tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Midnight Train

A Midnight Train


It was late; almost midnight before crew was finished cleaning up. She sighed as she dropped the receipts for the evening in the floor safe and took a final look around before she turned off the lights and locked up. Julie was tired, the boss had gone home early, something to do with his wife being sick, and left her to close up by herself, and while she appreciated his confidence in her, she was nearly exhausted as she locked the back door and walked to the subway entrance.

She was grateful that the platform was deserted as she collapsed on a bench to wait for the train that would take her home. She leaned her head against the pillar next to the bench, fantasizing about a warm bath and a glass or two of wine and almost dozed off only to be startled awake by the noise of an approaching crowd, “Damn,” she thought as the crowd swarmed the platform where she waited, “where did all these people come from?” and she soon learned from the conversation around her that the Cubs had just won in double overtime. “Great! There goes any chance of me catching a nap on the way home!” she grumbled to herself as she stood to enter the train.

The crowd swarmed into the waiting subway and pushed her to the back of the car jamming her against the wall, where she experienced a mild case of claustrophobia as her 5’2’ frame was summarily surrounded by a wall of drunken baseball fans, noisy with the euphoria of a spectacular win.

She looked around her and saw...shoulders... and wondered if all baseball fans were so big... and loud? She looked down at the skimpy designer dress she was wearing she felt a little jolt of fear surge through her stomach...her job as hostess for the upscale restaurant at which she worked required her to wear evening clothes and she hoped the slinky black dress clinging to her braless breasts wouldn’t gain her unwanted attention from the sea of drunken baseball fans surrounding her.

The subway car lurched into motion and she almost crashed into the guy behind her, but she steadied herself quickly by grabbing the strap overhead and widening her stance. Her situation was made more precarious by the 5” heels she wore and she wished she had changed them before she had left work. She teetered there swaying to the rhythm of the subway train as baseball talk flew back and forth over her head; the noise of the crowd was almost deafening and she soon began to relax thinking she had escaped their notice when she felt the man behind her fingering her long hair.

She tried to turn around to ask him to stop, but a hand gripped shoulder preventing her from doing so, and a greasy ripple of fear grabbed her gut as the fingers in her hair slid down the curve of her back to squeeze her silk clad behind and a deep sexy voice rumbled low in her ear, “Such a lovely little round bottom” Her jumped into her throat as the offending hand slid around her hip to grasp her pussy mound and pull her against him, she felt his cock hardening behind her... throbbing hot and insistent against the thin material of her gown.

She tried to extricate her self from his grasp with no success and she whimpered softly as her dress was pushed up her thighs. She wasn’t wearing any panties, the lines would have shown through the fabric and she heard him chuckle when he discovered that fact.

His mouth was hot against her skin and he whispered in her ear, his voice hoarse with building passion, “Baby doll, where are your panties? Did you take them off just for me?” His fingers slid between her legs and he moaned, “I love a shaved pussy...oh, Sweet Jesus, your cunt is dripping wet!” she blushed at the truth of his statement; she had never been so turned on in her life! Her pussy throbbed in unison to the pulse of his rock hard cock as he ground it hard against the luscious curve of her ass. He pulled her head back, his lips soft and sexy on her throat and she cried out softly as he smeared her pussy juices all over her naked crotch and slipped two fingers deep inside her.

“Oh!” her voice was small and breathless as he probed inside her, “Please stop!” she whimpered...struggling to remove herself from his invading fingers; but her pussy clutched at him denying her pleas for mercy.

“No way Baby, this is a perfect ending to a bitchin’ day at the ball park...” his fingers slipped out of her dripping cunt to find her the hard little button of her clit, “I’m going to fuck you right where you stand....” his teeth bit softly into the muscle of her neck and he growled into the hollow behind her ear, “and you’re just gonna have to get used to the idea!”

He unfastened his pants and slipped his cock between her legs from behind, she gasped as his arms slid around to grasp her legs, opening them wide...his hands were rough and calloused on the inside of her thighs and he lifted her up, onto the swollen head of his prick to plunge it hot and thick into the opening of her dripping pussy...she moaned as it pushed its way into her body hard and fast and she hung there breathless, impaled on the thick pole, her pussy stretched till she thought it would split open.... and the wall of men in front of her continued their conversations...totally unaware of her plight.

“Oh sweet Lord, your pussy is so hot, you’re burning my cock baby...” he bit her neck again and arched into her groaning when the fingers of her pussy grabbed the throbbing pole buried deep inside her belly.

She whimpered; her pussy on fire...stretched to the limit to take him as he pushed even further into her. He was so big, so thick; she had never had anyone that big inside her before. Her pussy burned with an exquisite pain she had never imagined and little whimpers leaked from her throat as he plowed in and out of her aching cunt.

She could feel the head of his enormous cock rubbing along the ridges inside her pussy when he pulled back and she looked down to see her belly bulge obscenely when he pushed that horse cock back inside her. She closed her eyes, her head falling back against his shoulder and held on to the strap over her head... a wild fire ignited between her thighs that spread inside her body. Her nipples pushed hard and tight against the fabric of her dress and her breath came in little aching gasps of pleasure in rhythm to the dick pumping in and out of her body. She arched against him; her body shivering violently as she began to cum.

A moan erupted from down deep in his chest when he felt her pussy ripple with the first waves of her orgasm...the sensations inside her slick wet cunt taking him over the edge, and he plunged deep into her...his cock, an erupting volcano spewing molten lava inside her.

She moaned and her pussy gripped him tight, trying to keep him inside her, milking the last drops of cum from his softening dick. Then suddenly he pulled out, dropping her to the floor and her knees buckled under her...the only thing keeping her from falling was the grip she had on the strap over her head.

When she could breathe again, she looked around trying to find the Phantom Rapist who had ravished her body so exquisitely, but the subway had stopped and a river of men flowed past her out the doors and into the night.

She stood there, hanging from the strap, her aching pussy throbbing from the assault...his cum dripping down her trembling thighs to pool on the floor between her feet; her body quivering as the last ripples of her orgasm shivered through her....alone in the empty subway car.

As the doors slid shut she sank to the floor motionless in the cold puddle of his cum, sobbing soundlessly from the intensity of the feelings raging through her body...while the train resumed its mindless journey into the darkness of the night.

Dear Faithful Readers, I hope you have enjoyed the latest tale from the darkness of my imagination. If you did please send me a little feedback, I always love to hear from my readers, it fuels my imagination. I write, as always...

For your Pleasure
the Nitegazer

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