tagMind ControlA Man of Singular Talent Ch. 03: Kerith

A Man of Singular Talent Ch. 03: Kerith



The protagonist of the below story is a man gifted with the ability to control the minds and bodies of others. If you are the sort of person that likes to know the features and limitations of his power, read on. If not, eh, skip to the story.

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Our nameless protagonist does not know how his power works other than it appears to be genetic and kicks in around puberty. He has had this power for a while now and through his investigations (aided by many who of course do not remember lending their expertise) he has some understanding of how it works but not why.

Our protagonist's abilities:

- allow control of a subject's motor functions, both voluntary (walking, moving head and arms, etc.) and autonomic (breathing, heart beating, etc.). He does not like to control autonomic functions however due to the high risk of killing the subject by for example forgetting to tell his heart to beat.

- control is executed through commands ('run', 'jump', 'pick up that object', etc.). The subject's body seems to be able to work out the details as long as the command is not too vague (so 'hit that man' will work but not 'hit anyone who looks threatening').

- commands are transmitted mentally.

- He can read minds and memories, and can change the intensity of base emotions (fear, anger, lust, etc.) but cannot create or change thoughts, switch a subject's emotions or affect complicated emotions (love, jealousy, etc.).

- He can create visual, auditory and tactile illusions. These work as normal commands - he tells the subject what to see/hear/feel and the subject's mind works out the details provided the illusion is simple.

- commands can only be given to subjects in direct line of sight. Detection of other minds is possible through walls, etc. up to a certain distance, but they cannot be altered unless our protagonist can see the person.

- Commands remain effective until removed by the protagonist, even if the subject is no longer in view.

- Commands can be made to only one subject at a time, but multiple subjects can be controlled by giving commands to one, then the next, then the next, etc.

- larger scale and/or simpler commands work better than fine detailed ones. The protagonist cannot change facial expressions, and attempts to force speech results in meaningless slurring.

The protagonist's only real fear is that someone like him will notice his ability and take it away from him. Consequently any potential activity is investigated and if another 'Talent' such as he is discovered he takes steps to neutralize the danger. He has not yet met a Talent with abilities as strong as his, but he feels sure they are out there, somewhere.


All characters and events are fictional. Many are illegal, immoral and/or impossible. Never try this in real life. You do not have mental powers.


This story is dedicated to Mephistopheles, author of the "Starfuck" mind control stories. If my stories bear more than a passing resemblance to his works, it is entirely deliberate.


My abilities to control the bodies and (to a lesser extent) the minds of others first emerged in my early teens. It took time for me to first become aware of these skills, and then to learn to consciously control them, but once I did I admit I let it go to my head. Such is the arrogance of youth. In retrospect it is amazing I got away with all the things I did.

One such youthful adventure found me on a flight to Australia. I had lusted after a certain soap opera actress for years before I had gained my abilities, and now I finally had the means to do something about it. Getting a flight ticket was simple, as I had already learned to use other people's money (and then erase their memories of ever spending it). Getting past security required a little more work, but some well-timed naps by security guards and airport staff allowed me to bypass the usual processes (I don't know if this was necessary, but even then I was becoming concerned of what The Powers That Be might do, should they take notice of me). A few "Staff Only" doors later I was sitting in First Class on the long trip to Sydney.

The flight passed uneventfully. I whiled away the hours as only a horny young man with mind control powers and no morals can. The First Class section was relatively empty; what passengers there were found themselves enjoying the deepest most restful sleep of their lives. As did all but one of the air stewards. The (un)lucky exception was a brunette in her mid-to late twenties, whose nametag read "Maria". Maria had long shapely legs and a prominent but not overly large chest, but her best feature was a set of exceptionally full lips. The kind of lips that look best wrapped around a hard dick, or so I thought as I watched them sliding up and down my own shaft. From the look on Maria's face she didn't quite agree. Or maybe she didn't like my hand up her skirt and inside her panties, caressing her ass and pussy as she bent over the seat with her head bobbing in my lap. Nor was she especially happy when I came all over her face, although I thought she looked lovely with her mouth, cheeks and one eye liberally coated in my cum. I don't know what she thought of being on her hands and knees in the aisle, skirt flipped up and panties pulled down as I fucked her asshole, because her face was pressed to the floor and I did not allow her to speak.

Several hours later I exited the plane at Sydney Airport. Maria had been sleeping soundly when I left the plane. She would be sore when she woke up, but with her memory wiped she would not know why. Sydney was not my final destination - I paid (someone else's) cash for a seat on the next shuttle flight to Melbourne, where the soap opera was filmed, and an hour and a half later I was again leaving an airport. I booked into a prestigious hotel overlooking the river (in later years I would avoid such conspicuous places, but youth and my abilities made me foolhardy).

In those early days of the internet it took a full day of work to track down the location where the soap opera was shot, but once there it was a simple matter to pull the shooting schedule from one of the residents' minds. The next shoot was midday tomorrow, so I returned to the hotel and collapsed into bed - jetlag and the time difference made too tired to sample the local talent, and in fact it was well into mid-morning local time before I awoke.

The crew were setting up for an external scene when I arrived. Most of the staff and all of the actors had yet to arrive, which made it easier to sneak into the wardrobe van and stuff a few choice items into a bag before going into a house which looked out onto the street but that was not being used by the crew (the owner was just leaving for work and very kindly let me into his home before forgetting he had ever done so). As time wore on and the actors arrived and scenes began to be shot, I grew a little worried that my target would not be working today, but eventually my patience was rewarded when a car pulled up to the set and dropped her off. Finally, I was seeing her with my own eyes - Kerith Goswell. Relatively short for a nineteen year old, but what she lacked in height she more than made up for in curves. Her casual shirt did not hide her generous breasts, while her ass filled out her jeans to perfection. Long hair was tied back in a ponytail exposing a face that was rounded but still with prominent cheekbones. Kerith's lips were incredible; if Maria had had generous lips, Kerith's were works of art. Full and soft, they curved into an exquisite heart shape.

It took a lot of effort not to go up to Kerith and whisk her away to my hotel room right then and there, but thankfully even in my excitement I knew it would be better to wait. If she disappeared suddenly now she would be missed very quickly. No, I had to sit at the window, drinking coffee and watching Kerith go through wardrobe and makeup, chat to the director and the other actors, get in front of the cameras and say her lines, then back through wardrobe before finally leaving the set and waiting by the roadside to be picked up again.

Now was my chance. Leaving the house I at last established a mental link to Kerith. Yes, her mom would be picking her up any minute. I took control of Kerith's body and had her stand motionless beside me as the family sedan that had dropped her off earlier reappeared around the corner and stopped beside us. Kerith's mom leaned out of the open driver's window to call a cheery greeting, giving me the line of sight I needed to take control of her too. Kerith got in to the back of the car and I followed her in. Kerith's mom silently drove us away. Both women's faces radiated confusion as they did my mental bidding.

Probing the minds of Kerith's mom revealed that the rest of the Goswell family had gone to a friend's beach house, where the girls would join and they would spend the night. Hmm.... I could work with that.

Kerith's mom's purse contained a cellphone, and while she drove us to the center of Melbourne I fired off a quick text to Kerith's dad saying that Kerith was really tired and her mom was not feeling well, so they would both spend the night at home and join the others in the morning. I toyed with the idea of going back to Kerith's home - taking a teenage girl in her own bedroom is a nice personal touch - but there were too many variables, so instead we headed for my hotel.

Having taken care of the logistics I could finally relax and enjoy my situation. Kerith was sitting next to me in silence (because I had removed her ability to speak for the time being). Her wide eyes and heavy breathing were the only external signs of the inner turmoil she felt, as her body refused to obey her and a strange man sat next to her, openly undressing her with his eyes.

As much as I would have wanted to undress Kerith for real, there was not time, so I settled for her turning to me and sinking into a passionate kiss. The feel of her lips was everything the sight of them promised.

Moist and soft, they parted to allow my tongue to meet hers. My hands went to her shoulders, and for a while we kissed like love-struck teenagers in the back of her mom's car. Of course my hands soon wandered downwards, and were soon filled with Kerith's C-cup breasts, encased in a bra and shirt.

The car pulled into the garage under the hotel and parked in a far corner just as I was contemplating taking Kerith right then and there, in the back seat with her mom driving. Instead I opened the door and

Kerith and I spilled out into the car park. Her mom was going to spend a rather uncomfortable night sleeping in the car. The lift took us directly to my floor and we got to my suite without meeting anyone else. I closed the door and surveyed my prize. Tonight's entertainment stood in the living room of my hotel suite, facing me. Long brunette hair framed a cute face which was currently tight with tension as her eyes darted around the room before focusing on me. Her casual shirt and tight jeans combination were decent enough, but I had other plans. I picked a couple of items out of the bag of clothes I had liberated from the set and gave them to her. Without a word (because I had allowed her none) she took them and went into the bedroom to change. While she was gone, I removed my own clothes, sat on a couch and waited.

Kerith re-entered the living room and stood before me. The anticipation had already sped my pulse rate, but looking at her now it leapt up (as did my penis). You see, there was one scene which had rooted Kerith Goswell in my mind, a scene set in a swimming pool. And here she was, standing before me clad in the very same bikini she had worn for that scene. Light blue and at least one size too small for her. Kerith's breasts threatened to burst out of her top. Her hair was tied back in a ponytail, exposing those prominent cheekbones. Her body had all the right curves but her belly was flat and her legs and arms well-toned.

I had planned to take things slowly at first, maybe have her crawl over to me and blow me, but as soon as I saw Kerith I threw that idea out of the window. I mean, it had taken days to get her here, which for someone of my abilities is a very long time to spend obtaining just one girl. So I rose from the couch and walked quickly over to her. Kerith lifted her head to meet mine, brown eyes looking up in fear as we once again locked lips. I sent a mental command for her to unhook her bikini, and as soon as it was loose I grabbed the front and tore it from her body. Her breasts leapt free, finally exposed to me, and I grabbed one and roughly caressed it. Her breast felt soft and warm against my hand, the nipple small and round. Kerith gave a small involuntary squeal as I squeezed her breast with one hand. Meanwhile my other hand reached down her back, pushing our bodies together before slipping under her bikini bottoms to grasp her shapely ass.

The force of one hand kneading her breasts while the other pressed her crotch into mine caused Kerith to arch backwards, ponytail swinging free. I moved my hand from her ass and grabbed her ponytail, pulling her head back and breaking our kiss. She gasped first in surprise and then in pain as I lead her backwards by the ponytail into the bedroom like a caveman dragging his mate. She stumbled and fell as we passed through the door to the bedroom, and with a mental command she made the rest of the way to the foot of the bed on her hands and knees, ass swaying in the air most invitingly. She turned and sat on the floor, back against the bed, looking up at me as I stood over her. Normally I would have let her speak by now so I could enjoy her pleas but not this time, not just yet. My penis stood at full mast in front and slightly above her face. Kerith's lips parted as I bent my knees and leaned forward, her breasts rising and falling as her breathing quickened in anticipation. Her brown eyes following the path of my dick towards her mouth, going almost cross-eyed as I finally touched her lips with my cockhead. The sound of her rapid breathing stopped as my dick slid past her sweet lips and into her soft, wet mouth. Only when I hit the back of her mouth and her lips were tight against my shaft did I finally allow her speech. The resulting scream was muffled almost completely, but the reverberations around my dick were exquisite.

I had complete control of her body, so I stood and watched the teen soap starlet Kerith Goswell sitting on the floor naked except for a skimpy bikini bottom, breathing heavily through her nose and massaging my cock in her mouth with muffled screams. Her breasts moved hypnotically as her chest rose and fell, and her eyes were wide and full of fear. In other words, she looked gorgeous.

My blood was still up, so I did not spend long admiring Kerith in this way. Soon I began raising and lowering my hips, sawing my dick back and forth inside her mouth. Her screams were cut short as I removed her ability to speak once more - not that I was done hearing her, more that I wanted her to use her oral skills for other things. Kerith obediently started swishing her tongue around my dick, flicking the head whenever she had the chance. I never fully left her mouth, and her lips stayed tightly closed around my dick, creating a natural vacuum that made her cheeks swell and cave as my dick filled and emptied her mouth. Her head rested against the edge of the bed, bent back enough that, with some delicate mental commands, I eventually managed to push my cock into her throat. Once about an inch of my cock was embedded in her throat I was fully inside her mouth, my balls against her chin. The feel of her throat squeezing my cockhead was delightful, but as her eyes started to roll upwards I withdrew enough to allow Kerith to breathe.

Our current position was fun, but I soon realized that I could not thrust into Kerith's mouth as hard as I wanted for fear of bending her head back too far. So I stood and stepped away, my dick exiting the vacuum of her mouth with an audible pop. Kerith's respite was short-lived as with a mental command she clambered onto the bed and lay down on her back with her head over the end of the bed. I again entered her waiting mouth, and this time I was able to see her throat bulge as my dick pushed in. Kerith's breasts were large but taught enough that they did not fall fully to the sides. I leaned over her and took one breast in each hand before starting to pump Kerith's mouth. Her lips felt like warm silk as they slid over my shaft, and her mouth and throat were wet and warm. For a while the only sounds were a rhythmic glugging and the soft slap of my balls hitting her face repeatedly. Occasionally I would exit Kerith's mouth to let her gasp a few breaths before continuing to fuck her face.

It wasn't long before I felt the cum well up from my testicles. I moved one hand above Kerith's stomach and pulled out of her mouth. Kerith's lungs expanded as she gasped for air; I waited until she had started to exhale before pushing down with my hand and emptying her lungs - okay, the hand was unnecessary as most of the work was done with a mental command; still I enjoyed the visual. Before she could take another breath I plunged by dick back into her mouth and plugged her throat. I allowed her to struggle a little; her arms flailed and her body shook as she tried to unblock her throat and take in air, but her efforts were in vain. The spasming of her throat around my dick provided the final push to take me over the edge, and I felt jets of cum fly out of my penis straight down her throat. After the first spurts I quickly removed my dick before Kerith passed out. She gasped and coughed, her mouth open and her eyes wide as I continued to ejaculate, covering her upside down face with my cum. I let go of her body and stood aside, allowing Kerith to roll onto her stomach (turning right side up served to spread my cum even more over her face). Amid the coughing and hacking she managed to lift herself a little on her elbows, head bowed. I looked down at my dick: my orgasm was complete but there was still a drop of cum at the tip, as well as spots of cum and Kerith's saliva elsewhere. Standing in front of Kerith I pulled her head back with her ponytail and inserted my still semi-erect dick back into her mouth, allowing Kerith to lick and suck the last traces of cum from me. Once her job was done and my penis was clean again, I lay down on the large bed to catch my breath.

People claim that the young have more stamina, but in my case at least the reverse is true. Nowadays I would have been able to regain an erection almost immediately after my first orgasm of the day, but my younger self needed more time. To provide a little incentive I had Kerith get onto the bed and straddle my hips. Her hands roamed her own body, paying special attention to her large and shapely chest. She ground her crotch against mine; it was still concealed by the blue bikini bottoms, but I commanded her pussy to become aroused and soon I could feel increasing heat radiating from between her legs as she rubbed against me. Kerith removed the band from her hair that fixed it into a ponytail, and her long brown locks framed her face, which would have looked more sultry had her expression been less horrified (I've never been able to control expressions). On a whim I returned her ability to talk.

"Aah.. oh!"

Kerith's face now registered surprise as she realized she could make sounds once more.

"How.... what happened? What did you do to me?"

"I fucked your mouth and came on your face. You were there Kerith, you should remember."

"Jesus. Fuck... What the fuck is going on?"

"You really need me to state the obvious? Fine. I took control of you, and now you are serving me for my pleasure."

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