tagFetishA Marriage on the Rocks

A Marriage on the Rocks


Ok I'm going to start out by saying that this a story inspired by events that occurred during the end of my marriage, but by no means did any of this occur, but its an interesting adventure....all characters are 18 or older.


Dale had just arrived home from work when Olivia exited the laundry room and kissed him sweetly on the lips. "How was your day, baby?"

Dale sighed, "More of the same old shit."

"Well, I'm going to make sure that you forget all about work by the time this night is over," Olivia promised with a smile that Dale knew meant she was horny.

"That's why I love you so much. You know just what I need," Dale said heading toward the bedroom.

"Yes, I know what you need and tonight you're going to get more than you can imagine," Olivia said following her husband down the hall.

"I'm going to take a quick shower," Dale said, as the computer on the desk in the corner dinged indicating a message received on Yahoo Messenger. He stopped and looked at Olivia and said, "Again? Baby, can you go a day without going onto that thing?"

Olivia batted her eyelashes and said, "I was just chatting with some friends." She knew her husband and batting her eyelashes always made him cave in.

"Ok," Dale responded before he entered the bathroom.

As the door to the bathroom closed, Olivia shot any icy cold stare at the door, "God, your an idiot," she whispered.

While Dale was in the shower, Olivia dressed in a hot little red dress over her sexy black lingerie. She also took the opportunity to adjust the webcam and made sure it was pointed toward the bed. Once it was she allowed all her Messenger friends to access the video feed and typed in the words "Show time!" Then she turned the monitor off knowing it wouldn't affect the video feed she wanted people to see. She then busied herself lighting candles, there were at least 25 candles, she wanted atmosphere and clear viewing of what was going on in the room.

Dale opened the bathroom door a few minutes later and walked into the bedroom with a towel around his waist. Looking at the candlelight he smiled. Just then Olivia walked back into the room with two glasses of wine and handed Dale one of them. He took a drink of the wine and said, "You look fucking hot in that dress!"

Olivia looked in the mirror her red hair hit her in the middle of her back, the dress showed off her firm 36 DD tits to the fullest with a liberal amount of cleavage on display, and it also displayed her large firm rounded ass. The only part she wasn't happy about was weight, she wanted to shed a few pounds. She still looked very hot. She turned seductively toward her husband, "You like my body, don't you, baby?"

"Yes," Dale said as he took a step back.

"Does my body make your cock hard?"

"It does," Dale said as the back of his knees came in contact with the computer chair.

"Take off that towel let me see that stiff fucking cock," Olivia said with a husky lilt in her voice. As she reached him Dale took the towel off leaving him nude and hard before his sexy fully dressed wife. She grabbed his cock and moved in and kissed him on the neck, then she whispered in his ear, "Sit down, I want to tie you to the chair again!"

Dale obliged, remembering that she had tied him to the chair three months ago, and had given him a mind blowing orgasm. Once he was sitting down his skinny 5 & 1/2 inch cock stuck straight up into the air. Olivia smiled up at him and then opened her mouth and bobbed up and down on his cock several times, as she took some rope she had placed beside the chair and tied her husband's legs to the bottom of the chair, then she stopped sucking and began to tie his wrists the arms of the chair.

Dale tested his bonds and knew he was at her mercy. He looked at Olivia and said, "Um, baby, can you loosen this up some, I can't get loose with the ropes this tight?"

"I don't want you to get loose though," Olivia said as she leaned over at the waist and grabbed her husband's stiff cock and started stroking it. "That would ruin all my fun."

"Oh, shit," Dale moaned, because of his wife's talented fingers.

Olivia stopped and kissed her husband's lips, "Don't cum yet, you will miss all the fun." Just then a loud knock came to the front door. "I think we have company," she said getting up and starting toward the bedroom door.

"Jesus," Dale whined. "Untie me, baby!"

Olivia smiled, "No, I want you right where you are." Then she walked down the hall and Dale heard her open the front door. He then heard her talking to someone but couldn't tell what was being said. Then he heard male voices and his stiff cock rapidly began to deflate. His horror increased when he heard them walking toward the bedroom, it was clear from the voices that there were two men accompanying his wife to the bedroom.

"I'm back, baby," Olivia said as she entered the room with two men her. She stopped and turned to face her restrained naked husband and placed her right arm around the neck of a short stocky white man, while the large black man stepped around to her left side and reached out and began to knead one of Olivia's tits.Oo

"What in the hell is this all about?" Dale asked sounding angry.

"I want to introduce you to my boyfriend of the last eight months, David. This awesome physical black specimen of pure man is, Darren," Olivia said before she turned toward David and they shared a long passionate kiss. As her and David broke the kiss, Darren put his hand under Olivia's chin and turned her toward him and then he kissed her passionately as well.

Dale's cock at that point had shrunk so much it seemed to be trying to crawl inside him. Darren noticed the very small cock of the man tied to the chair and laughed at him. "Olivia, I don't know if he will be able to do a damn thing for you," Darren told her.

"He won't have to be able to," Olivia said with a cold look at Dale. "I want a divorce!"

"What?" Dale sobbed, tears forming in his eyes. "Why? Don't I do enough for you?"

Olivia laughed at him, "Dale, you don't do any fucking thing! On Sundays all you do is watch racing or football, which means you're ignoring me! Damn it I deserve to be treated like a queen, and you aren't doing it!" While she had been talking Darren had lifted the front of her dress and moved her thong panties to the side and was working his thick index finger deep inside her, making her pussy dripping wet. Dale was amazed she never wore thongs. She moaned as she spread her legs wider and from the movements of David it was obvious he was playing with her asshole. She said with panting breath, "I think this way, you will see that, I'm totally serious. Hell, look how pathetic you are, sitting there crying with your little cock as limp as it can be! You're good with your tongue, but a girl wants a nice cock too...hell, I got two nice cocks that you get to watch me with, Dale!"

"No, Olivia, please, don't do this, I can change! I'll be what you want me to be," Dale cried tears streaking down his face.

"I've heard enough of his shit! Boys, get this thong off and I'll gag his mouth with it," Olivia said causing Darren and David both to laugh. They wasted no time in yanking the thong down her legs until they ended up at her feet. She picked them up and walked to her husband who was babbling incoherently with tears nearly obscuring his vision completely. "Lean your head back and open your mouth," she ordered. With the chair set at its lowest point, she was able to spread her legs and plant her wet pussy right on Dale's open mouth.

"Lick my pussy, little dick," Olivia screamed as she straddled Dale's face. Dale resigned to his fate showed that he was very good with his tongue, as in less than a minute Olivia began to orgasm on his tongue. The moment that he was finished and she regained the strength in her legs she climbed off Dale and held his head back using her hand on his forehead. She then jammed the panties into Dale's wide open mouth. She slid a drawer open and grabbed a roll of duct tape and used that to secure the panties in Dale's mouth. "Now, watch and learn," Olivia said as she walked back to where David and Darren were standing at.

David reached down and grabbed the back part of Olivia's dress, Darren grabbed the front part and ripped it apart. David knelt down and stuck a finger deep inside Olivia's soaking wet pussy. While David was fingering her, she reached behind her and grabbed Darren's crotch and began to stroke his massive cock. She pulled away from David's finger and got down on her knees. No words were needed, both men undid their pants and lowered them until their impressive cocks were within Olivia's reach. David's erect cock was 9 inches long and 5 1/2 inches around, Darren's ebony cock was a very impressive monster, it was 11 1/2 inches long and it was 7 inches around. Olivia was unable to get her fingers to meet around either of the impressive cocks.

Once each man's cock was fully erect, she turned around and began to lick Darren' s massive cock. She was finally able to get the head into her mouth, Darren moaned as she worked her tongue on the mushroom head of his cock. In the meantime, David worked his cock into Olivia's juicy pussy.

"God damn, that's tight fucking pussy," David exclaimed as he began working faster and harder. Olivia grunted which was all she could do with a large cock in her mouth. David then looked over to where Dale was still tied to the chair, and noticed that the man's penis had become semi erect. He also noted that although tears were still running down his face, Dale was no longer struggling against his bonds.

Olivia pulled Darren's giant tool from her mouth and said to him, " Put that damn giant cock up my nasty fucking ass! I always wanted Dale to do it, but if I whimpered he lost his hard on!" She looked over at Dale and saw his cock was almost fully erect and said, "By the look of your cock, I'd say you are hoping to watch me get my ass fucked by a big black cock." She reached under the bed and pulled out some lube, she handed it to Darren. She told David to lay back on the bed so she could suck his cock while Darren was fucking her ass.

Darren walked over behind Olivia who bent over the bed as as she took David's hard cock into her mouth. Darren reached down and slapped Olivia's ass and used his other hand to lube up her asshole using a huge amount of lube. He then reached down grabbed a handful of her red hair and pulled back, which caused her mouth to lift off David's cock. "This is gonna hurt like hell at first, but as soon as you get used to it, it's gonna feel fucking amazing!"

Olivia looked at Dale, "Hear that, baby, I'm gonna get ass fucked by a cock twice the size of yours!" Then Darren released her hair and began to work his cock into her asshole very slowly, Olivia cried out in pain as Darren worked the first few inches into her. After that happened she stuffed David's cock into her mouth.

While watching all of this, Dale felt the unmistakable onset of an orgasm. He began to thrash against the ropes, he cried out into his wife's panties that were stuffed in his mouth. Then to his shame and humiliation, his cock erupted. He shot a massive load, that landed on his chest and stomach. Olivia, Darren, and David were all looking and laughing at Dale who hung his head in shame.

A few minutes later, Olivia cried out as she began to have an anal orgasm for the first time in her life. Her orgasm triggered Darren's and he roared as his streaming hot jism flooded into Olivia's bowels. Olivia groaned as that was something she had never felt before, but it wasnt entirely unpleasant.

David then said, "I'm gonna fucking cum right down you fucking throat!" He began to shudder and grabbed hold of Olivia's head with both hands and started to shoot a large load of cum down Olivia's throat but the load was so large it filled up her mouth and began to over flow her mouth. As it ran out of her mouth it dripped out onto the bed beneath her. Once David released her head, Darren pulled his huge cock out of her ass. Olivia collapsed to the bed and sighed in contentment and winced at the pain in her asshole.

It took a while but once everyone was cleaned up, except for Dale, the three gathered around him and Olivia knelt down and said, "Dale, it really is over." Darren untied one of his hands and Olivia handed him the divorce papers and without protest, he signed them. He didn't care what they said he just wanted out. He had seen his wife get anally fucked and found out she had been cheating on him. Plus, he had an orgasm without touching his cock in front of his wife and her two lovers. He just wanted her away from him, forever. The humiliation alone made him want to die.

Two days later, Dale moved away and didn't return until the court date for the divorce.

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