tagLoving WivesA Magical Evening

A Magical Evening


Editing by Angel Love


We don't go out every weekend. Occasionally, Vickie or I will get the urge to dress up and go to a local hotel to listen to some music and have a few drinks prepared by a real, live bartender. Last month, when I returned from a business trip to the East Coast, Vickie decided we needed a break. She'd read that a semi-famous band was featured at the Hilton and wanted to go hear them. Guess what . . . we went!

Vickie surprised me that evening when she slipped on a sleek black cocktail dress with tiny straps up top. I'd been urging her to get a "little black dress" for several months. Pointing out other women in black cocktail dresses at various functions, I told her how great she'd look in one. "They're so common," she'd retort. "I like glitzy things."

I walked over to her as she brushed out her brunette hair and ran my hands down her curves, feeling the sleek, silky black fabric. That's when I discovered that she wasn't wearing a bra. The dress had some sort of built-in support, she assured me. My hands moved over her hips and I failed to detect any panty seams. "What? No panties?" I purred in her ear.

"I don't need them with pantyhose," she replied then pecked me on the cheek. "Besides, panty lines spoil the lines of my new dress. With that comment, she slipped on her heels and reached for her little purse. "Get your pants on so we can go," she suggested with a cocked eyebrow.

"I was right," I responded as I pulled on my slacks. "You're a genuine hottie in that outfit. I love it." She blushed in spite of her effort to cover it up.

The band was already in full swing when we strolled into the Hilton's cabaret. Quite a few couples were on the spacious dance floor and the band sounded great. We found a booth on the left side of the room and placed our order for drinks. "Let's have some Champagne," Vickie giggled. "I feel like a party tonight."

Now, my only dance lessons took place in an older neighbor girl's garage over a few weekends. At the time, I was more interested in feeling her tits than learning steps, so I've never been much of a dancer. Vickie, on the other hand, took dance lessons in school and loved to prance around the floor. That night, between the great music and the Champagne, she was grooving.

We polished off one bottle of the bubbly. I switched to scotch and Vickie ordered a screwdriver. "Let's dance a little tonight," she begged. "I need to stretch my legs and show off my pretty new dress."

Vickie was dynamite! She's tall and still nice and slender even in her mid-fifties. Her short dress and high heels really displayed her long legs nicely. We moved out onto the dance floor and I just sort of moved around to the beat as I watched my vivacious wife strut her stuff with gusto. We danced to a fast number, then she melted into my arms and we swayed to a nice, slow, romantic tune. Feeling her warm body against me caused my dick stiffen and she giggled as she rubbed her leg against it.

"That's enough for now," I said as the song ended. "I need to sip my drink and get my breath."

"Get your breath, or get your manhood to go down again?" she asked with a sly grin.

"Both, I guess," I sheepishly replied as I carefully adjusted myself and sat down.

After a short break, the band returned and announced that they were going to play a medley of old love songs and urged everyone to get up and dance. Vickie applauded gleefully along with most of the others.

"May I have the honor of this dance?" a strange voice said. We both looked up to see a rather handsome fellow standing at our booth. I gauged him to be about ten years younger than us, tall, rugged, and stylish. Vickie looked flustered and began to decline his request. I touched her arm lightly.

"Go ahead, Vickie. I'm still resting," I told her. "Save the last dance for me."

Vickie looked at me with a questioning expression. "Are you sure, Honey?"

I gave her a slight wink. "Sure, go ahead and dance this one with him. Who knows, he might actually know how to dance."

My attractive wife slid out of the booth, her short dress riding up high on her thigh. She stood and looked up into the man's bright blue eyes. "Thank you, Vickie. My name's Steve and I do know how to dance a little."

Steve's comment was an understatement! He pulled my wife into his arms and thrilled her with his graceful movements. As I watched, she literally molded to him and followed his lead through several steps that were way beyond my capabilities. Her broad smile told me how much she was enjoying the exhilaration of the music and his talented feet.

As the medley continued, the songs became more and more intimate. Steve held Vickie close and their legs seemed to intertwine as they moved. Her ample breasts pressed against his chest and her arms appeared to pull him closer with each passing stanza. Their dance was arousing for them, and I realized that their movements had aroused me too. My wife had her head on Steve's shoulder as they stood almost still and swayed against each other. My cock responded by hardening again and I reached down to adjust it again. My fingers stroked the length of my hardness through my slacks as I stared at them.

Vickie is normally rather conservative, but this night she was filled with the bubbly and the excitement of dancing in perfect step with a handsome stranger. "Well, Vickie, my love, you are finally experiencing one of the fantasies you revealed to me so many months ago." I thought to myself and smiled inwardly.

One night, back months ago, we talked about sexual fantasies. She and two of her girlfriends had shared their naughty dreams over coffee earlier that day and Vickie wanted me to tell her if men had fantasies too. I saw a chance to pry her out of her proper shell and decided to play along. My fantasies seemed to center around sex with another couple and watching her being pleasured. Her biggest fantasy involved being swept off her feet by a handsome stranger and submitting totally to him.

We both agreed that our fantasies would probably remain just dreams, but the little seeds were planted, waiting for a magic moment to sprout. My thoughts swirled around our earlier pillow talk and I realized that one of the fantasies was already beginning to become reality.

The music came to an abrupt end. My mind snapped back to the present when Vickie returned to our table, pulling Steve by the hand. He thanked her for the dance and thanked me for permission to dance with Vickie. I smiled and nodded, of course, then surprised myself by inviting him to sit with us. Vickie slid back into the booth beside me and Steve sat on her other side. Steve ordered another round of drinks and we made small talk while the band played some faster numbers.

It turned out that Steve owned an electrical supply company in another state and was in town for a business conference at the Hilton. He was still single, he said. "I spent my twenties and thirties building up my business and was too busy to handle a wife and family," he related. "Then, when I took a breath and looked around, I discovered that all the good women were already taken. I have two lady friends whom I enjoy when I have some spare time. They're both divorcees and neither one wants to take the plunge again. It works out well for all of us," Steve concluded.

"We've been married forever," Vickie responded. "Ken's the only man I've ever been with," she added with a chuckle and a shrug. Turning to me she continued, "And, Honey, you can't be beat!"

I looked at her smiling face, then over at Steve. "How do you know, Vickie? You've nothing to compare me with," I teased, feeling the tension grow as our conversation continued.

Vickie looked at me and cocked an eyebrow, wondering where my comments were headed. "Well, us girls talk, you know Mr. Smarty Pants. I'm really sure I've got a really good thing."

Steve laughed at her rejoinder. "I guess the gals like to compare notes and other rather personal information, eh Ken?"

"So it seems," I replied as I tapped my fingers on the table. "I think Vickie is quite special too, but then again, I have never been with another woman either. So, Steve, it seems you're the youngest and only single member of our trio, yet you have the most experience."

Vickie laughed at my remarks and poked Steve in the ribs. "Yeah, Steve, I'll bet you've had a lot of experience with the opposite sex. You sure know how to hold a gal on the dance floor. You had me all flustered out there. You know that?"

"Oh, well uh, it's not too often I get to dance with such a lovely woman who can actually keep in step. I really enjoyed it," Steve muttered as he looked at me to catch my reaction.

I smiled at Steve. "It was like watching two people molded into one body. I'll admit that I found it to be quite . . . arousing. Maybe I need to break down and take some lessons."

The banter continued. Steve began to flirt more openly with Vickie and I egged them both on with my comments. I placed my hand on Vickie's thigh and stroked her silk-encased leg gently while we chatted. Steve noticed my action and I saw him watching intently as Vickie flushed and squirmed between us.

Minutes later, Steve turned toward Vickie and let his arm drape over her shoulders as he made another comment about the band and their sensuous sound when they played the slow songs. Vickie glanced over at me, but didn't object to Steve's arm, so I remained silent also.

It only took a few more minutes before Steve made his move. He said something rather flattering to Vickie and emphasized his point by putting his hand on her other leg. There was my pretty wife with my hand on her right leg and Steve's hand on her left thigh, near the hem of her little black dress.

Vickie sat very still. I could tell that she was waiting for me to say something to Steve. When I kept chatting normally, her legs began to tremble slightly, then relaxed. Vickie squirmed in her seat again and her dress crept up higher on her smooth leg. I could see that most of her thigh was exposed.

As Steve and I talked, he patted her leg to emphasize a word here and there. Each time, his hand moved higher up Vickie's thigh, pushing her hem up as he went. My hand stroked her other leg and I worked her dress up her right leg until it was bunched in her lap. My wife looked back and forth at each of us and tried to pretend that nothing unusual was occurring. Her face was flushed, however, and she moved more frequently on the booth seat.

"It's getting warm in here," Vickie finally blurted out as she swallowed the last of her drink. "I think I need some fresh air."

Steve slipped his arm back and removed his hand from Vickie's upper thigh where he had been slowly rubbing. "That sounds like a good idea, Vickie. My suite has a nice balcony overlooking downtown. Why don't you and Ken come up for a nightcap? I guarantee that there's plenty of fresh air on the twenty-first floor."

"I, I don't know, Steve," Vickie stuttered, "maybe we need to go on home."

"Nonsense," I countered. "We have time for a nightcap, and the view from Steve's suite must be spectacular. We've never seen the rooms here at the Hilton." I was convinced by now that Steve had plans to seduce my wife, and I decided that I wanted to watch him do it.

As the elevator rose slowly, Vickie huddled against me and I could feel the excitement as it surged through her. She was aroused, yet unsure about bringing a long-held fantasy to reality. I held her close and whispered, "You are absolutely beautiful tonight, Sweetheart. Just relax and enjoy yourself. I'm okay with whatever you want to experience."

As Vickie looked up into my eyes, Steve leaned on the far wall of the elevator and observed us. He seemed to sense that Vickie needed some time to process the conflicting feelings surging through her brain.

Steve slipped his card key into the door and pushed it open. His suite was roomy and bright. As he promised, there was a wide balcony across from the doorway. Steve excused himself to use the bathroom and I escorted Vickie to the glass door and onto the balcony. Her little dress swirled around her legs as we both inhaled the fresh breeze and looked out over the city lights. "Are you aware of what's going on?" she asked me in a low voice. "I think Steve is trying to seduce me."

"Honey, I think we're both trying to seduce you tonight," I chuckled. "Watching the way you danced with Steve got me so hard I could hardly stand it. Did you make him hard too?"

Vickie blushed. "Could you see? He had my leg up against him and it was hard and really big, I think."

"I couldn't see all that you two were doing, but I was very sure he had a stiff cock and you had a wet spot in your pantyhose."

Vickie punched my arm. "You're so bad! I can't believe you just sat there and watched while he touched me like he did. It's like you actually want him to do it with me."

"Frankly, Honey, I do. Here's our chance to make one of our fantasies come true. Are you ready to see what it would be like with another man?"

"I don't know. Maybe. Oh, I don't know, Ken. I'm confused right now." Vickie took a deep breath and sighed.

"Just go with whatever happens, honey. I love you and will be happy with whatever you decide."

"How are we doing?" Steve asked as he stepped onto the balcony. "I opened a bottle of Champagne and poured three flutes. Shall I bring them out here?"

"Sounds great," I agreed and watched him step into the room to get the drinks.

We toasted our good health. Vickie swallowed her Champagne quickly and Steve poured her another. He stood on one side and I stood next to Vickie on the other side. Her dress gapped open more as she leaned over the railing and looked down on the scene below. Steve and I both glanced down at her milky breasts and cleavage.

"Vickie, you are one very alluring lady," Steve confided to my wife. "I enjoyed dancing and holding you very much." As he spoke, Steve put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her to him. She didn't object. I turned to one side and looked at her as he lightly ran his hand up and down her bare arm. "Just look at all the lights, Vickie, they're all glimmering just for you."

Vickie shivered. "Mmm, I'd like to think so, Steve," she cooed as she put her arm around his waist. I got her signal and excused myself to go to the bathroom, leaving them alone for a few minutes.

When I stepped back onto the balcony, my heart skipped a beat. My wife stood, encircled by Steve's arms. He was kissing her in a most intimate way. She was responding to him. I sat down in one of the metal chairs there on the balcony and watched as our new friend seduced Vickie and my cock hardened without a conscious thought on my part. One emotion after another raced through my head. First, I felt jealous. Then, I felt helpless. Finally, my little head took over and I became highly aroused by the forbidden scene in front of me. When Steve broke their kiss, he looked over my wife's shoulder and directly into my eyes. Without uttering a word, he told me he was going to fuck my lovely wife. I looked back at him and silently assented. "Come inside, Vickie," he said firmly, leaving Vickie with no doubt about what he had in mind. Steve took her by the hand and she obediently followed him inside.

Turning my head, I could observe them without being obvious. As they stood by his king-size bed, he carefully slipped the straps of Vickie's dress off her shoulders. Her top fell partway, halted by her breasts. Slipping a hand behind her, Steve unzipped her dress and watched it tumble to the carpet. Vickie looked up at him and stepped out of the sleek dress, now just a black puddle on the floor.

Vickie's bare breasts stood out from her chest and her nipples were already very erect. They moved up and down as she drew her breath. I watched him gently cup each breast, feeling their weight in the palms of his hands. Then, he leaned nearer and kissed and sucked each nipple. My wife closed her eyes and let her head fall back slightly as she allowed this stranger to suckle her firm tits.

When Steve stepped back to look Vickie over, I rose and stepped back into the room. My sweet wife looked to me with a somewhat frightened expression. Would I stop Steve's advances? Was I walking out on her? Had she allowed too many liberties?

Standing next to Steve, champagne glass in hand, I surveyed my wife. She stood before us in nothing but nude pantyhose and her high heels. The tuft of brown bush was clearly visible through her pantyhose and Steve was eyeing her intently. "Here, Steve, hold my glass," I said. Automatically, he took it and stepped back more. I moved in front of Vickie and our eyes locked. "I believe Steve would like to see all of you, Honey. Shall I help you off with your hose?"

Vickie looked back at me. For her, it was decision time. "I love you, my darling Ken," she murmured.

"I know you do, honey," I replied sincerely. "And, I love you. I always will. Don't worry. I'll be here for you no matter what." Then, I kissed her deeply and held her tightly.

As we broke our embrace, Vickie glanced at Steve, who was standing away and giving us our space. She then looked back into my eyes. "Help me with my hose, please," she murmured softly as she stepped out of her shoes.

My hands slid down her sides until I encountered the waistband of her pantyhose. Carefully, I hooked my fingers into my wife's hose and began to pull them down her hips. As I progressed, I began to kneel. Moments later, Vickie's hose fell to her ankles. She lifted each foot and I put her hose on top of her nearby shoes. I looked up, staring straight at her trimmed brown bush. I could smell her arousal now, and I noticed an unmistakable glistening along her puffy slit. Instinctively, I leaned forward and kissed her sexy mound, inhaling her womanly aroma as I tasted her.

Suddenly, I realized that we were not alone this time. Steve was only a couple of paces away, watching me strip away the last vestiges of modesty from my lovely lady. I heard him groan deep and low as I kissed the prize he so obviously wanted. My cock swelled as I contemplated the next few minutes. I am sure my legs shook as I stood and stepped over to my chair and sat rubbing myself through my pants, waiting for Steve to make his move. Steve stood looking at Vickie's naked body. A smile lit his face and he licked his lips in anticipation. "Vickie, you are even lovelier nude than clothed. I will always remember you just as you are now."

As he complimented my wife, Steve unbuttoned his shirt and unbuckled his belt. Moments later, Steve stood facing Vickie, his engorged cock pointing at her and making slight movements as his desire surged through it. Vickie was right, he had at least seven inches of hard thick meat and he was obviously anxious to let my sweet wife sample his impressive manhood.

"You look good too," Vickie offered as she looked at his naked form. "I could tell you were nice and big when we were dancing." Vickie blushed and looked down at the carpet as she admitted her interest.

Steve stepped close to Vickie and again wrapped his arms around her. She did the same and he pressed his stiff rod against her soft tummy. His hands sought out her smooth ass and he lightly caressed her backside as they kissed. As I watched, my wife squirmed in Steve's embrace, feeling his hardness, curious about how he might feel deep inside her wet pussy.

My pants were around my ankles and I slowly stroked my own thick member as my two lovers at last broke their embrace. Steve positioned my wife on the bed with her legs pointing toward my chair. He moved between her legs and knelt down, placing her legs on his broad shoulders. His face disappeared into her sweet pussy and I could hear him licking my wife's honey hole. Vickie clutched the bed cover with both hands as his tongue made intimate contact.

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