tagBDSMA Mistress and Her Slave Ch. 07

A Mistress and Her Slave Ch. 07


Laurel could see with satisfaction that Jared's cock was still very hard. She took a pair of thigh cuffs from the cedar chest and secured them just above Lydia's knees. Then, one leg at a time, she released her sister's ankles from the posts at the foot of the bed, and attached the thigh cuffs with thin chains to the posts at the head. This had the delightful effect, to both Laurel and her slave, of pulling Lydia's legs back and out, exposing both her pussy and her ass. Next Laurel removed the gag from Lydia's mouth.

Lydia immediately started screaming with renewed vigor, to which Laurel responded with one very sharp blow of her riding crop across both of her sister's exposed ass cheeks. Lydia howled in pain until Laurel clamped her hand hard over her sister's mouth.

"Now, dear sister, if you continue to scream, we can go down the road of pain. As much as that last blow hurt, it was nothing compared to what I could inflict if I so desired. And if it's pain you want, I'll be happy to oblige. The other option is to take a nice hard fucking like the dirty slut that you are. It's really up to you. Now, tell me what a fucking whore you are."

The fear in Lydia's eyes felt to Laurel like a laser beam of sexual energy aimed right at her clit. Lydia mumbled something into the palm of Laurel's hand.

"What was that?" said Laurel. Lydia mumbled it again, somewhat louder. Laurel took her hand away. "Again."

"I'm a fucking slut," whimpered Lydia.


"I'm a fucking slut," she said again.

"Louder," Laurel repeated, roughly pinching one of Lydia's erect nipples.

"I'm a fucking slut!" Lydia yelled. As she said it, she could scarcely believe the feeling of arousal that was beginning to build up between her legs. Tied up as she was, the taste of Jared's cum still filling her mouth, her own naked sister tormenting her—she wondered if it was really just a dream, but she knew it wasn't. Part of her was horrified at her arousal. The other part of her couldn't stop thinking about how long it had been since she'd had an orgasm at someone else's touch. Years.

"Now," said Laurel, "Tell me what you want."

"I want..." Lydia began, unsure.

"You want want?" Laurel prompted, her voice taking on a gentle tone.

"I want cock," Lydia finally said, and as the word left her lips, she knew that she did want it, that she wasn't just saying it because she thought it was what her sister wanted to hear, that it would prevent her from tasting the pain of the crop again. No, she desperately wanted to get fucked more, harder, longer.

"And where do you want it?"

Lydia wondered how Laurel knew to ask that. She wanted it in a place her husband refused to touch her, a place that in her younger years had brought her great pleasure. It felt like a great relief to her to say the words.

"My ass. Tell your slave to fuck me in my ass."

Laurel grinned a placed a dollop of lube on the head of Jared's cock, stroking it a few times to spread it around.

"Slave, fuck my sister in the ass. And don't come until I tell you to."

Jared wasted no time, gently guiding his cock into Lydia's tight asshole, pushing slowly but steadily until he was buried all the way inside her rectum.

"Ohhhhhhh myyyyy Goddddddddd," Lydia moaned as the rigid cock penetrated her. Laurel climbed onto the bed and straddled her sister's face, her Hitachi Magic Wand in her hand. She placed the head of it on Lydia's clit and turned it on high.

Lydia could hardly believe the intensity of the pleasure this dual assault on her was causing. While in the back of her mind she was still aghast at the fact that she was essentially being raped, she couldn't help the feelings that were pulsating outward from her clit. She moaned and gasped loudly as Jared started to increase the pace of his thrusting. As Laurel lowered her dripping snatch onto Lydia's face, the older sister almost instinctually opened her mouth, her tongue working eagerly into Laurel's throbbing hole, the salty taste only adding to Lydia's pleasure.

Laurel watched with satisfaction as Jared's cock plunged in and out of Lydia's ass. The visual stimulus of this combined with her sister's rather capable tongue and the fact that she was already so close to the edge led to a blistering orgasm in just a few seconds. She could feel a surge of her own lubrication flowing out of her pussy onto her sister's face and she ground down onto it.

As she felt Laurel's cunt press down onto her, the juices flowing into her mouth as her sister came, Lydia's own arousal reached fever pitch. The relentless vibration of the wand was making her feel like her clit was going to burst, and the pistoning of Jared's rigid member in her ass was the icing on the cake. Wave after wave of pleasure flooded her nervous system, her body straining against its bonds, the constriction only heightening the sensation radiating from her pulsating cunt.

As Laurel lifted herself off her sister's face, Lydia was still in the throes of her orgasm. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Godddddddddddddddddd," she moaned loudly, the twin sensations of the vibrator and the cock sustaining her climax far beyond anything she had experienced before. Her moans became animal-like in their intensity, and it was nearly a minute before her orgasm faded. Laurel switched off the vibrator, but Jared's cock was still sliding in and out, in and out, with a steady but relentless pace.

Satisfied from his earlier ejaculation but still keenly aroused, Jared felt like a superman, his cock still perfectly firm but having no urgency to reach another orgasm. His mistress's smile as she watched him pummel Lydia's helpless asshole was like a jolt of electricity. It was almost, he thought, a look of pride on her face. He began to pump harder, and as he did so Lydia began to grunt and moan with every thrust, her long-neglected asshole reaching a new accommodation with its fleshy invader.

Laurel told Jared to climb underneath Lydia. He maneuvered himself into position, Lydia's petite 5'2" frame causing not too much difficulty. As he did so, Laurel took a strap-on harness from the chest and secured it around her waist and thighs. She applied some more lube, first to her rubber cock and then to her slave's engorged member, which she then guided back into her sister's ass. Next came her strap-on, sliding effortlessly into Lydia's dripping cunt. The two, mistress and slave, began to pump alternately in and out of the chained woman's orifices, Jared's hands roughly groping at Lydia's tits, paying special attention to her pert nipples.

By this point, Lydia was like some sort of simpering, primal being, her rational consciousness abandoning her. She felt like her only reason for existing was to get fucked, that if the two cocks that were ramming into her stopped she would disappear. Her eyes rolled up in their sockets and the guttural noises that escaped from her mouth with every thrust became less and less human.

Jared could feel Laurel's rubber dick pressing against his through the thin membrane that separated Lydia's pussy from her rectum, and the familiar pressure in his balls was beginning to build. Laurel, meanwhile, was so aroused from the situation she had created that the pressure of the base of the dildo on her clit threatened to drive her over the edge, which it soon did. As she came, she pushed the large rubber phallus as deep as possible into her sister's cunt and ground her clit up against its base.

Lydia almost couldn't tell now when she was coming and when she was merely enjoying the sensation of fullness. The orgasms came hard and fast, not long-lasting like when the vibrator had been on her clit, but rapid-fire little climaxes that made her twitch and moan and growl. After four or five of these she managed to regain some semblance of normal consciousness, and her eyes looked up to focus on her sister's beautiful face, her pale breasts bouncing as she rocked her hips back and forth. Her mind briefly wrestled with the fact that her own sister was fucking her, while a strange man had his cock buried in her ass, but as another climax began to take hold of her, she realized she didn't care—or, more importantly, that she did care, that the particulars of her current situation were the very things that were driving her wild with lust.

Jared breathed a sigh of relief as Laurel pulled out of Lydia's cunt, reducing the pressure on his cock. He wasn't sure how much longer he could hold out. He slowed the pace of his thrusts until Laurel said, "Slave, get out from under her. Clean your cock and then fuck her pussy again."

Thirty seconds later, he slid his cock back into Lydia's cunt. Restrained as she was, she nevertheless arched her hips forward to meet his initial penetration. He moved with long, steady strokes, the tip of his penis moving back to just inside her, and then forward, pressing up almost against her cervix.

Laurel watched this for a few minutes, positioning herself behind Jared.

"Slave, hold still," she commanded. Then, with her rubber phallus freshly and thoroughly lubed, she gently pushed it into Jared's asshole.

Jared winced in pain as his virgin ass was penetrated for the first time, but Laurel moved slowly, and after a few seconds the pain subsided. As the strap-on began to press against his prostate, he felt his cock grow even harder, something he would not have thought possible a few seconds before. Laurel entered him fully and then held herself there, given him time to fully adjust to her presence. Then she withdrew about halfway.

"Now, slave, start fucking her again." As Jared started to pump his cock into the juicy pussy beneath him, he also began fucking himself on Laurel's strap-on. Each thrust forward brought a wave of pleasure to his cock; each move backwards sent pulses of ecstasy outward from his prostate.

"You like that cock in your ass, slave?" Laurel said, enjoying the sight of his stretched-out hole backing onto her.

"Yes, Mistress," he said, knowing he wasn't going to be able to bear much more of this without coming. But Laurel began to thrust forward as he moved back, tempering his pleasure with a jolt of pain each time her rubber dick's full length impaled him.

"Fuck her faster," Laurel commanded. Jared started to whip his cock in and out of Lydia's swollen cunt until he was slamming into her about as quickly as he could. He could feel his heart pounding in his chest even as the sensation of the strap-on pounding his ass with a rhythm that matched his own became almost overpowering.

Beneath him, Lydia convulsed in the throes of another powerful climax, her bound hands clutching vainly at the air, her moans combining into one long, drawn-out wail as her cunt pulsed around the hard cock inside of her.

"Come now, slave," said Laurel, and that was all Jared needed to hear. Two seconds later streams of cum were spurting into Lydia's pussy, and Jared's agonized moans of pleasure mingled with Lydia's animalistic cries. It was by far the most intense orgasm Jared had ever experienced; it was as if he was coming from two different places at once, which, essentially, he was.

Laurel withdrew and removed her harness, and suddenly Jared felt her hand on the back of his head, grabbing his hair and pushing his face down into Lydia's dripping snatch.

"Eat," she commanded. His own cum mingled with Lydia's juices until he couldn't really distinguish the two, the overwhelming juiciness filling his mouth. Laurel kept up steady pressure on the back of his head, pushing him firmly into Lydia, allowing him a breath only occasionally until once again Lydia began to shake with another orgasm. As her cunt contracted, it squeezed more of Jared's cum into his mouth.

Laurel jerked his head back after Lydia's orgasm subsided and roughly pushed him away. She then climbed on top of her sister and brought her face very close to Lydia's.

"Now, dear sister," Laurel said. "You have one more task."

"Anything, Laurel."


"Anything, Mistress." Lydia wasn't sure which surprised her more, the words she was speaking or the fact that speaking them turned her on even more.

Laurel unhooked the chains from Lydia's thigh cuffs, allowing her legs to fall to the bed. Next she released her sister's wrists.

"In the linen closet just outside my bedroom door you'll find a set of clean sheets and pillowcases. You will strip the bed and put on the new sheets. You will then retire to your room."

"Yes, Mistress," said Lydia, disappointed that her last task was not something that was going to bring her another orgasm. Nevertheless she couldn't help but feel a tingle of arousal at being ordered around, even to do something non-sexual. She dutifully did as she'd been bidden, and then took a quick shower and climbed into her bed in the guest room. She was numb and exhausted from the countless orgasms that had been drawn out of her long-neglected clit. Part of her wanted to be furious at her sister, but she had enjoyed herself far too much for that. Beyond that, she felt sexually awakened for the first time in years. She knew her sex life had become dull, but hadn't really realized how bad it had gotten. And it wasn't something she was going to put up with anymore. Laurel had opened her eyes to a new kind of sexuality. She almost couldn't wait to get home. Her husband was in for a major surprise. The thought of what she was going to do with him—to him—led her hand to her still-swollen clit, and she drifted off to sleep while almost absentmindedly rubbing herself.

As Lydia was making the bed, Laurel took Jared's hand and led him into her bathroom, which until this point had been, as he thought of it, a sort of sanctuary for her into which he had never been allowed. She turned on the shower and, once the temperature was adjusted, climbed in, motioning him to follow. She kissed him softly, melting her mouth into his.

"Now, wash me," she said. He paid careful attention to every inch of her body, gently massaging her with soapy hands. Satisfied, she began to repay the favor, thoroughly cleaning him as well, a process that caused him to get yet another erection. Laurel seamlessly added a handjob to the mix, using the suds as a lubricant. As she steadily and firmly jerked his cock, she leant up to kiss him, their tongues intermingling. She could feel more than hear his moans, and his rather depleted ejaculate disappeared among the soap and the warm water, but she could tell from the way his body tensed and then relaxed that he had come again. She looked up at him with a warm glow in her eyes and caressed his cheek with her hand.

As he dried her off, and then himself, Jared asked, "Mistress?"

"Yes, slave?"

"What does...what does all this mean? For us?"

"What would you have it mean?"

"Is she...going to stay here?"

"Do you want her to?"


Laurel smiled. "No," said Laurel. "She has her own life. Although I suspect it will be somewhat different from now on."

"And when she leaves, we'll go on as before?"

Laurel thought about this for several seconds. Finally she said, "No. Not as before." She looked at Jared and saw a sort of wounded concern cloud his face. "You said something to me last night," she continued. "Say it again."

"I love you, Mistress."

She smiled. "Does that not change things?"

"I don't know, Mistress."

"I think it does, slave."

"Does it make things better, or worse?"

She kissed him again and then whispered into his ear, "Much, much better."

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