A Maternal Affair


The first time my mother had sucked my cock, all I heard was the ocean rushing in my ears and all I felt was the urge to come. This time the delight of her mouth on me was there to savor. Every movement of her soft lips on my shaft registered, every lick of my mother's hot tongue left a trace of electricity along my cock. I looked down at my beautiful mother and could hardly believe the moans that came from her were because her son's cock was in her mouth - because my cock was in her mouth. She looked up at me and said, "I missed this Robby; I missed all the things you did to me. I missed the way your cock fills me. I missed loving you".

The most beautiful sight in this world is when someone filled with love is looking at you. My mother looked up at me that way.

I urged her to stand so I could take her dress off and hold her warm sweet body on mine, so I could kiss her with all the love I felt for her. Between each kiss she repeated, "You're my darling…my darling…my darling…" My hand massaged between her legs and she lifted one foot onto the bed to give me access. I slipped my cock up into my mother's warm and slippery pussy and returned my lips to hers. We could have stood there all night.

I let my hands glide up and down her silky back to the curve of the meaty globe that I kneaded with my fingertips. I slowly raised and lowered myself as my cock slid up into her. As we kissed and touched and loved she said, "I want you so much Robby…more every day…I want to give you everything." I was so hot for her at that moment that even being in her pussy wasn't enough for me. I wanted something I'd never had from her and reached around to her ass and slipped a finger that was slickened by her pussy juices deep into the small hole. Her mouth was by my ear and she was repeating, "Yes…yes…yes…"

I alternately played with her pucker and drove my finger into her. I could tell she liked it by the sounds she made as she squirmed around on my probing finger. As my finger moved around inside her ass she said, "Yes honey…make me yours…that's what I want…to belong to you…make me yours baby." I directed her onto the bed and she knew what I wanted because it was what she wanted. Her round ass was raised and her hands spread the globes in anticipation of my entry. She said "Do it baby…do it…put it in your momma's ass."

I knew I should probably get some lubrication to get into her small hole but I didn't want to wait. I used saliva to ease the initial insertion. The sight of my mother waiting for me to put my cock into her behind had made it into a straining straight rod. I pushed hard to get passed the tight ring and she let out a loud "OH". The knob of my cock was on fire as her ring closed around the back of it. It seemed as if she had stretched to the limit to accommodate my fullness.

As I started to force the shaft deeper into her ass she started talking loudly as if to mask the pressure she must of felt from having my thickness opening her that way. "Yes baby" she said. "Yes Robby…yes…I've waited for months to have you in me again…day after day I went over it…telling myself it wasn't fair to you…you're my son…but all I could think about was having you back in my arms and mouth and…back in your mommy's pussy…I even wanted you there…where your big cock is filling me up now." The deeper I got into her ass the louder she got. "Oh honey…nobody ever…fucked me there…yes baby…in your mother's ass…for you…only for my baby… what I need…oh…your so deep in me…it's so good to have you in me again…fuck me Robby…please fuck me…please fuck me…"

Her whimpering had almost become crying and I soothed her with my hands and words telling her how much I'd missed her and how much I loved her. My pumping slowed almost to a stop as I ministered to her but she wanted more. "Don't stop baby…please don't stop…fuck me…fuck me…do it for me…do it for your mommy…do it baby…do it…"

I pounded into her and gave her what she wanted. "Yes mother…yes…this is for you…for you…" As each stroke speared into my mother's hot ass she cried out with pleasure. I gave her the full length of my cock until I was pressed up against her meaty globes. It felt so good to know that my mother needed me this way and loved me this way. I pumped hard enough to make a slapping sound as I contacted her fleshy spheres. We were both almost incoherent when my orgasm hit. When the first shot of cum jetted into my mother's ass, she screamed and came with spasms and trembling. I'd never seen her experience an orgasm that intense. As her whimpering sighs decreased she turned to share an unending kiss.

There are times when words fail; that was one of those times. It seemed as if we were both in a state of non-ordinary reality; the place where your emotions allow you touch the love that surrounds us all but is usually just out of reach. Before we fell asleep my mother whispered, "I loved having you in me like that…so big…I was so filled with you…I thought you would split me…but it was so good sweetheart…so good." I kissed her eyes good night.

Hours later, a soft light illuminated my mother's lovely breasts as I awoke. She was up and watching me. We just smiled at each other as she glanced at my hardening cock. I took her beautiful heavy breasts into my hands and I felt the weight of each as her nipples elongated into my palms. She gently stroked between my legs and I asked her, "Mom, when did you know?"

"You mean about wanting you honey? The first time I had you in me I thought, 'after waiting all this time this is what I need; how strange…my son's cock is inside me and I'm at peace… it's incest…I'm his mother but I'm past that now… because I know it's my son's love and my son's loving that I want…my son's loving is what I need.' Most of the time, I never thought I could really have you because I thought that I shouldn't. I figured I was going to get old and never have the only one that could make me happy. I thought…oh baby it doesn't matter now…all that matters is that we love each other…and you're in my hand…and in my mouth…"

With that, she straddled over my legs on all fours and my cock slowly disappeared into her mouth. As her tongue pushed and pressed she took me to that 'other' place. No one could do to me what she did and I said, "Mom, everything with you is the best."

She stopped long enough to smile up at me and say, "That's because I love you the best." I watched enraptured as my cock filled my mother's mouth. Both of her hands surrounded me as her thumbs massaged my balls. She rolled her hot tongue around the swollen spongy head and then took the knob between her lips and sucked it hard. Time and again she teased me as I waited for her mouth to envelope me. When finally she filled her mouth with my cock, I started thrusting as much of it as I could get into her, over and over again. She rubbed the sides of my shaft with both hands as she sucked. Every once in a while she would relax her throat and take most of the length of me down; I couldn't believe the sight or the sensations I was feeling.

I watched my mother loving me. I watched my mother sucking on her son's cock until I couldn't watch anymore because my unstoppable eruption had begun. I bucked up into her mouth and she stayed on me as my moans punctuated each release. I couldn't tell how many times I filled her mouth with my cum, but I didn't see a drop escape her lips. When she had sucked me dry I was exhausted and she came up and kissed my forehead and said, "My sweet tasting boy…my sweet love"

She started getting up but I pulled her back in bed and began licking the outer lips of my mother's pussy. They were glistening with her juices. My tongue slid easily all over the fleshy covering and into her inviting hole. I snaked in as far as I could reach and flicked at her insides. She moaned when I licked my way to her clit and applied pressure with the tip of my tongue. I circled with the mix of my saliva and the juice from her wet pussy and I could sense the trembling of her soft thighs besides my head. "Oh Robby baby, don't ever stop loving me and don't ever stop wanting me. I need your love…I need this…I need this…"

My mother was squirming and grabbing my head as I sucked her. She couldn't stay still; she raised and lowered herself off the bed. She stiffened and stretched her hands and legs as her moans and exclamations got louder. Finally she said, "Give me your cock baby…give momma your big cock."

I wasn't quite ready to enter her yet but I laid my cock over her soft wetness and slid up and down over it. My mother's spreading pussy brought my cock to life. Within a minute I sank my hardened shaft into my mother's waiting opening. She made a sweet noise as I penetrated her fully and I asked her, "Does that feel good mom?"

"Yes baby, it feels perfect. When you're in me this way I want it to go on forever."

I stroked her with my love and with my cock until we were both bathed in perspiration and continued until I could feel the heat inside her from the friction. The walls of her channel grasped at me as she involuntarily flexed and practically flailed her arms. My pitch and grunts and pounding got higher and harder as we both got closer to orgasm. I reached up deep into her belly until it seemed my cock was at the end of her and our bodies touched at every point. She begged for release. "Come in me love…come in your momma…oh Robby…Robby…make me come…baby…now…make me…oh God…come with me…OH…OH…OH…"

The first hard stream of cum shot into her and she laughed at the relief of coming. She bucked a few times while we both thrashed. Her arms and legs wrapped tightly around me as I fought to complete the last thrusts that left her pussy filled with my hot cum. After a long satisfied sigh, she placed lots of small kisses all over my face and I laughed because I could hardly breathe from the strength of the hold she had on me. And that was our hope for the future; the hold we had on each other.

As she lay in my arms afterwards she said, "If this is the first night of our 'something new', I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings." Her soft tender lips reached for mine.

Tomorrow rarely brings what people expect. We were no exception. We were uncomfortable in the community we lived in and moved. We wanted to be together as much as possible so we opened a toy store using most of our resources. What we knew about business could fill a thimble but we were friendly and worked hard to develop a small following. We eked out a living until the economy turned and unemployment rose drastically in our town.

We were working long hours and I became irritable and a lot less loving. It was a slippery slope that took me from blue to black. I started stopping off for a 'few' and came home later and later. I even accused her of 'looking' at other men. My mother became unhappier and that only annoyed me more. At my lowest point I took up with one of the waitresses at the bar.

The affair was as unsatisfying as the taste it left in my mouth. I didn't like her and the sex was never once as good as it was with my mother. So why would I do it? Why indeed.

It didn't take long for my mother to figure it out. She was so hurt and uncomprehending she could hardly utter a word to me. I battered her with inanities about 'suffocation' and 'moodiness' and my 'we're not married' line. My rationalizations probably hurt her as much as my actions. She said she couldn't live like that and I said, "Fine, go."

A day or two later I heard from Brian; we had stayed in touch and spoke every few weeks. I asked him how things were going and while talking about his relationship with his mother he said something that struck me; he said that being with his mom had showed him that when you love someone, you want to give more than you take. When I thought about it I realized that was what my mother had been doing all along; that was how she loved me. When I came home she was asleep on the couch and I just sat and watched over her. All I could think was that I loved this woman and wanted her to be happy.

That night when I saw her start to pack, the enormity of what I had done hit me. I couldn't breathe. I knew in my heart how much I needed her but somewhere else I thought she would always be there no matter what I did. The sight of her suitcase brought my life back into focus. I begged her to stay and give me the chance to make it right. I promised to stop drinking and said to her, "Mom it doesn't matter that we have thirty dollars in the bank, I only need you; please let me be your love again."

My mother's forgiving heart opened to me but it was years before I forgave myself. That night she told me why the remark I had made about not being married had been so upsetting to her. We were lying in bed and I told her about the fantasy I had had for years about her on the phone. She laughed and said, "I've had one of my own too baby." I kissed her and urged her to tell me about it. As she began to talk I rested my hand on the satiny material that covered my mother's pussy and massaged gently.

"From when I was a girl," she said, "I fantasized about my wedding day. It starts after the ceremony and I'm in a room alone waiting for my husband to join me so we can change and leave on our honeymoon. I take off the dress and I'm in all the frilly white garters, underwear and stockings when my new husband walks in. It's a little embarrassing…when I realized that I loved you as a woman and not only as your mother, you were the first actual person I ever put in my fantasy…and when you see me standing there and you say, 'Let me love you, my beautiful wife'. So when you said that stuff about us not being married it kind of jolted me."

"I'm sorry mom…I…"

"No baby, that's not why I'm telling you this; I'm telling you because I want to be close to you and let you understand." She covered the hand that was rubbing her pussy and continued. "You see baby, for me we were married…we were always married…you were always the one who came to me on my wedding day…every time I had the fantasy…you came as my husband and made love to me…"

"Tell me what we did mom."

"No baby, it's better if I show you what we did."

My mother went to her drawer and took out a white bra, panties and stockings. She put them on and stood before me. I told her, "Let me love you, my beautiful wife." She opened her arms to me as her eyes filled and I felt a tightening in my throat. We kissed softly at first and then as hungrily as if it was that first day. I devoured her mouth as her tongue teased and promised. I started to say, "Mom I'll never…"

She covered my mouth with her hand saying "No baby, shhhh…everything is okay…momma's here. " She reached into my briefs and touched the hardness she always brought me to. I went to my knees and pulled off her panties and started sucking the moist lips at her center. I held her legs apart at the junction of the silky stockings and her smooth thighs. I could always make my mother come quickly with a circling pressure on her clit. Her short spasmodic cries and the unintentional pulling of my hair soon announced her first climax.

My mother took a few shaky steps to sit on the edge of the bed after coming. I stroked her hair as she rested her head on me. When she caught her breath, she began kissing my cock over my briefs. The straining hardness became evident through the tented cotton. She reached in to free me and I was so stiff I thought she would break it off. Any discomfort was quickly eased as her mouth enveloped me.

I'm convinced that nobody could ever suck me the way my mother does. Her hands, mouth and tongue could each do me in. When all three are attending at once, it's as intense as it gets. I had to stop her a few times because I wanted to come inside her. She took a few more long licks on the underside before I had to pull away.

When I brought myself back from the brink, I spread her legs and prepared to enter her. I sank deep into her pussy immediately. I couldn't remember her ever being so sopping wet. When I gave her the few more inches I had left, I hit the spot she calls her 'pleasure place'. As I contacted it over and over my mother said, "Yes baby, that's it…there…there…yes…I have all of you in me…oh Robby…my sweet son…you're my husband…my lover…everything…"

As I approached the moment of exquisite release, I thought, "Yes mom that's all I ever want to be." I held the globes of my mother's ass that were at the edge the bed and began pumping my ejaculate into her. Each hard stream led to another. Somewhere in the distance I could hear her coming too as the rush enveloped me. It was like the opening of floodgates as more and more cum poured into her saturated channel. I pushed deep into her a final time taking her breasts in my hands and pressed them between my fingers - probably too hard. The mixture of noises that came from my mother became muffled as I covered her mouth with mine. I stayed pressed into her long after we each finished our final diminishing spasms. It was a moment of exquisite peace. That weekend I surprised her with matching gold bands.

As it turned out, business turned around when a little stuffed animal called a "Beanie Baby" came out. We sold them as fast as we got them. That took a lot of pressure off and we settled into a new life that surprisingly included Brian and his mom for a while. We were 'unfaithful' with them. Actually we never saw them but our 'affair' with them began when I talked to Brian one day and he said something about his always thinking that my mom was a 'hot piece of ass'. I laughed and said, "Do you want to tell her that; she's sitting right here?"

He took it as a challenge and said that he would. I put her on and after they were done talking and I had finished my conversation with him, she told me all the things he'd said. He told her how beautiful he'd always found her and what a spectacular body she had. I asked her if it turned her on and she smiled and her raised eyebrows said "yes".

That incident gave me an idea. I asked my mother if she thought phone sex with Brian and his mom might be fun and she said she'd be willing to try it. We talked it over and agreed that we would only do it if all four of us were on at the same time. We got headsets so we could talk 'hands free'.

The first time we did it Brian talked to my mother. I had told him that she sometimes fantasizes about 'rough' sex and that's where he went with it. Mom had on a light knit dress and I suggested she take off her bra and panties, which she did. As he started telling her how he was going to strip her, I could see was getting hot but she wasn't sure what to do about it. I unbuttoned the top of the dress and exposed one of her breasts. I put it in her hand so she could play with the nipple. I watched it stiffen as he described how he was going to touch her all over. I took out the other tit and fastened my mouth on it. I didn't know what Brian's mom was doing on the other end but I could hear him breathing harder as he spoke.

Brian was quick to pick up the cues my mother gave him. When mom said she could feel him behind her he said "Yes Sharon that's right…I'm going to fuck you in your favorite hole…I'm going to butt-fuck you so hard you're going to think a steel pipe was shoved up your ass…I'm going to stretch that dark, hot hole of yours with my big cock."

Mom was really into it now and she was just repeating, "Yes…yes…yes" over and over. By this time I had her dress up to her waist and was licking the sweet juices on her pussy. It was sort of a paradoxical situation, Brian is going on about how he's going to practically rape her and I'm gently circling my mother's clit with the tip of my tongue. At any rate, mom was going crazy.

As Brian started talking about shooting hot cum into my mother's ass, I realized he sounded like he really was about to come. I found out later that his mother was sucking him while all the talking was going on. When he did come, there was no doubt about it; he was gone and yelling. This brought mom close and she said, "Make me come baby…make me come." I fastened on her clit and drew it between my lips, flicking and sucking until she raised her ass and gave a loud sigh. She stroked my hair and said, "You make momma come so good honey."

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