tagBDSMA Maiden's Tale

A Maiden's Tale


My name is Elizabeth Stewart, I was a sickly child, and the doctor was never sure if I would make it past my next birthday.

This is the story of when I turned 18 and my family could no longer pay the doctor's bill.

Dr. Riley came one morning before most decent people were awake, demanding payment. He was considerably rude to my parents as he belittled their love for me and my life when my father announced we were broke, and couldn't pay. Then noticing me standing in the doorway he gave my father an option, to give me to him as payment or go to debtors prison. My father told him I was not for sale and he would go to prison, Dr. Riley was clearly not pleased with that option.

I took my father aside and spoke to him while Dr. Riley continued to curse my mother in the other room.

"Father, you cannot go to prison who would take care of mother and I? Aye I am ill and weak and a burden to you both, who better to take care of me than the doctor? It is not the ideal situation but if I wasn't so sick all the time you wouldn't be facing this decision."

"Lizzie my precious daughter you do not understand why he wants you as payment. You would not be a servant to him you would be a slave, demeaned and degraded at every turn, and even then you would more likely than not, never be allowed to leave his bed, for all that you are sickly, you have the curves every man desires in a bed mate. If I give you to him as payment, you would be nothing more than a two bit whore, and he will use you as such."

"I am aware of the world Father, for as much time as I do not spend outside my walls I see the world pass by my windows, I see the whores and the men that purchase them for the night. It is my fault that you are making this decision, and I will tell you this, I am going with Dr. Riley of my own free will to save the man I love most in this world from a horrible fate, you and Mother will do better without my illness dragging you both down."

"I do not like this daughter, but someone needs to care for your mother, and you being sick as often as not, if I were in prison I would not be able to. So I will reluctantly let him have his way, but I will protect you if you need it, just send word and I will be there."

"I love you Father, but you need not worry. If what you say is true then this might be my only chance to find out about the pleasures of the flesh, for truly who would want a sickly girl like me for a wife?"

Without answering he grabbed me into a hug that I will remember for the rest of my life, and clung to me as a man clings to a rope when he fears drowning.

"Just send word daughter if you ever have need of protection."

"I doubt I will but, I will remember Father."

We returned to the other room and announced I would be going with Dr. Riley. My Mother protested adamantly but my Father said they would not discuss it further.

Dr. Riley waited as I packed a small bag of clothes and mementos, with a tearful goodbye from my parents we departed in his coach.

The carriage ride was quite with little said by either of us.

After arriving at his apartments he led me to his room, and told me to put my stuff away.

"From this day forward you will wear no clothing in this house so strip now and put those clothes with your others. You will do as I say and if you argue or disobey you will be punished. Is that clear Slave?"

"Yes Sir." I responded already beginning to remove my dress.

"That's good, and remember that you are mine now and you will not like it if I am not happy with you."

As I removed the last of my garments I folded them neatly and put them away, I could feel his eyes on my naked flesh as if he was touching me.

"Get on the bed Slave, and spread your legs I want to see what I just purchased."

I did as he said, so far this was what I wanted, for him to touch me. I had dreamed about him for years. Dr. Jaysen Riley the young Irish doctor with the haunted pale blue eyes and strong but gentle hands, this was the thinking that led me to go with him, to leave my family and be nothing but a slave for this man that I have loved for years. I did not want him to punish me, I wanted him to realize that he loved me too so we could be happy together for always.

"Touch yourself Slave, let me see the way you bring yourself pleasure."

This took me by surprise for I had never, even in the throws of erotic day dreams, touched myself before.

"Sir, I will do as you ask but please know that I have never done so before. I do not know what touch would bring me pleasure or not." I said as I nervously began to trail my hand down my body toward the juncture of my legs.

The look of smug satisfaction and shock on his face was nearly comical, but I was to nervous to laugh, for I did not want to displease him so soon.

"Never Slave? I find that a little unbelievable seeing as how old you are, but knowing that you've been ill most of your life its not so hard after a seconds thought. This time I will show you what spots can bring you pleasure so the next time I can sit back and watch."

"Yes Sir"

He got onto the bed with me and roughly grabbed my right breast and squeezed it hard. "You will learn to like it rough Slave, as that's the way I like to give it." he said as he lowered his head to my aching breast and bit the nipple.

I cried out from the painful pleasure and felt him smile against my tit flesh.

As he continued to maul my nipple with his teeth I felt his other hand spreading my virginal petals open before slamming his fingers inside with a force just shy of torture. I could swear that he had ripped me open from the pain. But he continued against my whimpered pleas to be gentle.

"I told you slave you would be better off getting used to it this way for I will not be gentle with you."

"Yes sir, but I am a virgin and this hurts more than I thought it would."

He paused, "I am not sure why that surprises me for I know that you are. However you will get used to it and you won't be a virgin for much longer."

Saying this he stopped touching me and told me to get up and bend over the bed and spread my legs again. I felt something cold close around one ankle then the other, but fearing reprimand I did not move from my position. Then I felt something cold close around my wrist and I looked over to see him locking a manacle. Then watched him place my other wrist into a second manacle attached to the first and a chain disappearing over the far edge of the bed. I watched as he walked around the bed till he came around behind me and I could no longer see him. Soon I felt his hands on my body again this time just gently running up and down my rear end.

"This is a beautiful site to behold I will need to get mirrors so you can watch yourself Slave as I take you in the future but, for now you are missing something and I need to go find it for you."

He left me alone tied to the bed and returned shortly with a wooden object that sort of resembled a rounded out arrow head. I was a little concerned but trusted him to know what he was doing and tried to relax.

"This is to not be removed except by me, and only by me, if it prevents certain activities then you will inform me and I will remove it for you. Do not touch it!"

Not knowing what he was planning I agreed readily. Then I felt him spreading something cold and not quite liquid between my rear cheeks then felt an agonizing pain as whatever the object was, was shoved roughly into my bum.

"Get used to it, as you will sit, stand, eat, sleep, and bathe with it in." he said as I cried out in pain.

"Yes sir" I said on a sob. The pain was something I had never felt before, though it hurt horribly there was something almost pleasurable about it.

"You are doing admirably well Slave. I am proud of my decision to take you in payment. From this day on you will not walk, but crawl like a toddler on your hands and knees. The only time you will not be on your knees is when you are tied to this bed." He said calmly right before he slapped my backside hard.

"Yes sir." I replied as the burn of his hand spread through me bringing both pain and pleasure.

"I am glad that you are so readily accepting of your new life."

He was naked when he crawled onto the bed in front of me.

"I am now going to show you all the places on your body that bring you pleasure. The first are you teats. By squeezing the nipples and flicking them like this you can start the pleasure building." He said as he grabbed a handful of my tit flesh with one hand and flicked his finger across my nipple with his other.

"However the spot that I will want you to play with most often is what I will call your cunt. The proper name is vagina but you are not a proper Lady you are a slave and slaves don't have proper names. You can do all sorts of things that will bring you pleasure with your cunt you can play with your nub you can stuff it with you fingers or as I like the most you can slap it with your palm like this." He said as he reached under me and slapped my virgin flesh managing to reach my nub through my lips.

I cried out in shocked pleasure for he was right that did feel good. I was surprised at that for I was sure that it should have hurt.

"Did you like that Slave?" He asked as he slapped my cunt again.

"Yes Sir, your slave liked that." I replied as yet again he slapped the tender flesh.

"That's good. Not that it matters I'd do it even if you didn't like it. How does your ass feel Slave? Hmmm, I bet you feel stuffed back there."

"Yes Sir."

"You will be getting larger and larger items stuffed up your ass. As you can see my cock is large, both thick and long and it will take some getting used to. I am being nice in allowing you to be stretched first but if you ever displease me you will feel it all at once. Is that clear Slave?"

"Yes Sir."

"Good. Now I have to be at an appointment in less than an hour on the other side of town. You will remain tied like this until I return however since I am not a cruel man the chain is long enough that you can crawl onto the bed if your legs get tired. But when you hear the front door close upon my return you will return to this position." He said with a final slap to my cunt.

When I heard him leave the house I crawled onto the bed and practiced touching myself the way he told me to, but mainly I spent 20 minuets slapping my cunt since it brought me such pleasure when he did it to me. Though it brought me pleasure the peak that I felt was near I couldn't achieve on my own and I was left frustrated until he returned.

3 hours later

I must have fallen asleep because it took me by surprise when I heard the front door close. I scrambled to get back into the position he wanted me in and just as I leaned back over the bed he walked into the room.

"Good Slave. I am happy to know you can follow orders." He said as he lightly slapped my ass in greeting.

"Now that I have the rest of the day off I am going to have a lot of fun with your body."

I could hear him removing his clothes. To this day I do not know what prompted my asking this but ask it I did.

"Master if it pleases you will you fuck my ass?" Again where this thought came from I have no clue but I knew when he was talking about it earlier I had shivered in pleasure and not being able to pleasure myself in his absence it kind of made sense.

"You do not know what you ask Slave. It will hurt you beyond reason if I tried to do so now."

"Please Master, your slave is begging you."

"You are a natural born slut aren't you? Fine you will find out soon enough what I meant. However we will need to make sure you are clean so you will get a special bath."

With that said he removed the manacles and took me into the bath. It was large for a house of this size especially in London. He made me kneel over a large bucket in the center of the room.

"This is how we are going to clean you Slave." He said as he brought forth a narrow tube and a jug of water. "First we need to remove the phallus from your ass, then we insert this tube into you. Then I hold this end up and pour the water into the tube. You will feel the urge to empty yourself but you are not to do so until I tell you. Is that clear?"

"Yes Sir."

"Good then we will begin." And he did.

The whole process was completely uncomfortable and slightly painful. I could feel the water clear to my stomach and it began to ache. Then suddenly the sensation he spoke of was upon me, and though I tried my hardest I knew I would not be able to hold it for long.

"Master please I can't hold it."

"Very well release it into the bucket if any gets on the floor you will be licking it off."

"Yes Master. Thank you Master." I replied as I sank onto the bucket just in time. The stench was horrible and made me want to vomit my Master on the other hand seemed to be enjoying himself immensely.

"That's good Slave. You will now get a second cleaning to make sure we got it all out."

"Yes Master." I replied as he started to repeat the process.

After my special cleaning as he called it I was given a bath with a lot of rough handling by my Master, pulling my hair, mauling my tits, and a lot of cunt slapping. When he decided I was clean enough he dragged me out of the tub and back into his room.

"Remember Slave you asked for this." He said as he leaned me over the bed and slammed his cock into my ass.

I screamed in pain as I felt him enter me, then again when he pulled out and slammed in again.

"Oh God your ass is so fucking tight!" he moaned as he slammed his cock into me over and over.

After awhile my whimpers of pain became moans of pleasure as the pain ebbed, and I began to rock back and meet his brutal thrusts.

"That's right Bitch fuck my huge cock." My master was right his cock was large, I had seen my father's before and knew from my conversations with my mother that my father was average. My Master's cock was well over 12 inches and at least 2 inches across. As My Master's cock was sliding in and out of my ass I swear I could feel it getting bigger. As soon as that thought entered my pleasure riddled mind he began to thrust faster and moan louder.

"I'm going Shoot my seed in your tight virgin ass. Oh Fuck your ass is so tight it's milking my cock." He grunted as I felt a surge of warmth fill my ass.

He Slumped against my back when he was spent. As he regained his strength he rolled next to me on the bed.

"That was incredible Slave. I never thought that you would be so eager to please me."

"Oh, but I am Master."

"That is good Slave it will make things easier on you." And with that he fell asleep.

I crawled onto the bed and curled up beside him. With my ass burning and his seed running down my legs I fell to sleep feeling like something had not happened.

(This is my first attempt at a story and I hope you enjoyed it. I hope to continue this story line if the readers agree. Feedback is more than welcome.)

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