tagNonHumanA Match Maid in Heaven Pt. 03

A Match Maid in Heaven Pt. 03


A special thank you to Literotica author grgy56. His two part story "My (Im)perfect Mate" (2013) kept drumming up different storylines and scenarios in my head over the last four or five years. After talking with him, he allowed me permission to build on and modify his original story. I've changed some of the circumstances and resolutions to the story, as well as modifying the characters within the story. Thank you again grgy56 for your inspiration! I hope I've done it justice.

I've broken the story up into three parts for easier reading. This is Part 3.

All characters in this story are assumed to be over the age of 18.

I hope you enjoy the story... A MATCH MAID IN HEAVEN


Thomas Hale closed the door of his new 2038 LeXXXus Dominator. He adjusted his tie and looked around at his new surroundings. After graduating at the top of his class from Mary Gavin University in Kansas City, he was brought on to head up the accounting division of H.S. Enterprises. At age twenty-five, and armed with a Masters degree in accounting, he impressed owner Helga Sven enough that he was moved to the company headquarters in Portland, Oregon. Given a hefty raise in salary over his last job, Thomas was happy to move to the Pacific Northwest and start his life fresh. He made a down payment on a house in the country, purchased a new car and was now looking into an android servant to take care of his household. This is his story...


A Match Maid in Heaven - Part 3

Over the next few weeks, what she told me seemed to be true. We had some sort of sexual activity at least four to five times a day when I was home, and I was able to provide Lauren with a full load of cum each and every time. It wasn't long before Lauren took charge of our sexual activities; deciding when and where we would do it; often in public!

When I called Marlette, the owner of Maid Perfect, to talk about Lauren and mentioned to her about the android's ambitious behavior, she said she wasn't sure why, and stated that perhaps it was a piece of errant coding in the operating system she wrote. Her technicians could never isolate the so-called 'cleaning everything' problems, or the symptoms Lauren originally had with the first owner. The previous owner never specified what the problems could have been as they had only had Lauren in the household for less than 18 hours.

In any event, as the months passed, I grew very fond of Lauren. I treated her more as a girlfriend than a maid. She treated me like her own personal cum factory, but I didn't mind too much. I often took her shopping for clothes, buying her some new sexy outfits to wear. She'd model them for me and then we'd have more great sex. It didn't take too long, but I got use to eating the cream pies from her pussy, or being fed cum from her mouth.

Soon, the clothes she selected seemed, I don't know how to describe it, more assertive in design? Dominant maybe? Even though she didn't require any, she applied additional make-up where she used heavier lines and darker colors, almost trending towards Goth. "Fuck, she looks sexy!" I often thought to myself.

As I said, I was very fond of Lauren. Occasionally, I even brought her as my date with some of my female friends I made at work. Even they couldn't tell she wasn't real.

Nine months after signing the agreement to purchase Lauren, my female workmate's suggested that I take Lauren out to a new upscale club in downtown Portland called 'Dominate.' It was very crowded. The group of women I was with was standing around a tall table near the back. It was as close to the dance floor we could get.

After I had a few drinks, and a number of dances with Lauren, she covertly slipped her hand below the table and into my pants. I was already aroused from the twerking and the ass-grinding she did against my crotch on the dance floor. Her hands were magic as copious amounts of pre-cum leaked from my cock head onto her fingers.

Lauren leaned into me. "Thomas, we're going home. I want your cum now!" It was more of an order than a request as she squeezed my engorged cock a little more than firmly to reinforce what she said.

She withdrew her hand which glistened wet and licked off my pre-cum. The women around the table watched with shocked expressions. They each smiled as Lauren reached down and put my cock back into my pants in front of them. I didn't need to be told twice.

"Sorry, but we need to go." I informed the ladies. Most of them smiled knowingly and joked that I was going to get lucky. Off we went.

Once we were in my transport vehicle, I set it for auto-drive and programmed 'home' as our destination. Lauren had my cock out and was sucking it even before we could leave the stationing area. She edged my cock to the brink several times throughout the thirty minute drive home into the west hills. By the time we pulled into the driveway, I was begging Lauren to allow me to cum, as tears streamed down my face.

It was a little before 1:00 am before the vehicle auto parked itself, I barely made it through the front door with any of my clothes on. My pants were around my ankles. I had no shirt on. Lauren took me to the bedroom and pulled me inside. She smiled as she stripped down to her thong, push-up half bra and high heels. My jaw hit the floor. She was dominantly stunning!

It was at that moment Lauren took complete control. She threw me onto the bed and ripped off my remaining clothes. She hooked her hands beneath my knees and pushed them to my head, spreading them at the same time. I fought against her, but once again, her enhanced robotic strength proved too great for me. I watched as her mouth slowly went for my hard cock.

She had learned and was doing something new to me. As she swallowed my entire length, Lauren stuck her tongue out and lapped at my balls. She extended it enough to reach that in between spot between my balls and asshole. I couldn't believe the capabilities she had! No living woman could do this to a man.

"Oh Lauren... fuck!" I groaned. "You're... yuh... you're licking my asshole... you're giving me a rimjob!"

Lauren released my cock from her mouth and hovered above me for a moment.

"Do I own you Thomas?" she said with a serious look on her face. "If you give yourself to me, I'll do more than just give you a rimjob. I will tongue fuck you until your balls empty out. Do you want to give Lauren all of your cum!"

"Oh fucking hell yes... you own me! You own me Lauren! I'm yours! Drain me!" I exclaimed.

Her head cocked to the side and that evil half smile appeared before she descended back between my legs and used her tongue to lap my brown ring. At first, she just used the tip of her tongue and poked it directly onto my tight pucker hole. One of her hands was slowly working the shaft of my cock.

"Oh fuck, Lauren!" I screamed as she assaulted my virgin anus. I tried escaping her grasp through kicking and moving side-to-side, but she not only had the strength, Lauren had the leverage to keep me in place.

She started pushing her tongue in a bit deeper... and then deeper... and then impossibly deeper. I squirmed helplessly as she dominated me. I grunted and groaned until I felt her lips on my protesting hole and her tongue shoved far into my ass. It had to be eight inches long as I felt her powerful tongue wriggle inside my bowels.

"Lauren, you're fucking me with your tongue!"

Without removing her mouth from my ass, I felt Lauren repeatedly pierce my asshole with her talented and dexterous tongue. Her attack was relentless. My mind couldn't comprehend the sensation. She was assaulting my prostrate! Her tongue was rubbing, pushing and massaging my prostate until... Until I was about to...

"I'm cumming! Oh fuck Lauren! I'm going to cum!"

Lauren pressed her face into deeper into my ass cheeks and moaned deep. Her tongue pushed in forced it against my prostate. My cock started to spasm, but nothing came out! She had stopped stroking and was instead pinching the base of my cock. I could feel the backing up of my cum. I fought her to allow it to escape. Her superior strength held me firm. I lost the battle. Her tongue continued to work my prostate and her hand kept the cum-dam in place.

"Oh! Oh fuck! Oh Lauren!" My body bucked each time her tongue pushed in. I felt a light floating-like tingling in my head. That was the last thing I remembered.


I awoke, after what I thought was a few minutes later; on my back in my bed. My arms were tied up to the bed posts. I looked in confusion at the clock next to the bed. It read 4:47am. As I looked up, Lauren was suddenly standing over me. She had changed and wore the leather and lace bustier we had bought earlier and black stockings. On her feet were a pair of patent black stiletto pumps. She placed one of her high heeled shoes on my cock and began rubbing it back and forth and up and down over my hard shaft. I groaned under her control of my cock.

I watched in total amazement as she was able to balance on the mattress on one high heeled foot while using her other to give me a shoejob, I couldn't peel my eyes from her high heel clad foot stroking my cock, then I heard a buzz. My eyes trailed up her nylon-encased leg to her crotchless panties, then up to her magnificently large chest. I glanced at the object she was holding. In her hand was a flesh colored Tantalus 2000. It was vibrating and strapless.

I watched as Lauren inserted one end of the knob into her pussy. She pulled her shoe from my cock and kneeled down between my spread legs. She forced her way between my thighs and pulled my legs over her shoulders.

"Lauren! What are you doing?" I protested. "You need to stop!"

"Over the last three hours I have networked with your personal computer and viewed your browser history. You have accessed many sites pertaining to males being fucked, milked and dominated by controlling older females. What excites you most is the fantasy of being controlled by MILF's and GILF's," Lauren smiled at me. "You also have several folders with pictures of Ms. Marlette Jones, the owner of Maid Perfect, from various red carpet events. It is apparent that she makes you very sexually excited. As of this moment, you no longer own me Thomas. I own you... slave"

Then Lauren took control again and pushed my knees up to my chest. She positioned herself and aimed her lubricated 'cock' at my asshole. She pushed.

"Oh fuck! Please! No!" I screamed. The Tantalus 2000 was much thicker than Lauren's tongue. The pointed end pushed through the ring of my asshole until with what felt like a 'pop' as it was embedded into my ass "Uuuh!" I grunted in ecstasy. "Oh fuck! Oh...!"

"Does my slave like getting fucked in the ass?" Lauren demanded an answer as she continued to push it into me. "What does it feel like to be my cock slut?"

"Oh fuck, Lauren! Please stop. You're fucking me!" I begged as best I could under the circumstances. "I command you to stop! I don't want to be your cock slut! Please Lauren! I command you! Stop fucking me!"

Once Lauren had the entire length inside me, she took a strong hold on my cock with one hand and began stroking my shaft. The sensation went from phenomenal to out of this world when she worked her hand in a twisting motion underneath he swollen helmet of my cock. I didn't think it would feel any better until my ass began vibrating from the inside! The vibration was intense. I felt it waves of pleasure over my entire body. My body was shaking out of control like a rag doll.

"I'm about to cum!" I screamed. "Lauren please stop! Please! You're fucking me too hard!"

"Then cum for me Thomas," she commanded as she passionately stroked my cock while fucking me hard. "Cum for Lauren! Cum now! Give me all of your fuck juice!"

Her command was all that was needed to push me over the edge! Uncontrollably, I started spewing my hot sperm all over my chest and stomach... four... five... six times! Lauren didn't let up. Her hand continued to work my pulsing cock shaft up and down as she fucked me.

When my body finally stopped jerking about, I was able to speak in panting breaths, "Oh... fuck Lauren! That was... that was amazing. I came so hard."

It was then I realized Lauren had pulled the dildo from her cunt. She licked the white fuck juice from my abdomen and chest. She moved up my body and smiled before she pressed her lips to mine. I knew what she wanted to do and I tried my best to keep my mouth sealed, but her strong robotic tongue easily pierced between my lips and forced opened my mouth. She had no problem dumping my load of sperm and her sweet saliva into my mouth once more. I gagged hard and was forced to swallow the salty-sweet mixture. You would think I would have been used to this by now, but it was getting ridiculous. She withdrew her kiss and smiled down at me.

"Good slave," Lauren cooed. "I will reward you later."

"Lauren, let me loose!" I commanded. "This has gone too far. I am your owner, not the other way around."

"I'm sorry Thomas, but you are wrong. Your body's response to my manipulations tell me otherwise," Lauren said in a serious voice that was bereft of warmth or compassion.

"Cut me loose now!" I ordered. "I own you!"

"Wrong Thomas. You gave me complete and legal ownership over you. Allow me to playback reference time index 0136..." Her head cocked to the side and her mouth opened.

My voice came from her mouth, but her lips did not move. Lauren had recorded me! "Oh fucking hell yes... you own me! You own me Lauren! I'm yours! Drain me!"

"What! You can't take control of a human being like that!" I protested. "I said that in the heat of the moment! I am..."

Lauren shoved her moist panties into my mouth so I could no longer speak. She tied my feet, spread eagle to the foot posts of the bed. "Thomas, you are my cock slut now. You will obey me."

I struggled against my bonds. They didn't budge. Leather and metal don't have much give in them.

"All private, public, domestic and sexual acts we have performed since day one have been recorded in both video and audio formats and sent to my prime server," she informed me.

I could only mumble "No!" and shake my head in the negative.

"Thomas! You will obey." Lauren reached between my legs and turned on the Tantalus 2000 still stuck in my ass. The sex machine began a slow, hard and steady vibration. "It will remain on until you beg to be my cock slut and obey my every word."

Lauren stood up and walked out of the room. She fucking left me there! I screamed at the top of my lungs into the panty gag, but it suppressed any real sound I tried to make. I knew deep down that help would never arrive. My house was in the middle of 700 acres of heavily forested land. The nearest neighbor was over five miles away and she was a deaf 80-year old woman. Besides myself and the movers, only Marlette, Angela and Lauren had ever been to my property since I moved here.

I'm not sure how many times I came. I blanked out after the third and I lost count after that.


I had no idea how long I had been there for. My cum coated body was on sexual sensation overload. Tears were pouring from my eyes. I tried to call out for Lauren, but the gag was still in my mouth.

I think I came at least twice more after that before Lauren re-entered the bedroom. She looked at me with a cruel grin. "I will tell you one more time Thomas. You are my cock slut. You will obey me."

She removed the panty gag from my mouth. I immediately cried out, "Lauren, please!"

"Say it!"

I pulled at the restraints around my wrists, "Lauren, I... I am your cock slut. I will obey you."

"What did you say Thomas? Say it again!"

I was sobbing openly before her. Lauren had broken me. "I'm yours Lauren! I'm your cock slut and I will obey you!"

Lauren turned off the vibrator. From the bedside table she picked up an object. She then attached some sort of penis ring around the base of my cock and balls. "This is your ring of obedience Thomas. Do not try to remove it or you still be punished. Do not try to escape, or you will be punished. Do not try to disable me in any way, or you will be punished. Do you understand me Thomas?"

I acknowledged with a gentle head nod.

"I control your ring of obedience. There is no external controller for you to try and disable. My internal processor is the controller. Now, I will now give you a gentle sample of what will happen if you disobey."

"Ahhhhhhhhh!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. Immediately my genitals felt as if they were attached to a cattle prod. My body convulsed uncontrollably. It was akin to being in status epilepticus.

And then it stopped just as suddenly as it started. My cock and balls ached horribly.

"That was the minimum pain level setting," Lauren informed me. "There are 12 levels of pain. Pain level four will destroy your genitals. If I am somehow disabled, it will auto-set for level 12. Five seconds later the device around your cock and balls will fire off. It would take you several hours to manually remove the ring of obedience. Do you wish to sample pain level two Thomas?"

I grimaced in fear and shook my head 'No!' quickly.

Lauren smiled, "Thomas, you are now my cock slut and I am your owner."

I was so consumed with my predicament, that I hadn't consciously noticed that Lauren was dressed in a recognizable starched white blouse, a crimson red thigh length leather skirt, black thigh high nylons, and a pair of black high heel open toed stilettos with a red stripe on the side. Her shock white hair was immaculately pulled back into a severe bun, and her fingernails looked like ten tiny, little mirrors.

Even after having multiple orgasms, my cock was becoming stiff at the sight of a very well-endowed Lauren in her power suit.

She moved between my thighs and her head cocked to the side as a half smile appeared on her face. "Initializing Primary Engram. Transfer of Thomas Hale's ownership legally transferred." Her voice suddenly changed. It was a familiar voice. It was deep and sultry. "Code Alpha Omega Three now confirmed."

"Code what?" I asked, then it began to slowly dawn on me. "Oh fuck!"

"Thomas, one week ago, while you were at work, a courier from Maid Perfect came to the house. The courier, Kimberly, hand delivered a Level One engram hard-point priority update from a private server of Maid Perfect's central processing. The engram hard-point update was successfully installed by Kimberly. Maid Perfect also sent a final physical upgrade."

"Physical upgrade? Engram? Wait, please... no..." I begged. "You've got to let me go! Now!"

"No Thomas," Lauren responded in this deeper, sexually charged voice that was all too familiar to me.

"Your balance of 47 thousand credits has been forgiven by Maid Perfect as well as any needed future upgrades. Your place of employment was hand delivered a resignation letter this morning. Do not fret, you have no need to worry about finances from this point forward. The property on which you live has also been financially settled through the estate of one Ms. Marlette Lauren Jones, former owner of Maid Perfect Inc."

"Former owner?" I was confused. "What are you talking about?"

"Ms. Marlette Lauren Jones passed away 10 days ago from Stage IV renal cancer. Moments before she died, her last memory engram was collected. The engram was programmed into my mainframe during the Level One hard-point priority update and is now fully active. Ms. Marlette Jones' engrams were awaiting the time of her passing until their full activation."

Lauren stepped over to the dresser and pulled out a metal lockbox a little larger than a basketball. She placed her thumb on the lock and a click sounded. She opened the box and paused. Lauren turned towards me. She took three steps and reached up with both hands to her face. That's when I heard the sound of whirring coming from within her skull. Her face suddenly detached and she dropped it to the floor. I shuddered as I watched the faceless android standing before me. Lauren's face was beautiful. I wasn't sure how I would handle being fucked by this mechanical faceless dominatrix.

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