tagGroup SexA Married Couple and Another Guy

A Married Couple and Another Guy


Cindie was a coworker of mine. We had worked together for several years, passing hallways, attending meetings, without much. Or so I thought. It all started when I realized that I needed to open up to people more. I found her to be a great listener and someone who wanted to hear what I had to say. It also helped that she was a tan, fit, 5 foot 6 inch gorgeous 50-something MILF with big tits, a hot set of hips, and with a personality that always wanted to talk, often about sex. She had hips you could grab when fucking deep, shoulder length golden hair, shapely legs, a cute stomach for a 55 year old, and a butt made for pumping. We used to meet and talk about life, our emotions, and sometimes the conversation would turn to blowjobs, sex with guys, cumming, and being in love.

One afternoon, when nobody was around at work, she asked me, "would you ever have an affair?" I said, "with you, I would."

Little did I know how this would change my life.

She invited me to her house the next night. Specifically to her hot tub. Her husband was away, though she claimed that wouldn't have mattered anyway. Cindie liked white wine, and when I showed up at her doorstep with a bottle of it, she kissed me. Long and deep, her tongue swirling around mine. I could taste her wine on her breath and imagined her sucking cock and more. She was wearing a sexy nightgown, with a halter top, and it ended above the knees. We went to her hot tub. I won't bore you with details except that she swallowed my cum, I tasted it in her mouth afterwards, and I fucked her so hard in that hot tub. And I somehow drove home afterwards. But before I left, she told me she wanted me to be with her and her husband, Bill, at the same time next time.

That kind of thought was something I'd always dreamed of, but been afraid to ask about. So, I wasn't going to complain. And two weeks later, I found myself at her doorstep again. This time, both Bill and her opened the door. He was only wearing underwear, she was only wearing a bra and panties. They were black, with wide straps, and they clung to her. She looked like she had been sweating.

I wont' bore you with too much. We had a few drinks yes. But then, Cindie told me that she wanted me and her husband together. And Bill said that it it was "her turn" so yes, that's what we'd do.

I couldn't help it. I started kissing her, even in front of Bill. We really deeply kissed. Her mouth was warm, her tongue was soft and it made all sorts of connections with mine inside our mouths. Cindie's bra was still on but her panties no longer were; she was sitting upright, and sitting on top of Bill. I looked down, and could see her grinding back and forth on his face. And she grabbed me by the back of my neck and caressed it as we started kissing again. This time, our tongues were even deeper together.

Something instinctively told me to stand up, and I did. And I grabbed the back of her head and made her open her mouth and start to suck my cock. When I mean suck my cock, I mean she was sucking on it. Her lips would go to the base of my cock and glide back to the head, sucking on it, her teeth barely touching the skin on my cock. She would occasionally stop near the base and just suck on it.

Meanwhile, I could see and somehow sense her hips grinding back and forth on Bill's mouth. I knew she came when she grabbed my ass, jammed my cock deeper in her throat, and moaned, all the while pushing down on Bill's mouth. I imagined his tongue was really working hard on her clit.

A strange thing then happened. She got off Bill's face and moved away from kissing me and started deeply kissing her husband, as he stood up. He had her cum all over his face but still they deeply kissed. They were standing together, right in front of me. I wanted that for myself. To be that free someday with my loved one.

Cindie told me to lie down, on my back. I did, and she started riding me with her pussy. It ws so hot and wet, and I could her it gurgling me, as she bucked her hips forward and back. She was riding me cowgirl. And I looked up and saw Bill's cock enter her mouth. It was so hot seeing this, hearing this, smelling this. I'm fucking this beautiful 55 year old MILF and seeing her deeply suck a cock right above me at the same time. Her eyes closed, and I could tell she was trying to please her husband, and open her lower lip and jaw so he could fuck her mouth in and out.

I felt alive, more than I ever had been, when she started riding me cowgirl. I could feel her pussy on my cock, so hot and so wet when she started to rock her hips back and forth on me. Not up and down like so many young girls do, but grinding back and forth, with hips that were wider than most young girls, hips that begged to be grabbed.

I was looking up to kiss her neck, to lick her tits. But before I could, I saw Bill's hands on the back of her head, forcing her mouth onto his cock. He was standing above me, in front of her, and had handfuls of her hair and pulled her head forward. She struggled, on purpose but opened her mouth. He thrust in, hard, and she gagged. I could tell she liked it though, because I felt her pussy squeeze my cock. And I began to look down towards her pussy and it was still grinding. I heard another gagging sound and looked up. Bill's cock was pumping in and out of her mouth, balls deep. He had both hands on the back of her head, forcing her mouth to take all this cock in. I could see his cock's shape in her throat, I could hear her moan and grunt and gag. And her spit and his pre-cum were dripping down from her lips, onto my chin and neck each time he thrust in and pulled out.

He wasn't letting her use her arms to do anything more than grab onto his legs. I kept seeing the head of his cock enter her mouth and dive down her throat, hearing her gag, and feeling the spit and pre-cum fall from her mouth on me. All the while, she ground back and forth, though not as hard or deep as she had been before he started to face fuck her.

I remember how hot it became. She had beads of sweat between her tits and hers and my pubic areas were sweaty and her pussy juice was mixed in with that sweat. I remember smelling her pussy, smelling her perfume mixed with sweat, smelling his balls and cock as it went in and out of her mouth. It was overwhelming. After several minutes of that, I had to look away or I'd get overpowered by what I was feeling, seeing, hearing, and smelling.

She was always gorgeous at work walking down the hallways but she was absolutely beyond hot with my cock in her pussy and her hubby's cock pumping her mouth. I was about to suck on her tits when he started to yell and I knew he was going to cum. She moaned really deeply, from her chest, almost from the heart. I saw her tits heave when she did that. And then he came, hard. He had his hands on the back of her head and wouldn't let her mouth get away. He came with his cock half-way down her throat and she gagged, big time. He came a lot, and the cum started dripping out of the corners of her mouth. She couldn't help it. She was trying to swallow as much as she could, and I saw a lot go down her throat. I could see her swallowing it, because I was underneath her throat. He finally pulled out so she could breath. She gasped, cum falling from her lips onto my neck and chest. Before she could catch her breath fully, he yanked her head back so her face pointed up and kissed her hard.

I almost came myself seeing all this.

After he kissed her he said, "I'll be right back." Cindie almost collapsed on me and her hands grabbed the back of my neck. She had stopped riding me; I could tell she needed a breather. I felt her big titties on my chest, and the sweat between them on me. She was saying "did you like that, honey? Could you see him fuck my mouth? Could you see his cock in my throat?"

I said "yes, I saw it. I loved it. .." and before I could say more, she said "prove it!" and started deeply kissing me. I could taste his cum on her tongue as it swirled around mine. I could sense how tired her jaw and lips were. But still, she deeply kissed me. Her tongue kept swirling around mine, licking my tongue inside my mouth. Now I know why he came so hard in her mouth; she was an expert with that tongue.

She got off me and said "I'll be right back sweetie." When she came back, she had a drink for me, for Bill, and for herself. It was the darndest thing. She let both of us take one, and Bill oh so gently kissed her softly, in the same mouth moments before he had been fucking and came in really hard. He gently thanked her, in a low voice, and she said "you're welcome babe." She caressed his arm and said "now give me more."

Next thing I know, she gets on her back, missionary, with Bill long and slowly pounding her. I loved seeing her tits move to the rhythm of his thrusts. She must have noticed because she turned her head at me and said "come fuck my titties honey." Bill straightened his back so I could climb on top of her chest. At first I had my cock between her tits, towards her face. But she said "no honey, reverse it."I got off her and turned around, my cock now pumping between her tits. I felt her hands grabbing my ass every once in a while. After a few minutes, she said "honey, pull all the way back." I was almost all the way back, the tip of my cock not really between her titties anymore, when I felt her tongue lick my ass. It felt so good. I couldn't help it, I didn't move. And she shoved her tongue even deeper in there. This must have excited Bill because he started fucking her harder. She had that low deep moan again and I felt her hands clamp on my upper thighs and felt her tongue just thrust deep in my ass. I couldn't believe how good it felt to have her warm wet tongue in there.

I came. All over her neck and upper parts of her tits. And then I realized she had come too, and that explained her tongue thrusts.

We took a break. We had to. It was so intense. We finished our drinks; all 3 of us naked, with cum on our bodies mixed with sweat. We were sitting on the bed together, close by each other. I asked them, "how are you able to do all this and do you ever get jealous?" They both laughed and said, "we love each other and because we do, we can do this, and it just makes us want to fuck each other harder." Cindie said, "see, watch." And she started to kiss me, deeply, slowly. I saw her right hand grab Bill's cock and start to stroke it, gently and then harder, slowly by slowly harder. She eventually stopped kissing me, and asked us both, "did you like that?" I said "yes" and Bill just grabbed her head, hard, and kissed her hard. He wouldn't even allow her to kiss him back. Then he told her "suck his dick!"

She bent down and started to suck my cock. Her tongue swirled around it. I leaned back and just watched her at work. Unlike Bill's blowjob, where he controlled it, I let her take charge. I was sitting but leaning back, and she was on her hands and knees between my legs. I could see her tongue on the bottom of my cock, using it to glide up and down. I was hearing her breath in and out huskily, and started to pump my hips up and down a little bit. Then I stopped looking at her mouth because I could see Bill behind her. I thought he was going to fuck her doggie but he had a bottle of lube in his left hand and then saw his right hand fingers caressing Cindie's ass. She groaned slightly when his fingers went in her butt. The feeling must have overwhelmed her, and for the first time I saw her lose concentration. She stopped sucking my dick, put her head down and moaned "oh Bill, oh yes, yes, yes." He kept fingering her and I saw him put his index and middle finger in there.

After a few minutes, he asked her "you want your DP, baby?" She had a look on her face, like an animal almost, when a girl animal needs something, like when she hasn't eaten and is hungry. She said "I need that now, I want it!"

I knew what to do. I got on my back, and Cindie mounted me, cowgirl style. She started grinding me a bit, and Bill teased her by standing over me again, his cock going to her mouth. She slurped it twice but then said "no, I want my DP now, baby! You promised me!"

Bill walked behind her and put his hand on her back, pushing her down on my chest. Her head nested against my cheek. I felt her big tits squashed against my chest again. She was breathing faster. I stopped moving so Bill could anal her. I gently turned to kiss her and could tell she was so locked into feeling Bill's cock go inside her ass. Her eyes were shut. At that moment, his cock pushed into her. Her eyes winced shut and her nails dug into my shoulder. She cried out in both pain and pleasure and then pushed out a deep breath. I could feel the head of Bill's cock push into her, at the base of my own cock. It was incredible. So much pressure, and so hot, and so tight. I looked at Cindie and gently kissed her cheek.

Bill slowly inched his cock deeper into her ass until both of us were deep inside her. We stayed like that for a minute and then slowly began to pump back and forth. As she got used to both cocks in her, Cindie's nails stopped digging into me, and she started to breath more normally. She grunted deeply, like an animal. She moaned "help me, Bill" and immediately he grabbed her hair and yanked it hard, and up. Her neck pitched up and backward and then to the side as he leaned down, his head near hers. She cried out just a moment before he kissed her hard, his tongue pushing deep in her mouth as his cock pushed even deeper in her ass, it rubbing hard against mine, separated only by thin membranes from my cock in her pussy.

That hard kiss triggered her to start to fuck. She rocked back and forth, actually too much because I slipped out. I quickly put my cock back in her pussy and grabbed her by the back of her shoulders so she couldn't move so much. I wanted her to be a piece of meat in our sandwich, just taking our cocks hard inside her like a sexy whore. She must have sensed my feeling because she stopped trying to rock back and forth and put her hands behind by neck, gently grabbing the back of my head. She placed her head to the right of mine and stopped moving, basically taking our thrusts without moving, laying there, getting double penetrated, crying out with each thrust.

The sensations were incredible. I was feeling our cocks rub against each other inside this hot older woman who knew how to fuck. I could feel her tits pounding down into my chest from her husband's thrusts into her ass. I heard Bill grunt harder and harder. I heard Cindie moan like an animal, deeply from her chest. I heard her ankle and wrist bracelets jingle from the thrusts. Even when getting double penetrated, her necklace and bracelets gave her a sense of class. We fucked like this for 10 minutes. Thankfully we had all come earlier so we could delay and enjoy this one.

But then I started to feel my cum well in my balls. And Bill must have felt his own too. And of course Cindie was so tuned into our bodies, that she felt our bodies change, and she knew what was about to happen. She was nearly screaming because I had stopped moving my cock until the base was all the way in, and I moved her by the shoulders a bit, until the base of my cock rested near the top of her pussy, at her clit, stretching out her pussy to that spot. Bill's thrusts in her ass pushed her pussy down on my cock, on onto her clit, and she came, harder than anything earlier. Her pussy squeezed me, her nails dug into me, and she even bit my ear lobe. I loved it. I was so close to coming.

Then Bill put one hand under her left shoulder, one hand around her throat, and pushed in deeper than he had the whole time, his cock deep to the balls in her ass. She cried out in pain and pleasure and he cried out as he came. I felt him cum in her ass. It was incredible. Like a vice grip of heat, with cum on the other side where my own cock was. The only thing tighter would have been if we'd both been in her pussy. For Cindie, I could only imagine her sensations. She must have felt like a piece of meat in a sandwich, and she must have loved it. I came right after that and she just whimpered when I did.

We stayed like that for several minutes, together inside her. Our hearts were beating too fast to just quit.

When Bill pulled out, it felt so empty. When Cindie got off me, it felt even more lonely. They must have known what this was like though because immediately Cindie lied down between Bill and I. Us guys were on our sides facing her and she was on her back. We rested, and started talking. It felt like we weren't really saying anything, it felt like being high. But I do remember just worshiping the sight of Cindie's used and sexy milf body lying there between us, glistening with sweat, smelling like sperm, leftover cum on her tits, and with a big smile on her face And then she said something that snapped me back to reality.

"Honey, we often have sex with a younger girl in her 30s. She does group sex, she is uninhibited, and she's cute like you. We want you to meet her because we think you'd like her and you'd make a cute couple. And the four of us can fuck together."

That is going to be part 2 of this story.

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