tagLoving WivesA Matter of Color

A Matter of Color


I'd like to thank Wolf Vixen for catching all the things that I miss that are right in front of me. How about a little non-fiction for a change? It's a true story, I'm just not saying if it was me or not. As always, grab a beverage and be prepared to be entertained or pissed off, that's up to you.

I just don't understand black men. Is it their mission in life to screw every white woman they come across? If a black man goes to a party and there are 20 hot sisters and one white girl, he'll always make a beeline to hit on her; what the hell I ask you?

They say men think with their dick and that's probably true, but if white men think with their dick fifty percent of the time, black men do it eighty percent at least. It's true, most black men are more well endowed then white guys, but remember; the world doesn't revolve around your dick no matter how big it is.

You may think I'm some small white boy with a little dick and a chip on his shoulder that hasn't a clue what he's talking about, that's where your wrong. You see, been there done that. How many white guys can say they graduated from a black Baptist College in the south? How many white's can say they know what discrimination really feels like, I can.

"You see, my name is Jim and I moved to the south from the cold regions of Minnesota with my now ex-wife. Her G.M. office in Mpls was closing and she was given a choice, take a layoff or transfer to one of the offices that wasn't closing and had an opening. The one that caught her eye was a position in sunny Florida. How often do you get a chance to transfer from the deep freeze to Mickey Mouse Land, it was a no brainer. Hell, even if I didn't have a job waiting for me I was smart and could probably find a dozen jobs in no time flat. So I gave my notice and we moved south, boy was I in for a rude awakening.

I hadn't finished college but had three years in when I quit, something about money and life in general always got in the way. So without that sheep skin, all I could find was shit jobs that didn't pay squat. I was pretty down after a year of struggling when I heard a commercial on the radio about a local college starting a program for working adults. You could finish your degree in eighteen months under this new program. I almost got into an accident trying to write down the phone number as I drove down the street.

I called the school, went to the orientation, which was held in a nice downtown hotel and signed up for the class. When I got back to work the next day I told the office manager, Carol, what I'd done and that I'd be starting night school in two weeks. I asked her where E.W.C. was located and she just gave me this weird look. She drew me a map on how best to get there from where our plant was located and told me to come in early Tuesday and we'd talk about my first night of class over coffee and donuts.

After work I headed out, followed her directions and within 45 minutes I was there. I asked a couple of guys where building #321 was located and they told me it was the second building on the left. I found the right building, the classroom and settled into my seat for the three-hour business class.

Tuesday morning I walked into Carol's office as she sat there with this shit eating grin on her face.

"You knew didn't you?" I said in a loud voice.

"And you didn't," she replied with a smile. "When did it first hit you that something just wasn't quite right?" Carol asked enjoying every minute of our conversation.

"Just after class started, I realized that I was the only white person there," I told her. "Then at the break when everyone was getting something to eat and drink, I didn't see a white faces any where. I heard comments about what that cracker was doing here and a few other things that I won't even bring up," I told her as she drank her coffee.

"You were beaming when you left and I didn't have the heart to tell you it was an all black college," she told me. "What are you going to do now?" Carol asked.

"Finish. This is the best deal around and if this is what it takes, so be it. Hell I'd sleep with the devil himself to get that sheep skin, so this should be a walk in the park," I told her.

All right, so I was wrong. It wasn't totally because I was white, but more so that I worked my ass off to get the best grades while a lot of the others in my class tried to skate by. I can remember the night the dean walked into our class. She asked the teacher to excuse her for a moment as she watched him walk out. Turning back to the class she laid into us.

"What the hell do think this is, some kind of joke?" she started. "This is the test class of the new program I laid my ass on the line to get started and you think that just because you're black I won't fail you, well people your very wrong," she yelled. "The instructors tell me that there are only two of you making any effort and one isn't even black," she said as I slumped down in my chair. "Now hear me and hear me good, if I don't see an improvement and soon, I'm going to kick your asses out of this program and replace you with someone who wants to be here. Do I make myself clear?"

Everyone nodded, including me. She left the room in a huff and the teacher came back and began again as everyone looked at each other and then at me.

It was a week later that I noticed a group of people were waiting outside of class. I wasn't sure if they were there to kick my ass or just give me a warning to stop showing them up.

"Jim isn't it," one of the tall black guys asked, I nodded. "We're all struggling in this class and you just seem to be cruising through the work. We were wondering if you had any extra time and could give us a hand?" he asked.

I let out a sigh of relief and asked them how their Sunday afternoons looked. "I have a large conference room where I work. We could use to study and do our weekly home work if you're interested," I told them. I gave them the address, my phone number and told them I'd see who ever was interested about 1:00.

I really didn't expect anyone to show but was happily surprised when ten class mates showed up. We sat down and for the next three hours made a lot of progress. We all got caught up on our homework assignments and had a round robin about what was going on in the class; it was really enjoyable. As everyone left, they thanked me and said they'd see me at class; and so it began.

Classes from then on were great and the members of my group excelled. Over the next six weeks, our Sunday group went from ten to fifteen and finally twenty-one members. We did our homework together, studied for the tests as one and really started to bond. The week after the last test, we walked into the room to see the instructor sitting on his desk waiting for us and behind him stood the dean of our program. He started off telling us that there was a problem with our last test.

"I don't want to say anyone cheated, but there were a lot of similarities in your answers we can't explain," he told us. "Then I went back to your homework and found the same issues as the test," he said in a now louder voice. "I'd like someone to explain this to me if they can," now looking back at the dean.

I raised my hand and stood up. "Let me guess, there are 21 sets of homework and tests that are the same" he nodded. "Well a group of us have a weekend study group where we do our homework together so if we're right, we're all right and if it's wrong the same applies," I told him. "How did we do?" I asked.

The instructor looked at the dean and then back at us. "Your group aced the test and the homework assignments," he said now with a big smile. "Good work."

The class erupted with cheers and backslapping as the dean started to speak. "I guess my talk did some good, but don't get cocky, you've got a long way to go," she said with just a hint of a smile.

Class flew by that night and at the end everyone was talking to me and thanking me over and over again. I told them I was happy to help but they'd done the work themselves. I never knew just how grateful until two weeks later.

We'd just gotten off class and I was making my way to the parking lot when I was knocked to the ground. I turned around to see two very large black men standing over me.

"Give me your fucking money white boy before I cut you wide, deep and often." One guy said with a laugh. I was just about ready to give him my meager amount when about eight guys from my class walked up. One of the guys helped me up and the rest explained that I was their white brother and that if they even looked at me the wrong way ever again they would regret it for a very long time.

That night I knew I was finally accepted. Over the next year we studied, drank and even hung out together; not just with my wife but with their families also. We had dinners and even went to some parties. It was then that I realized black men want white women. It was like Keith told me one night when we were both pretty drunk.

"In the past, if a black man even looked at a white women he was likely to get either strung up or have his dick cut off. But now, we can date and even be seen in public with a white women even in the Deep South," he said with a laugh. "Hell it's just like Adam and Eve. A white women is the forbidden fruit that we just got to taste," he said with a smile. "Ain't nothing better than white pussy especially if it's married white pussy," he told me. "It's like sticking it to the man, taking something that belongs to him and putting my mark on it. Then rubbing it in his face, that this black man fucked his women and gave her something he'd never be able to give her," he said swallowing the last of his beer.

I felt a cold chill go down my spine, where the hell was my wife. I found Diane dancing with a group of three black guys I'd never seen before and she was three sheets to the wind. I thought about what Keith had said but knew Diane loved me way too much to ever even think about it, even drunk. I watched her go from man to man as they took turns dancing with her. However, the last guy got way too friendly with her as he ground his dick into her while his hands were all over her ass. I waited for the slap that never came; time to go.

I went over and broke up her little party much to everyone distain. "Jim, can't we stay a little longer?" Diane begged. "I'm having a good time," she told me as she looked at her group.

"Man, you can leave her with us, we'll see that she gets home," the last guy she danced with said with a smile. Yeah right, I thought to myself as I pulled Diane out of the house and into the car.

She was all over me on the way home. She was kissing my neck, licking my ears and rubbing my dick as I tried to drive.

"Looks like someone is happy to see me," Diane said as she unzipped me and pulled my dick out. I'm not hung like a black man but with almost seven inches hard I've never had any complaints from my wife. She licked around the head and the shocked the shit out of me by inhaling my entire length. Damm that felt good. It took all my driving skill to keep us from going into the ditch.

You have to understand some thing; Diane is not a prude, but is not the least bit aggressive when it comes to sex. Wild for her is leaving the lights on when we make love, so this was totally out of character for her, but I loved it. As she slurped away, I reached in, pushed her panties off to the side and started to play with her clit.

God damm, the bitch was soaked, you could have wrung out her panties they were so wet. It was easy to get her clit going with all the juice she was putting out. I was getting close and I knew she'd never swallowed before but I thought, what the hell, there's always a first time.

I raised my hips off the car seat and pushed my dick as far into her mouth as I could as I shot my first of two loads. Diane never stopped sucking as continued her blowjob. I had no idea if she was swallowing my cum or just letting it drip down my shaft but I didn't give a shit at this point. It wasn't a minute later that Diane pulled her mouth off my dick and climaxed herself. I shoved two fingered into her cunt as she rocked back and forth getting them as deep as she could.

"Oh fuck that feels so good don't stop," she screamed as I finger fucked her all the while still rubbing her clit with my thumb. By the time she was done, my hand was soaked and I was pulling into our driveway. Even without pulling up my fly, Diane dragged me into the house and threw me on the bed. "I need to be fucked now," she said as she ripped her clothes off.

We were now both undress, rolling on the bed like two dogs in heat. I worked on her small breasts as I moved between her legs. My wife really doesn't like giving oral sex but loves receiving it. I'd no more than got between her legs when she sat up gave me a good tongue kiss and pushed my face down onto her pussy.

Di keeps her bush trimmed but refuses to shave it, much to my dismay. I told her she would enjoy my licking more if she was bare, but said I did well enough just the way it was, so I munched away. She has a small hidden clit I enjoyed working on along with big outer lips I love to suck on. I like to get her off at least twice with my tongue before pounding her tight pussy.

Tonight she was super hot. I put a pillow under her ass to raise it off the bed so I could work her full slit. I love to eat pussy and have no hang ups like some guys. The only thing I don't do is eat cream pies because my wife says that's way too gross.

I love to play with her clit with the tip of my tongue until she starts to moan then lick her slit from her rosebud to her cit and then back down a few times, it drives her nuts. What she loves, but would never admit in a million years, is when I tongue her rosebud.

First I shove my tongue as deep into her pussy as it will go all the while rubbing her clit or playing with her long nipples. I then pull out, cleaning her cunt lips of all her juices before swirling my tongue around her anal opening. Fuck, she almost passes out. Di will lift her ass off the bed to give me more of an access as I lub it up with spit before I push it in.

Tonight with my thumb in her pussy, my fingers working her clit and my tongue in her ass, Di erupts. Juice was flowing over my fingers and down onto my tongue, but I didn't letup. She was screaming, "don't stop, fuck me, for Christ's sake don't stop," she screamed out as she rubbed her snatch over my face. Mission accomplished as she sinks down on the bed in utter bliss. As I said, there is an art to eating pussy.

I'd love to have her ride my dick tonight but needed some quick release of my own. I threw her legs over my shoulders and eased into her. The bitche's pussy fits me like a glove and in this position I can go deep as I watch the expression on her face. I really loved Di, and tonight was the first time since our wedding night that she really let herself go.

After pounding away at her snatch for about ten minutes I shot off into her. I pushed in as far as I could just to make sure I'd given her every last drop. Rolling over on my side next to her, we cuddled for the next twenty minutes as I stroked her arm and face telling her how much I loved her. Soon after that she jumped up and ran into the bathroom to take a leak and wash up. Di brought me back a warm wet washcloth and proceeded to clean up my now limp dick.

"Ready for round two?" I asked as she slipped back into bed.

"In your dreams white boy," she said kissing me quickly on the lips. "I need sleep, maybe we can have a replay tomorrow," she told me but that didn't happen.

The next night over dinner I asked Di, "what got into you last night anyway? For a moment I thought I'd brought the wrong women home last night, not that I'm complaining mind you," I said with a shit-eating grin.

"I don't know if it was all the wine I drank or all the attention I was getting from your friends, but I was getting hot to say the least. The last guy I was dancing with had a hard on and kept pressing it against me. Don't take this wrong hon, but I could feel it hard half way down my leg. I didn't know they came that large," she told me. "I can't imagine what that monster like that would look like.

"Di, imagine someone shoving a baseball bat up your pussy, that's what it would feel like I guess," I told her. "I'm average or a little more, but some of those guys from last night would make a horse weep," I said trying to end this conversation. "Besides, you didn't seem to have any trouble climaxing last night even with all the screaming you were doing," I said finishing my beer.

Diane got a little red in the face, I must have embarrassed her a little but at least she dropped the subject, for now at least. She never brought up the subject again until the night of the 20th. Finals were done and it was time to kick back and party. A friend of Keith's was throwing a party Friday night and we were invited. Di really didn't want to go but I talked her into it saying we'd only stay a little while.

Keith's place was a converted fourplex so there was plenty of room for people to dance and eat. I brought my wife's wine coolers and a six-pack of beer for me. A lot of the same people were here like the last time and when I saw the group of three guys dancing with my wife I asked Keith if I should be worried.

"No problem Jim. Rick's a football jock just biding his time until the end of the year before going pro. Ron and Paul are harmless especially since their wives are here tonight." Even so, I just kept one eye on Di as I talked with a few people from class.

We got into a long drawn out conversation about business law and before I knew it, it was 11:00 and Di wasn't around. I walked the entire house looking for her and finally found her coming out of one of the upstairs bathrooms.

"Where have you been hon?" I asked.

"Where in the fuck have you been?" she shot back at me. "You left me alone to fend for myself for the last two hours while you bull shitted with your friends," she slurred at me. She was feeling no pain and was a little wobbly. I told her it was time to leave, but she kept telling me that she had a few other people to see before she left; it was then that she tossed her cookies all over both of us in the hallway.

Keith helped me clean her up and pour her into the car. I almost had to carry her into the house but we finally made it as I laid her down on the bed. Diane was a wreck. I stripped her down to her shorts and threw a cover over her in the dark bedroom and crashed down besides her. She was going to be miserable tomorrow morning I thought to myself.

Di came into the kitchen about noon Saturday and demanded coffee and lots of it.

"Did you drink the whole six pack of wine coolers?" I asked. She nodded affirmative as she brought the cup to her lips. "I'm sorry I left you alone for so long hon, the time just got away from me," I told her. She, however, wasn't talking so I just shut up and let her recover.

Di was showering when I heard her cry out, "oh fuck!"

"You alright in there hon?" I asked. She was quiet for a few seconds and then told me she was fine. "If you need anything let me know, I'm heading up to the store for a minute," I told her before heading out. When I got back she was dressed and in a foul mood so I stayed clear. She stayed like that way for the rest of the weekend so I made myself scarce.

It was almost two week later before we made love again. She complained about being sick, tired and a hundred other things but I didn't push it. Finally one night I came home and Di said she was sorry for being such a bitch and if I was up to the task, she was horny as hell. We fucked with the lights out, as usual, and by the end of the night I thought we were back to normal, boy was I wrong.

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