A Matter of Betrayal Ch. 11


Colin was in a frenetic state, his mind given over to the impulses of his body, and he continued to pump his cock in and out of his mother. Aileen's nails dug into his shoulders as she struggled to hold on, Colin wouldn't have let her go though; his hold on her was too tight.

Before her last orgasm had a chance to subside Colin felt her tensing as another one came over her. "Oh God!" she cried out. "OH GOD! OH GODDDDDDDDD!!!" She wasn't having one orgasm; she was going into a series. Her whole body was shaking and her pussy was clenching tightly then releasing then clenching tightly again on Colin's cock so furiously that it triggered an imminent orgasm in Colin.

Colin felt his balls tighten and his loaded cock was suffused with cum ready to burst out of him. He couldn't hold back any longer. "ERAHGGGGGGGGG!!!" He grunted as his cock massively erupted inside his mother's pussy.

Hot streams of ejaculate shot through Aileen's cunt and her succession of cums climaxed with one major orgasm. Aileen's body stiffened and her pussy clamped down hard on Colin's cock. She bit down on Colin's shoulder which muffled her scream somewhat. Colin didn't even feel her teeth sink into his skin he was so lost in rapture and the complete feeling of oneness with his lover.

Through that bond of oneness Colin felt his mother shaking and crying before his senses came around enough for him to be aware of anything else. Slowly his conscious emerged from the depths of their united passion. He was still holding on tightly to Aileen and she to him, his softening cock still planted in her pussy. Her head was buried in his shoulder as her whole body shuddered.

"Hey babe," Colin said softly as he ran his hand through her hair. "Are you okay?"

"Yes," Aileen said though her voice was choked up and Colin could feel the wetness on his shoulder. "It's just that I have never...I have never experienced anything as powerful as that before. My emotions are out of control. I...I feel so safe, so loved with you...so passionate," Aileen swallowed and looked up at Colin; tears were running down her cheeks. "It's still so new though; having someone I trust so completely that I can let myself go. When we make love I give every part of myself to you, body and soul, and I know I'm safe in your arms. I feel we reached a higher plateau than ever this time and it...it's just overwhelming." Aileen started shaking more intensely and crying harder.

"Shhhh, babe. It's okay I understand," Colin said giving his mother a squeeze. "I understand perfectly everything you just said and I feel it too. Just remember we're together in all things and we always will be. I will always be here to comfort you when you are feeling overwhelmed."

"Don't let go of me baby, hold me please," Aileen said.

"I'm never letting go of you, ever," Colin replied holding her as tight as he could.

"I love you so much Colin!"

"I love you too."

They began to kiss and fell back on the bed holding each other and locked at the lips. Colin's flaccid cock slipped out of her pussy but she caught it between her thighs and refused to release it. Colin was happy to keep it there.

Colin pulled the covers over them and they drifted off into an exhausted but blissful sleep.

* * *

Colin woke up in the middle of the night and found that at some point Aileen had rolled over so her backside was pressing up against his front, her plump ass pressed to his groin. He had an arm draped over her with his hand on one of her luscious breasts. His cock was still firmly secured between his mother's thighs however and the only way that could have happened was if she put it back there. Colin was in no position to complain; he loved the feeling of his cock so close to the moist heat of her pussy. In fact, he was starting to become aroused again.

He began to caress the tit he held in his hand; kneading the soft flesh and circling his finger around the areola. As his penis hardened he slowly began to slide it back and forth between his mother's legs. "Mmmmmmmm," he heard his mother murmur in her sleep. Colin's cock slid along the lips of her pussy, still slick and puffy from their earlier lovemaking. His cock found the entrance to her cunt and gently slid in. "Ohhhhhhh honey!" Aileen said.

"You awake?" Colin whispered.

"I am now," Aileen said

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be. This is the most wonderful way to wake up I can imagine," Aileen said.

Colin moved his hips backing himself out of her a bit then plunging back in. "I love you Mom," he said.

"Then make love to me," Aileen answered.

Colin smiled as he slid completely out of his mother so she could turn onto her back. When he saw her face he could see she had a broad smile as well. Aileen spread her legs open as Colin maneuvered himself on top of her. Propping himself up on the bed with his arms, he held himself above her and just took in the site below him. Her red hair was disheveled about her, but it added to her sexy allure; her sparkling green eyes with long eyelashes, her sensuous red lips, and her creamy soft skin made her so desirable. Even as she lay on her back her breasts rose sumptuously from her chest, her turgid nipples sticking straight out from large areolas. Her stomach had become taut in the past month and a half, the slight paunch she had was no longer there. Her curvaceous feminine hips led to her shapely legs. "You are so beautiful," Colin said reverently. Aileen continued to smile at him with a look of love and wanting in her eyes.

Colin's hard cock was caught in between their stomachs. He took one hand to grasp his cock and move it over Aileen's pussy. He rubbed the head over her wet vagina circling over her raised clit a couple times eliciting sharp gasps and moans from his mother. Then he found her entrance and slid himself in all the way. "Ooooooooooh," Aileen intoned.

Colin kept still for a few moments enjoying the feeling of being inside his mother. After a while he began to slowly move his hips up and down, sliding his shaft in and out of her pussy. He bent his head down to her tits and took a nipple into his mouth gently sucking on it and using his tongue to play with the supple nub. After all ready cumming more than once earlier that night, Colin felt he had the stamina to last quite a while so he fell into a natural rhythm of tender lovemaking. He continued to suck on her nipples making sure to keep switching back and forth so each breast got equal attention.

Colin didn't know how long they were making love, but it felt like hours. Aileen had all ready cum a few times; small sensuous orgasms that seemed quite pleasing to her but nothing like the volcanic orgasms they shared a few hours ago. While the sex wasn't as frenzied as before, it was just as good in another way; they got to share a moving experience. They were joined together and could bask in that connectedness and explore the purity of the love they had for each other.

Finally Colin felt the urge to cum building up inside him. "Mom, I'm gonna cum," he said. "I want you to cum with me."

"I'm almost there baby, I'm almost there!" Aileen said.

Colin continued to pump in and out of Aileen's pussy until he felt it clamp down on his cock and his mother started to spasm. "OHHHHHHHHH!" Aileen cried.

The feeling of his mother's cunt tightening around his cock pushed Colin over the edge. "OH GOD! OHHHHHHHHHHH!" He shouted as his sperm shot out of his cock. Colin's slow building orgasm had a powerful culmination.

Colin collapsed on top of his mother as they felt the remnants of each other's orgasms through the small shudders and shivers of each body. Aileen put her hand on the back of Colin's head and ran her fingers through his hair. "Oh Colin, you don't know how good you are. You give me everything I could possibly want, every way I could possibly want it," she said. "I love you so much!"

"I love you with all my heart Mom," Colin said.

"Stay on top of me for a while longer," Aileen asked. "Let me hold my darling man."

"Anything you want," Colin said. "You can always have anything you want."

"I love you, my husband," Aileen whispered into Colin's ear. Colin shivered and a thrill went through him to hear her use those words.

"I love you too...my wife," Colin whispered back. He felt Aileen's grip on him tighten for a moment, then the two lovers fell back asleep.

* * *

"Oh my God!" Colin was startled awake by his mother's exclamation.

"What? What?" Colin said still half asleep as he sat up in bed turning his head left and right looking to see if something was amiss in the room.

"Did I do that to you?!!" Aileen said as she gently touched the red and purple welt surrounded by teeth marks on Colin's shoulder. Morning had come and daylight flooded through the windows making the evidence of the previous night's lust quite easy to see.

Colin looked at the mark on his shoulder then said, "Heh, I guess you did," and began chuckling.

"Oh baby! I'm so sorry!"

"Don't be. It's a love bite. I'll wear it with honor." Colin said with a smile.

"I never meant to hurt you my darling," Aileen said

"I didn't even feel it I was so lost in being with you. Please believe me; it's okay," Colin said as he took Aileen in his arms. She was about to say something else but Colin cut her off by kissing her ardently. It only took a couple of seconds before Aileen was kissing back just as strongly.

When they finally separated Aileen said, "As much as I'd like to continue this, we don't have that much time before checkout and I need a shower."

"A shower huh? That's a good idea, I'm pretty sticky. Want some company?" Colin asked.

"I always want your company baby," Aileen said.

Colin rubbed her shoulder suggestively. "Then we can continue this in the shower," he said.

"We can't take too much time..." Aileen said but Colin continued to rub her shoulder then let his fingertips flow gently up and down her arm. "But..." she continued as a smile spread on her face, "I suppose we do have a little time."

Once they were in the shower they began to wash each other. When Aileen was washing Colin's back she saw the scratches her fingernails caused on his back and said, "Oh Colin, I can't believe how rough I was with you last night. I'm so sorry!" She sounded near tears.

Colin turned around and enfolded her in his embrace, "Mom, please don't feel bad about anything that happened last night. It was amazing! You were amazing!" Colin proclaimed. "I swear to you I didn't feel any pain then and now I'm just a little sore but it's a good soreness. It's a reminder of the fun we had last night."

Aileen still looked unsure but she said, "Okay, but I still think you deserve something from me to make it up." The look on her face turned lascivious as she knelt down in front of Colin. When her face was in front of his groin she took his cock in her hand. It was all ready semi erect but after a few strokes he was fully hard.

Aileen placed the head of his cock in her mouth and began to swirl her tongue around. Colin rolled his eyes back in pleasure. She took more and more of his cock into her mouth until he felt the head hit the back of her throat. Then she began to suck while her hand stroked the remaining portion of his shaft that couldn't fit in her mouth. She went back and forth between sucking and twirling her tongue. Her hand slid down his shaft and fondled his balls.

Colin was so completely enrapt by the feeling that he couldn't move. She began to suck harder and then her hand reached past his balls and went up between his ass cheeks. When he felt her finger penetrate his asshole Colin knew he was ready to lose it. "UHHHHHH! I'm gonna cum!" He said. Aileen sucked even harder. His balls constricted and Colin's cock released a mighty blast of cum into his mother's mouth and then another and another. Colin felt week in the knees as he unloaded his seed. Aileen hungrily swallowed it all.

Aileen took his last load into her mouth but she didn't swallow. She looked up at Colin with a pleased-with-herself grin on her face and opened her mouth. She showed him his white cream dancing on her tongue then made a big production of swallowing that last bit, her smile even wider.

Aileen stood up and Colin took her into his arms kissing her deeply. He had tasted his own cum so many times by now it didn't even faze him even after seeing it in her mouth, her whole routine had so turned him on that Colin hadn't lost his erection and was fully stiff again.

Aileen grabbed his cock in her hand again and stroked it, then put it at the entrance to her pussy. Colin took her in the shower making energetic love to her while hot water sprayed down on them both.

* * *

"You know you thought of just about everything yesterday, but you forgot one thing," Aileen said.

"What's that?" Colin asked.

"You should have packed an overnight bag for us, now we have to go home in the same clothes we had on yesterday!" Aileen answered. They had finished their shower and were wrapped in towels in the bathroom.

"Oops," Colin said looking sheepish. "I guess I should have done that. Darn! I thought I had thought of everything!"

Aileen laughed and put her arms around Colin. "Don't worry about it sweetie, you gave me the best night of my life last night. If I didn't all ready love you with all my heart I would have fallen hopelessly in love with you then. You did everything perfect!"

"Almost perfect," Colin said with a scowl.

"Completely perfect," Aileen corrected him. "So what if I have to wear this dress home? Nobody knows us here and when we get back to the apartment building we probably won't see anybody as we go from the garage to our apartment and if we do it won't be that big a deal."

"I suppose you're right," Colin said as he left the bathroom.

Colin got dressed in the suit he wore the previous day. It was wrinkled but at least he had something to wear. He ran a hand through his short damp hair in lieu of a brush. Aileen donned her evening gown and fortunately for her she carried a brush and makeup in her purse so she could fix herself up a bit. When she emerged from the bathroom Colin was amazed. She looked just as stunning as she did last night.

"Close your mouth before you catch flies," Aileen said with a giggle.

"It's just you are so beautiful," Colin said.

"Flatterer," Aileen said.

"Maybe, but a completely honest one," Colin countered and Aileen smiled.

"So are we ready to check out?" Aileen asked.

"Almost," Colin said.

"Almost? What do you need to do?"

"I need to give you my final gift," Colin said.

"Colin! No! You've all ready done too much!" Aileen said adamantly.

"I could never do too much for you," Colin said.

"Yes you can! I know last night must have cost you a fortune, I can't accept anything more!" The previous night had cost Colin a lot, he had used almost all the money he had been saving up for the past couple years, but it was worth it to him. You only get one first Valentine's Day with the love of your life. He could always save up more money.

"Let me just show you what it is before you refuse it. It isn't anything extravagant, just something I think you can use." Colin said.

"Oh...all right," Aileen said in resignation.

Colin went to his coat and pulled an oblong velvet covered box out of the pocket. He brought it over to Aileen and handed it to her. She opened it and saw that inside was a simple gold chain.

Colin took Aileen's left hand and removed the ring from it. She hadn't taken it off since he had put it on her. "When I got you this ring," Colin began, "I decided that if you agreed to wear it, I wanted you to be able to wear it all the time." Colin took the gold chain out of its box. He placed the ring on the chain. "I figured if you wore it around your neck hidden beneath your clothes you would be able to wear it without being questioned about it." He put the chain with the ring on it around her neck. "I love you Aileen and I want you to always wear my ring. Until we move somewhere no one knows us, you can wear it like this."

Aileen was in tears. "Colin, I don't know what to say...I was dreading having to take this off when we got home, I felt so proud wearing it last night. Colin this is wonderful! Oh baby I love you so much! I will wear your ring always from now on! Even if I can't show it off I will always have it on me and it will be close to my heart."

"I love you Aileen," Colin said. "You are the wife of my heart."

"I love you too Colin, husband of my heart." Aileen crashed into Colin's arms kissing him passionately. Colin had felt bonded to Aileen since Christmas, but now he felt that bond had been cemented and he knew Aileen felt that too. He was going to spend his life with this wonderful woman and this was only the beginning.


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