tagNonHumanA Meeting In The Park

A Meeting In The Park


Alex fell against the side of the building. He couldn't believe how close he had come to taking that poor girl's soul. Even now standing in the cold he had to struggle with his beast. He had never had this problem. Sure he had taken peoples souls before but it had always been bad people and he was always in control. It was different with Ellianna. His beast became stronger when she was around. Alex took a deep breath and forced it out slowly. He knew he was better than this. He had been alive for close to 500 years. He would control himself. Behind Alex something stirred. He turned to see what was behind him. When he saw nothing he turned toward the street. He had to feed. He began walking to the park. There was always a good or should he say bad soul there. As Alex entered he felt the energy of another of his kind. Slowly he backed out of the park thinking to leave them to there hunt. There was always other places to hunt. as he turned to leave he ran straight into his first and only turn.

"hello Alex How's hunting?" Malina smiled. She was wearing her normal clothes. Skin tight jeans that lifted her ass and made it look bigger than it already was and a halter top that threatened to pour her breasts out into the night air. Alex took in the view slowly. His gaze stopping shortly on her breasts before traveling to her face.

"what are you doing here Malina? I thought after last time you didn't want anything to do with me." he raked his gaze over her again. "unless of course you have changed your mind"

Malina laughed. Her voice ringing on Alex's ears. "we both know that u don't want me anymore than I want you so don't look at me that way. And if you do want me then it has been way to long since you have fed." Malina walked past Alex to sit on a bench. She looks back at Alex the humor bleeding out of her eyes. She pats the seat next to her. "sit let me talk to you for a moment. Maybe if we talk I won't have to kill you later"

Alex walked over to her and sat on the bench a puzzled look in his eyes. "and why would you have to kill me?" his eyes again ran over her full form hunger over taking him for a moment. Malina watched as Alex's eyes change from the bright emerald green to a black the raven herself would envy. He shook his head pushing his beast back into the hole that it had crawled out of. Malina began to second guess herself when she saw how very little control he had. He was one of the first of their kind. After Alex had control of himself again he looked Malina eye and waited for her to speak.

"Alex.... maybe this isn't the best time for you. I will come back when you have fed." with that she stood and began to walk out of the park her back to Alex. Alex flew off the bench grabbing her arm and spinning her to face him. Before she could stop herself she hissed at him her fangs fully out. Alex picked her up and slammed her into the pillar behind them his own fangs out.

"I didn't give you leave nor did I dismiss you. As a matter of fact I asked you a question that you have yet to answer." Alex retracted his fangs and let her slid to the ground. "you have been too long from your own kind. You have forgotten your manners. In anyone other than me it could mean death for you. Always remember that you are still a youngling. Now speak and keep in mind your words" Alex took a step away from her and waited for her to speak. Malina took a deep breathe and calmed herself, pushing her beast down away from the surface.

"I saw you earlier when I went to see my sister at work. I know that I have no place telling an ancient what he may and may not do but I beg that you leave her alone. She is the only family that I have and I can not lose her. I would not survive it." malina made sure to keep her eyes down and her tone respectful. At least to herself she could admit that she had forgot her manners. However she didn't view it as a bad thing that she had be out of the company of her kind for so long. She thought back to the things that she had seen in the last 5 years and a shiver ran through her. She never wanted to become an animal and that was what most of their kind was. They were animals that lived only for their next fix.

Alex saw the fight in malina. He knew that she was not a subserviant person however she needed to learn her place of it would be a quick path to the grave. As the full weight of what malina said came to him he strained to figure out which woman was her sister. His thoughts flowed over all the women he had been with today and when Ellianna came to mind his beast roared in his ears demanding her blood. Malina saw Alexs eyes go red and thought that maybe she had over stepped herself again. She dropped to her knees and tilted her head back presenting herself to him.

"I am sorry sire. Please take what you need from me and let it cover my grievances tonight." Malina closed her eyes and waited for Alex to make a decision.

Alex looked at the offering at his feet and felt his beast spring forward. He was so surprised that he didn't have time to stop him before he buried his fangs into her neck.

"Alex." Malina whispered her eyes closing in pleasure. Alex was lost in the blind pleasure of her blood. He pushed her against the pillar pinning her with his hips as his hands began to work at her shirt. Her breast sprang free of her shirt. Alex retracted his fans leaving the wound open to spill down her neck to her breasts. He lowered his head taking her left tit into his mouth biting lightly. Encouraged by the small whimpering sounds she was making he moved to her other tit his hand playing lightly against the skin of her stomach.

Malina thought her body was going to go up in flames. Everywhere he touched her began to burn. She mentally shook her head. I cant do this. I promised myself that I would never do this again.. Malina began to struggle against Alex Pushing at his head as he bragged her nipple into his mouth. She arched her back as it sent shivers of pleasure right down to her core. She could feel herself growing wet and heavy. His hand began to makes circles on her stomach each one widening. She knew that if she let him get near her core she would beg him to take her. "Alex please stop this." Her voice was breathy with pleasure. Alex let go off her nipple letting it slid from his mouth. Malina gasped as she saw the red his eyes had bled to. She struggled harder trying to get away from him.

Alex could feel Malina pulling away from him but he was too far into his beast to let her go. The beast roared in his head demanding release. He latched onto her neck again pulling more of her blood into his mouth. Alex let his hand drift to the top of Malina's jeans. He smiled as he heard the sharp intake of breath from her. He healed the wound on her neck and looked into her eyes. He allowed his hand to continue making circles on her stomach.

"Do you really want me to stop?" he hooked one finger in her jeans and pulled one sharpened finger down cutting them from her body. Malina shivered as they fell from her body. She could feel her juices dripping down her leg and she couldn't make herself care. The only thing she wanted was to have Alex take her. She reached out to him pulling his head down to hers her black eyes staring into his red. Malina took his hand and led it to her pussy pushing her underwear out of the way. Alex growled as he felt her wet haven. He crushed his lips to hers as he slipped two fingers into her working them in and out.

When he felt her clamp down on his hand he quickly withdrew his fingers and lifted her off the ground. Malina slipped a hand in between them and unbuttoned his pants letting them pool at his feet. She wrapped her hand around his cock and guided it to her waiting hole. They both gasped as he pushed past her swollen lips and into her womb. Malina felt her eyes bleed to red as the beast and blood lust rose to the surface. She looked into Alex's eyes silently asking and seeing him nod she let her fangs fall into her mouth. She waited for Alex to pull out and as he slammed back into her Malina sank her fang into his neck. Alex's blood felt like fire going through her veins.

Alex growled as he felt her fangs sink into his skin and began to truly slam into her. He felt her tighten around him and knew that she was close. He shifted her higher against the pillar and snaked a hand between them to pinch her clit. She screamed tearing her mouth away from his vein. Alex's beast roared for more. The beast pushed on Alex for a mate. As Alex thought of mating with malina a picture of Ellianna flashed through his mind. His beast froze for just long enough for Alex to regain control. He pulled out and summoned clothes for both himself and malina. He handed them to her and stepped away. "Forgive me." With that last comment he disappeared onto the night.

Malina hit the ground and looked up at Alex but he was already gone. She breathlessly pulled on the clothes Alex had given her and made her way back to her sister's home. Maybe if she hurried she would be able to catch her before she left for work.

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