tagNon-EroticA Matter of Perspective

A Matter of Perspective


Perfect... just perfect! Liz ran up the steps to the second floor bathroom with a plunger in hand. What else can go wrong? At least the darn thing wasn't actually overflowing, thank heavens for small favors.

Liz had been planning today's family reunion for the past year. She thought she'd planned everything so well that it would run like clockwork but Murphy's Law had prevailed.

"Why did I ever get the idea of a family reunion?" she wondered aloud. It had started four years before when Liz had inherited the farm from her grandfather. The outbuildings had been rather dilapidated, along with areas of the house. With little money at her disposal, Liz had concentrated on getting the house sorted out and the overgrown yard in shape.

Then she had been hired full-time as a high school Math teacher and married Jay. With a little better income she had turned her attention to renovating the inside of the house while Jay worked on the other buildings. Now they had a small sheep farm up and running but the sheep often caused unexpected delays in plans and used funds that were earmarked for other things. Jay was working part-time at the community college teaching English. It wasn't a lot of income but it left him free to run the farm, for the most part.

Liz had gotten the idea for a family reunion the year before. The house had been built one hundred years ago this year and she wanted everyone to get a chance to come back to their roots. She had even spent some time working on the family tree to display. Things had been going so well but the last few months everything had just seemed to go into slow motion. She'd made so many plans and accomplished less than half of them.

At least we got the second bathroom put in she thought wryly as she used the plunger on the toilet. That was where her sister found her.

"Need a hand?" Sharon asked.

"No, it's fine now. It's just the latest in a series of minor inconveniences and small disasters."

"Oh, come on now, it's not all that bad."

"Sharon, I never did get the linoleum laid down in the kitchen, the tables never arrived from the rental agency, the photographer couldn't make it because his wife went into labor, the sheep got loose and that's just the tip of the iceberg!" Sharon just smiled back at Liz patiently.

"Come over here," she said, gesturing to the window. "Tell me what you see."

Liz walked over to the bathroom window and the two women looked out over the expanse of yard between the house and barn. People were playing horseshoes, children were running around and everyone was talking and laughing.

"A whole lot of people," Liz said stubbornly.

"Having a marvelous time," Sharon added. Sharon took Liz by the shoulders and gave her a little shake. "There may be chips in the kitchen tiles but you only notice because you stare at them every day. The tables didn't arrive but blankets are washable and the guys had a great time acting all manly and slapping together a few benches from building scraps."

Liz stifled a laugh as she thought of her husband, brothers and cousins with their chests puffed out as they strutted around deciding what boards would work and haggling over how to put them together.

"The photographer didn't show up, but so what? You saved some bucks and Cousin Larry is a very good amateur. Without something to do he probably would've just sat in a corner anyway. As for the sheep, that was a scream for the kids; and did you get a load of Aunt Ada waving her cane and yelling directions while the boys pushed her wheel chair around? These are just incidents that will make the reunion more memorable for everyone.

Sharon turned Liz back to the window. "So, now what do you see out there?"

"People having a good time," Liz grumbled, a smile playing around her lips.

"And what's more important... things or people?" Sharon asked, holding out her arms.

"People," Liz said, moving forward to hug her sister.

"Everything okay up there?" Liz's husband shouted up the stairs.

"Yeah... everything's fine now," Liz called back.

"Good, because somebody needs to use the facilities."

Little feet could be heard clomping up the stairs and a small blond boy appeared in the doorway, dancing from foot to foot. Sharon and Liz quickly vacated, closing the door behind them.

"Aunt Liz! Help!" A small voice cried from behind the door. "I can't get my overalls undone!"

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