tagLoving WivesA Man with No Arms Ch. 02

A Man with No Arms Ch. 02


(Some tell me I need to write stories that can stand alone. That is hard to do without rewriting all of it again. So to help, I have been married 4 times, twice to the same man. I inherited a very large estate years ago when my close friend Lee passed away. I am an MD, also PHD so some say that should help me to know better. In truth? I am just...Sally.)


I suppose I should be ashamed to write this story. I do know that I would not want anyone who really knew me to know about it. So many warned me when I went back to Tom that he was wrong for me. I loved Tom though. Love makes us blind.

A number of things happened, it all seemed to be almost all at once. For one thing, Tom and I left the city, and moved to a huge ranch at the coast.

Tom managed to convince me that the clean air, slower lifestyle and quiet living out in nature would be good for us.

There was a flaw that I did not really realize, and that is the fact that I am actually a city person.

In the city, everything is close, there is noise and people around, even when I was alone I never really was. At our home out east of Portland there were neighbors. Plus there was my job at the Wellness clinic. As administrator, I shuffled papers, referred clients, handled inventory orders, things like that.

I didn't really deal with anyone that was actually ill very much, they were all just names and notations, I referred them after a review to the specialist best suited in our system.

Suddenly I was a housewife living on a monstrous farm, even the mail arrived nearly a full mile down a gravel road.

At first it was impossible to sleep, I twisted and turned, got up over and over. Then I found myself napping in front of a TV set.

There was work, but it was work on fences, wood to carry inside, we had a big fireplace. I soon learned to build and start one quickly, I learned how big it needed to be depending on how cold it was.

Tom was in seventh heaven. He cleared brush, chopped wood, tended the smelly Cows he bought and turned loose out in the field. I spent a lot of time swatting flies, I am pretty sure the Cows are why there were so many.

My van began to show signs of wear too, the road in and out was terrible and rough. We both shoveled a lot of rock but it all just seemed to vanish. My van soon had squeaks and rattles it never had before.

The mechanic said something about a strut I think, so we had him fix that but it just did it again in a couple of months.

When I complained to Tom about that, he went and bought me a bike. I remember looking at him in surprise, I hadn't ridden a bike since I was a little girl.

But I rode it every day down to get the mail and back, just to please him. Even in the rain, I actually liked being out in the rain. For some reason on the bike I never got cold.

That caused a change in my body, I tightened up in just a few short months. I stepped on the scales and I weighed just 128 pounds! I had noticed all of my clothes had gotten slowly looser and looser, I found myself tugging on the blue jeans I often wore to keep them up.

I will never forget that day I really noticed, Tom was away on one of his jobs so I was all alone. I stripped naked and inspected myself carefully in the mirror.

The oversize behind I was cursed with all of my life was gone! My stomach was as flat as a board, I had lost some size in my bust but the muscles had tightened up, the baggy sag I had before was not completely gone but it was sure better.

I felt pretty good at that, so when Tom got home the next evening, I greeted him at the door wearing nothing but a pair of sheer red panties.

They were rather tiny panties, too.

Tom opened the door to me standing there and came to a stop. He started to say something, then he just reached for me. I was giggling like a schoolgirl as he tried to get his clothes off and lick me all over at the same time.

We ended up on the carpet, Tom dove into me not just once but twice, after a short rest that we spent snuggled up in each other's arms.

Then he got up and asked me what was for dinner.

I pulled on a T-shirt and nothing else, cooked a quick meal and brought it out.

"Sally, you sure have lost weight, country living is good for you!" He told me between mouthfuls.

I was pretty happy right then, I knew I looked good and I felt good. Plus I had reached that stage in my life where I was feeling on the randy side pretty much all the time.

I had even gone to see a local doctor about that, already knowing what his answer would be. I dampened at the idea of him touching and looking at me, my face flamed at that but I could not help it.

He told me in a kind manner that I was perfectly normal and over time things would settle down. Then he grinned at me and told me I might as well relax and enjoy it.

So I did just that, which meant I pretty much pestered Tom when he was home. The periods when he was gone for days at a time on jobs were the worst, though.

It was during that time when I met David, the man I wrote about that was so badly handicapped. I broke all the rules of my profession and my own personal boundries, touched him intimately.

That was difficult for me, probably more so than it was for David. I knew what I had to do, I needed to find someone else to deal with the situation. One of the other women that I worked with was named Janice, I pulled some strings and got her assigned to him. She was his age and quite attractive.

Janice was no fool, she knew a catch when she saw it, three months later I stood by her side as she and David married. David came up to me afterwards, and kissed me on the cheek, saying thank you. He had a bit of a tear in his eye, so did I, I guess.

I went back to my life, all of that had been a moment. I even told my Tom about it, it actually seemed to excite him. Since that did seem to excite him, I added more than actually happened between David and I.

I did make one mistake, saying that David had reached out and touched my breasts. Of course he hadn't, he didn't have any arms. I hesitated, waiting for Tom to pick up on my lie, he didn't seem to even notice it.

I used the stories to good effect, Tom responded nicely. But then Tom never did have any shortage in the virility department, what he lacked in size he more than made up for in firmness.

I spent a lot of time and effort to shamelessly tease Tom, I wore skimpy clothing around the house and did everything I could think of to get him going.

For several weeks things came very close to being just fine. Then a man named Brad that Tom contracted with for finish work came out for dinner. I spotted instantly that he walked oddly. Tom explained later that Brad had an artificial leg.

I just nodded, that made sense and explained the strange manner of walking.

"Brad sure is a good looking guy, isn't he?" Tom asked me.

I just nodded, Brad was that, of course.

"I know how much you like working with handicapped people." Tom said.

"It's just part of my job, dealing with people with concerns." I was wondering what he meant.

"Well, you sure enjoyed working with that David guy." Tom told me, a silly grin on his face.

"Yes, I suppose." I was ready to change the subject and mercifully he let it slide.

About a week later Tom called me in mid afternoon, explaining that he and Brad would be working on a bid they needed to get in early the next morning so Brad would just stay overnight.

So I got the spare bedroom freshened up, put on sheets and bedding and ready. We never used it much, didn't even go in there in fact so things got dusty.

Then I went in and began a nice dinner. I had a nagging suspicion in the back of my mind. I knew Tom had fantasies but other than a few times he never really pushed me much on any of them.

Tom and Brad came in an hour or so later and went straight to the living room. They sat there and added up figures on materials and other costs. Then we all sat around the table and ate, they discussed more figures the entire time. I just listened idly, not really paying attention. Later they went into the living room again as I cleaned up.

My ears perked up when I heard my name mentioned. Tom said something about how much weight I had lost and Brad was agreeing. Then Brad told Tom how lucky he was, but their voices dropped and I couldn't get all of it. I went into our bedroom and changed from my blouse and blue jeans into a simple housedress that buttoned up at the top, it was comfortable to lounge around in. I didn't put on a bra out of habit, I never wore one around the house any more anyway. The truth is I never even thought about it.

Then I went in to join them, bringing along some glasses of wine.

We all sat around and sipped, the wine was good and my belly was full, I felt myself begin to doze. I woke up some time later with a start, feeling slightly flushed at falling asleep in front of a guest.

Tom and Brad were both just sitting there looking at me. I was slightly confused for a moment, then I realized that the top of my dress was unbuttoned.

I quickly grabbed at the cloth and pulled it closed.

"Tom! What did you do?" I accused.

"Relax, honey, it's OK. I was just telling Brad how pretty you are."

I just looked at him in surprise, Tom had never done anything like this before. He had hinted around, asked me to dress sexy and things like that but to just take advantage to expose me like that was way out of line.

"Damn it, that isn't funny!" I protested.

"Oh it's all right honey, you are beautiful and Brad doesn't mind. Do you, Brad?"

I looked at Brad and he looked mildly uncomfortable, but he was staring at my chest where I held the top together.

I got up and went into our bedroom, closed the door.

"Damn him!" I thought.

I sat there on the bed thinking. Tom had undone the buttons on my top while I dozed, he had actually deliberately exposed my breasts to a guy who really was almost a stranger.

Was that what he wanted from me? I wondered.

I got even more angry, I decided to fix him. I pulled the dress over my head, reached into my drawer and got that tiny little red panty out. I took off my white ones and put on the red one, then looked at myself in the mirror.

I just walked back out into the living room and sat down. It was Tom's turn to be surprised, he sat there with his mouth open. Brad's face was flushed, he had the same shocked expression on his face, too. Neither one of them said a single word.

"Well? Is this what you wanted?" I asked.

"Honey, I..." Tom squirmed in his seat, he knew I was pissed off.

"You were sure right, she is gorgeous!" Brad finally said to Tom.

"Why thank you, Brad. I am glad you like me." I put my hands under my breasts and lifted them, letting them drop. He just grinned some more.

"Maybe you should go put your dress back on?" Tom said.

"No, I am perfectly comfortable just like this!" I said, stretching my legs out. I knew my dark bush showed clearly through the sheer material, my lips covered barely by the tiny shadow panel.

I saw Brad's eyes drop down as I stretched. Tom reached for a cigarette, he only smoked when he was very nervous or working hard on a bid for a job.

"Besides, you obviously wanted Brad to see me, so now he can." I stood up smiling, looked right at Brad. Then I reached down and slid the panty down my legs, stepped out of them.

Brad was grinning ear to ear now. I turned around, slowly bent over to pick the panty up off the floor, giving Brad a solid peek between my legs from behind. I grinned at Tom, then went back to our bedroom. I closed the door, then took a shower and went to bed.

I could hear them talking in the other room but I couldn't make out the words. The conversation seemed animated. I felt myself dozing off, but woke back up when Tom came in and slid into bed beside me. He reached out and stroked my side but I kept my back to him.

"Sally? I never dreamed you would do anything like that." He said.

"Well, it was what you seemed to want." I answered.

"OK. That's all right. I was just thinking..."

"Thinking what?"

"Maybe you could..you know?"

"Maybe I could what?" I asked again.

"Well. Go in and...Take care of Brad?" Tom seemed hesitant.

I rolled over and looked at him.

"So that is what you want? You want me to go in and fuck Brad? Is that it?"

"I was just thinking..Maybe spice up our sex life a little?"

Spice it up? For weeks I had been doing everything I could think of to do exactly that.

"Tom, I am not going to go fuck your friends!"

"Oh. Well. It's up to you of course." He reached around and fondled one of my breasts, I knew he wanted to make love now.

I rolled back over, ignoring his efforts. Tom finally gave up and lay back. Soon I heard his soft snores. I lay there for a long time, thinking.

I was putting the last suitcase into my van when Tom came out the next morning.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"I am going home, Tom."

"Sally, no! Please? I am sorry, I won't..."

"Tom. I can't take any more of this, I don't belong here. You need a different kind of woman than me."

"Sally, please?"

I got into the van and started the engine. I saw Tom was still standing there as I drove down the driveway. I stopped at the gate down by the highway and thought for a long time. Then I put the van into gear and drove on.

I was back to Portland in 4 hours. I called a friend I knew from the clinic I used to work at. I asked her if I could stay for a few days while I sorted things out, she said sure and she would be happy to see me.

It only took me a couple of weeks to find a little house out in east county, there were lots of choices. It even had a small garage, Tom gave up quickly on the Corvette since I had the same lawyer I used before. I just let them sort out the details, it didn't take long. Tom ended up making me monthly payments on the ranch at the coast, I didn't even ask for anything else.

I also applied at the clinic and was hired instantly. Not at my old job but back to dealing with clients. I knew I could do that and with turnover high, one day I would get my old job back if not a better one.

Tom called several times, begging me to come back. Finally the calls slowed down, and then they stopped. I even got a call from Brad, asking me for a date. I have no idea how he got my phone number. I turned him down, he never called again.

I was thumbing through the newspaper ads several months later and saw the photo. My old house, the one I had inherited from my friend Lee when she died.

I bought it, for quite a bit less than I had sold it for. It seemed that the real estate market was down, I really hadn't been paying attention to that.

It was like the sun came out the day I walked into the living room out there. I really did love the place, it was home.

I just rented out the other little house I had purchased, no point in trying to sell it they told me.

I was home! Full circle. I looked at the piles of boxes, it was going to take me some time to sort it all out. I went into the kitchen, picked up the mail. The big brown envelope sat there, the green tag on it where I had signed for it.

I knew what that was, a huge check. It came every year and would for another decade or so. The check was from the Casino win I had inherited from Lee, also. As I was looking at it, the phone rang and I answered.

It was Terry, the real estate agent I had met when doing the house deal. At 42 and single, Terry is a nice looking man. We already went out a couple of times and had fun, getting to know each other. Conversation with him is easy, we even dance together well.

Sex? I have been in the mood, but Terry hasn't asked yet. Maybe tonight, who knows?

Maybe. Maybe I will ask him?

I am Sally. I am alive.

Full circle, I am home.

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by Anonymous

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by 266xxyz04/11/18

Ended a little briskly

Not a bad follow-up. I would have liked to hear her thinking about disengaging with Tom rho. Had a wife like that once. We traveled the world, almost lost our lives a couple of times back to back. more...

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