him, really."

Looking at Liz, "She told you to do it?"

"Asked, yes. I wanted to all morning, her asking just gave me a reason to ignore your protests."

Val burst into laughter. I stood there befuddled, feeling somehow outside of the conversation.

"Val he's yummier then Rouge." Liz says nodding, eyebrows raised.

"Other then this, was there something you wanted Val." I ask.

"Jill needs to stay here."

"That was made clear earlier, Vilkirk and all."

"No, here, in the book store."

"Oh. And I am going where?"

"You don't have to go anywhere. She'll stay here with you, as your wife or slave or.. we need to work out the cover story. Which reminds me, you need to pick a name."

"Honeycomb would be a good name. And cheeky cause only girls who have tasted you would get it." Liz offered up with a smile causing another giggle to escape Val.

"So this name would be the one everyone would use?"

"Didn't you read the Vale handbook? Why don't you sit down, eat, and read the first three chapters while I go get Jill." Val says before standing. "What about you, Liz?"

"What about me?"

"You wanna move in here to keep an eye on him?"

"YES!!" Liz exclaimed. "I'll get my stuff."

The look Val gave me was easy to read, sorry. After they had left I picked up the handbook and read it. In it the guide lines and reasons for picking a fake 'Vale' name made sense. So was having Liz move in here. Men and women didn't stay in the same housing unless they were married or owned.

Val and Jill make it back first. Jill is carrying a pair of duffles and a hard side potion case. She looks over with a questioning glance then looks about the room. Val walks over to me handing a few sheets of parchment. I read them over as I point out to Jill where to set her things, for now. Liz tops the stairs followed by three other halfling ladies.

"You're right Liz." one says. "Can I have a go, Liz?" asks another. The third just watches me.

Liz blushes, "We need to talk about this later." She says trying to get the women to move a little faster.

"What say you on that cover story and identities?" Val asks.

"This says mage and harem, that implies you want me to house more women here. I been here for only a couple of days and it seem like your trying to whore me out."

"You don't have to sleep with them, just keep an eye on them. They are both hedge magic users, if I take the wards to hide Jill, those two need to come here to hide in them as well."

"Jill is naturally unscyable."

"And if everyone else around her is...?"

"Like an invisible person trying to hide in water." I say remembering the basic magic flaws.

"Right. Come down stairs and meet them." she says, "I doubt you are going to have much to complain about after you meet them."

Feeling that I have no hope of getting out of this I nod and start for the stairs. She audible sighs as she follows. Half way down the feral aura of demon is unmistakable. Reaching the bottom a lithe girl not much taller then Liz is sitting on a pile of books kicking her feet. Not a tread of clothing on her.

"He is pleasing to look at, you didn't lie about that at least." the tall black haired woman says.

"Mind yourself Cross, he is going to be your keeper for a while." Valkyrie says sternly. "May I introduce Cross and Nix. Ladies this is... um.."

"Nameless. The new resident consultant mage." I say putting on a salesman smile.

"He's nibble of mind, what rings do you hold?" Nix asks.

"Five, though sadly they were lost to the ocean floor and replacements have been slow to acquire."

"Prove it boy. There is no way some half-blood could learn that in the scant years you have traversed."

"Cross how dare you.." Val starts.

"Fine!" I say loud enough to halt Val's verbal onslaught.

Stepping to the middle of the room I start to weave the magics. Writing a glyph to each element and the runic symbol of empowerment. I hold them by my will to mirror the strength of my magics. Looking over, Cross has the outward signs that this is arousing her were as Nix is watching with the same delight one would see in a child seeing fireworks for the first time.

"You give me into his care you'll never get me back." Cross huskily states to Val.

"I think he is more then capable of handling you. Regardless of the tricks you try." Val says then turning to me, "You don't have to if you don't think you can trust yourself. Things would just be much easier if you had her for the next couple of weeks."

"I just have two questions, demon half is father or mother? Second why is Nix naked?"

"Father,and Nix never wears cloths, she covers herself in illusion. Which proves you are the Mer-Queens Consort. Nix is the Merfolks ambassador. She'd be the one to thank for my coming to get you." Val says giving me a pat on the back.

The rest of the day is a blur to me. I remember pieces, the transfer of Cross's contract, the ladies vote that I wouldn't wear clothing while in the loft, and being given a tote with a fare number of the things I thought lost when consigned to the ocean floor. Sitting at a dinner table with my 'harem' the haze in my head clears.

"So have you decided what you are going to say to king fussy pants?" Jill asks.

"Not something to be discussed here Blank, those conversations stay behind closed doors. I still don't understand how someone who seeing me as you did for the first time frightened you. Is now happily going along with the illicit activities these three have devised."

"Not something she's wants to talk about here, Master." Cross says.

"I wasn't asking you..." my voice trailing off seeing Jill redden almost to the point of fainting. "Ok, I'll let the matter be, for now."

"HUM will be wanting a reply soon, Master. The envoy can only wait for so long. There are tides and such to consider." Nix reminds me.

"It will be ready to hand to the envoy before sunset." I reply to Nix.

Her Underwater Majesty included a letter in the bag of items she had returned to me. It told me of the changes in her since our coupling in the cove. For unexplainable reasons, she was imparted with a large amount of my memory. So much so that the letter was written by her personally. She also described things she could not have seen with her own eyes and would like to talk to me face to face about this. All of this has caused her ascension to the throne to be thrust upon her over both of her elder sisters. To keep order I must complete the ceremony of courtship or she will be dethroned and banished. As enticement her mother, the former Queen, has gathered large amounts of gold and other metals as dowry.

I sit there looking at the four lovely women dining with me and realize the prayers I made when I was first sinking in to the depths were being answered. I really hoped to find out to who I needed to give thanks before this good fortune turned on me for lack of proper tithing.

A short time later I am handing the watertight case with my reply to Nix. Liz raises an eyebrow at me as I look at how the loft has changed. The bunk bed with a tub under it instead of a second bed were the sleeping arrangements of Liz and Nix. Two standard beds flanked the four post bed which had been pushed against the far wall. Both of those had been curtained leaving only the four post bed open to view from anywhere in the loft.

The magic and spell books were neatly stacked under the sides of the beds. Those with nudes just got packed back down stairs. The women all hurried to the beds when I retrieved the magic statue to talk to the king. They watched me intently. Statue in hand I undid the silence I placed on it.

"Evening Jack." I said getting a giggle from my onlookers.

"I don't think.." the king started.

"Right Jack. You ask and I answer. Now the changes here are rippling to you. So I will call you Jack. Others you may speak to in trying to reach me are Cross," - "Hello" - "Blank" - "Hi" - "Clue"- " hehe Hi Jack" - "And Lure." - "Evening Jack"

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