tagInterracial LoveA Matter of Love Ch. 02

A Matter of Love Ch. 02


Lisa's felt dirty but fulfilled as she sat on the toilet and wiped her pussy clean. She starred down between her legs and saw how the lips of her pussy were swelled and gaped open. She stood up and looked into the mirror at her tangled hair. She fluffed her hair back over her shoulders and wet a cloth and began wiping off her mound and belly.

She could still smell his scent on her body. Was that so bad? She slowly moved the wet cloth over her pussy slit but stopped short of cleaning inside. Lisa washed her tummy and moved the cloth over her breasts until her nipples pointed straight out.

She stood looking into the mirror at the hard nipples pointing straight out at her. Lisa had been unfaithful to George. Unfaithful? She moved her left hand as she starred down at the diamond ring she was wearing.

Lisa tried to correct herself thinking how she was legally married to Jeb. Yes. It wasn't cheating on George. Jeb was her husband. She was trying to make it right in her mind for what she had done.

It happened so fast and so simple. Jeb didn't know how to make love to a woman but she would teach him. She would teach him how to please her. He would learn the things that would stimulate her when they made love. She would do things to him that he never dreamed. She would find ways that pleased him most.

Oh God! She was carrying Jeb's seed in her belly. She quickly kneeled down under the cabinet and found her douche. She mixed a scented solution and sat down on the toilet and began flushing out her pussy. She couldn't become pregnant. She just couldn't.

The cool water splashed against her cervix as she sat starring straight ahead. She would have to drive into town and visit her doctor this week. She would go on the pill. She felt her heart beating as she wondered if it was too late.

Lisa finished and splashed water onto her face and wiped it dry with a towel. She turned and got ready to leave the bathroom and realized she was still naked and saw her nightgown on a hook on the back of the door and put it on.

She walked slowly back into the dark bedroom as it thundered and lightninged. The bed was empty. Jeb was gone. He must have returned back to his room. Maybe he was embarrassed or ashamed of what he had done.

It was late and Lisa was exhausted. She would speak to him in the morning and let him know it was all right. She laid down and closed her eyes and fell asleep as the rain continued to fall.

Lisa woke late the next morning and found Jeb sitting at the kitchen table drinking a cup of coffee. She noticed wet clothing hanging from the hooks near the back door as she poured her coffee.

"Jeb. Did you go outside in the rain last night?"

"Yes. Mrs. Stone. I did. There was someone looking in the bedroom window last night. I chased them back into the woods but they got away."

Lisa sat down across from Jeb as she sipped her coffee. She wondered if maybe it could be someone looking for her husband. She wondered and worried what they might do if they knew this was George's house?

"Did you see who it was or if there was more than one person?"

"No. Mam. I only saw one man standing in the window last night."

Lisa was worried and the expression on her face was obviously that of the fear she had for whomever it was that was lurking around the house. Jeb could sense her fear and maybe her displeasure for what he had done last night.

"Mrs. Stone. I'm very sorry for doing what I did last night. I hope you're not angry with me."

Lisa stood up and extended her arm across the table and touched Jeb's hand. "It's OK. You didn't do anything wrong."

Jeb stood up and took his coffee mug to the sink. "I better get outside. I have a lot of work to do today."

Lisa knew it bothered him that they made love last night. Jeb was problebly feeling more guilty about it than she was. Jeb had a lot of respect for George but he was only human.

Lisa drove into town to buy grocery's and to see her family doctor. Jeb was working out near the barn when she drove off that morning.

Lisa must have passed the dark car that pulled into the long driveway. Jeb was working on the tractor and didn't hear the car pull up. He turned and saw the man that had questioned him on the last visit standing just a few feet from him.

"You're getting a little dirty playing with that tractor, Boy."

Jeb didn't like this man. Nor did he like the comments he made to him on every visit.

"Where is Mrs. Stone? I need to speak to her."

Jeb kept starring into the man's eyes until he finally replied. "She drove into town to buy some food."

The man walked around to where Jeb was standing and lit a cigarette than starred back at Jeb and laughed.

"You nailed that woman. Didn't you?"

Jeb just stood with an angry expression on his face but didn't reply.

It only caused the man to laugh again as he walked right in front of Jeb and shook his head as he said. "That woman has a hot looking ass and nice tits. I know I'd like to bang her myself."

Jeb was only getting more angry as he stood listening to this man speak rudely to him.

Jeb kept working on the spark plugs as he watched the guy walking around smoking his cigarette. Jeb kept an eye on the man as he finished smoking. Jeb had a bad feeling about this man.

He turned back and starred at Jeb and said. "I think I'll wait around for Mrs. Stone to return."

Jeb watched the guy walk up onto the porch and sat down on the rocker. Jeb kept starring back at the man as he watched him rocking. The man had closed his eyes as he rocked back and forth.

Lisa sat in the doctors examining room as she waited for the nurse to give her the prescription for birth control pills. Dr. Brown had been so demanding in his questions. He asked about George and wanted to know why he hadn't seen him playing golf lately. Lisa had to make up many lies but through the exam.

Lisa finished shopping while she waited for her prescription to be filled. It took about an hour to drive back to the farm where she pulled up the driveway and saw the dark car parked in front of the house.

Lisa pulled in and got out of the car when the man walked off the porch and smiled at Lisa. She recognized him as one of the men that came with the others.

"Let me help you carry those bags into the house."

Lisa had a confused expression on her face as she wondered what he was there to do.

"Oh. Well. I guess your wondering why I'm here."

Lisa gave him a couple large bags and followed him into the house as she replied. "Yes. How is George? Is everything all right?"

The man was just about ready to answer Lisa's question when the little package with the birth control pills spilled out onto the table from a grocery bag. Lisa quickly tried to conceal them but it was too late.

The man looked surprised as he hesitated and replied. "Um. He's fine. Um. We've been in contact with him and he is doing just well. I'm sorry but that's all we can tell you right now."

Lisa started to put the food away as she replied. "Surly. You came all the way out here to just tell me my husband is doing fine? That's it? You don't have any news about what he is doing or any massages from him or anything?"

The man moved forward and grabbed Lisa's arm but she pulled away and gave him a nasty look. A second try with his hand touched her breast but she moved away.

"Look. Mrs. Stone. Why don't you allow me to take you to dinner?"

Lisa shook her head in disapproval as she replied. "No. I'm sorry but I'm just not interested in any dinner proposal."

He started to look angry as he reached out and took the package of birth control pills out of her hand and held it in front of her face.

"I guess you like your men dark. Don't you?"

Lisa grabbed the pills out of his hand and pointed toward the door.

"Get out? Leave now before I call Jeb in here."

The man chuckled as he started to open the door and looked back at Lisa and said. "If you get tired of that black dick, you have my number."

Lisa through a loaf of bread at him as the door shut and she began to cry. Jeb was walking up the front porch as he was getting ready to leave and gave Jeb a nasty stare as he said. "Boy. Don't let that white pussy go to your head."

Jeb wanted to punch the man but kept his cool because of Lisa and George and waited as the man got into his car and drove off.

That incident happened a week ago and just the last couple days, Lisa had been feeling much more like herself. The guilt of having sex with Jeb was now at the back of her mind. In fact, Lisa had begun her daily routine again at working in her garden.

Jeb was out in the fields somewhere with the tractor while Lisa worked in her garden that morning. Lisa kept getting a strange feeling as if someone was watching her from the barn. She kept starring at the barn at the window where Jeb's apartment had been until he moved into the house.

She finally decided to investigate it and walked through the large barn door and glanced around at the upper loft. The straw was falling down through the boards but Lisa only seen a chicken walking along a rafter and smiled. She slowly walked up the stairway that lead to Jeb's old apartment.

She opened the door and walked inside and walked past the little stove and refrigerator and glanced inside the tiny bedroom where Jeb had slept before her husband left. The bed was messy and Lisa thought that was very unlike Jeb to leave his old apartment in that condition.

The first thing that was going through her mind was that maybe someone was sleeping in here and she felt nervous and frightened thinking that maybe a stranger could still be in the barn hiding from her. It was in her instinct to fix the bed and carefully fluffed the pillow before pulling the blanket up around it.

Lisa walked out into the tiny kitchen and opened the refrigerator door and saw food on the shelves and thought that maybe Jeb had been coming out here to eat snacks. She closed the door and walked back into the bedroom and looked around the closet and saw a few things hanging from the hooks.

She was almost sure that Jeb had brought all his clothes into the house and felt puzzled as she started to turn around. Lisa was startled when she saw Jeb standing behind her and before she could say anything, he grabbed hold of her and held her tight as he kissed her passionately on her lips.

Jeb was moving his hands on her ass as he kissed her passionately. Lisa kissed him back as she reached up and put her hand behind his neck. They continued to kiss as Jeb unbuttoned her blouse while Lisa unsnapped her pants, allowing them to fall down the floor.

She helped him take off the blouse as he unfastened her bra, allowing her tits to fall freely as she helped him with his cloths. Jeb lifted her off the floor and carried her to the bed and laid her down and got on top of her and started to kiss her again.

Jeb kissed a wet trail down along her belly until he took hold of the tiny black panty's she was wearing and pulled them down her slim legs. He began kissing her mound as she held his face against her smooth skin. Everything happened so fast the first time that she never really got a chance to enjoy him.

Lisa didn't have anytime to respond as Jeb lifted her legs over her shoulders and began sucking on her pussy like he was starving for his first taste of white pussy. Lisa's legs were squirming around as she felt his tongue dipping inside her pussy slit. The room was filled with the loud sound of Jeb's tongue as he slurped and licked her sweat tasty juice.

Lisa was grinding her hips against his face as she closed her eyes and felt her first orgasm beginning to build up. A few seconds had passed as Lisa tightened her body and began to cum. Her moans and voice could be heard all over the barn.

"Oh. Baby. That's it! ...God . . . I'm going to cum! ......Yeah . . . Ah . . . "

Lisa's body trembled and heaved up against Jeb's face but he didn't stop his movement of his thick tongue as he continued licking and sucking on her pussy until she had a second orgasm which caused her to kick out her legs as he tried to hold her ass from escaping his grip.

Lisa was breathing hard as she settled down from those intense orgasms and quickly lifted her leg off Jeb's shoulder and motioned for him to lie down on his back. She quickly got on her knee's and took hold of the giant thick black cock and leaned down and kissed the large head with her soft lips.

Lisa stuck her tongue out than opened her mouth as she lowered her face down on the thick shaft. The entire head was engulfed inside her warm wet mouth as she clamped down on her lips and slowly brought her head back up allowing her teeth to scrape against his sensitive skin.

She continued to suck on him several more times until she tried to engulf the entire shaft down her throat until she began to choke and lifted herself back up slowly and licked tiny circles around the large black head.

She glanced at his face and saw that his eyes were closed and kept sucking on the large head until she felt she wanted him inside her and climbed up and straddled his large legs. She sat her ass down a few inches in front of his cock which was sticking straight up into the air and leaned down and started to kiss him.

Her body was dwarfed by his huge frame as she leaned down and kissed his lips and allowing her tits to touch his chest. Jeb reached up and put his hands on her tits as she passionately kissed him while she lifted her ass up enough to grab his thick cock.

Her tiny white fingers circled around the thick shaft as she kissed him and slowly inserted the big head between her wet pussy lips and started to rock it back and forth until the huge head was positioned at the entrance of her tight white pussy.

Lisa rocked her hips and felt Jeb raise his until the large head popped inside her pussy causing her body to stiffen until she got accustomed to his size and slowly began to rock her hips allowing the massive shaft to probe inside her pussy until she was fully impaled and stretched.

Jeb held onto her ass while he began bouncing her on his lap as she moaned and yelped with joy as her boobs swayed in the air with each downward thrust. Jeb arched his body so he could suck on her nipples as Lisa leaned forward enough to give him better access.

Jeb was bitting the nipples causing her to squirm and rotate her ass while he bucked up inside her tight pussy. The wet sounds of their screwing filled the room as Jeb began moving at a faster pace. Lisa knew he was going to cum soon and began moving with him until he let out a load groan.

"AH . . . Yeah . . . Oh. My . . . Take it . . . Yeah . . . It's shooting!"

Lisa felt the first blast hit her cervix and than it was followed by a second spurt and than by a few small spurts until Jeb slowly stopped moving as she leaned forward and kissed his forehead.

He searched for her lips until they were locked in a heated passionate kiss while he flipped her over onto her back and began screwing her again. His cock never lost its erection as he just continued to fuck her again until he was slamming hard into her upturned pussy and knocking her breath away with each downward stroke.

Lisa's legs were pinned back against her chest as Jeb kept pounding deep inside her pussy. The loud sound of his cock entering her tight pussy made a sound as if he was churning butter as he continued to push his cock deep inside the tiny white woman making his seed push deep inside her womb.

Jeb kept screwing her until he let out another loud groan and slammed as hard as he could inside Lisa's pussy and held himself as deep as possible as he blasted a second load of potent seed deep inside her white belly.

Lisa kissed his face as she held onto his thick neck as he emptied the remainder of his seed inside her belly. They kissed again until Jeb rolled off Lisa as his thick cock made a loud wet sound as it fell out of her stretched out pussy.

Lisa lay on the bed catching her breath as she starred at the wall on the far side of the room. She studied the old wooden slots which divided the hay loft from the small apartment until she saw something that startled her. She immediately raised herself and starred at the wall between the slots in the old bard wood.

Jeb starred at Lisa, wondering what was wrong as he too raised up and starred into the direction she was starring at.

"I almost thought I saw someone starring at us between those wooden slots. Maybe it was just a chicken!"

Jeb pulled her back down onto the bed next to him and she rested her face against his chest as she kept starring at that wall. They lay there exhausted until they both fell asleep.

Lisa was awakened by a noise coming from the other side of that wooden wall as she rose up and starred between the slots. A chicken was cackling somewhere in the loft as Lisa turned to smile at Jeb who had just opened his eyes to see what was going on.

Jeb put his arm out to encircle her shoulder as she scooted up near his face and kissed him on the lips.

"I think those chickens have been watching us all along!"

She kissed Jeb again and looked down and saw that he was hard again and reached out to stroke his big black cock. She slowly moved her tiny hand up and down the shaft and felt it throbbing in her fingers.

Lisa kissed his face until she lifted herself off him and began licking the giant head. She circled her tongue around a couple times until she engulfed the head inside her mouth. Jeb stroked her shoulders as she began sucking his cock.

Lisa lovingly sucked on the big cock and positioned her fingers near the base of it and slowly bobbed her head up and down. The room was filled with her slurping as she continued to suck on Jeb's big cock as she starred between the wooden slots again.

Her thoughts were about those chickens as she kept sucking on the big shaft. Jeb was raising his hips as she sucked on the big cock. Several minutes had passed until Jeb shot his load inside her mouth. Lisa tasted the liquid as she slowly ate and swallowed the hot seed.

She kept licking and sucking until she had cleaned his cock from any trace of cum that he had shot. She gave it a tiny kiss and starred back at Jeb and smiled.

"I think we have a bunch of chickens that seem to be voyeurs!"

Later that afternoon, Lisa was in the shower thinking about Jeb and how he finally got to enjoy sex with her for the very first time. The first night had happened so fast that it really didn't count. Lisa thought about those eyes that seemed to be starring through the wooden slots and smiled as she thought about those chickens.

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