tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA 'Meeting' in the Ladies' Room

A 'Meeting' in the Ladies' Room


It's been common knowledge of sorts that both men and women go to clubs not only to let loose, drink and have fun, but to try their hand at picking up a member of the opposite gender for no-strings, casual sex after closing time. Sometimes it remains a one-time fuck, other times it can last a little longer. Who hasn't picked up a good piece this way at one time or another?

But the irony of this particular night, my two friends and I weren't at the club to pick up men; we were more into getting a few drinks, dancing and just goofing off.

There was a guy that had been sort of a pest during the evening; he seemed kind of a 'loser' type none of us would have even looked at either there or on the street if we wanted a guy that night. Even so, despite us politely turning his company down, he still continued to be a pain in the ass off and on.

But it wouldn't be the last time I would see him, from what was about to happen a while later that night.

Once we blew him off a final time, we went back to our fun once again, dancing with and teasing a few hot men that were sitting at a table over from us. There was a little kissing between all of us, and one guy had even felt up my tits on the dance floor, but that was as far as it went.

Fueled with a few drinks and needing to both relieve myself and freshen up, I excused myself to go to the ladies' room. Alone in the restroom and wearing no pantyhose, stockings or panties underneath my clothes, the business of relieving myself was a simple one; all I had to do was slide my dress back down.

Once I had finished getting freshened up afterwards, I had been bent over to pick up something Ihad dropped when I heard the lock click on the entrance door to the restroom and then felt myself slammed against the wall, my dress being hiked back up and my legs roughly spread before a cock was slammed inside me.

"You're gonna get it now, you fucking slut!" the man behind me hissed.

"No....!" I managed to get out before a hand went over my mouth and the man behind me picked up the rhythm of fucking me harder.

"Yeah...such a nice pussy..all you bitches come here for one thing…to get fucked….you're a bunch of filthy cheap sluts that think you're too good for guys like me. Now you‘re going to get what all you whores deserve!"

I then realized the man behind the cock inside me pumping wildly was the 'loser' my friends and I had shaken off earlier...and now this was his way of 'getting even‘….my God, I was being raped right there in a club bathroom!

Well…what seemed to be rape at first…

Crazy thing was, I was starting to enjoy what his surprisingly endowed member was doing to me, wondering if it was because I hadn‘t had sex with a man in over two weeks as it was….and I was about to cum from this guy banging my cunt now!

"Gonna cum, aren't you, you fat whore? Yeaaaaahhh..I wanna hear and feel you cum, bitch! Cum for me!" He then took his hand off my mouth and pounded me even harder. "Give it to me, bitch!"

I let off a long wail of orgasm as my cunt tightened around his cock and wet it with my own cum juices.

"Yeah....you love it, baby. A cock-starved whore, that is what you are! Sluts like you spread your legs for anything with a cock on it. Take it all, whore!"

"Yesssssssss," I moaned. "Fuck me.."

"Tell me you love it...tell me what a dirty slut you are.."

"Love it…fuck me harder...I'm a dirty slut...fuck me! Fuck!"

"Yeah...you are a slut." He then pulled out his cock. "But I'm done with that part of you, baby."

"You didn't cum...." I protested.

"Oh, you're a cum slut too? Well, you'll have to wait for that, baby!" With that, he plowed his dick inside my asshole and slammed in and out as intense as he had while in my pussy.

Whether it was from his cock being lubed from being in my cunt and with me cumming so much, it didn't even hurt much when he first went into my ass. I gasped at my asshole being invaded with such a large dick at first, but then it felt so good in there as he assaulted my asshole even harder.

"You really are a cock whore," he grunted as he banged my ass deeper. "Only sluts like to take it in the ass! Didn't you say you were a slut? Just a nympho and a slut….tell me again what a slut you are!"

"Yes...I'm a slut. Fuck me...fuck my ass…."

"Damn right you're a slut," he panted, fucking harder now. "You love taking this dick."

I came twice more when, while continuing to rape my ass, he reached around to finger my clit and sliding them in and out of my cunt.

Suddenly, he had reached his point.


Within seconds, I then felt a hot liquid being spilled deep into my bowels as he thrust his cock the hardest he could as he came, until the last shot went inside my now-stretched and used asshole.

Once he finished and gone limp, he kept his dick in my ass for a couple of minutes before pulling out, then pulled out. For a minute, I figured it was finally over when I heard him wash his hands and cock off at the row of sinks.

It wasn't. He then turned me around and forced me to my knees and shoved his semi-hard member into my mouth.

"Suck my cock, slut. Get me real hard again. I gave you what you whores here all want, now it's your turn to service me! Suck it, bitch!"

Thinking I had a psycho on my hands as well as secretly had enjoyed his greedily using my body just moments earlier, I began orally working on his cock, sucking and licking the shaft and playing with his balls.

"Oh yeah, you whore, that's it. You're a good little cocksucker, but then again, you dirty sluts usually are. Come on, work my cock with that hot slutty mouth of yours!"

His pole feeling so good in my mouth, I sucked him harder, enjoying every inch of his length as groans of ecstasy escaped his lips.

"Yeah…suck that dick like the whore you are! Take all that cock down, you slut!"

I orally worked over his dick a while longer as he groaned above me and began fucking my face hard to the point I though I was going to gag on his big tool, but was loving every moment of servicing that eager cock.

"Fuck! I'm gonna cum!" he called. "Suck it harder, bitch! I'm gonna blow it all in your mouth!"

I couldn't believe the large load he then sprayed into my mouth as each shot streamed down my throat. As he continued to cum, I didn't think there would be enough room for my stretched mouth to take it all, but somehow, I did swallow drop after drop of his hot cream.

"Such a good, nasty slut," he grinned slyly as he withdrew his prick from my mouth. "You loved drinking down all that cum, didn't you?"

I nodded haphazardly, wondering what this nut job wanted from me next and eerily looking forward to what he'd wanted, if anything. It didn't take me long to get an answer as he stroked his cock to yet another healthy erection, ready for round three.

"Lay on the floor and spread your legs, you filthy whore. Get that dress off. I want to do your tits and fuck your cunt again. "

While I did what he asked, he straddled my body, shoving his cock between my tits. "Hold them together," he grunted. "I want to fuck those nice big tits of yours. You like being titty fucked….you sluts love that, don't you? You can't get enough of this cock, huh?"

He then carried on with more grunts and sighs as his cock bobbed in and out of my cleavage. "Lick my cock, bitch," he ordered as he continued working on my tits and I teased the tip of his throbbing member with my mouth as it slid between my tits with each hard thrust.

"Mmmmmm yeah…such a nice, compliant little whore," he panted before moving his body down and slamming his tool inside my cunt, fucking harder and harder like a sex-starved animal.

"Oh…ohhhh, oh yeah, baby! Your cunt is so wet and so hot! Such a good, fucking whore!"

"Fuck me," I panted. "Give it to me."

"Oh yeah….you cock-starved, filthy slut! Love getting my cock in that hot cunt on a bathroom floor….such a fucking nympho…you're a dirty, dirty slut, aren't you? My personal whore!"

"Yes….fuck me!" I cried. "I'm going to cum again!"

"Oh yeah…cum for me, you slutty, filthy bitch!"

He then grabbed my legs and wrapped then around his neck as his cock went deeper inside me, with both of us in a full fucking frenzy right there in the ladies' room floor of a club. God, maybe he was right, I was a slut! How could I be having such dirty, raw sex with this loser type and be enjoying it ….and cum so much in the process otherwise?

I had just come down from what seemed to be my hundredth orgasm as we were still fucking together wildly there on the floor when I felt his cock swell and his own body beginning to convulse…he too was ready to cum.

"UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH……." he called out. "I'm cumming again! All this cum just for you, slut! I‘m gonna put some of this cum in that whorish cunt of yours! I‘m cumming right now, bitch!"

He slammed a few times deeper into my cunt as he deposited the first shots of his seed into me before pulling out and getting up, standing over me and spraying the rest of his hot load onto my tits and the rest of my body until his cock was emptied.

"Look at you," he panted once he'd completed cumming. "Such a cheap slut on the floor here, covered in cum. But you love that, don't you? You love my cum on your tits, don‘t you, you filthy whore?"

"Yeah.." I panted, still coming down from the excellent fuck he had just given me, but at the same time braced for another sexual attack on my now very-used body and mouth.

He was jacking his cock again, getting hard instantly. Now what did he want this time?

"Turn over and raise your ass again, you slut."

His cock still soaked from fucking my cunt, he wet it more with his own spit before entering my ass this time. "I loved fucking your tight, whorish ass so much before, baby," he grunted as he pumped in and out of my asshole, "I gotta get another piece of it…..because I know you are such a cock whore that loves it back here!"

It was all I could do from not crying out too loud as he assaulted my backdoor a second time, his fuck tool pumping in and out as his hand reached around and rubbed my clit as he banged away.

"Somebody really loves being fucked in the ass," he hissed as I began to cum. "Such a fucking whore…a dirty, cock loving cunt bitch!"

He then pushed his cock deeper into my bowels. "Ohhh, God, does your ass feel good. Such a good anal whore you are…you probably had lots of dick in that ass just like the dirty bitch you are, judging how much you're enjoying getting it now. My own fat nympho….take all this dick, you slut!"

He was doing me a little rougher than I usually liked when I performed anal sex with men, but he was right; I was enjoying his eager and willing cock deep inside my ass as he thrust faster and faster until he was ready to cum a fourth time!

"Oh, God!" I cried. "Fuck that ass!"

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..I'm gonna cum now! I'm gonna fill your ass with my load, bitch!"

The thought and feeling of more hot cum inside my asshole had gotten me very turned on by now; I had climaxed one last time as his jism filled my bowels and he'd rubbed my clit even harder. As he'd done the first time, he'd left his cock inside my ass once he'd gone limp for a few extra minutes before pulling out.

"Such a good whore," he panted as he finally got up. "Fat slut loved getting her ass boned twice and taking my cum in it!"

I was still on the floor, expecting him to start jacking his cock and wanting yet more from me. By now, I had some idea that a long time had passed since he had first accosted me against the wall. What more would he want from me? I'd already given him my mouth, ass and cunt and even had him cum on my body; what more could he possibly need?

But it really was over this time; he tossed over a towel and my dress and purse, ordering me to clean up and put my clothes back on, then put on his own pants, obviously satisfied with the sexual rendezvous he'd had thoroughly used me for.

"Thanks, baby. I really enjoyed that," he grinned as he finally zipped up, unlocked the door and left.

Thank God no one was waiting to get in, I thought as I watched him leave, got up and quickly wiped down my still cum-soaked body.

Feeling overflows of his cream also streaming from my both my cunt and asshole, I went back in a stall to wipe myself off better, as well as fingered myself to orgasm one more time thinking about what had just went down there in that bathroom, before fixing myself up yet again and rejoining my friends.

"Thought you fell in," one of them joked when I got back to the table.

"Nahh...it was pretty busy in there," I replied as I saw the man who had used me crudely for his own sexual games just a few minutes earlier on that bathroom wall and floor now toasting me from the bar .....

Guess some of those ‘loser' guys aren't such losers after all, especially in the spontaneous sex department!

As the saying goes, never judge a book by its cover…

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