tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Mage's Tale Ch. 05

A Mage's Tale Ch. 05


Think about it, I haven't even told you about my classroom yet. I bet half of you were wishing you were me. Careful what ya wish for and all that. Now it looks messy and that I have dug myself in too far to even see daylight, but I had a virgin and a demon in the same night. Brag brag and all, the story goes on.

The smell of coffee beckons me from sleep. I open my eyes to find the four women of my 'harem' standing paired on either side of the bed. Blank has a lap tray of food, Cross a cup of coffee and something of a newspaper, while Liz and Nix have grooming kits.

"Good Morning Master." they all say in concert.

"What time is it?"

"Just after 9, Master." Cross answers handing me the coffee.

"We have eggs with a selection of fruit, toast and cream cheese for breakfast." Blank says demurely.

"Nice way to fill in the Blank last night Master. Are you ready for your pedicure, sir" Liz asks holding up the kit.

"If you feel I need it, yes. Mind your razzing thou. After I solve your puzzle, I will get a Clue the same way." getting giggles from all of them.

Liz and Nix climb into the bed and each straddle one of my legs. They wiggle their wet honey pots over my knee caps before gently lower they weight on them. The breakfast tray is lowered over my lap and the paper is laid at my side.

"For someone worried about a 'harem' you do seem to be throwing yourself into the part with reckless abandon." Valkyrie scolds as tops the stairs.

"I am just following the path put before me. And a good morning to you by the way."

"Yeah yeah, thanks for the heads up on Vilkirk."

"No problem. Coffee?" I ask pointing at my cup.

"I don't have time for that, Vilkirk is on his way here to see you." she says flatly. "Word from my source is that what happened with his daughter isn't a secret. The tone of this mood was not discernible to my informant."

"How long do I have before he arrives?"

"No later than noon. He is having them drive the horses."

"Bring him on." I say before popping a slice of peach in to my mouth.

"Don't fuck up my plan. I'll make sure it takes a long time to kill you." she states venomously before stalking back down the steps.

"Why did you piss her off like that?"

"So Vilkirk doesn't catch on that I am her friend. Blank I need you to put on your slinkiest scribe outfit with no under garments. Cross would you wear a collar with a chain for me? Horns bared?"

"I will Master." Jill-Blank answers.

"Why would you have me do this?" Cross asks.

"As a threat and distraction."

"Clue get geared up for non coin coin-purse hunting. Nix mirror her outfit, every detail."

"Lure, Master. As you wish."

"So what's the story, Master?"

"I got here a night early distraught with out my pet and slutty secretary. You two are my little enforcers. Once you all are dressed and I'm done eating, I'll magic up the finishing touches."

"You won't make me do anything with him?"

"Your mine, and worth 20 times what his lesbo-slut daughter is." I say strongly then soften my tone, 'Though in truth she is a nice girl and I won't burn her if I don't have to."

"I'll do it for you, Master."

"Only speak feral to me. I want to see if he understands."

In feral "You speak the dark tongue?" she asks.

In feral "Yes thou only the four of you know that I do for real."

"That sounded so sexy." Blank murmurs.

Cross erupts in laughter.

I finish eating as the four of them dress as I have instructed. Setting up the books store with aerial servants the stage is set. Clue and Lure stay to either side of me as I order Blank around to pick up books or place them on high shelves in her skimpy skirt. Clue giggles a few times cause my ordering Blank around is turning her on.

Transferring magic is an easy task, so setting Lure and Clue up with a nasty looking ring of spells takes no time at all. Getting an outfit for me turns into the fiasco. Word is brought that he is in the Vale arrives just as I finish turning a set of high end silk sheets into a watching two-tone loose pants and open long shirt set.

His coach comes racing past the shop coming to a stop in front of a building on the block opposite this one. I watch from the second floor window as a tall well toned man step out of the coach. The guy that brought the chicken scurries out to this man pointing wildly at the book store.

The tall man starts across the street only to be cut of by Valkyrie. He stops only long enough to wave this finger angrily in her face. She steps out of his way. He looks up at the window, I give him a big smile. This put a scowl on his. The door downstairs opens with a bang.

"Where is the foreign mage?" Vilkirk demands.

"Master is upstairs tending.. Sir I wouldn't.." Blanks voice trails off.

"What business has you barging into my privet space, sir?" I ask.

"You have had liberties with my daughter." He hisses as his hand brings up a powder gun.

A flip of my hand extracts the bullet from the barrel. "Rational is not a strength in this country." I say plucking the bullet out of the air. Cross lounges past me to the length of her chain snapping it taught.

In feral "How dare you, vile meat sack." She hisses.

In feral "Down sex beast!" I bark.

Vilkirk retreats quickly, "What in the nine hells!" he exclaims.

"Your angry way be warranted, your actions could cost you life in trade." I say.

"You have defiled my daughter. I demand compensation."

"Where is the proof in your accusation?"

"My agent saw her in your company and confirmed the evidence of your debaucheries. Further more he saw her and her classmate place contracts of servitude to you in the registry office. Explain these actions in a way that would be anything other then your complicity."

"So which of these maid of consenting age is your daughter, Anyta or Gilda? As a seasoned male I can assert neither was pure before my company. As to the contracts, they have been rescinded. Valkyrie took on a considerable burden in clearing the cost of their lost wager."

"How dare you. To imply they were at fault just proves your cowardice."

In feral "Does he speak truth?" I ask Cross.

In feral "I smell ... death and fear."

"What are you saying?" Vilkirk asks.

"Father what are you doing?" Anyta asks as she crests the stairs.

"Anyta stay out of this, your disgrace will be avenged."

"My disgrace?" Anyta growls coming to a halt.

"Anyta have you and Gilda been calmer with the arrangement I worked out for you?" I ask.

"Arrangements, what is he talking about?" Vilkirk asks turning toward her.

In feral "His smell has gotten sweeter." Cross purrs.

His attention snaps to Cross. He tries hiding it by looking at me, "What is it saying, Mage?"

"That the girl looks tasty. I wish I could verify it but I never got the chance." I answer, then leaning down asking in feral to Cross, "Do these two smell of the same blood?"

In feral "Don't answer that demon. Or I will end you." Vilkirk growls.

In feral "So what are you really after? This answers my suspicions but, why the wounded father if she isn't your daughter?" I ask glancing over at Anyta pointedly.

"What are you two speaking? What are you looking at me for?" Anyta asks the panic rising in her voice.

"Anyta calm down. It is a magic dialect. Your father was setting a price on your virtue that I have so thoughtlessly relieved you of." I say looking at Vilkirk wonder if he would deny it.

"My virtue!" Anyta exclaims in anger. "Father you need to leave now. I mean it."

"I will not be ordered around by you." Vilkirk says grabbing her arm, "This matter is far from settled between us, Mage. Come with me girl, it's time we cleared a few things up."

"Well, let's hope your manners improve before our next visit. Lovely seeing you again Anyta, give Gilda a kiss for me." I say casually with a little way.

They descend the stairs exchanging growled whisper, in what I would guess is house code. I walk to the window and watch as their heating banter persist well into the street and continues not showing remorse to any who would over hear it. Turning back from the window the lovely ladies of my harem and a scowling Valkyrie are staring at me from the middle of the room.

"What is your game?" Valkyrie demands.

"That was fucking amazing. Were did you take acting lesson's?" Liz asks.

"Nowhere, I just keep a level head." I answer.

"He pulled a gun on you." Blank worriedly says.

"Yeah, that almost made me panic." I admit.

"Now what are you going to do next? Remember what I told you about fucking up my plans." Val snarls.

"Whatever I need to." I answer arrogantly, "Why don't you get out of here Valkyrie. This is my problem so, go sharpen your blades or something."

"Val maybe you better go check on Vilkirk. If Riktys gets dumb I'll cut him down so you can kill him after Vilkirk leaves or in front of the guy. You know to smooth things over." Liz chirps taking Vals arm and guiding her towards the stairs.

Once she is out of eye shot I quickly scamper into the water closet and hurl. My body starts to shake uncontrollably and my legs buckle under me. I feel a hand on my back. I look over my shoulder to see Cross standing over me and Nix a pace behind holding a glass of water.

"You alright?" Cross asks gently.

"What have I done?" I ask meekly.

"You handled that the only way you could." Nix said, "And didn't play into his hands."

"What do you mean?" I ask taking the water from her.

"He came in with a plan. You took control, not letting him get the upper hand in the situation. By staying calm and aloof he kept having to reveal more and more while you gave him little information."

"He did seem more about what I was going to give him." I muses accepting help to get up from Cross.

"The gun didn't even have powder in it." Nix comments sniffing the bullet. "This smells of pepper."

"That's what I couldn't figure out." Cross admits.

Stepping out of the water closet. "So that proves it even more." I say.

"Proves what?" Blank asks.

"Vilkirk is threatened by an outsider being in the Vale. If he can't get you under his thumb, he is going to try more direct methods." Cross says.

"I was prepared for the direct methods. This subterfuge is rather new to me." I say feeling my innards twist again. "So what do you suggest I do?"

"We wait. You won this round and the play is back on his side." Cross says calmly.

"Make it about Valkyrie." Nix suggests.

"How?" Blank asks looking very lost having not seen the conversation.

"Tell Vilkirk you shagged his little slut daughter to get your hooks in Valkyrie, but her craftiness and valuable stockpiles, were underestimated. Now if he can over look your tryst, you'll help him get what he wants if you can claim Valkyrie as your prize in the end."

"But I didn't know who she was when I.."

"He doesn't know that. But Valkyrie does, so you can lay it on thick with Vilkirk."

"Your going to have to pass things on to Valkyrie to make this work." Liz comments.

"Make Jack do it." Blanks says cheerfully.

The rest of us exchange confused expressions.

"He wants dirt on Vilkirk, so why not give him an active part. He might even enjoy the thought of being sneaky." Blank explains. "She talks to him directly like we do, so nothing new or unusual for any of Vilkirks spys to notice."

"Scribe girl that is brilliant. Makes me want to tongue fuck your wet little pussy so bad." Cross huskily says taking a step towards Blank.

"I'll hold her down for you." Liz giggles.

"Much as the thought of watching that turns me on, business first ladies." I say feeling my composure return. "We need to get Jack on board with the plan."

As Clue and Lure kept watch from windows and Blank did so frittering around on the ground floor I talked to Jack. Blank had been spot on. He was delighted with being our snitch as it were. He sounded almost giddy. It was approaching lunch so we cut the chatter and set a time this evening to pick up the conversation.

After having a lite lunch, I sat down to make a list of the useful things I had learned about Vilkirk. The most notable would be that the man was smart, even if he didn't write it himself, those deed contracts are impressive. He is practiced in politics and espionage, two fields I have less then a novices understanding of.

He came in with a pepper loaded gun knowing I was a magic wielder. His anger was practiced when I look back on it. If it had been real, surely the name calling and profanity would have been more irrationally used in our exchange. It was like he fell back to statecraft when I didn't, what, attack. Was his hope that I would magically defend myself so he could claim self-defense. Or he could drum up others to his cause sighting my actions as proof what he was saying was valid truth.

He speaks feral, not unexpected given his place in the political landscape. As things rolled over in my mind there is something to this that I am overlooking. Something obvious it feels. I lean back in the chair in realization, it wasn't his plan. He knew his daughter engaged in sexual activities. He has had her watched this whole time. No reaction when I told Anyta to kiss Gilda, he already knew.

Someone else is pulling the strings. But for what? I know so very little about this country. Trying to guess the motives of these people would be about as accurate as predicting the actions of a God. I could ask Jack but he was so embroiled in these matters and hadn't seen them for himself I doubted he could offer any insight.

"Cross, are there any wandering Bards is this country?" I asked.

"Of course, what kind of question is that?" she asked looking at me queerly.

"I need an outside run down of what the Nobility of this country view as important issues."

"Ask Nix."

I felt kinda dumb. I sat down with Nix and talked. It started to become clear that a fear of invasion from the kingdom north of this one was the Nobel hot topic. Talk of what families had ties to the northern kingdom by marriage or agreement were cause for gossip. This was not reflected in the actions of this other country, they had no intentions of invading. It was a ploy to stir up paranoia and fear. Which the king, who would know the truth, said nothing to slow the rumors.

Blank joined in by telling us Her Majesty was the one to who stopped the King from quelling the rise in rumors about the north. She had sent her hand maidens and other ladies of the palace staff out to find the source of the rumors but were unsuccessful in the task. It did however bring rumors of the royal family having a number of royal heirs not of the queens children.

Shaking my head in frustration I gather up stuff and start cooking dinner for everyone. Sered strip rabbit in spicy green peppers and onion. Roast carrots with garlic herb biscuits. The women all find my activities fascinating. I serve each of them and plate some for myself. They eat greedily offering kind words in regard to my skill at cooking, adding flirtatious statements about how I will fulfill all their wants of desert seeing how there is only one of me.

After we finish, Cross pulls Blank over to the four post bed and makes good on her threat from earlier in the day. Lure and Clue fill the bath for me. Making sure I have an unobstructed view of the activities on the bed. Cross goes slow with the scribe. Kissing and caressing her, whispering sweetly on how good it will feel and how much seeing her getting pleasured would be exciting for me.

Blank isn't resistant allowing the demon girl to do what every she wants. Nix and Liz hop in the tub and start washing me. As Blanks moans fill the room Nix starts to sing. I pick up on what spell she is casting and focus my attention on the bed. Tapping Liz I point at the bed to get her to watch as well.

Blank arches her back in orgasmic release. Cross starts moaning and grunting into Blank as her thighs quake. Her clenching pussy spills a flood of female nectar that trickles visibly down the back of her legs. Nix dashes over telling Blank to hold her horns before leaning down to lap up Crosses juices. Seeing this has my cock rising quickly to full attention.

Nix gestures some sign which makes Liz giggle and jump out of the tub. I stand and grab the towel not taking my eye off the action. Liz waves me over pointing at my cock then Crosses dripping pussy.

"We have her Master. Fuck this demons pussy real hard." Nix declares as she and Liz grab Crosses legs and hold fast.

I step behind and ram my aching cock in. Cross orgasms hard over my throbbing member. I withdraw slightly and ram it in to the hilt. I garb her hips and start hammering into her. The slap of my upper thighs echoing though out the loft. Her quiver depths melt into a soft molten pool. I reach forward grabbing a large handful of her hair.

"Let her loose Blank." I say as I lift her head back by the hair. "I need more from you." I hiss in Crosses ear. "You two can let go for now."

I pull Cross backward into a laying position with her head hanging off the side of the bed. Tickling her lips with my cock is all it takes for her to open up and guzzle my whole cock down. I grab Crosses wrists and pin them to the bed before starting to throat fuck her.

"You two grab her legs again then help Blank pleasure this bitch's tortured fuck hole."

Both smaller women hop to, eyes sparkling and licking their lips. Cross sucks and moans bobbing her head in a desperate rhythm. Her body being driven from one orgasm to the next. I let go of her wrists to reach forward and drag Nix a and Liz up Crosses body to suckle at her weeping nipples. Crosses hands flash to their drippy twats to give what she is getting.

Blank wiggles around and finds a way to grind her drippy pussy on Crosses. Cross sucks hard in reaction. I lean forward placing my hands on the tales of the smaller women. Both squirm but go rigged as I start tickling their tender puckers with my middle fingers. Blank watching this moans and gushes all over Crosses pussy. Nix bucks moaning, Liz rocks her hips trying desperately to fuck my finger with her ass. I quickly grease them in Blanks juice then gently poke them in their tight little holes.

My fingers are squeezed almost to the point of pain as the demur women thrash in joined orgasms. They whimper and fall heavily on Cross. I pull my cock out of her clutching throat. Give it a few fist pumps and unload a fountain of seed onto Crosses heaving chest.

"Desert is served."

I retreat to the bath, leaving the women in a moaning pile of quivering flesh. Relaxing I try to take stock of my day. King playing snitch, deadly game of chess started with Vilkirk and four sex crazed nympho blooded roommates. Still need to figure out who I have to thank.

"Can I talk to you?" a female voice timidly asks.

"By all means, lets talk. My pet is quelled for now. What's on your mind?" I ask looking in the direction of the voice.

"You are in danger. Vilkirk is calling up a shadow to come after you." Gilda answers.

"Oh good, I thought I was going to be bored. You get a kiss from Anyta like I asked her too?"

"You did what?"

"I told her to give you a kiss from me. It proved Daddy knows what the two of you have been doing and he doesn't see it as an issue to his plans for her future. So if you think there is going a happy ever after for you, don't get your hopes up to high."

"Why would you say that, she loves me."

"Love is for regular people, she's a Nobel. Feelings are for common folk. Unless you plan on sharing your body with her husband and his friends just to have time with her. Let me know if you are thou it will make a good bargaining chip in this game."

"You think this is a game?"

I stand and start to towel off, "The only one everyone has to play. Yes I think life is a game."

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