tagBDSMA Master Talks Ch. 03

A Master Talks Ch. 03


I first heard the word 'dogging' a few years ago when a well known footballer was convicted of some public order offence as a result of having sex in a public place. I don't know if this is just a British term or used in other parts of the world, but what it means is that people go to know car parks and other places under a pretence like walking the dog to have sex with strangers or watch others doing it.

From time to time I let close friends use my wife at times and in ways that I approve and always with me present, but I had never put her out for public use. The dogging case raised my interest and I did a bit of research on the Internet. That was as far as it went until last weekend.

After exchanging e-mails with two or three doggers who I had contacted I booked a night at a country house hotel in Wales. The day we were to go was my wife's maintenance day. She has maintenance regularly on the same day each week. The front of her body from her tits down to her inner thighs four inches above the knee, through between her legs and across her buttocks is designated as suitable for her training, discipline and punishment. An important part of her discipline regime is to be regularly reminded of the way her implements are used and how they feel.

Her implements are a six tailed, leather flogger, a two inch wide solid leather strap, a four inch wide plywood paddle with holes in it, a riding crop and a cane. Maintenance starts with her standing, legs apart, and her hands clasped behind her head. Starting at her tits I give her four strokes of the flogger down to her cunt. This stripes her nicely and then she lies on her back on the floor holding her ankles as far apart as possible. In that position she gets one stroke on each thigh followed by two on the cunt. She turns over onto her knees, forehead on the carpet and ass high. Four hard strokes of the cane and then she is back on her feet with hands clasped behind her head. The session is finished with two strokes of the riding crop on each tit. With the maintenance complete she drops to her knees and thanks me verbally and then properly with her mouth.

This routine normally helps her remember the rules well enough that she doesn't get punished too often, but on this occasion it failed. When we arrived at the hotel she started to unpack while I was checking out the TV and suddenly she gasped. She had placed our little toy box in the correct position by my side of the bed.

"what is it?" I said.

"Sorry Master. I forgot to bring my implements."

All rules are important, but the requirement that the correctional tools are with us at all times is certainly one that must never be neglected.

She hurriedly got off her clothes and got to her knees before me to hear her punishment.

"An open cunt belting of ten strokes."

The tears that dropped from her cheeks were not just because open cunt punishment is extremely painful, but also because she was upset to have broken a rule that she has had from the very first day that we have been together. I ordered her to prepare herself.

She went to the toybox to put on her leather collar, wrist and ankle cuffs before taking out two clamps attached to long cords and putting them on the bed. I indicated to her to get on her back on the bed and I attached her ankle cuffs to her wrists. I clamped her cunt lips on either side, pulled her wide open and took the cords round her thighs to tie them in place. I wrapped my belt around my hand and lined it up on her glistening, pink insides. She took the first four strokes without a sound. Although there is no doubt that they were very painful and her body trembled, she always avoids making a noise as long as she can. Being in a hotel she will have been even more determined not to be audible outside the room.

I adjusted the clamps to keep her wide open and continued the punishment. By seven she was sobbing continuously and letting out a stifled squeal each time the belt struck home. When she said

"Eight Master" it was only just audible.

At this point, instead of standing at the bottom of the bed and strapping down onto her upthrust clit I climbed astride her and finished the cunt whipping with two down strokes. She just managed to say 'ten' loud enough for me to hear and I bent to remove the clamps. Her purple cunt lips were now so swollen that they could hardly close after they were released. I unhooked her ankles letting her legs down and she held them wide apart for a moment. As she started to try to come to thank me for her punishment I told her that, exceptionally, she could have five minutes while I had a piss and poured myself a drink.

It was the third time that she had sucked my cock that day so I was quite a long time before I was ready to cum. During that time I explained to her for the first time what was going to happen later in the evening. She knew that she was to be used while we were away, but had assumed that it would be by one, or at most two, of my friends who had been served by her before. From her irregular gulpings I knew that this new challenge was filling her mind even more than her hot, sore cunt.

Two hours later it was dusk outside, my wife had showered and I massaged her gently with a soothing, aromatic oil before she put on her collar and the loose dress without underwear that I had instructed. We drove the few miles to a far corner of a large, quiet pub car park. There were about seven cars around, but no sign of any activity at all. I turned out the lights and switched off the engine. A few minutes passed and another car came. Perhaps five minutes after that the interior light went on and I could see a couple inside who were moving about. The car windows were all open.

Very quickly the outline of a man appeared from another of the cars and he walked over to them. Instructing my wife to stay where he was I followed his example. As I approached it was clear that the woman in the car was sucking the guy off. As I watched we were joined by two or three other men. After about five minutes the man in the car put his hand on the back of her head and his body stiffened. She slurped a bit and then sat up drooling a creamy mouthful into a tissue. She got a little round of quiet applause and I went back to my car.

I ordered my wife to remove her dress and I attached the lead to her collar. Leaning over I opened her door and threw a car mat out onto the ground. She got out and knelt as required. Within seconds a man came over and looked at me enquiringly. I nodded and he unzipped his trousers. He was still soft and looking doubtful as he moved close to her face. She opened her mouth and he was emboldened enough to slip his dick inside.

With her hands clasped behind her back she worked her mouth and he was ramrod hard in seconds. By now there were four other men watching close by. One of them had a stiff prick in his hand and was slowly wanking. Just then the guy in her mouth said I'm going to cum.

"Fill her mouth." I said, and barely before my words were finished he grabbed her head and groaned. I watched her throat go three or four times as she swallowed down a large load. The smiling man said

"Thanks Guv" and put his thumb up as he stood back from her to be replaced immediately by the wanker. He grasped her hair and rushed to get his full length into her mouth while behind him a voice with a strong Welsh accent called out

"Fucking 'ell. Look at her tits. She's been whipped. I wonder if that was to make her do this?"

Another voice said

"She's had some on her ass too. Getting on a bit isn't she. She's older than my missus"

"Go fuck your missus and leave this one to us then."

The group now were circling her so that she would not have been seen outside the ring other than by me. When I could see that the second man was about to shoot I commanded her to 'show'. When his prick spasmed and he grunted

"Take it girl!"

She didn't swallow this time. When he was finished and stepped back she opened her mouth to display the white cum covering her tongue and pooled behind her bottom teeth. Turning her head around for all the men to see she swallowed only when I gave the OK and a third happy doggerr moved in with a hard prick.

By the time the seventh guy was on his turn the action had changed from her giving an expert blow to being given a hard face fuck will full length penetration of her throat. All the men were still there in a close circle, but the current participant was the last one to use her. With her seventh large load swallowed I gave two sharp tugs on her lead. She quickly climbed into the car. One of the men passed in the mat and said

"Thanks Guys! Absolutely fantastic. She's a star, look after her and come back soon won't you."

With a wave I told her to close the door and I drove away. As I had already planned I followed satnav directions to a very high point two miles away. I told her to get out next to a tourist plaque showing points that could be seen miles away in all directions. I kissed her sticky lips and put my hand down to feel her swollen cunt. It was very wet. Pushing my tongue deep into her mouth and working her clit with my fingers I tasted the unfamiliar residue of the semen of seven men and she collapsed in the throes of an incredibly powerful orgasm.

I pressed her to her knees, put my soft prick in her mouth and emptied my bladder into her. Washing away the lingering cum I reasserted my own controlling rights while leaving her with the afterglow of a fantastic orgasm and a mind filled with the sensations of seven strange men.

Back in the car I let her put on her dress and we returned to the hotel where we went straight to bed. I slept quickly and deeply. Dawn was breaking when I felt the gentle lapping of a soft, warm tongue in my asshole. I realised as I awakened that she needed a pee. My wife is not allowed to get out of bed without having sucked me off first. I had been sleeping with my back to her so the only way she could acceptably move me into a position where she could suck me was to do what she was doing. The feeling was very nice and I decided to have some more before giving her my prick. I reached around and pressed her face tighter into my ass just to let her know that I was awake and she was to carry on with her chosen job. That press into my ass is her standard instruction to push her tongue in further and work it harder and that is just what she did. While continuing to savour my early morning rimming I thought back over the events of the previous evening through to the pint or so of piss that she had swallowed causing her to need the bathroom now. It was a great idea to use her as a urinal last night for so many reasons.

At breakfast nobody took any notice of the respectable middle aged couple although she wriggled somewhat as she tried to find some comfort on a hard chair with a large butt plug in her ass and her cunt lips heavily swollen from a belting. If any had looked closer they might have seen the outline of a clothes peg attached to each nipple beneath her loose top.

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