tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Man, a Woman, & a Girl

A Man, a Woman, & a Girl


I've deliberately chosen not to use names in this story as I think it makes it easier for the reader to put themselves into the story, be the character. I may be wrong, but that's why there are no names.

Also, the story ignores safe-sex practice for the sake of the narrative, that's fantasy for you!

* * * * *

As he entered the bookshop he noticed her, standing by the science fiction books where he was headed. Well, what he saw first was a shining head of fair hair forming a long wave, curving on top of a head just visible above the shelving making its owner three inches taller. It could have belonged to a young girl or an old lady for all he knew. Then he turned into the section and involuntarily slowed his pace. He saw the face of a stunningly attractive woman gazing into the pages of a book held up near her chest. He estimated she was about thirty years old.

Random strands of her hair tumbled down the side of her face, a delicately shaped ear peeked between them. Balanced on her nose was a pair of spectacles focusing her gaze onto the print in front of her. The glasses somehow added to her allure, drawing attention to the fine features of her face.

He observed this within a single step of his slowed pace. He neared her by another step.

She browsed the book in front of a spotlight highlighting the shelf. The white pages of the book reflected the light back onto her, graphically illuminating the top half of her breasts, squeezed together, up and outward by her bra, encased in a "V" shaped top. Two curved mounds of brownish-pink flesh, lined up one behind the other, demanding his observation, gleaming in the light from the pages, rising and ebbing as she breathed. His breath deepened.

She glanced up from considering her purchase to see a man approaching her, a handsome man in his late thirties-early forties she guessed. It crossed her mind that she was glad she wore her new bra today, she was proud to present her fleshy mounds to the world in this way; although always proud of them she'd been apprehensive to share them so openly.

Last month, was her thirtieth birthday. Late that day, as she lay on her sofa after masturbating reading a sexy novel she'd been given by a female friend, she realised how her libido had grown more intense during the past few years and how more often she felt the need to relieve her desires by masturbating. She'd also become more poised in the company of others, particularly men, no longer the timid girl scared of the world; sex in particular; growing into a mature woman any man would desire. Whether it was the Champagne or mother nature, she vowed she would no longer be the shy but nice girl she was and decided it was time she overcame her reticence and began to fully enjoy being a woman, a woman with needs she wanted to fulfil.

She found her courage and the next day, to her surprise, her resolve was still with her. Her mind was made up, she was intent. Gradually her manner changed as did her clothes. Her most pleasing decision was to display her firm and buoyant breasts to anyone who wanted to admire them. She felt bold and confident.

She smiled warmly at the approaching man then looked down again at her soon to be purchased book, but her concentration was now to her side and the effect she hoped the allure of her rolling breasts had.

Her display, but more so her smile, conspired to create a twitch making itself felt in the organ hanging loose between his thighs. He was glad his trousers were baggy, they would help hide any stiffness he might have. He couldn't appear confident with a large bulge between him and the woman he was about to converse with. The silk boxer shorts would not help; damn it.

As he arrived alongside her he looked away from her and studied the shelf. After briefly assessing the titles, he took hold of the book he'd come for. Not wanting to risk her moving away, he thought of something to say.

"Nice breasts"? NO!!!! that was the first thing that sprang to his thoughts. Nice, very nice, tho' her breasts were, for some reason convention doesn't allow their praise, not between strangers anyway, even those wanting not to be strangers. They both knew they were "very nice" but no, not acceptable.

He looked sideways, glancing an urgent look at her breasts, seeming even more arousing this close; his resolve firmed. His eyes continued upwards and looked at her hair.

"I love the way you wear your hair" he said.

Delighted he'd made an opening, she replied...

"Oh!, its a bit of a mess..." she said, brushing a hand across it, making the loose wisps float, adding to her allure,

"...but thank you kind sir!" she added in a lilting voice, smiling her warm smile, warming up his cock.

"What's that your reading?" he added "are you into sci-fi?"

Their conversation continued, building confidence between them. A common interest discussed. They slowly walked to the checkout carrying a book each, chatting all the way.

Then came his next hurdle. They were at the door and he had to get her to continue their encounter somehow.

"I'm going for a coffee" she said "will you join me?"

"Err.. yes I'd love to" he replied, pleasantly surprised.

His organ reacted to her invitation with an inflow of blood, announcing its readiness to him. Her invitation was a clear announcement of the possibility of intimacy and his cock knew it. Unless she was only a tease; his experience told him not, so did the blushing skin of her chest. She was as excited as he was.

They found a cafe, he sat down, and watched as she did the same, her breasts bouncing high then dipping low before her bra regained its grip. She smiled her special smile at his expression.

"I see you're a breast man" she said teasing him.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to stare"

"Yes you did!" she retorted, with a smile.

"Yes, I did!" he agreed, also smiling. They both laughed.

"I'm discovering the enjoyment showing off my cleavage brings, I was rather shy until recently, I'm glad I've finally found some courage!"

He too decided to be bold.

"Well, if you see the table rising you'll know why!"

The smile left her face, she studied him for a second or two.

"You mean I've given you an erection?"

Slightly worried he'd said too much, he replied, "most definitely"

She gazed into his eyes, her face expressionless, giving him no clues to her mood. Suddenly he felt her bare foot exploring his crotch searching for evidence. Her mouth opened slightly, her breathing becoming more obvious.

He reached under the table and placed her foot on his now full erection. Her toes massaged his knob through the cotton and silk, the length of her foot along the length of his manhood; her heel nuzzling his scrotum, he stroking her foot as she did so.

Her foot told of his impressive dimensions and condition. She swayed him side to side, feeling his hardness with her toes, pulling down his foreskin through his clothes.

This contradiction of a woman, a sweet bespectacled face with prominent breasts swelling underneath, was playing with his cock in public.

"Shall we do this properly" he suggested.

"What do you mean?"

"Lets go to a hotel"

She stopped the foot-play and slipped her shoe back on, while she considered what she already knew the answer to. She didn't want to appear easy but she wasn't going to display any false modesty, she wanted to make love with this man she'd just met, NO, she wanted to FUCK him. She'd had enough of being timid, she knew what she wanted since her last birthday. She was a woman who wanted to fully explore her sexuality and all the possibilities of her erotic nature, she felt like a flower in full bloom.

"Do you know of anywhere nice?"

"The town's largest hotel has just reopened for the season, it'll be quiet, they'll have plenty of rooms available".

"Let's go then!" she announced, looking straight into his eyes, a smile of desire on her face.

Without ordering their coffees, they left and headed for the hotel, their arms linked; hand in hand.

They checked in and were guided to their rooms by a young chambermaid, who chatted about her weekend job to earn some money for clothes etc. She ushered them in and said the room wasn't quite ready she'd need to fetch some towels. Off she went replacing her earphones blasting out the latest pop music from her Walkman.

While they waited for her to return they kissed passionately, deeply. Their tongues tasted each other, lips pressed tightly, hands caressing bodies through clothes. Precious minutes passed.

"She's forgotten us, you know what kids are like. We'll find our own towels later" she decided, "let's get undressed."

They got as far as their underwear, before kissing again. Her breasts pressed against his chest, only her low-cut bra between them, he in red boxers, she in french knickers, also silk.

"Turn around" he ordered, she obliged.

He unhooked her from her bra as she cupped her hands on her breasts, feigning modesty. The straps hung loose, he ran his hands up her back, down her shoulders to join her hands over her breasts. She let the garment drop, and removed her hands so his could take their place. He cupped her breasts and lifted them, as her bra had done, assessing their weight, feeling their texture. He kissed the back of her neck as he held her flesh in his strong hands.

She let out a moan.

He continued kissing and running his tongue around her nape while gently massaging the warm orbs with his hands, his thumb and forefinger tweaking her rosy nipples. Her moans became more frequent, louder. Her knees weakened, so she shifted her balance to lean back against the man exciting her body. She felt his silk clad erection pressing against her buttock's cheek and gyrated herself against it while she moaned her pleasure. She was being aroused as never before.

His kisses travelled down her spine, every two inches or so, a new sensation surged her body. As he lowered, his hands let go the soft mounds to lightly grip her waist. Now on his knees, face buried in the silk of her loose knickers wiping them across her buttocks with the movement of his head. Lowering his fingers tucking them into the edge of the silk he slid them down. They flowed gracefully over her skin dropping to the floor.

Her buttocks were magnificent. Two muscular ovals jutting out, meeting at the centre, smooth skin tightly clinging to their form. He rained kisses on them as again she swayed with the passion bestowed on her, groaning her feelings for him to share, squeezing her nipples and fingered them to add to her pleasure.

She could wait no longer, wanting to know the tool that he would use to fuck her with expert experience, she moved away from him and beckoned him to stand. He did, she lowering to her knees where she was greeted by his organ straining against the red silk, its detail etched onto the material. Breathing deeply she reached to remove the obstruction. She gasped as the head came into view followed by the long thick shaft her foot had measured at the cafe.

His flesh coloured steel spring stood vertical in front of her face, bigger than any she'd known before. She placed her face along the shaft, feeling its heat through her cheek, smelling licking kissing tasting, the hardness became even more so, twitching as it struggled to grow bigger, the blood pumping in with nowhere left to fill. She clasped his buttocks, feeling the powerful muscles flex solid, thinking of them thrusting his engorged cock deep into her welcoming pussy, brought her to the verge of orgasm.

He reached down to her hair searching for the clip holding it in place.

"Let me" she offered, standing up.

Her fabulous straight hair cascaded down to her waist, she shook her head and a curtain of hair obscured the top half of her body.

"Like it?" she enquired.

"I love it" he replied "come here".

He stood behind her and divided her hair at the centre, draping it over the front of her shoulders, reaching for her breasts he slowly wiped them with her hair. She dropped her head back onto his shoulder moaning softly at the silkiness of her mane arousing pleasure from her orbs.

His erection was pressed against the cleavage of her buttocks, pushing her away from him. He lowered himself and guided his shaft under her so it lay along the opening of her cunt, its head peeking out at the front of her thighs, his knob kissing her clitoris. The thought and feel of his hardness between her closed thighs caused her to writhe, panting and moaning. His ramrod so near, but not within her gave her an exquisite sensation unlike any she'd felt before, her cunt leaked oil onto the piston beneath.

"Stop torturing me!" she pleaded breathlessly, "I want - ugh - I want you to - oh - ugh.....FUCK ME!!"

With an arm around her waist he lifted her off the floor, his cock taking its share of her weight. He guided her knees onto the bed while he stood on the floor. Very slowly he moved his rod along the lips of her pouting entrance, coating it with her love-juice, her cunt parted wider; ready, prepared, impatient, trying to grasp its prey with its hungry mouth, dribbling in anticipation of the imminent feasting.

Gradually he altered the angle of his thrusts so the flared head was nuzzling the lips trying to devour it.

He quickly reached down with both hands and spread her thighs apart lowering her body, while simultaneously thrusting up, impaling her on the full length of his shaft almost lifting her off the bed. He clenched his cock's muscle to stop himself coming while bouncing her on his piston. The impact of his manoeuvre gave her the orgasm she was so near to. Her cunt griped its guest with strong contractions while she wailed her condition to his delighted ears. Despite the tempting of her groans he managed not to come. Wanting to please her more before it was his turn.

As her orgasm subsided; still in the same position; he began a rhythmic thrust. He held her breasts as he pounded, her hair flowing over both of them. She met his thrusts as she bounced on the bed. The squelch of their dance made music with the grunts pants and moans that filled the room. His piston sliding with little friction inside her slippery pocket; extending the pleasure.

Both voices sang the erotic chant, accompanying the beat of their instruments.

Both of them heard the door click. Neither wanted to pause their animal lust.

The chambermaid, carrying three towels, used her key to enter, music filled her ears from her earphones, she entered the room and saw two naked bodies in front of her, one knelling on the bed the other standing behind. They were bobbing up and down, mouthing unheard sounds.

She dropped her jaw; a chewing-gum fell to the floor, she tugged at her earphones and a different kind of music filled her senses. The two people in front of her moaned in harmony to their bobbing, the squelching noise adding to their chorus. They both looked at her, assessing her response, the two performers didn't miss a beat, they were unable to, possessed by their erotic spirits.

She dropped the towels, and backed up one step still looking at the display of passion before her. Shocked, scared and excited at the same time at the same thing, she left the room; in a state of confusion.

Out in the corridor she wanted to run away and to see more, her thoughts raced. As her fear subsided she became aware of the damp feeling at the front of her white cotton panties. The last time she was wet like this was when she'd enjoyed a long snog with her last boyfriend; she'd enjoyed that, so she decided she was going to enjoy this.

She used her key to enter the unoccupied room next door.

She could hear noises through the wall as she put her hand down her panties to feel her wetness. Now she wished she could see more of what they were doing, but that wasn't possible. She tugged her panties down her legs and unbuttoned her uniform, exposing her breasts. Not small, but firm enough not to bother with a bra; their nipples erect. Putting one hand between her legs the other on her breasts, just like she saw the man grasp the lady, closing her eyes, trying to remember every detail, her ears strained to catch every sound. She thought of herself with long hair as she rubbed her pussy until her moans were added to the ones coming from the adjacent room.

"I hope she doesn't report us!" she exclaimed, falling forward laughing, "that was exciting, being seen like that".

He agreed with her.

"Lay down on the bed" he ordered; she did. He wanted to cool down a bit before giving her the fuck of her life.

She sprawled along the bed her hair fanning out.

"Open your legs, wide"

"Oh my god!" she said as she realised what he was going to do. She'd never had oral sex before. Only a few boring lovers and her own hands. She suddenly got very excited at the anticipation of his mouth doing wonderful things to her cunt.

He put a pillow under her hips to raise her to a better angle. This caused her to writhe at the thought of the impending pleasure, her cunt positioned for perfect effect. She oozed juice in expectation.

He kissed the inside of her thighs, butterfly kisses, everywhere except where she wanted them most. Her cunt gaped as she writhed her hips, sweet sticky goo trickled out but still he teased her. Then his tongue brushed the edges of her labia, tasting her sweetness, creating more. She writhed even more and clutched her breasts to gain more pleasure than she was getting from below, just the barest touch, her clitoris throbbed at its need for attention.

He launched his tongue at her clit, furiously licking the startled pink bud, he would not relent, not pause until she was screaming in pleasure.

She screamed out loud at the suddenness of his ploy. Then she began to stiffen as the effect of his tonguing expressed itself. She gripped a handful of blanket in each hand arching her back, falling back onto the bed and slowly arching her back again. Her moans turned to deep groaning as the intensity of his licks rasped her clitoris into a pleasure-storm. He was using slightly too much pressure but she endured it, loved it.

Her body bounced back onto the bed as she began to flail violently, shaking her head, hair flowing about wildly. She banged her fists on the bed and groaned deeply to take the savage pleasure of his tongue on her clitoris. Orgasm welled up in her, she could feel it coming from deep within, stronger than any she'd had before. Her hips bucked sharply trying to dislodge the cause of her torment but she wasn't able, he'd gripped her buttocks clamping her onto his mouth. The orgasm rushed at her, a terrifying force, as it hit her a cascade of pleasure slammed into her causing her to scream to dampen the intensity of the pleasure, a torrent of moans followed the scream, her body jerking violently, uncontrollably, as the intense orgasm surged through her. He altered his licking to a softer lapping as her cunt spat its come at him. Then he inserted two fingers between her flaps to feel the last contractions of her long orgasm; smiling at the performance of her body in orgasmic rapture; pleased at his effectiveness.

She lay in a heap on the bed still writhing in aftershocks, still under the spell of her huge orgasm. Now he was ready. He positioned himself over her and plunged his permanent erection deep within her, to the hilt, and wriggled it, swaying her hips and stretching the insides of her cunt.

She parted her hair away from her face, Despite her weariness she welcomed him to her cunt by squeezing him with her muscles.

" You said you wanted to be fucked, are you ready for it?"

"Yes" she replied despite the overwhelming orgasm she'd just had she was glad to give one to her skillful lover.

He began his thrusts. Strong deep purposeful thrusts at an even pace. On he went, longer than she thought he'd need to ejaculate. She sensed a response within her, she didn't think she'd be able to come again so soon. She was amazed at his ability to fuck her for so long without coming, without pausing; her hips matched his pace. Her hips rose to meet his tireless cock, soon she was moaning again.

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