tagGroup SexA Matter of Coincidence Ch. 03

A Matter of Coincidence Ch. 03


This is a continuation of Chapter 1 & 2....The new neighbors, Maura and Doug Jensen, are seductive and willing...Maura could be Cindy's twin (Phil Duggan's wife)....Phil's limits are pushed as all parties provide some torrid voyeuristic opportunities, but he needs to wait for his wife...

We pick up with Cindy's return from the lake cottage and she meets the Jensens...


Cindy arrived home on time and honked as she pulled down the driveway. I went out to greet her as she pulled the car into the garage. It was great to see her and we both smiled while approaching one another. We broke into a tender embrace which turned into a passionate kiss.

As we broke, I heard Maura say, "Now that's what I call a kiss." She was on her way over; Doug a few steps behind. As Cindy turned to greet our new neighbors everyone stopped in their tracks. Three mouths dropped open and six eyes widened. They girls were looking at themselves.

Everyone looked at me. "Hey, I told you there was an incredible likeness." They all stared in disbelief. Maura broke the ice, giving Cindy a friendly embrace saying, "Finally we meet. I've heard so much about you."

On cue I proclaimed it to be cocktail hour. The girls started chatting before we even entered the house. "Tell me about your move. Where do you shop? Did you hear about this store?" Their friendship was off and running. Doug and I served drinks and snacks and sort of stood by in awe as our wives consumed themselves in each other.

The girls were on a high as they compared make-up, ear rings, clothes and what not. When Cindy learned Maura was a lingerie rep she was thrilled. In an instant they were over at the Jensen's. The plan for Doug and I to cook dinner was a good one.

We talked, drank, listened to music and finally started to prepare dinner later in the day.

It was effortless work. Our cooking styles meshed well. On more than one occasion we bumped into each other. There was always a lingering apologetic touch followed by a 'no problem' from the other. Once Doug's hand brushed across my ass and I told him he had a half hour to stop it.

We too were forming a bond.

Dinner was nearly ready when Maura and Cindy returned. Cindy had a bag of lingerie and was excited to show me and did so in front of all of us. All the items were much sexier than her everyday wear. I'm not saying she didn't have some enticing items; it was her statement about junking her old stuff which I found arousing.

She showed us at least a dozen matching bra and panty combinations of different colors, cup styles, cuts, hooks and materials. There were even a few 'special things' I would find out about later. She had a look in her eye which I knew and loved.

Cindy took something else out of the bag and came up to me with a naughty look on her face. Placing one hand behind my head she pulled me towards her, giving me a fairly passionate kiss. Meanwhile, her other hand pushed something into the back pocket of my shorts. Breaking the kiss she said there was even a little something for me.

Refilling their wines, Cindy and Maura asked how long to dinner. Doug and I looked at each other and he replied fifteen minutes giving me a questioning expression. I nodded and said it was about right.

The girls told us they were going to replace and restock Cindy's dresser drawers with her new things. Up they went. I thought it interesting because Cindy kept a few toys in those drawers and Maura was sure to see them.

I told Doug I needed to relieve myself and headed to the bathroom. As I went he told me if I shake it more than once it's called masturbation. Laughing, I asked what it was called if you shook it a thousand times. He hollered back "Orgy."

Once in the bathroom, I reached into my pocket and removed a pair of mauve panties; boy type with lace trim and a small bow in the center of the waistband. Looking at the label it read Lily of France, size XL. I couldn't wait to replace my briefs.

The feeling was wonderful as my cock snuggled onto my abdomen. The material was the stretchy type so my whole area felt pampered. Running my hands over my pantied ass was arousing. Looking at myself in the mirror, I got an idea.

Pulling the panties down, I reached behind and pulled my cock back along my ass crack (a move I learned from the T-Girl movies). I pulled the panties back up and after a few adjustments everything seemed to be in place. The look and feel was sinful.

I felt very kinky as I pulled my shorts back up. It's how Cindy and I lived; Phil Duggan—model citizen on the outside, wanton kinkster on the inside. This just brought it a little closer to the surface. I tossed my briefs in the hamper before heading back to the kitchen. The feel of my buried cock moving against my cheeks was a provocative reminder of my undergarment.

Doug was setting the table and I checked on the wild mushroom sauté. Everything was ready when the girls came back down. Cindy helped Doug with the water and wine. Maura helped me serve. As Cindy and Doug were both chatting away in the dining room, Maura took advantage of the few seconds alone.

"I just came from your bedroom. You two are very naughty." Taking a quick glance over her shoulder to assure we were alone, her hand went to may ass; caressing the cheeks and crack. Brining her lips close to my ear, she whispered. "I hope you like them; I picked them out from Doug's collection." At that same moment her finger found the head of my cock in my crack. Pressing into it she muttered, "Ohhhh, kinky boy."

I needed to busy myself quickly to settle down. Maura took the first plate into the dining room and came back for the others. Once we were all served, I joined them.

Maura leaned towards Cindy and whispered to her while looking at me. Cindy reached over and touched my hand. With a sly little smile, she mouthed the question, "Like them?"

I think I blushed. Even though Cindy and I have been married for a long time, Maura's boldness combined with the sexual tension in the room, I couldn't help but redden. I mouthed back "Love 'em." A wicked smile covered her face. Cindy turned her gaze to Maura; they exchanged winks.

The food, conversation and atmosphere were as expected--outstanding. We talked about so many things. Questions which had already been answered in "man talk," were re-discussed as only women can. In all fairness, we all learned a great deal more about each. We even made plans to go store hopping the next day. There was a genuine chemistry between us all. It was hard to believe we only just met.

We seemed to be developing a tradition of finishing the night in the hot tub. The real attraction is the legitimate closeness it allows. Cindy was all for it. Taking the dishes into the kitchen, we divided up the tasks: Maura was going to make her blender drinks; Doug was going to get the tub ready; and Cindy and I would do a quick clean up and be right over.

The door wasn't completely shut before Cindy attacked. The first thing she did was reach in my shorts to feel the panties. With my cock still somewhat tucked back, she cooed about how sexy it felt. Her mouth devoured mine. Cindy's need for sex was too much.

She pulled off my shorts and panties; my cock popping out in the process. Kneeling in front of me Cindy started rubbing it all over her face telling me how much she wanted me. She needed cum. She needed her pussy and ass stuffed. She was so hot, she was ready to explode.

Engulfing my dick in one motion, I realized how needy I was too. The week away, plus our seductive neighbors sent our hormone levels to overload. Cindy stood back up and bent over the kitchen table while kicking off her slacks and panties.

She started begging me to fuck her while swaying her ass wantonly.

"I really need you inside me. I know we're expected, but if I don't get fucked now, I'll go nuts. Shove your cock in my cunt."

Cindy was so wet my cock slipped directly into her. She immediately started shaking. It was one of her mini orgasms; the type where the smallest touch makes her cum. This wasn't about wild sex; it was more of satisfying an immediate need. At this point I wanted to stay home for the evening, but we had to go. Holding Cindy gently, I stayed in her until she regained control.

We needed to go.

Cindy insisted on helping me with my suit bottoms. She massaged and positioned my cock across my abdomen, making my swollenness obvious. Cindy slipped into her red, scalloped sided, tank suit, adjusting the bottom panel to accentuate her lips. We were ready.

As expected, Maura and Doug were in the tub; nude of course. Cindy looked at me as if to ask if we should remove our suits. I wanted to but we needed to talk first. I simply motioned to the tub. I knew our hosts would be pushing things along anyway.

Maura asked what took us so long; making it clear she already knew the answer by the inflection of her voice.

I held Cindy's hand as she climbed the stairs. Doug stood and extended his hand to help her down. His hairless cock was already extended. Cindy's eyes were glued to it as it just so happened to rub against her thigh as he guided her next to Maura. Cindy loved it.

Doug and I sat next to our spouses. As he passed out the drinks, we both commented how the girls looked so much like twins. Maura mentioned that she wasn't sure if they really identical since Cindy still had her suit on.

Cindy was staring at Maura's breasts as she spoke. Her tongue instinctively licked her lips. I knew how she felt. It was the same way I felt all last week. My yearnings were intensifying now that Cindy was back. It was only going to be a matter of time.

Tonight's tub time turned in a "secret" rub fest. Cindy and I stroked each others thighs and areas. My hand kept bumping into Maura's. Although I couldn't see much due to the bubbles, I figured Cindy was returning the favor. It was fairly obvious what Doug and Maura were doing to each other. The only time our hands surfaced were for drinks.

We played and chatted for a couple hours before Cindy said she was tired from the trip; her hand firmly on my cock as she spoke. Maura and Doug understood and stood as we did. Pulling Cindy into her bald nakedness, Maura told her how happy she was to have finally met her. Moving to arms length she smiled; gazed into her eyes and spoke.

"I feel I have known you all my life. Today was a beautiful start to what I know will be a fantastic relationship between all of us. I'm so looking forward to tomorrow. It sounds wonderful and I'm sure we'll have a great time. Until then..."

Her words were affectionate and alluring. Maura's head titled slightly as she moved to kiss Cindy. Doug and I were transfixed by the intimacy unfolding. They exchanged five or six soft, sensual kisses; none lingering, none lustful.

Cindy and Maura opened their embrace at the same time and surprisingly, pulled Doug and I in for a group hug. Maura kissed me with the same tenderness while Cindy did likewise with Doug. After the kiss our bodies parted a bit. Doug and I looked at each other and hesitated with smiles.

With a final hug we got out of the tub. Maura and Doug were embracing each other as we made our way across the patios.

Without turning on the lights, I took Cindy by the hand into the study. She instantly saw the passion next door. Removing my suit, I went behind her and removed hers. I began to rub my body into her back; my cock pressing into her ass.

Wrapping my arms around her, I began to make suggestions about Doug and Maura. As I whispered in her ear, my one hand fondled her breasts, gently pulling and pinching her nipples. My other hand strayed lowered into her wet folds. My fingers gathered the outside juices and stared a slow rub onto her swelling clit.

"You want it be your mouth on his cock, don't you? Think of it this way, you're watching a live version of your desires. You look so much like Maura, you could be Maura. Watch yourself suck him. Think of how his cock feels as it fills your mouth. This is her pussy I'm fingering; her nipples I'm pinching; her juices I'm gathering."

Cindy's legs were shaking. Her nectar was flowing and running over my hand and down her legs. She was captivated by Maura and Doug. So was I, but I continued.

"Imagine Doug being behind you and Maura is actually sucking my cock. It's all so sinfully confusing isn't it? Look, he is starting to fuck you; nice and slow. He isn't trying to make you cum. He isn't trying to get himself off. He is getting himself ready for your asshole."

The timing couldn't have been better. Maura was one her back on the tub's half- deck. Grabbing her legs, she pulled her buttocks into position. Doug started to finger her and spread her wetness to her waiting hole. I repositioned myself and began to lube Cindy ass.

"Any moment now his cock will be in you. There's only one problem; you need more than just his cock; don't you? You want it all. You want everybody and everything. You want Maura's pussy. You want her mouth. You want her breasts. You want her nipples. You want to feel everything she feels. You want both his and my cock. You need to be consumed."

Cindy was lost in their passion. When Doug entered Maura and I pushed two fingers into Cindy's ass. Her moan was so loud, I'm sure they heard her. Cindy's body started vibrating. A series of orgasms overtook her. Her hands started clawing at her own nipples. Out of control Cindy started screaming.

"Fuck me. FUCK ME NOW." Cindy bent over the desk, never breaking her gaze from across the patio. Reaching behind her, she grabbed my cock and pushed it inside soaked pussy. With a crazed lust in her voice she went on.


My cock was ready in a few strokes and repositioned at her brown hole. With one smooth and deep stroke it was buried. Cindy cried out in pleasure.


I withdrew my cock until only the head was still inside and then pushed it back to the hilt.


Our motions were in synch; as I pushed in, Cindy pushed back; as I pulled back she pulled forward.

Doug began fucking like mad, so I followed pace. Both Maura and Cindy were molesting their breasts; pulling, slapping, and digging their nails into them. Cindy was becoming unglued and continued her screaming.


I heard Doug's moaning orgasm over my own. Maura didn't waste a second. Pushing Doug onto his back, she positioned her ass onto his face.

I didn't see the rest. Cindy pushed me to the floor.

Cindy was wild. Her ass was squirming on my mouth; my tongue lapping her hole. When Cindy spread her cheeks apart and pushed my cum out, I went crazy. Not a drop was wasted; I sucked it in like a man possessed.

Sliding down my body, Cindy jammed herself onto my still hard dick. Pressing her torso into mine, she devoured my mouth with hers. Our tongues began a passionate dance as we savored the juices from her ass.

Our fucking was deep and powerful. We were pushing and grinding as if something was beneath the surface of our skin and we needed to get to it. The intensity kept building. Cindy sat upright and continued to grind. Grabbing my hands, she placed them onto her nipples. She needed some hard play.

This ignited her. She began to buck furiously; pushing hard into my chest with her hands. Her nails dug into my skin. Cindy started tossing her head around wildly; her hair flying in every direction. I kept working her nipples; pinching, pulling, and twisting. Each of her thrusts I met in kind. Sweat coated our bodies.

Cindy was moaning incoherently. She was lost. Suddenly she went stiff as a board. For a moment I thought she had a stroke. With one big, loud, long groan she exploded; losing control of everything.

Piss streamed from her; flowing like a warm river over my balls. I hit the edge and poured my cum into her. Two orgasms in less than thirty minutes was unheard of and yet the night had only started.

We collapsed into each other and stayed motionless for quite awhile. Cindy finally came too and rolled off of me. Collecting our wits, we slowly rose to our feet. Embracing, we kissed gently.

Cindy looked into my eyes and said, "I love you. We have so much to talk about, but that can wait. Tonight I have needs which must be satisfied."

Not bothering to pick up anything, we headed to the bedroom. The evening was wild. My last recollection of time was 4:45am.


Knocking woke us around 11:30 the same morning. Cindy and I figured it was Doug or Maura. We climbed out of bed, threw on robes, and headed downstairs. Still a bit weary, we let them in. Maura and Doug had a tray of coffees.

They started laughing as they looked around the house. They were in middle of the remnants of our sexual frenzy. My shorts, two pair of panties, Cindy's slacks and heels were strewn on the kitchen floor. Maura said in a soft tone, "Thought you might want a latte this morning. We'll leave you alone. Stop by when you come back to earth."

We thanked them sheepishly for the coffee. After they left, we surveyed our deeds. With looked at each other and smiled. We needed to get a move on before the day flitted away. As was our tradition when we were in a hurry, I challenged Cindy to a round of 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' to see who gets a morning orgasm before our showers. She hated the game because I usually won.

Cindy's orgasm rocked her.... (In my mind I still won.)

Going through her new lingerie, Cindy picked out a very nice set which blended well with her outer garments. She wasn't the one to wear a fire engine red bra under a shear white blouse. To my delight Cindy had another pair of panties for me. These were a simple white pair of Lycra boy cuts. She asked what I thought. I told her to ditch my old stuff. I knew it would be done.

Maura and Doug were reading on the patio as we made the long 30 foot trek.

Doug greeted us with a "Hey sleepy heads, how ya' doing?"

Exchanging pleasantries we thanked them again for the lattes and the girls took over from there. Maura drove with Cindy navigating. Doug and I were in the back talking about the upcoming college football season. Cindy looked at me and gave a faux sigh, telling everyone I was a Penn State grad and football junkie. It turns out Doug went to Stanford, so we both could enjoy our traditions without rivalry.

We were heading to the 'Settlement," which is a historical community. It also has a well developed shopping area filled with specialty shops and restaurants within a very condensed radius. It's perfect place for a leisurely day of serious shopping. We lucked out and found a parking spot right away.

The afternoon was gorgeous. Cindy and Maura were inseparable. Clerk after clerk asked them what it was like growing up as a twin. Their first response was we're not related; bringing only looks of puzzlement. They soon started making up stories about fighting, wearing each others clothes, and boyfriends.

Begging forgiveness, Doug and I headed to a wine bar. It was a great afternoon. We talked about everything from jobs to childhood memories. We hit on every topic except sex. However, if a good looking woman passed, we gave each other the look. The closest we came to the subject of sex was taking a piss. Both of us needed to pull down our panties. We simply exchanged smirks.

The girls joined us a few hours later, their arms full of bags. Fortunately the car was only a few shops away, so Doug and I loaded everything into the trunk. Returning the girls had drinks and were discussing where to eat. We selected a tapas bar and shared exquisite dishes. The house red wasn't bad either!

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