tagInterracial LoveA Mile Higher

A Mile Higher


A Mile Higher

The nearly empty plane taxied out toward the runway, as the flight attendant ran through the pre-flight preparations. The voice over the speaker described the safety features of the aircraft as the flight attendant pantomimed in unison. After the brief bit of chorography, she wandered down the aisle closing the overhead bins. Short as she was, she had to really stretch at each bin, a movement that pulled her blouse tight against her accentuating the slight mounds of her breasts.

Edward was seated on the last row of the plane with at least eight or nine rows of empty seats in front of him. As the flight attendant reached for the last bin, she said, "You can move up if you like."

"No thanks…"

Suddenly the plane lurched to a stop and he grabbed her tiny waist, preventing her from falling. She grabbed his shoulders tightly as she fought to regain her balance. Pausing there a bit more than Edward anticipated, she said, "You sure you don't want to move."

"Yeah, it's kind of nice being back here all alone."

"Well, after I get them served some drinks," she started, nodding toward the front of the cabin, "I'll come back and visit if you like."

"That would be nice," he replied, filing a few fantasies away in his mind.

With a pert nod, she turned and sensuously wandered up to the front of the cabin, where she pulled her seat down from the bulkhead and strapped herself in. From his seat, if he leaned out into the aisle, Edward could just see her in the dim light. Her dark hair was colored in light streaks that swirled down onto her shoulders. Her skin was a beautiful light brown, which seemed to glow even in the shadows.

He imagined running his fingers over that smooth skin; he imagined how his fair skin would look against her darker color as he touched her. Always attracted to Hispanic women, Edward never had an opportunity to get to know one very well. He looked forward to talking with her.

The takeoff was uneventful, with only a few light bumps as they passed into the clouds. The white seemed to wrap completely around them for a moment until they suddenly passed into clear skies. Edward wondered what it might be like with the flight attendants dark legs wrapped around him.

Adjusting his erection a bit, he sat up in his seat and noticed that drink service had begun. He watched the flight attendant as she moved gracefully down the aisle, serpentining around the feet, shoulders and elbows that hung out. It was exciting to watch her sway a bit with each movement.

"Would you like a drink?" she asked when she finally made her way back to Edward.

"No thanks," he answered, anxiously awaiting her return. He leaned his head out into the aisle and watched her push the cart back to the galley.

After a few minutes she returned, but as she reached Edward's row, she smiled and ducked into the restroom. In a moment she came out, reached up to the overhead bin and put something in it. Sitting down she whispered, "I fixed the door so the sign up front will show this back restroom is occupied. Hopefully, they'll see that and use the front one."

"Oh, okay, I guess some privacy would be nice, oh, I'm Edward, by the way."

"Well Edward by the way, I'm Rosa," she said extending her hand. They both watched their hands as they wrapped in a handshake.

"Pleased to meet you," Edward whispered, scooting over in his seat.

Rosa sat down, glanced slyly toward the front of the plane and then whispered, "Edward, they are gonna be beeping for me pretty soon, so please excuse me if I seem in a hurry."

Smiling apprehensively, he said, "Oh no problem, I'm here to serve."

"Are you?"

His quizzical glance led her to continue, "Edward, are you a mile higher?"

"A mile higher than what?"

Smiling, she explained, "No, no have you had sex in the air before?"

Interested and a bit shocked he answered, "No, not once."

"Well, neither have I and it's been like forever since I have seen my boyfriend, and… and… and I am climbing the walls here."

"It all sounds good to me, but what do I do here."

"I've thought about it a bit and… here let me show you." She leaned over and began kissing him as her hand unfastened his belt. Her tongue slipped between Edwards's lips as she unzipped his pants. Pulling back she whispered, "If you pull your pants down a bit, I can straddle you…" She paused as she watched him maneuver his pants and underwear down to his ankles "…oh yes, I like that," she said nodding at his hard cock.

Before Edward could say anything, she had straddled him and was working his cock between her legs and into herself. He felt her wet warmth envelope him as she slid down him onto his lap. She paused a moment and then began moving up and down on him, slowly at first, but then increasing in speed. She leaned back against the seat in front of them, giving Edward a view of his pale cock disappearing into her brown body. Their colors mixed beautifully as they pressed together and then pulled apart.

Feeling himself getting closer, Edward licked his fingers and reached down to her clit, caressing it. She moaned, "Oh yes, yes. That feels so good."

"She's getting there now," Edward thought to himself as she quickened her pace. Her breathing had an urgency that excited him, driving him over the edge. He pressed his hips upward and exploded inside her just as he felt her press to him and stiffen.

She moaned loudly, so loudly that Edward kissed her to muffle the sound. As his cock softened she collapsed upon him with a whimper and leaned against him as she caught her breath. They both heard the annoying "ding" of the flight crew calling her. She quickly climbed off him, hurriedly tried to straighten her dress and fix her hair as she grabbed the phone in the rear of the plane.

Edward watched her blow him a kiss as she whispered to him, "Not bad for a mile higher was it?"

Edward only smiled and nodded. In a few moments he heard her over the loudspeaker announcing instructions to the passengers in preparation for landing. Landing or not, Edward knew he would be a mile high for a long, long time.

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