tagInterracial LoveA Matter of Love

A Matter of Love


The old farm house sat on top of a hill secluded from the nearest road about a half mile away. The old winding dirt driveway was lined with mature oak trees that were planted more than one hundred and fifty years ago.

It had been a farm a long time ago and now it was home to George and his wife Lisa. They had moved to the old house two years ago when they won a huge lottery. George took an early retirement from his job after twenty years and never looked back.

He considered himself lucky at forty-five and married to such a beautiful woman like Lisa. Lisa was only thirty-two and George met her straight out of college. She worked at the insurance company he was working at when they met. It was love at first sight and that was nine years ago.

The old house was huge and once belonged to a plantation owner in its time. There were several other building around the home, including barns and another house that at one time were the building that housed the slaves. The nearest neighbors were more than two miles away.

George had that old building had been converted and totally modernized for use as the caretakers home. Ironically it was the home of their only employee named Jeb. Jeb was a middle aged single black man that came to work for them soon after they moved into the house.

Jeb was a very special man. He not only was built big and strong but was strong as a horse. Jeb was handy doing most anything but lacked any kind of former education. His family was poor and he grew up working on a farm picking fruit when he was young.

Jeb had been very grateful to the Stone's. George admired Jeb very much and treated him like his older brother. Lisa had taken time with Jeb and taught him how to read. It was only at a second grade level but Jeb was a proud man and appreciated everything the Stone's did for him.

It was a typical sunny day at the plantation house and when a car would pull up the long tree-lined driveway, everyone would hear the sound of the engine and tires as it made its way back toward the house.

"Mrs. Stone. We have company! Someone is here in a big black car."

"Thank you. Jeb. Did you see who was driving?"

"No Mam . . . The windows were dark and I couldn't get a look inside for nothing!"

Lisa stood in the doorway watching three men walking up toward the house. She turned to Jeb.

"Jeb. Can you go and get Mr. Stone and tell him we have guests?"

"Yes. Mam. I'll go fetch him right now for you. Yes Mam. I'll go get him."

Lisa smiled at Jeb as he hurried out the back door to get George who was working in one of the barns out back.

Lisa smiled as they men walked up onto the front porch.

"Hello. Are you Mrs. George Stone?"

"Yes. I'm George's wife, Lisa Stone. How can I help you?"

"Uh. Mrs. Stone. We would like to speak to your husband if we may?"

"Yes. Please come in and sit down. I have someone getting George right now. He's in the barn working. Is there something that I can help you with?"

"No. This is a matter we have to discuss with your husband."

Jeb walked into the room followed by George who was looking nervously at the men wondering what was going on. They were all dressed in black suits and appeared as if they were there to speak about something important.

"Mr. Stone?"

"Yes. How can I help you?"

One of the men stood and pulled out a badge and flashed it at George. He was from the CIA.

"Uh. Mr. Stone. Is there somewhere we, can talk with you and your wife?"

The man was starring at Jeb as he asked that question.

"Yes. Please wait a moment. Um. Jeb. I started working on changing that oil in the tractor engine. Can you go out and make sure its finished draining for me while we talk to these men?"

"Yes. Mr. Stone. I'll do that right now."

George motioned to the men to follow him and Lisa out into the dinning room where they all sat down. One of the men opened a brief case and began taking out papers and photographs and laying them on the table.

"Mr. Stone. Do you recognize any of these men?"

George glanced at the phonographs and sorted out the people he knew.

"I recognize these two men but the others I don't know."

Lisa had a worried expression on her face and looked at George. "Honey. What's this all about? Who are these men in the pictures?"

George glanced at the man who took out the photographs and looked at his wife. "Honey. These men were from the middle east who bought from our firm when I worked in our nuclear department a few years ago."

"George. What's this got to do with you now? What do they want?"

The man who opened the brief case shuffled a few papers around and looked at Lisa as he replied.

"Your husband was involved with a sting operation for the government about five years ago where we sent a bunch of these fellows to prison for trying to aid terrorists. We have good reason to belief that they traced down your husband and anyone involved at his former employer and have sent out a hit squad."

"Oh my God! George! What do we do? Why are you people here? My husband no longer works for any of those people now? Why don't you just leave us alone?"

"Uh. Mrs. Stone. I wish it was that easy but you see. We come here to warn your husband and to protect you both from becoming victims."

Lisa put her hands over her mouth and looked at George. George held out his hand to try and comfort Lisa. The men spent the next hour explaining all of the circumstances and finally told them what they would have to do.

The man explained that George would have to take another identity and move to a secret location in South America. George and Lisa, just sat listening and the next proposal put the icing on the cake.

"Mr. And Mrs. Stone, I'm afraid to tell you this but we are going to have to change your marital status. We are going to change your marriage records to appear as if you have been divorced for three years."

Lisa freaked out. "No. We can't do this! This is wrong! Why can't you protect us the way things are now?"

George tried to calm her down. "Honey. Let's listen to what they have to say."

The man began explaining what they had to do next.

"We're going to have these papers drawn up today and get them into the system by this afternoon."

Lisa began to cry and held George's hand as they listened.

"We're going to completely change your husband's identity and have it appear as if he died soon after your divorce in an auto accident. We understand you have taken a man in at your home?"

George replied. "Yes. That's Jeb. He adopted us as his family and works here at the farm as a hired hand."

"So. He is someone that you can trust and you say he is like a part of your family?"

"Yes. Jeb doesn't have any family of his own any longer and my wife and we are very close to him since he came to live with us."

George laughed as he tried to ease the tense situation. "Jeb is like having a big guard dog at the house. He's big and strong and keeps a very close eye on what goes on around here."

The man looked at George and turned to the other two men before he replied to George's last remark. "Good. We have an idea that we would like to implement that will help us protect your wife, should these men find out where you were living."

George waited as the man hesitated before telling him the idea.

"We feel that if we had a record of your wife remarrying that these men wouldn't even bother staying around here should they come this far."

Lisa was nervous. "What are you saying?"

"I'm saying that we could have a mock ceremony and have a legal document that your wife would be married to your hired hand."

Lisa started to panic as she shook her head back and forth in disagreement. "No. We can't do this. Everything that you told us here to tell us, we're not doing."

George took hold of Lisa's hand. "Honey. Calm down. These men are only trying to help and protect us. It's only for a short time on paper. Let's listen to them."

Lisa was crying as George tried to calm her down. George looked at the man saying. "Tell me how long would we have to do this for?"

"We think we can capture these men soon but we might have to keep you hidden for a year or more."

George hugged Lisa as the men began getting the forms signed. She was too upset to even read what she was signing. When the last copy was signed, the man placed them inside his brief case and looked at Lisa who was still crying as Jeb walked into the room.

"Mrs. Stone. Are you all right?"

Lisa tried to smile at Jeb as he walked up behind the couple and looked over at the three men.

"Jeb. I'm OK. Thank you for asking."

George looked at the man and asked. "When do I have to go into hiding?"

"You're going to have to come with us right now. We have to get everything into the computer system as fast as we can so we don't have much time."

Lisa started crying and yelling.

"No. George. You can't leave now. Tell them you can't leave today. Do something. Tell them you can't leave today. Please!"

Lisa was hysterical as George tried to calm her down. They finally got her settled down enough so George could gather as many of his personal things as he could and got them packed. Jeb was confused as he watched George and Lisa kissing and hugging and saying goodbye.

Lisa stood on the porch and waived at her husband until the car drove out of sight. She walked back into the house with Jeb and sat down crying at the dinning room table.

"What's wrong? Mrs. Stone. Why did those men take Mr. Stone away in that car? Did he do something wrong?"

Lisa tried to stop crying long enough to answer. "It's all right. Jeb. I'll explain everything to you later. I'm too upset to talk right now."

Lisa was too upset to eat or speak about anything that night and went to bed crying, thinking about her husband.

Jeb saw the documents on the dinning room table and sat down and tried to read as much as he could. They had given Lisa a real marriage certificate with her name and Jeb's name printed on it. Jeb could read enough that startled him and made him so upset. He copied a few words he didn't understand and went back to his living quarters and used a dictionary to look up a few words he didn't understand.

Lisa had taught him how to use the dictionary she bought him on his last birthday. Jeb was able to determine that the document was a marriage certificate and stated that he and Lisa were husband and wife.

Jeb didn't sleep much that night trying to figure out why the marriage certificate mentioned his name with Mrs. Stone. He worried about the men that came and took Mr. Stone.

Lisa couldn't sleep much that night. She had fallen asleep after hours of thinking about George. It was the most miserable night she ever had without her husband. Jeb walked into the back door as Lisa was preparing coffee and breakfast. Jeb took his hat off and sat at the kitchen table starring at Mrs. Stone as she placed a cup down in front of him.

"Mrs. Stone. I read some of those papers on the table last night and I laid awake trying to understand why those men took Mr. Stone."

Lisa tried to smile as she cracked eggs against the frying pan on the stove. She continued cooking while she tried to answer Jeb's question. She explained everything about George's old job and why they had to hide him. Jeb wasn't stupid, just uneducated and understood that Mr. Stone was taken away because they were hiding him.

Jeb finished eating his breakfast as he listened to Mrs. Stone. Talk about how she missed George. He felt sorry for her and compassionate and finally got around to ask Lisa about the marriage certificate.

"Mrs. Stone. That paper I read said that you and I are husband and wife. Is that something to do with Mr. Stone missing? Do I have to take over the duties around the farm as your husband now?"

"Jeb. Let me explain about that certificate."

"Mrs. Stone. I'll make a good husband to you. I'll work hard and take care of you. No sir. I won't let anyone hurt you. You'll see. I'll take care of you from now on."

Lisa smiled as she held back tears as she thought about George.

"Jeb. I really appreciate that very much."

Lisa began to explain the situation but Jeb's sincerity about taking care of her caused her too decided there wasn't any need to complicate his mind any further. Lisa knew Jeb would continue taking care of the farm while George was gone and she felt security and protection having him there.

In Jeb's mind, he was temporarily taking George's place as Lisa's husband and legally he actually was her husband but she thought he'd be confused if she mentioned any more about it. It didn't matter to her. She just felt relieved that he was there.

Jeb got up from the table and went about his chores outside. Lisa packed away the remaining things of George's and put them up in the attic as the men suggested.

Lisa spent all day arranging things and hiding everything that belonged to George until she sat exhausted and fell asleep on the sofa.

Four weeks had passed since George went into hiding and Lisa was getting ready for bed when she heard something outside. She was dressed in a white transparent night gown and shut the light off so she could look out the window. Lisa's heart was beating fast as she slowly walked around the dark house trying to see if anyone was around.

She was scared and didn't feel safe being alone. Jeb was asleep in his apartment loft in the barn and she wished he was there. She finally decided to sleep in another room and locked the door and stayed awake most of the night wondering what it was she had heard.

Jeb walked into the house as he usually did each morning to have coffee and breakfast with Lisa each morning.

"Jeb. Did you hear anything outside last night?"

"Yes. Mrs. Stone. I think it was a coyote so I went outside and scared it away. You don't have to worry, nothing is going to come in here and hurt you."

Lisa smiled at Jeb as she gave him breakfast and sat down and ate across the table from him.

"Jeb. I think it would be a good idea if you moved your things into the spare bedroom and slept there from now on."

Jeb had a surprised expression on his face as he ate but shook his head in agreement as he chewed his food.

"Yes. Mrs. Stone. I'll bring my things in here after breakfast."

Jeb moved into the main house that day, Lisa felt much more relaxed with Jeb nearby. Several nights later, Lisa was combing her hair sitting on the stool at her dresser when she heard noises coming from outside her window.

She screamed when she thought she saw a shadow and Jeb came rushing into the room a few seconds later.

"Mrs. Stone. Are you OK? What's wrong?"

Lisa was frightened and shaking and almost in tears as Jeb walked near her and kneeled on the floor in front of the stool. She was quivering and trying to speak.

"I heard something outside frightened me again. I thought I saw a shadow in my window."

Jeb stood and walked to the window and looked around. The moon was bright and he saw a coyote looking through the trash. Jeb turned and quickly walked back and kneeled down in front of Lisa.

"It's all right. It's nothing but a coyote again. He won't bother you."

Lisa was crying as she wiped her eyes with a hanky. She was wearing the white transparent gown as always and Jeb was starring down at her cleavage and noticed her nipples through the thin white material. Lisa noticed him starring at her and quickly placed her hands over her breasts.

"It's OK. Jeb. Thank you for being here for me. I feel much safer knowing your sleeping in the next room."

Jeb was embarrassed that she saw him starring at her nipples as he slowly stood and almost couldn't find the words to reply.

Jeb turned around to face the door, he was too embarrassed to look her in the face as he talked. "I'll be right next door if you need me."

Lisa felt sad for Jeb. She knew he had never been with a woman in his life. Lisa put her head down as she thought about being married to Jeb legally and smiled. Many thoughts ran through her head at that moment and how she had been put in such a situation.

Two nights later, Lisa was preparing her bath and lighting the candles as the tub filled with water. She had left the door cracked open because she was so afraid and wanted to be able to hear anyone trying to get into the house.

Lisa stood in front of the vanity and slipped off her white gown and stepped into the tub and sat down. Lisa had long ash blonde hair and stood at 5'2" and was well endowed for her size. She was 38D and had a tiny waist and nice hips that curved down too long shapely legs.

She laid back in the water as the candles flickered and laid perfectly still and closed her eyes. A slight sound came from the dark hallway causing Lisa to open her eyes. She looked toward the crack at the door. She thought she could sense someone starring at her but closed her eyes again as she used a cloth to splash was onto her breasts.

Lisa could still sense that she was being watched and thought about Jeb. Lisa opened her eyes slightly and starred at the door only this time she could see a dark figure. She knew Jeb was watching her. She could sense it ever since she caught him starring at her breasts that night.

Lisa wasn't afraid and knew he was only curious about women in general. Jeb was a gentle giant and Lisa knew that she maybe fulfilling his curiosity about a woman's anatomy. Lisa played in the water until she finally stood and began wiping herself off with a towel.

Lisa slowly moved the towel around her hips and down each leg until she was dry and turned and looked at the crack in the doorway again and walked toward it and opened the door. Lisa caught a glimpse of Jeb's bedroom door closing. She decided not to mention anything.

The men who took George away stopped by to speak to Lisa as they promised and gave her an update about George. They couldn't give her much information except to let her know that he was doing fine.

They stayed and had lunch that day and one of the men walked outside to smoke when he saw Jeb working in the garden. He walked over to speak to him.

"Hey. Your name is Jeb, isn't it?"

"Yes Sir."

"So. How does it feel to be married to a white woman?"

"Uh. Well. We're not really married, Sir."

The man walked closer to Jeb. "Well. Legally you are, you know."

Jeb stopped what he was doing long enough to give the man's remark some thought.

"I guess you could say that was right."

The man smiled at him and tried to make a joke out of the question.

"You get any of that yet?"

"Get any of what, Sir?"

The man started to laugh and replied. "Pussy! White pussy!"

Jeb had a mixture of emotions going through his mind as he continued shoveling and shook his head, no.

The man grinned at Jeb and walked around until he faced him and said. "You have a right, you know." He chuckled as he continued. "A woman as pretty and sexy as her shouldn't be allowed to go that long without having a man."

Jeb stopped shoveling and peered at the man from the corner of his eyes.

"You ever wonder what it would be like to touch her, kiss her, make love to her?"

Jeb was listening and thinking and wanted to answer his question but stopped short of replying.

"Come on now. Be honest with me. Surely you must have wondered how that soft white skin would feel like haven't you?"

Jeb wanted to answer the man but his face said it all as he kept starring down at the ground.

"I thought so."

The man tossed his cigarette down on the ground and walked in front of Jeb and looked at him in his eyes. He than turned and walked away from Jeb.

Jeb watched the man walk back into the house leaving him standing their thinking about what he said.

Three weeks later it was Jeb's birthday and Lisa had baked a cake for Jeb and bought him new clothes. Jeb was always wearing his jeans and flannel shirt around the farm so Lisa decided to get him something formal and took him out to a restaurant.

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