A Matter of Control


She felt the cold steel of the tip of the knife as he drew it across her skin, using the back side of the blade to follow every curve of her body. He started at the base of her neck going from one side to the other. He came back to the hollow of her throat at the base of her neck and followed it downward between her breasts. Up and around one nipple it went, then over to the other. It continued to explore her breasts following the body's curves down to her waist.

He moved to the end of the table, knife in her belly button and forced his way between her legs, shoving them apart. The knife followed her hips down and danced between her thighs, never cutting but the cold steel was burning tracks on her skin. She whimpered as the flat tip of the knife found her clit. He pressed it against her swollen and throbbing button of love. It felt so good but she dare not move, or she'd get cut.

She arched suddenly as the cold steel of the blade was replaced by his hot breath, warm tongue, and nipping teeth. His tongue invaded her every fold, sucking, licking and fucking her slit. He reached up and grabbed her tits, one in each hand mauling them, pulling and twisting on her nipples. She screamed in pain. She screamed in pleasure. Her tits were being brutally punished. Her pussy was being sucked and fucked for all it was worth. He licked the length of her pussy from bottom to top and then licked her clit like a dog lapping up cool water on a hot summer day. Her hips were arching and rolling as she rode his face. Her screams were getting louder and faster.

"Yes, YES, YYEESSSS, Fuck me, just like that, OH GOD...PLEASE let me cum. I NEED to cum and cum NOW!" she screamed.

She was riding the edge, surfing the crest of her orgasm, waiting for it to come crashing down. But seconds before it would take control of her, he backed off, refusing to give her release. He was inflicting a new form of torture, and she rode that torturous edge for what seemed like hours. Never before had her pussy been played like this. He continued to deny her pleasure as his tongue seemed to instinctively know exactly were to go. He didn't just push her boundaries of pleasure and pain, but totally shredded them. Her body ached from the constant tension of riding that edge. She was like a cheetah crouched stalking it's prey. Her body tensed, coiled and waiting patiently for that one moment when all its energy would be released in one powerful moment of triumph.

She was begging, pleading, crying and screaming, anything so she could cum. His focus shifted from her entire pussy to her engorged and ultra sensitive clit. He started lapping and sucking furiously and got what he wanted. He felt her body tense up that little bit more than it already was, signally that she was ready to cum. As she crested one last time, he took three fingers and rammed them into her cunt pushing her over the edge. Wave after wave of pleasure rocked her body her orgasms so powerful she couldn't breathe let alone scream. Cum squirted all over his face. He lapped her juices up hungrily knowing that doing so was torture once more on her overly sensitive clit. She lay there gasping for breath as the after shocks of her orgasm were almost as powerful as the orgasm itself. He removed his fingers and stood up her cum smeared all over his face.

"You're such a nasty dirty bitch aren't you? You love being fucked and like it rough don't you? You just can't get enough of me can you?" he asked.

"No," she cried, "I can't get enough. I'm your dirty whore and I want more!"

"Is this what you want?" he asked, as he pressed the head of his cock against the opening of her pussy.

"Yes," she whispered.

"Are you sure?" he asked again, as he pressed a bit further into her opening.

"Yes," she whispered again.

"Then I'll be happy to give a bitch what she wants," he said, driving the rest of his rock hard dick deep into her.

"Yes!" she howled

He grabbed her legs, lifting them up and throwing them over his shoulders, grabbing her hips and yanking her down even further onto him as he fucked her for all he was worth. You could hear their bodies slapping together. He was using such force she grunted "UUHHNN" with each thrust. Faster and harder he fucked her, her hips completely off the edge of the table, her knees pressed down toward her ears. She was folded in half and being fucked like it was the last day of her life.

With one hand he still on her legs, he reached down with the other one, while his cock was still in her, and shoved something long, hard, and large in her unsuspecting asshole. It felt as big as his dick and just as hard, then it started to vibrate. She growled in pleasure as the vibrations penetrated not only her ass but her pussy as well. He growled as her tight pussy vibrated around his cock. Animal noises were coming form her as an orgasm hit again, more violent than before.

Her pussy clamped down on his dick and combined with her vibrating ass he exploded into her forcing her to have still another orgasm. They came together, forcefully, violently, screaming and howling in pleasure as the shock waves of pleasure exploded through both their bodies. He continued thrusting deep inside her, emptying himself deep into her, staying till every last drop was gone.

She was exhausted, beaten, battered and sore but had never felt better in her life. The cuffs were digging into her wrists. The chain left grooves in the table from the force of their fucking and the strain put on them as he was slamming his cock into her. As he withdrew his cock from her, he shoved her back onto the table relieving the tension in the chain and the strain on her wrists and arms.

"Now that was a good fucking if I do say so myself," he said, putting his pants back on and straightening his shirt.

"I think I'm through with you for tonight. Hope it was as good for you as it was me," he said.

He turned, picked up his duffle bag, and walked away leaving her chained to the table. She was too weak and exhausted to protest.

He walked out the way he came in, stopping at the table by the door to pick up an envelope with his alias hand written on the front. He opened it and glanced at its contents flipping through to ensure it was all there. He smiled. Everything was in order. He looked back over his shoulder and said, "Thank you. Let me know when you want to do it again. Because, honey you were so great, I'd do you again for free!"

Her eyes popped open wide with surprise. The door clicked shut softly behind him before he could hear her whisper, "You're welcome. And anytime you want to. You know how to reach me."

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous09/06/17

Well written, even though you used poor spelling. Erotic and explicit. Nice twist at the end.

How did she get out of her handcuffs, without a key?

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