tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Memorable Morning By The Pool

A Memorable Morning By The Pool


"Who was that?" Herman asked, when Theodore had finished his conversation and put his cell phone down in the grass.

"That was my niece Mimi," Theodore answered. "She asked if she could come for a swim. That's what she always asks on hot days like today. She'll be here soon."

"Mimi," Herman thought, "that's one of those names you never hear, but once you come across it, you start hearing it over and over again."

Herman's elder son Matthew recently started going out with a girl named Mimi. Although, you could not exactly call it going out.

Mimi would not allow Matthew anything. She did not let him kiss her on the mouth and did not want to sit on his lap. Sex was out of the question altogether.

Of course, Matthew was very disappointed about this. Therefore, he had asked his father for advice.

"My boy," Herman remembered saying to him, "such a prude is not what you need, you should really get rid of her. There are so many normal girls around. Girls who let themselves be touched. Why should you waste your time on someone like her?"

"Yes, Dad," Matthew had answered, "but she is so beautiful. Spectacularly beautiful. And who knows, maybe one day I can bring her to reason."

To Herman this was fascinating; a girl who was very, very pretty, but completely useless as a girlfriend. He hoped to meet this Mimi soon.

"Mimi is the daughter of Margaret, Gertrude's sister," Theodore explained. " I'm just her uncle by marriage."

Gertrude was Theodore's wife. She would be out all day, Herman was told, as she had gone shopping with her sister. Presumably, this very same sister Margaret. After the shopping, the ladies would visit a beauty salon and get back home only late in the afternoon.

"You know," Theodore continued, "at twenty-one, girls just love a swimming pool in the garden. That's why she's coming here so often."

Theodore's garden certainly had a very nice swimming pool. Moreover, it was out of sight of the neighbors, which suited Herman fine. Because of his paunchy belly and abundant body hair, he preferred not to be seen in his swimming trunk, at least not by strangers.

"It's gonna be a wonderful day," Herman remarked. "Thank you for having me over here."

Theodore had invited Herman to spend the day with him in a lounge chair by the swimming pool. After all, he was home alone today and he had not seen his old bridge buddy for a long time. Also, without women around, they could talk more freely. Not surprisingly, Herman had gladly accepted the invitation.

"Do you still see Charles?" Theodore asked.

Herman scratched his head. He did not immediately understand whom Theodore was taking about. For a few moments, he racked his brains and all of a sudden, he remembered.

Charles, of course, silly Charles. The guy who always cracked dirty jokes. How could Herman forget him? They'd had so much fun with this dude!

Next, Theodore and Herman started reminiscing about all the hilarious situations they had been in with Charles. They got so absorbed by their conversation, that they did not even notice when Mimi came into the garden a half hour later.

"Hi, Uncle Theo," Herman suddenly heard a girl's voice say.

He looked up with a start from his lounge chair. Before him stood a young brunette with curly hair. This was Mimi, without a shadow of doubt. Herman looked her up and down.

On her head, Mimi was wearing flashy sunglasses with large lenses. She kept the upper part of her body covered with a white beach towel, which reached from her armpits down to her thighs. And in her right hand, she was holding a handbag.

However, what struck Herman more than the accessories was her beauty. This girl was downright gorgeous, just like the Mimi Matthew was going out with.

"Herman, this is Mimi," Theodore said. "And Mimi, this is Herman."

Herman gave Mimi a light nod and Mimi kindly nodded in return. Herman did not know how to behave around such a beautiful girl. He nervously looked down in the grass and could not utter a word.

Fortunately, Theodore broke the silence. "I see that you have already changed clothes," he said.

"Yes," Mimi answered. "Mum gave me her key to your front door, so I let myself in and went directly to the bathroom."

While uncle and niece were in conversation, Herman once again let his eyes roam Mimi's body.

"What is she wearing under that towel?" he silently asked himself, "a swimsuit or a bikini? Or maybe even a thong bikini, so that you can see her bare buttocks."

Soon he was to find out that all three guesses were wrong.

"Uncle Theo," Mimi said. Her voice suddenly sounded a little timid.

"What is it, my child?" Theodore asked with a friendly smile on his face.

"You know, I haven't only come for a swim," she continued softly. "I'd also like to lie in the sun."

"Well," Theodore replied, "that's no problem at all. There's more than enough room in the grass. Just lie down here and get a nice tan."

"Yes, but Uncle Theo," Mimi went on, "I want my tan to be even, without any lines. I don't want to wear a stupid swimsuit."

She turned her face to Theodore and gave him a pleading look. "Uncle Theo," she asked in a small voice, "can I sunbathe in the nude today?"

Herman could not believe his ears. Did this girl really want to take a sunbath naked? In the presence of two fat, bald men of more than twice her age? Men who, without any doubt, would be ogling her divine naked body?

Unbelievable! This Mimi was not a prude at all. On the contrary, she was the complete opposite of Matthew's Mimi.

Theodore, however, appeared to be much less impressed.

"That's OK," he said quietly, "but you know the conditions."

"Conditions? What conditions?" Herman wondered. "Having such a gorgeous chick naked in your garden, isn't that simply a godsend opportunity? Why would you want to attach conditions?"

But Mimi seemingly had no problem with it. She nodded in approval.

"OK, then," Theodore said, "you can take off your swimsuit."

"That's not necessary," Mimi answered, while she untied her towel. "I left it in the bathroom."

She spread out her towel on the grass right between Herman and Theodore and lied down on her stomach. She put her handbag next to her.

Herman's mouth fell open. Mimi's naked behind looked stunning. She had long, shapely legs, a beautiful tan back and in between a deliciously curved ass.

"Herman," Mimi said, "could you please get the sun block from my handbag?"

Herman was unable to react immediately. He could not believe that this naked young goddess had made him, an ordinary mortal, a request.

It took him almost a minute to regain control over himself and do what he was asked. Carefully, he opened Mimi's handbag and pulled a bottle of sunscreen from it.

Herman wanted to hand the bottle to Mimi, but she already had another surprise in store for him.

"Could you also rub me in, please?" she asked.

Again, it took Herman at least a minute to recover from the shock. Then he squeezed the bottle and squirted a big glob of lotion into his palm.

With trembling hands, he began to apply it to Mimi's back. He hardly dared to touch her.

Herman started from her shoulders. From there his hands slowly moved down. Every so often, he gave the bottle a squeeze, for Mimi's skin absorbed the lotion quickly. When he reached her lower back, he suddenly stopped.

Then he shifted his attention to the other end of Mimi's body. He squirted another glob of sunscreen into his hand and started to rub her ankles. From there he gradually worked his way up. But at mid-thigh, he did not dare to go any further.

"Hey, hey," Mimi protested, "my ass needs lotion too!"

Herman swallowed. While he was covering her back and legs with sunscreen, his eyes had been glued to her luscious round ass cheeks. But now that he was told to actually touch them, he found himself at a loss. Fortunately, Theodore came to his help.

"Come on," he said, "give that booty of hers a good rub. It looks delicious, so it must feel good too."

Hesitantly, Herman took the bottle and squeezed a few drops of lotion on Mimi's behind.

As his hands were moving over Mimi's bare buttocks, Herman took an even closer look. The view was very, very nice.

Mimi's skin was perfectly smooth. And it struck Herman how far her beautiful round ass cheeks jutted out. This girl truly had a majestic posterior.

His reveries were suddenly interrupted by Mimi.

"Can you put a little lotion between my cheeks, please?" she asked.

Herman did not know what to think. Why would she want that? The sun does not shine between the buttocks! But again, Theodore helped him overcome his hesitation.

"Just spread those twin globes," he said, "then you'll get better access."

Herman carefully pulled Mimi's buttocks apart. Thus, her ass crevice became visible. Slowly, he let his glance slide through her crack. Herman was stunned.

Mimi was completely smooth between her ass cheeks; he could not see a single hair. But even more amazing was her anus. It was not brown, like he had expected; it had an appetizing pink color.

Apparently, Herman kept staring a bit too long. Mimi immediately understood what he was looking at.

"Isn't it nice?" she said, "I had my pooper bleached."

"Yes," Herman sighed, "it's lovely."

Then he slowly started to move his lotion covered finger up and down the cleft of her ass. He did not know what use it was, but at any rate, it was a nice thing to do.

Each time that Herman passed Mimi's rear opening with his finger, he felt a strong desire to stick it in, right up her rectum. But he had no idea how Mimi would react. Wary of the consequences, he decided to resist his urge, although this made him feel extremely uncomfortable.

To his relieve, Mimi soon decided to shift his attention away from her puckered hole.

"OK," she said, "now it's time for the other side." After these words, she rolled over onto her back.

Once again, Herman could not believe his eyes. From the front, Mimi looked just as luscious as from behind.

Her breasts were large, but firm and they seemed to simply ignore gravity. Both her nipples had a piercing. They were hard and standing up erect.

Slowly, Herman let his eyes trail down her body. He saw that Mimi had a nice flat stomach. She was not wearing a navel piercing, but when his eyes went further down, he saw something else.

Mimi had a shining silver ring in her clit. It looked very seductive.

Apart from that, her crotch was completely devoid of hair. That turned Herman on even more. He knew that nowadays girls often shave their pubes, but on Mimi, he did not see any stubble.

She appeared to have read his mind.

"I always wax," Mimi explained. "And not only my pubic hair, but my whole body, from my underarm hair to my legs. And my ass crack, off course, but you've already seen that."

Mimi's perfectly bald pussy made a deep impression on Herman. All the more, since he remembered that the other Mimi was said to have an abundant bush.

Last week, Matthew had caught her in her bedroom, while she was standing there in her underwear. She had sent him out of the room almost immediately, but in the few seconds he was given, he had been able to spot a large amount of hair under her panties. Apparently, she did not even bother to trim down there.

"Now please lather up my front," Mimi interrupted Herman's train of thought.

Herman noticed that his hands were trembling less than before. He started from her stomach and slowly moved up. He stopped below her ribs. Something was preventing him from going further.

"Hey, are my titties gonna get any lotion too?" Mimi asked impatiently.

In the same circular motions as he had been rubbing her buttocks, Herman started to apply sunscreen to Mimi's breasts. He had become a little bit bolder now. Repeatedly, he fondled her pierced nipples. He found the metal ornaments very exciting.

Soon enough, Mimi's bosom was completely saturated with lotion, and Herman had to move further to her shoulders.

After that, he once again moved to the opposite end of her body, and began to work his way up from her feet. After he had thoroughly coated her legs, he hesitantly started to rub her hips.

"Don't forget my bald beaver," Mimi said.

Herman looked up, startled by what he heard. Despite everything, he had not expected that it would come this far.

"You know what," she continued, "I'll spread my legs a bit, than you'll get better access."

With these words, Mimi opened her legs, much and much wider than Herman deemed necessary for applying sunscreen.

Now Herman had an unobstructed view of Mimi's vagina. It looked perfect. It was not only completely hairless; it also had ideal proportions. Her pussy lips were symmetrical and the inner labia did not protrude beyond the outer ones.

"She must have had a designer involved," Herman thought. "Mother Nature could not have done such a great job."

Slowly, he resumed covering Mimi with lotion: first her smooth Mount of Venus, then her outer pussy lips and after that the inner ones.

When he was done, Herman started to circle her clitoris with his slippery finger. In doing so, he repeatedly touched the metal ring. He was extremely excited that there, of all places, she had a piercing.

Meanwhile, Mimi let him have his way with her. It did not seem to bother her that he was touching her most intimate parts. On the contrary, Herman believed to hear soft moans escaping from her lips.

By now, Herman had his hands very close to Mimi's slit. And although she did not need any sunscreen in there, he could not resist inserting a finger. Mimi's moaning had given him courage and instantly he had become much more adventurous.

Sure enough, Mimi seemed to have no problem with Herman's finger in her pussy. Her groans even intensified. But then Theodore intervened to spoil the fun.

"Okay," Herman heard him suddenly say, "I think we're done now."

Disappointed, Herman withdrew his finger.

"It's about time for Mimi to perform her part of the agreement," Theodore continued.

Herman looked at him as if he were crazy. "What kind of agreement is he talking about, for heaven's sake?" he thought, "isn't it good enough that we can freely touch her, what is there left to want?"

"Mimi and I have a deal," Theodore explained. "Very often, when Mimi comes to grab some sun at the pool, she doesn't want to wear her swimming suit. Then I allow her to sunbathe in the nude, but I don't want to suffer the consequences."

Herman looked at him in blank amazement. He could not imagine what consequences Theodore could possibly mean.

"I don't know how you see this," Theodore continued, "but a naked young woman turns me on."

Herman nodded in assent; so far, he could follow Theodore's thoughts very well.

"But I don't want to have a bulge in my pants all the time," Theodore went on, "and I don't even want to think about getting stains in my swimming trunk. Gertrude would almost certainly spot them when doing the laundry."

This, too, was easy to understand for Herman.

"And therefore," Theodore said, "Mimi has agreed to make any bulge go away and to help prevent stains."

Herman cast a glance on Theodore's swimming trunk and saw that he was not exaggerating. Obviously, the rubbing scene had not gone unnoticed. Under the navy blue fabric a raging erection had formed.

Mimi noticed it too. "You're having a huge boner, Uncle Theo," she said with a smile, "let's go do something about it."

Next, Mimi hooked her middle and index fingers under the waistband of Theodore's swimming trunk and pulled it down in a single movement. Herman saw Theodore's erect penis bounce up.

"Yummie, yummie, what a nice little cock you have, Uncle Theo," Mimi said, while licking her lips, "and it's even leaking some precum already. Let's start immediately."

With these words, she brought her head to Theodore's crotch.

What happened next, Herman could not see very well. Mimi's hair was blocking his view of Theodore's member. But from the movements she was making with her head, Herman could tell that Mimi was busily licking and sucking.

Mimi's oral ministrations did not remain without effect. It did not take long before Theodore began to moan in ecstasy.

"Oh, sweetie," he panted, "I'm gonna shoot your mouth full."

Then he muttered something unintelligible, while his groaning grew louder. Evidently, Theodore was on the brink of orgasm. Mimi kept bobbing her head up and down for a while, but finally she sat up again.

"That was a mouthful indeed, Uncle Theo," she laughed, "what a luck I didn't have breakfast this morning."

"Oh, my God," Herman thought, "she swallowed his entire load!"

"Wow, you really play a mean skin flute, Mimi," Theodore said, as he pulled his swimming trunk back up with a satisfied look on his face, "but you're not quite done yet." With a grin, he pointed at Herman. "Just look at the bulge in his pants."

Mimi nodded in agreement.

"This may very well leave stains," Theodore cautioned, "so you better act quickly, before it's too late."

Mimi walked over to Herman, who had meanwhile sat down in his lounge chair again. Without even asking his permission, she swiftly pulled his swimming trunk down his legs.

"You have a nice stiffy too," she said, kneeling down by his side.

The next moment Herman felt Mimi's tongue against his penis. From his balls, she slowly slid it up his shaft. When she reached the tip, she pulled his foreskin all the way back and started licking his exposed cockhead. Herman was on cloud nine.

While licking Herman's glans, Mimi brushed her tongue under the rim a few times. This provided an incredible sensation for him. Each time it happened, he released a soft moan.

Apparently, Mimi was closely watching his reaction, for after the third time she slid her tongue back under the rim and started licking there with abandon. Her tongue moved faster and faster and Herman's moaning increased correspondingly.

Suddenly, Mimi stopped.

"You really shouldn't cum too soon," she said, "this is way too much fun. I'll see if anything has come out already."

The next thing Herman knew, the tip of Mimi's tongue was circling his pee hole, rapidly moving up and down. It felt heavenly. Herman figured that some precum must have formed and that Mimi was now lapping it up. Turned on by this idea and by the sensation she was causing with her tongue Herman began to moan anew.

He was not given much time to moan, however, as Mimi once again shifted her field of action. Supposedly, she still worried that Herman would have an early orgasm. He felt her tongue slide back down his shaft, all the way to his balls.

When she got there, Mimi started to gently suckle his scrotum. This, too, felt delightful, be it in a completely different way. Alternately, she took each of his balls in her mouth to carefully suck and lick them.

Herman enjoyed it immensely. At that moment, only two things existed for him: his penis and Mimi's wet little mouth.

But this illusion did not last long, for, all at once, Theodore began to speak again.

"Hey, Mimi," he said, "of course this is all very unexpected for Herman."

Herman could not agree more. In his wildest dreams, he could not have imagined this. And the unexpectedness made it even more exciting.

"Actually, we haven't bothered to ask him if this is what he wants," Theodore continued.

Herman did not understand what Theodore meant. How could he not want this, all the wonderful things that had just happened to him?

"We've simply assumed that he is okay sitting next to a nude girl at the pool," Theodore went on, "in exchange for a blowjob."

Herman's amazement grew. He considered this an excellent deal, how could anyone find fault with something so obviously beneficial?

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