tagBDSMA Master Talks Ch. 02

A Master Talks Ch. 02


As humans we are all different, but there are generalities that apply to enough people to make them worthwhile general principles which will be beneficial if applied wherever possible and appropriate.

The generalities that concern me here are that men are naturally dominant over women in their sexual relations and that women like to submit to men who are strong enough to take them. The press are reporting that after forty years of Women's Liberation women are no happier. Women have just as much right as men to have careers, take part in politics and do whatever else they want. The problem is that women have a natural urge to be be protected and have the security they need to bring up children. Men have a natural need to compete and then enjoy what they have secured in their 'hunt'.

The solution is straightforward. We must recognise that all human beings have an equal right to choose the lives that suit them and then government and society must stop trying to tell people what to do in their private and personal lives. I am entirely happy to answer to a woman boss at work, but my woman is at her most beautiful naked, on her knees and with my prick in her mouth as she looks up at me with loving eyes. She is filled with joy when I take her head in my hands and fuck her throat. When I cum she shows me her mouthful before swallowing it all down. Does she like the taste? I don't know; I don't ask her. What she does like a great deal is to please me. She swallows my cum every day of her life and you do not dislike things which you have so often.

My wife gets a firm maintenance spanking at least once a week and if she displeases me in any way I give her a punishment spanking with a cane, crop, whip or paddle. She cries when she has been punished and it hurts her, but she is never permanently damaged by it and when she has finished thanking me for her correction she always cuddles up to feel the warmth of my love and to relax in the security that I give to her. She knows that whatever she might do to upset me, and she really doesn't do much, it will be dealt with right away and then forgotten. I value her beyond anything else in the world and I will never leave her or reject her. By satisfying the needs given to us by our hormones we are both very happy and fulfilled in the love of each other.

Although the relationship I have described is entirely natural, it is necessary for people to be trained and conditioned to want and accept natural things. A normally modest woman may well feel shyness at being naked before her new husband and she may feel even more awkward about presenting herself to him so that he can enjoy her sexually or discipline her. The new wife should be shown how to present herself naked to her husband and be required to do it at least daily.

When it comes to sucking a cock in a way that gives the greatest pleasure or taking its full length into her throat, these things take thorough training and plenty of practice. Similarly with fucking her ass or having her give you a good rimming there will be a need to develop her physical capabilities and to remove any reticence she may have grown up with.

My nephew Denis is twenty years old and he was born with Downs Syndrome. Like many people with his condition Denis is a friendly and pleasant guy. A short while ago my sister was greatly embarrassed when her next door neighbour told her that she felt she could no longer sunbathe in her back yard because when she did Denis looked at her from his bedroom window and wanked himself off. I sympathised with her and said that I would talk to Denis. He has sexual needs and you can't do anything about that so I resolved to try to find a way to help him understand that he could get relief without causing problems for his mother.

I asked Denis if he would like to come out for a ride in the car with me. He loves going out so he didn't take any persuading, especially as he knew his Mum wasn't pleased with him. While we were driving we discussed how he liked ladies and told him that he should only play with his dick or get it out with a lady who wanted him to do it. He got a bit upset because he thought he was in trouble again. Then I asked him if he would like a lady he could touch without her clothes on. Very excitedly he said that he would.

We drove to my place. When we got indoors I called Wendy over and she welcomed Denis. I explained to her that Denis was feeling unhappy and we were going to help him. I told her to go to the bedroom and present herself. There was a momentary glance of surprise towards me and Denis, but she said nothing and didn't delay.

I got Denis a Coke from the fridge and sat him down.

"Auntie Wendy would like you to touch her and she will do things to make you feel happy. It is allowed with Auntie Wendy and you won't get into any trouble at all. Do you understand?"

Denis nodded, but he looked as though he was still out of favour.

Denis finished his Coke and enough time had passed for Wendy to prepare.

"Come on Denis."

When I opened the bedroom door and showed him in, Wendy was kneeling, naked and with her knees apart. She had her hands clasped behind her head. On the bed were her correction implements laid out in a line.

Denis stood with his mouth open. I started to take off my clothes and told Denis to do the same. He looked at Wendy and then me.

"It's OK Denis. Get your clothes off. With Auntie Wendy it is allowed."

"Wendy. Tell Denis that he can do whatever I tell him to with you."

"Yes Master. Yes Denis I am yours to use however your uncle wishes."

Seeing me naked with my prick rampant Denis started taking off his clothes. As he was pulling things off in shaky excitement I took Wendy by the hair and pushed my prick into her mouth.

Denis was beside me as I started fucking her face.

"Would you like to feel Auntie Wendy's tits and pussy?"

"Yes Uncle."

"Go on then. Suck and lick them if you want to."

He needed no more invitation. Doubts and inhibitions had gone now. While I continued to pump into her mouth and throat, Denis slobbered over her tits and then dived his face into her wet cunt. When I was feeling close to cumming I told Denis to get up and watch. I took out my prick and shot a large load into Wendy's open mouth.

"See that in her mouth Denis? That's where you put yours too. We don't want any on the floor or over your clothes. You be nice and tidy and make sure it goes into Auntie Wendy's mouth."

"OK swallow."

She gulped down the mouthful then put out her tongue showing an empty mouth.

Denis was playing with himself and his good sized prick was standing very firmly to attention.

"Are you ready to put it in her mouth?

He didn't answer. He walked shyly towards Wendy still wanking slowly. I took her head and pushed her face onto him. As she started to suck I took Denis's hand and placed it on the back of her head.

"Do you put it in a lady's mouth?" Said Denis

"If she wants you to. You can put yours into Auntie Wendy's mouth whenever you want to. Do you like it?

"Yes Uncle. It's warm and it tingles."

"Good. Push it in as hard as you like and keep it there until you fill her mouth with cream like I did."

I didn't need to say any more. He was already groaning. He pulled her nose hard into his pubic bone and spasmed.

Denis went and sat on the bed smiling as I had never seen him smile before. I picked up a long, leather paddle and Wendy immediately put her forehead on the carpet and thrust her ass high.

"If Auntie Wendy ever hurts your dick with her teeth or doesn't please you properly, this is what you do."

I gave her three hard strokes with the paddle across both buttocks. The cheeks reddened up very bright and I invited Denis to come over and feel the hot skin.

"Just the three strokes on her bum with this one." I said. Handing the paddle to Denis.

I bent over with my hands on the bed and gave the command "ass."

Wendy scooted across on her knees, spread my ass cheeks and pushed her tongue into my sphincter. I let her lick for a minute or two and then said to Denis.

"She isn't pushing her tongue far enough into my ass. Give her three strokes with the paddle."

Denis looked, Raised his arm and thwacked her hard enough for me to feel her face knocked closer into my crack.

"Very good. Now the next one and make it harder."

The loud crack demonstrated that he had done just that and a little squeal came from the mouth clamped to my asshole.

"And again."

Denis can count to three OK, but he needed a bit of encouragement that it was alright to be doing this strange thing. He gave her the last stroke with good aim and plenty of force. There was a mixture of a suck and a scream at my ass before her tongue shot back in as far as it could go.

"Well done Denis. That is how you make sure that she does as she is told. Now get beside me just like this if you would like to have her tongue up your ass."

Denis did as I suggested and I ordered Wendy to lick him.

I have set up arrangements now. Whenever Denis feels the need for some sexual relief he telephones Wendy on her mobile. When he does that she must drive to him as soon as she can. She picks him up and brings him back to our house where he does what he wants with her, cums in her mouth and she takes him home. Since our first session I have taught him how to fuck her in the ass. She doesn't use contraception and we don't want any accidents so he is not allowed to fuck her cunt, but he doesn't mind that in the least. She does have a sore ass a lot so he appears to be strict, but she knows not to complain. He is a man and I am her Master. She has her instructions.

My sister doesn't have any problems now. All she knows is that Wendy takes Denis out two or three times a week and he doesn't upset the neighbours.

It really doesn't matter whether it is a soldier, an apprentice or a wife, the key to successful training lies in continual repetition, progress at a rate at which the trainee can cope and reinforcement by reward and punishment. In the workplace incentives are usually financial, but in the home you reward with kisses, hugs and whatever demonstrations of love suit you. You punish with spankings and stern guidance.

Make sure that she knows her ten commandments:

Your pleasure is my life
Anytime, anything you wish Master
On my knees to please
Cum is yum
Spitting means spanking
See prick, suck and lick
My face is for fucking
Fill my throat with love
Show sperm then swallow
Yes please Master

If you put in the effort you will have a gloriously contented home life and a long successful marriage.

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