tagReviews & EssaysA Man Will Plant His Seed Anywhere

A Man Will Plant His Seed Anywhere


A Man Will plant His Seed Anywhere.

A Woman Will Spoon

The truth is that as a man I am deeply motivated by my genetic disposition which encourages me to plant my seed in all women who stand close enough to me, that I am able to sense and smell them.

As a man I toil to accept the fact that:

A) Men and women are equally as sexual, and that

B) Monogamy is the logical and sensible state of existence

I find myself very penis centred, and realize, Men crave, consider, cajole and hunt sex. Women love it. Men, given the biblical chance, would indeed be the sheikh of their very own harem, equipped with virginal grape feeders and a full-time oral sex goddess at his disposal. Women want their soulmate.

This, I accept is a bone (pardon the pun) of contention between many sex-scholars, a debate amongst bar hoppers, and an issue popularized in the weekly broadcasting of such shows as Sex and the City.

So, Literotica gives us the opportunity to discover the 'truth' through the input of literary erotica scholars (such as you and I) and individuals who ensconce themselves in the explanation and dissection of sexuality. You and me. I ask you, therefore, to enact your own reality check.

For a moment, dislocate your passionate believes about the sexual equality of men and women, just for a second, and do the following exercise.

Ask yourself (men and women):

1) What is your initial response when approached by the opposite sex, whom you have never met? Are you intrigued by this person's soul, their personality, or do you make every effort, to determine their shape, lusciousness, and how fuckable they are?

2) If you could partake in sexual activities with anyone of the opposite sex you wanted, would you? If it was appropriate to approach an absolute hunk/hottey in Starbucks and say, "you have made me so hot and I would like to step into this sex room that Starbucks provides to its clients, and make love to you until our skin is raw – wouldn't you?

Of the women I know, a nice ass is very special on a guy. But let's face it, 99 women out of 100 will mention beautiful eyes and a cute smile in their description of men. Men won't. Show me a man who will say, "She had such a delightful tilt to her neck, and I was so seduced by the one-sided smile she makes (like that very adorable star in Dawson's Creek).

In truth, I would say that -- but I'm the 1 of the 100. I have six sisters, a mother, stepmother, three stepsisters and two daughters. I'm feminine.

Most men however, will just not describe women that way. They check out to see if she has a nice jumpable booty, and breasts that they can suck on from now until the cows come in, and pussy that tastes like a lush fruit plucked directly from its source.

I imagine, her legs wrapped around my head and her hands holding me against her cunt, aggressively masturbating with my head like an oilrig pounding the soil of the countryside. Women, love straight teeth.

They glorify and celebrate soft-strong hands on a guy. Ya, guys do to. I do. Soft hands on a woman are great. But give me a chick with boobs like Pamela Anderson, the fucking sexiness of Courtney Love and Shacial O'Neil's hands, and I'll turn those monstrous claws into a positive. I'll pretend they're a vagina, or something like that. I don't care.

I'll live with it because I'm in bed with a stunning ho. (Even if she is my wife and I love her deeply, there is a strong need within me to fuck a downright, sultry babe. Don't know why. But it is there. And I've heard the same thing from very angelic men, sons of ministers, guys who would cook for you. For some reason, men want to fuck more than they want to snuggle. They want to cum on a women's breasts moreso than kissing and necking.

We are indeed from different planets, perhaps cosmos. Men are from Suckmybigdipperbitch and women are from yesmassagemerightthereyaooohyarightthere planet.

Further (to answer point 2 – would you fuck every guy you could?) In my estimation, I believe that there may exist a blip of a minority of women in our society (by that I mean North America) who would leap into the bed of every man who sexually intrigued them.

I don't say this because women aren't sexual. On the contrary. Recent reports everywhere state that women might even think more often about sex than men but I also accept the fact that women have different needs than men within the sexual motif.

As an example, ask any woman you happen to see, what they fantasize about. I've done this, and after interviewing hundreds of women of every crevice of our society, it seems that women most often fantasize about the classic Harloquinian-dream of being swept off their feet on the beaches of Bermuda, by a faceless man.

No doubt, deep penetration and fondling of her nipples and serious tongue- action make a showing in that fantasy – but that sexual activity is not the key component. Romance is. Love is. The fantasy is one in which women want to be physically satisfied but very often within a relationship, or a safe haven draped with beauty such as rose pedals. Romance is Queen.

Men? Stick me in a garage with my mechanic buddies smoking and swearing like sailors, and I will fuck a women day or night. The ambiance is insignificant. Cumming, in my fantasies is number one. Romance doesn't enter the picture.

If I were to dream about sweeping a woman off the beaches of Bermuda the story would go as following: I swoop down and lasciviously take you in my arms and carry you off to my cottage. As we come through the front door, I tear your bikini from your body, lay you down on my duvet, and enter you orally, vaginally, anally and any other way which Penthouse, Hustler and Masters and Johnson has taught me. I don't believe I have ever fantasized about snuggling, and then came.

Men fantasize about cumming over and over, and if we were physically able, we would cum all day, in staff meetings, on the Sabbath at the alter and at the dinner table with grandma and cousins in from Madison. Women? They contemplate something more holistic and personal – sweet little kisses on your ears, a warm strong hand massaging the balls of their revered feet. Kiss me, hold me, massage me, and make love to me. This is the female sexual mission statement. Make me cum, and again, and again and then spoon me. This is the sexual story line of the female novel.

The man-woman dynamic is and has always been different and likely was structured by God or the big bang and its roving evolutionary strategy, to ensure that the species, as dysfunctional and bizarre as it is – will perpetuate itself.

Light kisses on my earlobes will not ensure that humankind, as we know it will hop, skip and jump well into the future. Quite the opposite. Romance and a sexual affinity for one women and/or one man, will squelch our survival and slowly decimate our existence on this earth. Monogamy has never worked and quite likely will not be in vogue as we move toward a more global world.

Global sexuality.

And indeed much of what is happening in society points to that exactly. 50% divorce occurs because we are struggling to break out of those iron pants that the world and its prurient values forced us into. "The world wanted us to dance, and then they forced us into steel pants." This marriage contract that we have devised, love till the bitter end, has indeed made us bitter. Love one person – your spouse - and for the 40 years that you share a bed, be vigilante about never, ever sleeping with, let alone touching another of the opposite sex. Absurd.

Sociologists everywhere, psychologists, and the clergy, spew off tirades about our inability to love correctly; to commit and to be loyal. Speeches and articles on the prolific beauty of 'loving one man' or 'one women' constantly besiege us. The Torah (Older Testament) states that a man is a half a person, if not married and that women would rather marry a humpback than be alone.

Bullshit. Remember as many women as men are getting divorced. I would hazard to guess, therefore, that we are all questing for a different world, where family is extended as it is amongst the Bedouins. We crave, both men and women, for diversity and creativity, and are entirely aware on many different levels that sexual creativity can really only come when we go outside of our personal box (pardon the pun) and hurl ourselves into the playground of lusciouvious options.

Divorce will continue as it is or increase even moreso because the men of our species are craving to break out of their sexual constraints and sprinkle our seed everywhere. It's natural. It's inherent to existence and perpetuation of the species.

Further, women are becoming far more provocative in their style and sexual disposition. Ads show this to be true, even to the extent that North America has clandestinely and without responsibility begun to idolize Lolita once again. What appear to be 14 year olds at time will appear in a picture layout strewn with little but lace and shear silk. Even though romance continues to be a key need of women that too is evolving and represents a changing need.

We are returning to our roots. Men need to sprinkle and women need to flirt. Sexually aggressive sex is in; Johnny Wisemuller and (on shit I forgot her name…the swimmer), is out.

In conclusion, I admit that much of what I wrote here is hyperbole and meant to shock. But I did that for a reason. We, as a society, are changing so dramatically and establishing different norms, so often, that it's hard to say what is normal. We therefore need to think about the changes, and how they are affecting us and will continue to do so. I'm surprised now when I meet a kid and his/her parents are married. What does that mean. We have become a single conscious society. Or at least I have.

My guess is that we tried monogamy for a number of centuries and it failed. So let's try something else, what most of the world is doing anyway, what we all scoff at?

– tri-ogamy. Let's marry en masses.

Let's extend our families so that cousins are brothers and neighbours are lovers. Isn't that where our psyche is taking us anyway?

- The End -

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