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A Man with No Arms


I put this in the loving wives section because I am one I guess. I am married, my husband Tom and I have had some rocky points in our relationship but he is normally kind and good to me.

Tom is also a little bit kinky, he likes me to dress sexy when we go out. Nothing crazy but I let some cleavage show and several of my dresses are split at the hem.

I think Tom would like me to do even more than that but he really doesn't push that much. One time years ago he was unfaithful, that was a bad time. His partner at the time was part of that. I had inherited quite a bit of property, money. There were lots of bad dealings going on, I even left him for awhile.

But Tom worked hard to win me back. The truth is a woman will put up with a lot when she is in love. Yes, I do love Tom, even with all of his flaws.

Tom is a contractor and I am a Doctor. Well, I was a Doctor anyway, last year I quit my job and we moved to a huge ranch at the coast.

The older woman who owned the property left it to her four sons, undivided. That kind of thing is a gauranteed fight of course.

The only way to settle the estate was to sell it, there is over 300 acres, three homes, timber, equipment. Big barns and fields, huge trees up on the hill. The price was really right and we had cash, the family accepted our first bid and it was all ours.

Tom was beside himself, excited at everything.

Being from the city, I was almost instantly lost. I guess I have to say I wasn't really excited about it. Everyone I knew, every place I was used to was now all far away.

I sold my house and the property I inherited out East of the city, the price it brought was not quite what I expected but it was still a lot.

We sold off most of our other assets, too. The big house we bought already had everything, even a huge wood furnace. I had never experienced that kind of heating before, it really is comfortable. I soon got pretty good at starting a fire and tending it.

I didn't sell the Corvette, though. My friend Lee had left me that car when she died, it was her husband's. It just sat under a car cover in the garage. It is a z06 model, bright red, something about being a 50 year collector car and only had 8000 miles on it.

Tom wanted me to sell it but I refused and I am not sure even why. I really can't drive it because it has way too much power.

Besides, a 43 year old housewife looks silly in a country town driving something like that, surrounded by men in huge pickup trucks.

Tom drove the Corvette down to our ranch, by the time he got there he agreed with me about keeping it. He said they built that car to fit him. That was almost funny since Ted, the man who had it before was over six feet tall and heavy, Tom is just 5'10" and slender.

My friend Lee had told me once that her husband Ted said exactly the same thing, almost word for word.

We put the Corvette in the garage, covered it up.

I know. It just sits there. But it is something left from Lee and her husband, something to remind me of a lot of things.

I guess I am wandering around here, but then I really am not a writer. I told this story partly to an online friend and he suggested I try to write it.

Life living on a huge farm out in the country is completely different than living near a big city like Portland. There it is noisy all the time, it never stops.

People somehow get used to noise, I know I did.

Here it is silent, except for birds and wild animals all the time. Tom showed me some tracks outside when it snowed, they were big. He said it was a big Cat but not to worry, it was more afraid of us than we would be of it.

I wasn't too sure of that.

I found it very hard to sleep at first, like something was wrong? Then I realized, it was the quiet.

It also only took me about two months to begin to go crazy. I found myself looking out the window every few minutes to see if Tom was coming home.

I was alone, bored. Nothing to do but housework and not much of that. Then sometimes Tom would be gone for several days on out of town jobs, those were the worst.

I decided to look around for a job, something to use my skills at.

I am a Doctor, before I worked in a Health Appraisal clinic. I was the Administrator, I mostly shuffled papers and handled referrals from what was in front of me. It was a place where I could fit, insulated from the illnesses and blood part of my profession. People were a piece of paper, stacks of documents, I read them carefully and referred the person to whatever specialist fit best.

One thing about the medical field, jobs normally are not a problem. I could go to work seeing patients for almost anyone, I could even set up a private practice.

The first place I called wanted me as a nurse, I didn't want to do that. I got several offers for different positions, then one Doctor working out of the local hospital mentioned an outpatient situation. It was dealing with trauma, and the healing process, part of some government programs.

That one involved travelling to people who were at their homes but needed care. It was actually also basically a nurse, but it was also part time with just a half dozen people to deal with.

I took that one. The pay was way under what I was used to but I really didn't care about that.

There was one young woman that was in a vehicle accident, I knew that one would be up and around in short order. Another was an older woman who fell, then an older man with a hip injury. I realized quickly I would mostly be dealing with older people, something I don't mind doing at all.

The last one on my list was David, a young man back from the military. I read the reports to prepare myself. His injuries were severe, I braced myself for what I thought would be difficult.

He had lost both arms, one just below the shoulder, the other at the elbow. The report had no details about what had happened but I could guess.

There had been months of hospitals, now he was living in a small apartment. He had been fitted him with one arm that he could use to grasp some things, but he couldn't bathe or really cook for himself.

My job was to see him three times each week, the rest of the time a service company came in and helped with meals, cleaned up, cared for his needs.

I expected to be greeted with anger, remorse, who knows what kind of mental problems a situation like that would create.

Instead here was a good looking young man of 26, he opened the door and smiled at me. I noticed the odd latch on the door, he could hook it and pull and it opened.

"I'm Sally, I am assigned to assist you." I told him.

"Come on in, I am David," He said, stepping aside to let me enter his room.

It was neat as a pin, everything seemed to be perfectly in place.

"Coffee?" He asked.

"Sure, that sounds good." I looked around for the coffee pot and some cups but he just walked to the counter, reached out with his arm and set two cups down. Then he picked up a small pot, poured two cups. He picked up the one, carried it over and sat it down, then walked back and got his own.

I watched carefully, he had pretty good control over what was basically just a clamp.

We sat and talked for quite a long time. He told me about how he was carving figurines, that surprised me. He showed me how he set a clamp to hold the piece, then he picked up a sharp tool and carefully began to carve.

There were several pieces done sitting around, they really were quite good.

"What do you do with them?" I asked.

"I sell them in the gift shop downtown. They set them out and give me half of what they sell for."

"Do you get a good price?" I asked.

"Sometimes. Maybe $30, maybe $40. One sold for over $200 once." He grinned at me.

That gave me an idea for later.

"I think I can maybe help you with that."

"That would be nice. I also set up an account at an auction site, see?"

He walked over to a small computer, reached out with his clamp and tapped a key. The screen lit up, he sat down, put a small stick in his teeth and began to type. He used the end of the clamp on the keyboard, leaning forward from time to time to use the caps key and others.

It was laborious, but effective.

I watched that with interest, my mind flashing back to my friend Lee who was injured in that car crash a few years back that finally took her life. She had her left arm in a cast, wrote stories with her right hand and a pencil stuck in her teeth.

It looked just like that, except here was this rather hunky looking guy. He had solved the problem in exactly the same way.

Up popped a screen, he showed me he had an account, everything all set up.

"Pictures? Can you take some pictures for me?"

"Sure, I will bring my camera next trip." I told him, making a note in my book.

"You seem to be doing pretty good." I smiled at him.

"It hurts sometimes, and some...things are a problem."

I already had a pretty good idea what kinds of problems. Bathing, toiletries, all the things we take for granted would be difficult if not impossible with just a clamp for an arm.

I checked his well healed wounds, did the usual blood pressure, temperature, all was normal. Then I asked him if he needed bathed.

"Yes, please." I ran some water in a basin while he removed his shirt. I saw it was attached with velcro strips. His shoes were the same, then he tugged the strip at his waist.

"They come off easy, but getting them back on is a problem." He laughed.

He stepped out of the pants and stood there waiting. There was no sign of modesty, he had probably long since lost all of that considering what he had been through.

I have seen a lot of naked men, this young man was in very good shape. His chest was muscular, the pectorals more pronounced on the right from using the artificial arm. His hair was closely cropped, no concerns over combing it.

I also noticed his member, it hung softly between his legs, a good 8" long.

The tub was basically a washbasin, large enough to sit upright in but not lay fully down. The edge of it was padded with some kind of raised plastic covered lip. There were bars on each side, designed for his clamp to fit over to help him lift himself.

I stepped up alongside him.

"Use my shoulder for a brace." I told him.

He reached out and pressed down lightly with the plastic part of his arm, then stepped into the tub. He reached out and held the bar, squatted down, then had to drop the last few inches to the builtin elevated seat.

That created a small splash.

"Sorry. I didn't mean to get you wet."

"No problem." I laughed, wiping a few drops of moisture off my smock.

I bathed him thoroughly, starting at his hair. I was also checking his body at the same time, looking for any signs of problems. There was what was obviously a bullet hole in his left ribcage, it made a small puckered looking brown spot. I checked his back, it had gone straight through, the back side was larger and heavily scarred.

I noticed he started to erect slightly as I washed his stomach, so I quickly washed his penis and testicles. He grew almost instantly to a full 9 inches.

"Sorry." He said.

"No problem, I work with men all the time." I smiled at him, noticing he blushed slightly.

I was pretending to not be interested, to not notice. But I couldn't help myself, David really was well built.

I then lifted him as best I could, reaching behind to carefully wash his behind. I noticed it was muscular and firm, too. Then I finished up with his legs, helped him up and out. I picked up a towel and dried him off.

He stepped over to his pants, there were no underwear. I understood that. He reached down and lifted one side with his clamp, pressed his hip against the counter to hold them up, then gripped the other side. He lost the first side in the process, started over.

I reached down and lifted them up to his waist, he pressed the two velcro strips into place.

"Thanks!" He said with that bright smile again.

He pushed his short left stub into his shirt, using the clamp to tug it into place. Then he just ducked down and turned against the counter to roll the shirt around his shoulders, sliding his artificial arm into the sleeve.

That was actually pretty slick, it was a practiced move. He pressed his feet into his shoes with no problem.

I got my gear, prepared to leave.

"Thank you, Sally. And thank you for washing me...my...The other woman wouldn't really."

It took me a second to realize what he meant.

"Oh. Washing your genitals? It's just part of the body, hygiene is important."

He just nodded, but there was a faraway look on his face.

I thought about him all the way home that afternoon.

He was actually mentally sound, he had accepted and was trying to make the best of what was a bad situation.

Tom was home ahead of me, he asked me how my day went. I told him about David, his injuries.

"Poor bastard! His life is ruined."

"No, I don't think so. David has a good attitude and is trying. Those statues and figures he carves are really quite good."

"Statues? That's amazing. Man, if something like that happened to me I would figure out some way to get it over."

With that he wandered off to the garage, leaving me to my thoughts.

At the next session two days later, I took some photos for David. He had no problems loading them after I hooked up the wires, he typed surprisingly fast. In no time at all he had 3 items loaded and up for sale.

I bathed him again, this time taking more care. He got a full erection again, neither of us said anything about it.

I had a dream that night about that big foreskin covered penis sticking up out of the bubbles. I woke up horny as all get out, reached for Tom.

Tom responded like always, afterwards he looked at me oddly.

"What got into you?" He asked.

"Oh, I was just in the mood." I purred, snuggling up tight to him.

"Well, whatever it is, keep doing it!" He grinned at me, then promptly went back to sleep.

I even went online to check David's auctions. There were no bids yet and I felt mildly bothered at that. For some reason I really wanted it to be a huge success.

The weekend came and went, Monday found me eagerly heading down the coast to David's apartment.

There was one change, he had been fitted with the second arm. But it was just an unmoveable arm and hand but it made him look more normal. Still, already he had learned to use it to hold things down while working with the clamp on the other arm. I watched as he lifted his left shoulder to set the prothesis forward, practicing pushing and moving small objects.

David was an amazing man, I was becoming to realize.

"Oh hey, I got a bid!" He said, all excited. He showed me on the screen, the bid was only $9.00 but it was there.

I was tickled too.

Then I checked all of his wounds, all were normal. His vitals again, part of the job, all normal. As I prepared his bath I realized it wouldn't be long before I would no longer be assigned to him.

He was just doing too well, and government won't authorize expensive medical attention when a simple maid or the like will suffice.

I cheated. I wrote in the report that he still needed attention with his right arm, and noted my concern about the need to watch carefully his progress with the new left one.

I know why I did that, I wanted to come and see David. It gave me an excuse, because if I just went on my own?

I did have a husband at home. It would feel like cheating, I didn't think I could do that.

I just was not sure what was happening to me.

Once again I bathed David, once again he erected firmly. I noticed his eyes glance at the open throat of my smock, realized he could see the tops of my breasts nestled in my bra.

I just let him look. This time I even carefully rolled back his foreskin, washing it with little dabs while holding his shaft. His mouth came open and he stifled a small groan, I dabbed at the drop of clear fluid he released.

Every instinct in my body told me to go ahead, help this young man I liked so much that was in obvious need. There was a small personal struggle, I managed barely to control myself.

Then I slid his foreskin forward and released him. I blushed mildly at what I had just done.

"Sorry, I hope that wasn't too much." I told him.

"No, it's all right. You can do anything you want."

I flushed again at that.

That night I talked to Tom. I told him everything about David, about helping him with his work, bathing him, the long talks, everything.

"He just has no way to take care of himself." I said.

"I thought that was what you did?" He looked at me funny.

"No, not medical. He really doesn't have anything medically wrong, he is just badly handicapped. He can't..you know..handle the male stuff."

"OH! You mean he can't jack off?" He burst out laughing.

"Yes, I mean masturbate." I said, mildly angry at his reaction.

"David has obvious male needs and no outlet at all."

Tom looked at me for a moment, then his eyes changed.

"Well, help the poor guy out if you want to."

"You wouldn't get mad?"

"Hell, no. Besides he IS a fucking hero. It's not like you are sleeping with him or anything like that."

I looked at him in surprise. I guess knowing Tom I shouldn't have been.

Then he got a funny look, I knew that look.

"You can tell me all about it when you get home." He said, as he started undoing the buttons on my blouse.

We made sweet love twice back to back. He had done that before but only rarely. I decided to not be too concerned about Tom or his feelings.

Plus I was looking forward to Monday.

The notice came in the mail Saturday. I was reassigned to another client, an older woman, Diabetic and in a wheelchair. David had been released, a social worker assigned to him.

I almost cried. Monday was to be my last visit to him.

I knocked on his door Monday, he opened it, he was happy.

"I sold all of them!" Were the first words out of his mouth.

"I got $98 for one and $85 for the little one, and $132 for this one, plus shipping!" He was beaming as he showed me on the screen each item.

"I even got paid already through this online account I set up."

I reached out and hugged him, happy for him. He hugged me back as best as he could.

"I do have one problem, I need to ship them."

"Oh, right."

I hadn't even thought of that, apparently he didn't either.

"Mail maybe?" I looked at his figurines, they would fit in those boxes I had seen at the post office.

"Be right back." I told him. I drove down to a stationary store, then to the post office.

I bought a tape dispenser, checking several until I found one I thought he could operate. He would be able to start it with one arm and push down with the other to clip it off. I got a stack of boxes at the post office, those were free.

I even bought some newspapers to use for padding, the figures were solid wood so I knew it wouldn't take a lot.

I drove back to his apartment. He already had the labels printed. We sat and wrapped everything up, then I taped several boxes up and stacked them, ready to go. They had told me at the post office about their pickup service so I told David, he set up an online account for that.

All handled, David was now in business.

"OK. Ready for your bath?" I asked him, checking my watch.

It was already late.

"Sure." He smiled. I think he knew right then. I watched as he tugged the velcro strips, then stepped nude out of his pants. He was already half erect, now I was sure he knew.

I felt my own body react, fought the urge to just undress myself. I took a deep breath.

I helped him into the tub, began to bath him. I had one button more undone on my blouse than normal, I could feel his eyes on me. I had put on a sports bra, it was translucent, I knew a hint of my big dark nipples would show.

He just sat there quietly as I washed him, his erection huge and poking upwards.

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