A Master's Ring: Book 03


"Place me!" I said.

She shook her head hard.

"Place me, Sibling," I growled. "Or I'll turn you over, and we'll see how you like having your ass taken in one dry stroke."

Heather tilted her head to the side and seemed to think about which she would prefer. I shook my head angrily, pulled her pussy into position by my grip on her legs, and thrust into her. Her pussy opened for my cock and slammed shut with me half inside her. I changed my grip on her legs so that I held her below her knees. I pushed her legs against her chest and fucked into her by dropping all of my weight onto her pussy.

"FUCK YEAH!!!" she screamed at the top of her lungs as I hit bottom.

She grabbed her breasts and squeezed hard as I pulled back and pounded into her. Her pussy flowered for a second and locked me in powerful grip as her body convulsed in orgasm. I forced my dick out of her grip and powered into her again. I dropped my head back and lost myself in the powerful strokes of fucking Heather. My heart pounded with the rhythm that my body beat against the inside of her thighs. Heather arched her back and let out a soul-fucked scream as her body absorbed my power and begged for more.

I grit my teeth and let it all out into the willing receptacle Heather offered. I do not know how long I hammered mercilessly into her body, but it did not seem long enough when I felt the pressure inside me break through a wall. I wrapped my arms around Heather's thighs again and stood straight up. Her weight rested on her upper back, neck and back of her head as I lifted her lower body off the bed. I spread my legs wide, and fucked in and out of her as fast and as hard as I could. Heather spread her arms out wide and screamed my name as I thickened inside of her. It felt like liquid metal was passing through my body when I came. My balls pulled tight against my body, and my chest itched as I pulled my hips back one last time. I fucked into Heather as deep as I could and held the pressure against her body. It poured out of me in waves as her pussy squeezed, released and squeezed again. Her body convulsed as I painted the inside of her pussy with heat.

Heather stared up at me trying to gain control of her breathing when my orgasm passed. I stared back at her with a tiny smile touching my face. I stepped back pulling her almost off the bed. I let her legs go and grabbed her hair. I forced Heather to her knees in front of me. She looked up at me as I pulled her face into my crotch. Her hands came up to hold my aching dick still. She licked the length of me while looking into my eyes. I was still mostly hard, and the hunger for more in her eyes kept me that way as she sucked me into her mouth. I pulled out of her mouth, lifted my dick out the way, and pushed my balls against her lips. Her eyes closed as she inhaled our combined essence. Heather's tongue came out and touched me. She held her head motionless as I moved my hips to use her tongue to soothe the ache. Heather put one hand on my stomach and grabbed my dick at the base with the other. She took me into her mouth and moved her hands to my ass. Her eyes turned up to me and pleaded. I spread my legs apart and fucked into her mouth. Heather's eyes glazed and her hands squeezed the back of my thighs. I took her hands in two fists pulling her face into me. She swallowed while I was deep inside her mouth. I pulled back, and she gasped for breath. Her lips created a seal around my dick head and she sucked hard. Nails were driven into my leg spurring me to take her mouth again. I felt her relax as she gave her mouth over to my pleasure.

I dug my fingers against her scalp and pumped my hips slowly. My dick hardened completely as her tongue massaged me. Her eyes were blissful when they looked up at me again. I stopped my motion to trace her cheekbone with a finger. Her eyes asked a question that I answered with a hard thrust into her mouth. She gagged in surprise, and I pulled back. Heather dug her nails into my legs in payback so I drilled her mouth again. Her teeth touched me threateningly but released when I pulled her hair hard. I gave her mouth another hard stroke using my hands in her hair to keep her still. Her hands stroked my skin as she welcomed the next hard pump into her mouth. I pulled her head against me pushing as much of myself as I could into her. Her fingers gripped my legs as she tried to open her throat to my cock. The mad gyrations of her tongue on the bottom of my cock felt fantastic as I pulled back to let her breathe. I stroked in and out of her mouth for a minute before pulling completely out of her. She looked up at me, angry at having lost her toy. I stood her up by the simple expedient of pulling her hair and turned her around to push her onto the bed on her stomach.

Heather must have remembered her intention of making me fight for every inch because she tried to crawl away. I grabbed her ankles and yanked back hard. She bounced on the bed on her stomach and tried to pull her legs free from my hands. I let go of her and brought my open hand down on her ass again. The sharp taint of sensation froze her giving me enough time to place her body so that her hips cornered the bed. I straddle her legs and pressed my groin against her ass. She pushed back with her lower body trying to dislodge my mount. I grabbed her hair and wrapped it around my fist. I pulled her head back and up until her body was in perfect position.

"NO!" she yelled as I fucked into her in one stroke.

She put her hands on the bed and pushed up to relieve the pressure on her hair. My hips went back and I fucked into her as hard as I could. She let out a gurgling sound like she was drowning in her own saliva, and her ass tightened as she stood on the edge of another orgasm. I brought my hand down on her ass again pushing her closer. She slammed her head into the bed pulling me down by the grip I had on her hair.

"Oh God!" she whispered as her hands fisted the bed sheets, and she pulled them towards her body. "Jesus, please one more!"

"NO!" she screamed when I pulled completely out of her pussy.

Heather tried to turn around, but I held her in place with a hand at the small of her back. I let go of her hair and brought that hand to her clit. I pressed against it and applied circular pressure to get her off.

"BASTARD!" she screamed as her body came.

I took my hand away and fucked into her again.

"Thank you... thank you... thank you," she chanted with her pussy palpitating around my cock.

I let my dick soak in her juices as she floated down from the heights of her pleasure. My fingers wrote trails on the skin of her ass then delved into its valley. I pried open her ass cheeks until her rosebud winked at me. I pulled my cock out so that only the head was inside of her and used my fingers to gather the leavings of her orgasm. I fucked into her again causing her to grunt. Her asshole drank the liquids that dripped from my carefully placed fingers. Heather groaned as I touched a fingertip to her anus and pushed it in.

"You're going to pay for those slaps, Heather," I told her penetrating my finger completely into her ass. "You're going to pay with your ass."

Heather put her hands underneath her chest and tried to push up. I pulled my finger out of her ass, and my dick out her pussy.

"Stay still!" I commanded in a hard voice.

She collapsed back on the bed and shivered.

"Spread your ass for me, Sibling!"

Her hands went around her body, and she grabbed her ass cheeks to spread them as wide as she could.


I lay on the bed with the morning light pushing the darkness out of my room. Heather was lying with most of her upper body on top of me. The ass-fuck drained both of us, and we fell asleep soon after. She woke up to me wiping her ass with moist towel, which she enjoyed thoroughly. I turned her over, crawled up her body, and fucked her face until I was ready to explode. Her pussy quenched the need long enough for me to fuck her to orgasm. She woke up later with my dick entering her ass for the second time that night. She fought me harder than any other time especially after I was fully lodged inside of her. My hips gave her ass a thorough spanking that produced blood-curdling screams. I heard the door open a couple of times as other Siblings checked to make sure Heather did not need to tag out. Doris Alex even approached the bed, only to be cursed out for interrupting before Heather came the hardest she had the whole night.

"You broke some of the glass panes," Heather said luxuriously.

She pointed to the right door and counted cracked glass squares.

"Five, that's pretty good," she said triumphantly.

"Hmm," I said lazily.

"You should tell Melisa to get that fixed; she's real good at that kind of stuff," Heather said cattily.

I was almost too tired to bring my hand up and down hard on her ass, but a Brother needs to keep Sibling competition below a certain level of hostility. Heather wiggled and sighed happily after my hand struck her.

I stared toward the window for a few minutes before closing my eyes to let sleep take me.

=====Chapter 42=====

One of the best things about money is the ability to pay for other people's inconvenience. Prior to the Brotherhood, I had to take classes when the martial arts instructor gave classes; a padded bank account meant I took classes when I had time, even if it was only he and I on the mat.

The master and I faced each other with bokken in our hands. The emptiness had swallowed me the moment I entered the school. I did not have a single clean kill in nine matches, but the master had died with me each time. His eyes were grave as he stared into my empty ones.

I adjusted my feet offering an opening that he leapt into.

Ten simultaneous kills.

We bowed to each other and raised the wooden swords to our preferred guards. He stood still even after I offered him another trap. I tested his defense only to be rebuffed by his refusal to engage. We danced around each other for five minutes while he declined each offer to die together. Finally, I bowed to his greater skill; I could not sacrifice myself if he would not strike. He motioned for me to kneel and followed suit. We put the bokken in front of our knees. I closed my eyes and let the normal rhythm of breathing return. The master was studying me when I opened them again.

"Every student teaches an instructor that is willing to learn," he said quietly. "I have students with years more experience than you, but none could have done what you did today. What is it you have to teach me?"

I tilted my head and thought about his words; thoughts of Rachel, Heather, and Melisa pounded at the walls of emptiness that surrounded me. Jason's voice answered his question; I translated.

"A samurai poem reads," I said.

"Death poems

are mere delusion

-death is death."

"I've heard it," he said quietly. "I've thought about its meaning."

"You will not die with a sword in your hands," I told him.

We sat quietly with my words between us. Finally, he stood up and invited me to another set of matches. I did not put wood to his body for the rest of my lesson while he killed me five times. He bowed respectfully before walking into his office. It was years before I saw anyone get even a simultaneous kill in a match against him.


The hardest part was not looking at Rachel when I felt her nearby. Before she said no, my eyes were there to greet her when she turned towards me. My smile would answer her smile instantly. I had to control the urge to turn towards her when I felt her walk by my table in the dining hall to sit with her sisters. Her eyes touched me occasionally, but there was no longer a reason for me to look up from my book.

"You can look at her, David," Alyssa said sitting down next to me. My head went up in time for me to watch Sandra and Emily sit down at my table.

"Excuse me?" I said.

"Rachel," Alyssa pointing over her shoulder at Rachel's retreating back. "You can still look at her; there's no law against that."

"I wouldn't want her to feel weird about what did not happen between us," I told her.

"She should definitely feel stupid though," Sandra said forcefully.

I turned to stare at her.

"Sorry," she said with a winsome smile before ducking her eyes away from mine.

"So your plan is not to look at her from now on?" Emily asked with a wide smile. "That's not going to get her back, you know."

"I'm going to smile, say hello, and talk to Rachel when it's appropriate, Emily," I answered. "I do not try to get people back; they leave for good reasons."

"When is it going to be appropriate?" Alyssa asked curiously.

"When she smiles, says hello, and talks to me," I said opening my book again. They were quiet for a few seconds before Alyssa spoke up again.

"You're done with all your food!" she complained.

I pushed my tray out of the way, and without looking pulled hers in front of me.

"Cool!" she exclaimed.

I leaned back for a stretch only to have Emily plop into my lap. Emily was something of a lap scavenger, who refused to sit in a chair if there was someone around for her to sit on. She had a marked preference for my lap.

"Pass my tray over!" Emily commanded Alyssa.

"Get it yourself," Alyssa snorted.

"I'll have to eat David's food," Emily warned.

"You would not dare!" Alyssa replied in a low voice sitting up ramrod straight.

Emily made a threatening motion with her fork at the food in front of me. Alyssa picked up the tray on the other side of her and passed it to Emily, who rearranged the trays so they were both in front me.

I slipped a hand under Emily's shirt and into her sweatpants. The girl must have really hated panties because she rarely wore them in my limited experience with her. My fingers pressed against her clit, and I massaged it gently while focusing on the words on the page.

"Is that book any good?" Alyssa asked after a few bites.

I closed it with a sigh; there was no point if the girls wanted my attention.

"No," I told her. "It was something to do, rather than stare at Rachel."

"There's nothing wrong with looking at her, David," Sandra informed me clinically.

"Would you want a man you just said no to staring at you while you ate?" I asked patiently.

"From what I hear, she didn't ACTUALLY say no," Sandra said defensively. "Plus even if she did say no, she definitely didn't mean it."

I reached out to capture a lock of her dark hair. Sandra drew closer as I pulled on it. I used her hair to pull her head aside exposing her neck to my lips. My teeth nibbled a line from her shoulder to the hollow behind her earlobe.

"Would you say no if you did not mean it?" I whispered to her.


I reared my head back to look at her.

"You would?" I asked surprised.

"No?!?" she said then stuck out her hand to stop me from replying. "Do the neck thing again!"

I smiled and leaned down; instead of using my teeth, I kissed the line. She shivered when I looked into her eyes.

"So you would say no if you did not mean it?" I asked seriously.

"Yes!" she said in a committed voice.


"Oh, wrong question!" she said with a blush and a shake of her upper body. "Sorry, I was just making sure you understood my answer is 'FUCK, YES!!!'"

"We already knew that," Emily said crassly.

I pushed two fingers into her and pulsed them against the top of her pussy. Emily gritted her teeth and grabbed my wrist tightly.

"Be nice!" I told her holding my fingers still.

"I promise to be very, very nice if you do the finger thing one more time," she gasped.

I rubbed in a small circle instead.

"FUCK, YES!!!" she grunted. Emily turned a pretty shade of pink when she came.

"My hero!" Sandra said jokingly and unceremoniously shoved Emily off me.

She took over possession of my lap and lifted her jean skirt a few inches wiggling her eyebrows at me suggestively. Sandra squeezed my fingers as they entered her.

"Personally, I think the word no should never come out of my mouth around you," she told me.

"That's not a bad way to think, Sandra," Doris Alex said sitting down.

"Yeah, awesome philosophy!" Michael agreed with a very wide smile as he sat next to Doris Alex. "Let's put it to the test though. How about you and me meet in your room and fuck like we're the only two rabbits left on the planet so it is our duty to repopulate?"

Before Sandra could reply, Michael held up a hand.

"David is still here," Michael pointed out theatrically. "Tell me that you are not going to live up to the words you just said to him thirty seconds ago."

I curled my fingers inside of Sandra. She gasped and latched on to the table while the convulsions of an orgasm overcame her; it took a minute for her breathing to recover. She stared at Michael for another minute after that, before turning towards Doris Alex and Alyssa.

"Is he better than my plastic?" she asked the two girls.

"He's got a very talented tongue," Alyssa replied. "Unless your dildo can lick you, Michael is definitely a couple of steps above plastic. He's also got a clue on how to use his dick."

"Bitch!" Michael exclaimed.

"Michael's got his uses," Doris Alex espoused lazily. "David is definitely the chocolate cake; Michael is like the raspberry stuff they use to decorate the plate."

"Double Bitch!" Michael said dramatically putting his hands on his chest as if they had cast spears into it.

"Okay," Sandra said to Michael. "I don't think I'm ready for chocolate cake yet, so you'll have to do. God, I need dick!"

"My turn," Alyssa announced pushing Sandra off my lap.

After giving Alyssa what she wanted, my mind wandered as their conversation turned towards the winter formal that Michael's fraternity was hosting.

"Do you think she was serious?" Michael asked as the non-Siblings walked away.

"Who?" I asked paying attention again.

"Sandra," Michael said. "Was she serious about hooking up in her room?"

"Of course, she was," Doris Alex told Michael patiently. Sometimes, Doris Alex treated Michael like he was a fourteen-year-old boy too dumb not to plug his hard-on into a wall socket.

"You know, David," Michael said magnanimously. "You are my absolutely favorite Brother on the entire planet."

"This I have to hear," I told him.

"Yes, Michael," Doris Alex whispered. "Please explain."

"Well, it's like this," Michael said leaning back. "I've been screwing Alyssa most of the semester; most of my frat brothers think we're dating now."

I raised an eyebrow.

"Then there's Doris Alex, Janet, Malia, Heather, Susan, and Nancy," Michael said with a bright smile. "Tonight, it's Sandra, and I'm sure Emily is not far behind. You do all the work and I do all the fucking. Alyssa, Emily, and Sandra are hot as shit, and you spun their wheels in the middle of the dining hall. You warm them up, and I knock them down; it's the perfect partnership in my opinion."

"Hmm," Doris Alex said staring lazily at Michael.

"I can't touch Melisa, but it's not like she wants anything to do with any guy other than you so no biggie," Michael continued not heeding the cold look in Doris Alex's eyes. "The pussy's so good, I'm even willing to forgive you this whole Rachel fuck up. Man, getting into her pants would have been fierce!"

"Michael!" Doris Alex hissed.

"What?" Michael asked innocently without taking his eyes off me.


I walked into the house that night to find all the Siblings in the living room. They surrounded an exhausted-looking Heather on the couch. She wore a white bathrobe and was fresh out of the shower. I smiled at her, which she returned with a weak one, playing her concerned audience for all they were worth. There was dark bruising on the left side of her neck I wanted to investigate. I moved to stand behind the couch, reached down, and untied her robe. Heather stretched out so that when I opened the robe her body was fully on display.

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