tagBDSMA Mistress and Her Slave Ch. 06

A Mistress and Her Slave Ch. 06


Laurel awoke with a start, her body still pressed up against Jared's. It was already nearly eight o' clock. Jared was sound asleep. Well, she thought, too late for breakfast anyway. She quietly slipped out of bed and got showered and dressed. She gazed somewhat wistfully at Jared's sleeping frame. She wondered, briefly, if she had ruined everything by making love with him. But, the more she thought about it, the more she realized it had been perfect. Nothing would change. They were both getting exactly what they wanted, and now she could have him fuck her and eat her pussy as much as she wanted. Things would only be better now, Laurel decided.

When Jared woke up almost an hour later, the same sorts of thoughts ran through his mind. He was blissfully happy, of course, with the events of last night. But what if he had ruined everything by expressing his love for Laurel? She probably didn't want love, he thought, which was why she had sought a slave to begin with. Of course, perhaps she could use his own love against him, to push him to even further lengths of servitude. He decided worrying about it wouldn't do much good. Besides, things probably wouldn't even be broached until after Lydia had left.

By the time he stumbled out to the kitchen for a bowl of cereal and some tea, Lydia was already up, scrambling some eggs.

"Good morning," Jared said, avoiding eye contact.

"Sounded like you two had a good time last night," Lydia said coolly.

"Sorry. Laurel gets a little loud sometimes, I guess."

"I guess."

Jared decided to take his cereal back to his room, and generally avoided Lydia as much as he could.

After breakfast, Lydia realized her phone was dead, and she could not find her charger in any of her luggage. Must have forgotten it, she thought. Wanting to check her email, she got on her sister's desktop computer in the den. After messing around on the Internet for half an hour or so, she was about to go take a shower when she noticed a desktop icon that said, "SecureCam." She had noticed small cameras throughout the house but had just assumed they were part of a household security system—which they were, although for a purpose far from anything Lydia could have imagined. Almost absentmindedly, she opened the program. This brought up two icons: "Live Feed" or "Archives." She clicked on "Live Feed" and this pulled up a grid of screens, 24 in all, that covered every inch of the interior of the house. There were no cameras showing the outside of the house, which Lydia thought was rather strange for a security system. She watched Jared for a few minutes, who didn't seem to be doing much except reading a book.

Lydia then clicked on the "Archives" and this pulled up a series of subfolders, each with a date, going back two weeks. She clicked on the one from yesterday. Zooming in on Laurel's bedroom, she saw her sister sleeping, alone. Skipping forward several hours, Laurel awoke, and then disappeared from the frame. Unable to help herself, Lydia skipped ahead to yesterday evening, and there the two lovers were, going at it. Lydia felt a warmth coursing through her sex, and began to rub herself. I wonder what else these two get up to, she thought, clicking back to another day's archives. She saw much more than she had bargained for. Jared, naked, cooking. Jared, naked, vacuuming. Jared, naked, on his hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floor. Jared, naked, lying on the table masturbating while Laurel ate dinner, Jared wearing a hood massaging Laurel's shoulders while she watched TV, Jared tied to the bed frame, Laurel on all fours in front of him. What in fuck's sake was going on, thought Lydia to herself, simultaneously horrified and fascinated.

After seeing much more of this than she really wanted to, but finding time slipping away as she was unable to bring herself to stop clicking through the videos, Lydia finally called her sister, using the land line.

"So, uh...you wanna go out again tonight?" Lydia asked.

"Sure," said Laurel, relieved that she could again not have to worry about maintaining the façade of having a real boyfriend—although she wondered if, perhaps, she did have one after all. She texted him as she got off the phone with Lydia: "Going out again tonight."

As the two sisters ate, Laurel could not help but feel that something was bothering Lydia, as indeed it was. Lydia wasn't sure how to bring it up, and she grew more and more nervous as the meal dragged on. The wine she was downing at a rate that far exceeded her sister's consumption was helping a lot less than Lydia had hoped. But finally, she mustered the nerve to say what was on her mind.

"Laurel...I...well, I wasn't trying to snoop. I was just checking my email cuz my phone died. Anyway, I'd seen the cameras around the house, and I wondered...well...I don't know what you two have going on. But it's a lot more than just some kinky sex thing!"

Laurel could hardly believe what she was hearing, but there was no point in denying it now. "You're right. I don't really know how to explain it. No, that's not true. I know exactly how to explain it. Jared isn't my boyfriend. He's my slave."

"Your slave?"

"My slave."

"Like, sex slave?"

"No. Slave, " said Laurel.

"What does that mean?"

"It means I provide room and board for him, and he does all the household chores—and he does them very well—and services me in whatever other ways I desire."

"So sex."

"Yes. But it's not just that. Lyd, I haven't done a batch of laundry, or washed a dish, or even opened my refrigerator in two months. I haven't vacuumed or dusted or wiped up a crumb from the counter. And my house has never been cleaner. Apart from work, I don't have a care in the world. I fucking cum two or three times every night, and I don't have to exert the slightest bit of emotional energy on making him happy, or worrying about whether I'm good enough for him, or any of that relationship bullshit."

"God," said Lydia. "And what, did he lose a bet or something?"

"I put out an ad."

"Why is he naked all the time?"

"Because I want him that way."

"Laurel...it's all kind of...sick, don't you think?"

"It's not sick. It's wonderful."

"So you keep him, like, prisoner?"

"No. He could technically leave whenever he likes. But he loves it as much as I do."

"But he's not your boyfriend? I mean, who is this guy?"

"I told you, he's my slave. Nothing more."

"I don't get it."

"There's nothing to get. How about," Laurel said, a plan slowly developing in her mind, a smile creeping over her lips as she reveled in the deviousness she was dreaming up, "you get a little taste of it?"

"What do you mean?"

"I'll give him to you for the night. Make him pleasure you."

"What? No!"

"You have no idea, Lyd. He's really quite incredible."

"I mean...you guys look like you have fun, and God knows my life could use a little spicing up in the bedroom department, but..."

"Tom won't find out. C'mon, Lyd. It'll be so much fun for you! He will do anything you can dream up. Absolutely anything."

Although she loved her husband, Lydia hadn't felt satisfied sexually in years. Between the wine and her sister's imploring, she finally relented, all the while feeling moisture and tension begin to build up inside her pussy.

As they drove back to the house, Laurel asked, "You and Tom, you never do anything...kinky?"

"God, no. It's like a minute of foreplay and two minutes of missionary and bam. I might get him to go down on me a couple of times a year."

"No bondage or anything?"


"Hmm. Well, I'll give you a little Bondage 101 before I hand Jared over to you...he'll do what you say no matter what but trust me when I tell you that having him totally helpless is such a turn-on."

Walking down the hallway, both sisters felt strongly aroused, although for different reasons. Laurel turned on the lights to reveal Jared in the bed, curled up on one side as he had been the night before.

"Slave," she said. He opened his eyes and blinked against the brightness of the light, looking back and forth from his mistress to her sister, unsure exactly how to respond. Only after a few seconds did he assume that, since he had been addressed as "slave" he'd best behave as one.

"Yes, Mistress?"

"Out of the bed. Go wait in your room until sent for."

"Yes, Mistress." And with that he was gone.

"See?" said Laurel proudly. "He's at my beck and call, 24/7. Now, let's show you the ropes, so to speak." Laurel opened the cedar chest that sat along one well, revealing a wealth of sex toys, bondage gear, and the like. "Here is everything you could need or want. How about handcuffs to start? They're super easy to use. Not the most comfortable but definitely the quickest. Hop on the bed."

Lydia climbed onto the sheets.

"Now, this bed is very versatile," said Laurel. "All kinds of attachment points for you to use. Here, give me your hand. So you just go like this..." One end of a pair of handcuffs snapped closed around Lydia's wrist. "Then, the other end through here, and voila," Laurel continued, stretching Lydia's arm toward the corner of the bed and slipping the other end of the cuffs through a heavy eyelet bolt that protruded from the steel bed post.

"Lots of different positions you can put him in, but the spread eagle is a nice one to start with." She repeated the process with her sister's other arm. "The great thing about handcuffs is they work just fine around the ankles, too."

Lydia was starting to get a little nervous. "I get it, Laur. It seems really secure."

"Just let me show you real quick with the ankles. I want you to be completely aware of how helpless he'll be for you." In seconds, Lydia's ankles were cuffed to the bed posts at the foot of the bed, her petite frame stretched into a x-shape.

"See?" Laurel said. "No way anyone's getting out of that without the keys." She dangled the keys on a little chain, teasing her sister.

"I do see...Look, Laurel, I don't know about this," said Lydia, her resolve to go through with this waning.

"It's too late to back out now, sister." Laurel strolled over to the chest and took out a dental gag. Returning to the bed, she straddled her sister's chest. "Let me show you how this works. Open wide."

"I don't think I..." Lydia stammered. Laurel slapped her hard across the face.

"Ow!" Lydia cried. "What the..." Another blow.

"Open your mouth," Laurel said coldly, with a look in her eyes that sent a jolt of fear into Lydia. Hesitant, she nonetheless obeyed.

After Laurel had secured the gag, which prevented Lydia from closing her mouth, she climbed off her sister and called out, "Slave, come in here."

In three seconds, Jared was there, still clad in a t-shirt and boxers.

"Why aren't you naked, slave?"

"I apologize, Mistress. I was...unsure of the current situation in regards to your sister," he said as he shed his clothes.

"Understandable, slave. I forgive your transgression. Are you clearer now on the...situation?" Laurel asked, gesturing toward her sister, spread-eagled on the bed.

"As always, Mistress, I serve at your command."

"Good. Fetch the scissors from my desk drawer, and then cut her clothes off."

Lydia, terrified, tried to yell through her gag, and though it didn't keep her silent, it did prevent her from forming anything like words.

"Make as much noise as you want, sister. The neighbors are far enough away that they're not going to hear you." The look of terror in Lydia's eyes was immensely satisfying for Laurel, as was the sight of Jared's almost-full erection when he returned from his task. Without any further direction, he cut Lydia's shirt and bra off, then her skirt, hose, and panties, until she was completely naked. Her tits were smaller than her sister's but she had large nipples which at the moment were erect from fear. Her bald pussy glistened with the wetness that had been building since dinner, although she was anything but aroused now.

Laurel, riding crop in hand, approached the edge of the bed. She ran the tip of the crop over her sister's breasts, and, with lightning quickness, delivered two strong blows to each nipple. Lydia screamed, although with the gag in place it came out more as a guttural, strangling noise.

"Now, dear sister, first of all, as you are well aware, this entire thing is being captured by my cameras. So, unless you want your husband to see your tied up and getting fucked by some other man, there will be no mention of what will go on here for the next few days. Understood?"

Lydia nodded her head.

"Good," said Laurel. "Now, you're about to learn what happens to snoops. Because that's what you are. A snoop. You violated my privacy. Now you're going to be violated." With that she issued two more sharp blows to her sister's nipples.

"Do you remember Ron Alforth?"

Lydia made no response for several seconds, her mind straining against her panic to recall the name that rang no bell. Finally she shook her head and tried to say, "No," but it came out as merely, "o."

Laurel applied the crop again, this time to Lydia's inner thigh.

"Wrong answer. Try again."

Lydia began to cry.

"Oh, for fuck's sake, Lydia." Laurel struck her several more times about the thighs, and then two hard blows that landed right on her exposed clit. More guttural screams issued from the gag, and the tears began to flow more strongly.

"Well, I guess I'll have to refresh your memory. Ron was a nice boy, good-looking, athletic, on the basketball team. He was a sophomore, like me, and you, dear sister, were a senior. A cheerleader. Voted "Best Smile." I hadn't blossomed quite yet. I was in that awkward phase. But I spent all year trying to get Ron to notice me. I'd help him with schoolwork, and I'd flirt with him in the hallway, and I'd brush up against him or touch his arm while we were talking, and finally, I guess, he got the hint, because he asked me to the Spring dance. And then what happened, Lydia?"

"I on't o," she said through her tears and her gag. The crop slapped down onto her clit again.

"I got sick, Lydia. I got very sick, and I couldn't go to the dance. Ron went stag, and I sat at home, puking and crying. And Ron, I guess, had a real good time that night. Because when I got better and got back to school a few days later, I heard all about it from friends, and acquaintances, and people I didn't even know. You know what I heard, Lydia?"

"Ease, op. Et e o," Lydia said.

"What did I hear from every goddamn person at that school, Lydia?"

"I ucked eh."

"That's right. You fucked him. You fucked a lot of boys, I came to find out. But that was the one I wanted, and you fucked him. You were a real slut back then, weren't you?"

"Ease," Lydia mumbled.

"Weren't you?" yelled Laurel, lashing her sister's breasts again.

"Es," Lydia said, nodding.

"You know who else likes to fuck, Lydia? My slave likes to fuck. But, contrary to what you probably think, he hasn't been able to fuck much lately. In fact, last night was the first time I let him fuck me. I don't even let him come that often. Certainly not as often as he deserves, because he really is a very good slave. In fact, I'm feeling very generous towards him right now. So I'm going to let him fuck you. As much as he wants to. And you're going to lay there and take his cock, like the filthy fucking slut that you are, you're going to take his cock in whatever holes he wants to put it in."

Jared's cock was rock hard, and while he was a little taken aback by Laurel's cruelty toward her sister, he wasn't about to question her commands, not after last night, not when he was this close, he thought, to achieving everything he wanted from this. If his mistress wanted him to fuck her sister, fuck her he would.

Lydia could hardly believe what was happening to her. She thrashed ineffectively against her bonds, causing the metal of the cuffs to rattle loudly against the bed, but otherwise only hurting her wrists and ankles. She began to scream as loudly as she could, but she knew her sister was right. The stately ranch houses in this hillside neighborhood were much too spaced out for anyone to hear her.

"Now, slave," said Laurel. "Fuck my sister. Fuck her hard." She still held the riding crop in one hand. She slipped her other hand behind the waistband of her skirt and panties, and was already sliding two fingers up into her dripping cunt.

Jared's cock slid roughly into Lydia's pussy, her lubrication having begun to dry up. But despite herself, as he pressed hard into her clit with each stroke, she started to get aroused, and her juices began to flow once again. Jared put a hand on each of her breasts and started roughly pinching and tweaking her nipples, increasing the speed and power of his thrusting until he was pushing her entire body toward the head of the bed, painfully stretching her legs, the metal of the cuffs biting into her flesh. Just before his cock exploded, he pulled out, quickly maneuvering himself toward her head, the tip of his dick just outside her lips. He stroked himself rapidly for a few seconds, and, just as his cum started to flow, shoved his cock deep into Lydia's helpless mouth, sending what felt to her an endless stream of semen down her throat. She swallowed as quickly as she could, fearful that she would otherwise choke on the thick white semen.

Laurel's face was twisted into a cruel grin as she watched her slave shoot his cum into her sister's unwilling mouth. As she slid her fingers in and out of her cunt, she drew so close to an orgasm of her own, but she resisted. She wanted to really let it build up to a fever pitch, because when she did come, she wanted it to be spectacular. And it was going to be Lydia's honor to finally bring her release.

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