A Memorable Cruise


The two women laughed and lay back and arranged their asses on the pillows side by side. I knelt on the floor gazing at the two beautiful cunts opened before my eyes. Rosalyn's was hairy with dark pubic hair around and above her mound. Marge's was trimmed into a dark triangle. Both women were using their hands to open up their cunts whose lips were glistening with juice.

"Who goes first?" I asked.

"Do Roselyn first, darling, but not too long. I want some too very soon."

I placed myself between Rosalyn legs which she placed on my shoulders. I carefully let my tongue slide all the way up her labia to the clit. She let out a moan. "Oh, that feels so good" I engulfed her whole cunt in my mouth and kissed her lips up and down. "Ohhhh! Ohhh! "she exclaimed. I tongued her swollen lips very gently and gave a swirl on her aroused clit. Her moans increased.

"My turn" pressed Marge, I moved over between Marge's legs and started lapping my favorite cunt. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Rosalyn pressing down with both hands on her cunt without moving as if to hold on to her pleasurable sensations. I continued the ministrations of my familiar pussy knowing which buttons to push and when. When Marge is really excited, she can come within minutes. She started undulating her pelvis moving up and down against my mouth. Her whimpers were continuous and I knew she was close to coming already. Her juices were overflowing and she cried out "I'm coming, I'm coming" I kept up mouthing her cunt until her orgasm subsided somewhat. My own cock was bursting.

I was going to need release soon. I moved over to Rosalyn. Placing her legs on my shoulders, she removed her hands from her cunt, and opened up her lips for me. I sank into her wet, wet pussy and started serious manipulations of her sex. I rotated my tongue on her velvety lips, I sucked her rigid clit which stuck out of its hood like a tiny penis, I stuck my tongue in her vagina, I lapped up her juices which were running freely all over her cunt, All the while, Rosalyn was playing with her tits, massaging them, pulling not too gently on her long nipples. And sighs and moans were uninterrupted. She writhed and pushed into my face. She placed her hands around my head pushing me deeper into her cunt. I was sucking her clit very hard and her muscles contracted. She came violently, crying out and wailing. And she kept coming and coming. After three or four powerful orgasms, she settled down and let out a long and deep sigh.

"I've never, never come so hard in all my life. Marge, your husband goes to the top of my list.. That man knows how to please a woman."

"You better believe it. And I want him to please me right now. I'm waiting for my follow-up fuck. I can't do without. Please, darling, fuck me now."

I couldn't wait to slip inside my wife's silky pussy. I teased her lips like she loves me to do and then slid easily into her vagina to the hilt. I paused there, pushing hard not wanting to come before she did. Then back up and then sliding in and out in our familiar fucking rhythm.

" Fuck me, lover, fuck me" she kept repeating. I knew I wouldn't last long and I didn't. I erupted in her pussy as an overpowering orgasm made its way from my loins to my ejaculating cock. My orgasm triggered hers and she came, her legs squeezing my back and her hands pressing my ass. I collapsed on my loving wife and we kissed for a long time. Beside us, Rosalyn must have masturbated while we were fucking because she cried out her pleasure again.

"Sorry Rosalyn, but you will have to wait for your fuck. I think Bill is going to need some recovering time."

"I don't mind waiting, Marge, if you'll let your husband fuck me sometime during the night. That is if you don't mind my sleeping with you two."

"Rosalyn, you can fuck my husband anytime you and he want to during this cruise...I know he'll enjoy it and I want him to. One condition... I want to be there when you do it"

"Thank you, my darling wife; I hope you and Rosalyn make love anytime you feel like it. I'd certainly like to see you both of you doing that. And definitely, Rosalyn you are sleeping with us. And how about, if I sleep in the middle?"

With that Rosalyn and Marge got on each side of me. I turned on my side and Marge slipped into her familiar position her tits against my back and her mound against my buttocks. Rosalyn sandwiched me pressing her breasts against my chest and placing my hard cock between her legs. I owed her a fuck and she would not let me forget.

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