tagBDSMA Mistress' Blog: A Day in the Life

A Mistress' Blog: A Day in the Life


9:30 AM: I awaken as I do every morning...to the soft sounds of classical music and my arms wrapped around my female sub, Sleepy. I don't like to sleep alone. I like to have someone to hold on to...to be my teddy bear...to squeeze and to cuddle. She is soft and warm and naked and I always seem to wake up with my hands clutching her tits or my head nestled between her big soft pillows.

This morning I awake to the delicate piano music of Erik Satie, which lets me gradually wake up from my beautiful night dreams. Much better than yesterday morning, when my clock CD player woke me up with Guns N' Roses and I practically jumped to the ceiling. My stupid sub Dopey said it was an accident and he got the CDs mixed up when he put it in. He spent the day in the Box for that. I swear, I think he does these things just in order to be punished. What's a Mistress to do?

9:45 AM: After a yawn and stretch, my cross dressing sub, Sleezy, brings in my breakfast on a tray -- half a melon, a bowl of strawberries, a croissant with jam or butter, and a cup of strong black coffee. Sleepy and I share breakfast, she feeds me strawberries and I give her spoon scoops of melon. Sleezy is standing by, dressed in his black French maid outfit with the white apron. Whenever he is dressed up and people can see, he immediately gets a hard on, sticking out from under his skirt. I take a pat of butter and stroke his cock with it, looking into his eyes and smiling, up and down the long shaft, getting it bigger and longer and slick. With my other hand I hold the buttery croissant under the head and keep stroking until out squirts his delicious white cream on to the croissant. I tear off the tip and feed it into Sleepy's waiting mouth for her to savor and swallow. Bon appetite!

10:00AM: First thing to do is check my iPhone. I check for messages, texts, tweets, and log on to the wireless Internet to see if the world is about to come to an end. I see what is happening on Fetlife, peruse a few of my favorite porn photos, and take a look at my blog to read the comments from yesterday. I listen to some Lady Gaga and turn up the volume.

I love my iPhone...it's the greatest invention since the vibrator.

10:05AM: I walk to the bathroom for my morning ritual and there is Doc, waiting for me, as always, lying on his back, his face directly beneath the toilet seat stool and his mouth open.

He wrote me a poem, which goes something like this...

I think that I shall never live to see
A sight more lovely than to watch you pee
To watch you as you begin to tinkle
That starts off like a summer sprinkle.
And then to see it gushing out
Flowing from your internal spout.
And as the river runs and flows
Your thighs spread in an open pose.
Emerging from your female fountain
Like a river cascading down a mountain.
To gaze upon your golden shower
which seems to last for half an hour.
And to consume your champagne piss
would be my most desired wish.
This poem is composed by a fool like me
as I watch my Mistress squat and pee.

10:15 AM: Grumpy has been a bad boy this morning. He did not want to go for a walk when I showed him his leash and said the word "walk". Not only that, he is getting a little fat around the middle. Note to self: Remember to switch his food from Alpo to Cycle Lite.

11:00 AM: Time for my sixty minute workout in my gym. A Mistress must stay in shape. Happy and Bashful are already there and have been doing their own workouts. Happy is my energetic female switch trainee. She has a great body, long strong legs, tight abs, and big beautiful breasts. Bashful is my best boytoy, young and muscular...he doesn't say much but he has one of the biggest cocks I've seen. Both are finishing their own workouts, naked and glistening with sweat.

I start off with cardio , doing 30 minute step aerobics on Bashful's back . Next, for my pecs, I do raised push ups between Happy's spread open legs, my head up and down to kiss her pussy. Then to tighten my abs, I do ten minutes of pilates leg stretches, kicking Bashful's big cock as he stands before me at my feet. Finally, for my biceps, I turn the pulley crank to hoist Happy off the ground as she sits spread eagled in the suspension swing.

12:30 PM: Lunch, grilled salmon ceasar salad prepared by Sleezy.

1:05 PM: I walk around the house while my subs are doing their chores. Sleezy, in his French maid outfit, is dusting. Doc is scrubbing the bathroom. Happy and Grumpy are in the basement laundry room, washing, drying, ironing, and folding. Bashful makes my bed and is tidying up the bedroom. Dopey and Sleepy are doing the breakfast and lunch dishes in the kitchen. On the house sound system, piped into each room, I play "Whistle while you work" and "Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho..." as motivational accompaniment.

1:44 PM: My iPhone rings and I instinctively answer...

"This is the Mistress...how can I hurt you?"
"Uh, uh...I am calling about your ad on Eros."
"I am a professional therapist ...offering pain management, physical restraint, prostate massage, watersports, but I don't do scat...and I don't mean sing like Ella Fitzgerald. "
"What about sex?"
"Pause....there is no sex, not even Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky sex."

Click...dial tone.

I should not have answered. I thought I recognized the area code
phone number. Just another phone wanker...part of the business. What's a Mistress to do?

2:02PM: How did I become a professional dominatrix you might ask? I have been officially "in the life" for ten years now. Even as a young girl I had a need to dominate my siblings and childhood friends. Once I became interested in sex, I always assumed the more dominant role. Sleepy has been my experimental lesbian lover since high school and has always been submissive. I have always let her share my bed. Doc was one of my college professors. We started out having an affair, but gradually I began to teach him more than he could teach me. He left his wife and quit teaching and moved in with us. When I lived in Hawaii, I started going to fetish play parties. Once I started working as a dominatrix, I began seeing regular clients. Sleezy was one of my clients with a cross dressing fetish who loved to cook. Since I needed a cook, he joined the family.

Dopey and Grumpy I acquired at a slave auction. They have been with me two years now. I met Happy at an aerobic class. I am attracted to her firm body and wild and effervescent personality. I seduced Bashful at a restaurant. He was shy and a challenge, so I flirted with him and took him back to my place and fucked his brains out with my strap on and he has been with me ever since. Once I had accumulated seven live in submissives, I named them after the seven dwarves, giving each one the appropriate name to fit their personality.

2:55 PM: My 3 pm session is with a literature professor who is obsessed with Franz Kafka. During the session, he pretends to be a cockroach crawling around the floor as I smack him with a rolled up newspaper.

3:20 PM: After my session, I am back on my iPhone, checking my messages and playing a game of "Angry Dommes" -- a new app in which the player snaps a singletail whip at a swinging masochist to see how many bruises, marks, and screams can be scored.

4:00 PM: A dominatrix is a role-play actress, a psychoanalyst, a physical therapist, a fetish model, a corrections officer, a spoiled princess, a workout trainer, a fantasy guide, an etiquette teacher, a punishment provider, a cathartic caregiver, a motivational muse, and much, much more.

5:00 PM: Promptly at 5 o'clock, my first time appointment calls back and Sleepy gives him final directions. Happy meets him at the reception room, takes his tribute and gives him the questionnaire to fill out. I get a look at him from the two way mirror. He takes several minutes to fill out the form, but when he appears to be finished I direct Happy to go back in the reception room and retrieve it. She brings it to me, and I quickly peruse it. Looks like it will be a classic B & D scenario.

Sleepy leads him into the dungeon, tells him to get completely undressed, and wait for me. Once I see that he is completely naked, looking embarrassed and uncomfortable, I speak into the intercom:

"Get on your knees, slave", I watch as he looks around and then follows my command. He is ready to see me in my black stilettos, my black garters, panties, bra, and long velvet gloves. I enter the room and he gasps. That moment is the favorite part of my job. I stand in front of him and pull his head back by the hair, so that he can look up at me.

"Are you ready to do everything I tell you?"
"Yes, what?"
"Yes, Mistress."

I tell him to lie face up on the sacrificial table. He climbs on top and lays down, his cock sticking straight up in the air, excited only by anticipation. I begin to tie him up and have my way with him. I pull out some rope from under the table, as his eyes widen and his cock hardens. I use a clove line hitch to lash his arms and legs to the posts and tie up his cock and balls with a bowline knot. Things I learned as a Brownie...little did they know they were training Future Dominatrixes of America.

Like a fly caught in my spider web, he is helpless to escape. I climb on top of him and straddle his chest, bend down and whisper, "now we are going to see how much you can take". My long red fingernails scratch his skin. I attach wooden clothespins on each of his nipples and flick them with my finger to keep them hard and erect. Then I stick clothespins on his testicle sack, which remains bound and separated. He winces with pain, but I know he can take much more.

I take a long tapered red candle, light it and tilt it over his chest, until drops of red wax splatter on his nipples. I wave the candle over his body, like a magician's wand, as red droplets fall on his erect cock. I do the same with a blue candle, then a yellow, then a green, until his body resembles a Jackson Pollock canvas. As each drop falls on his skin, he lets out a yelp until the beads of paraffin harden. Eventually, his erect cock is covered with trickling streams of wax, like a Chianti bottle on the table in an Italian restaurant. With a squeeze of his balls, his roman candle explodes.

7:00 PM: I love being a dominatrix...I love taking them past their limits; seeing their expressions of anticipation, fear, pain and pleasure; releasing all of their tensions; and seeing the look of contentment on their face at the end. He leaves with a smile on his face, as happy as a dog sticking his head out of a moving car window....

10:17 PM: After dinner and drinks, it is time for a little party. All eight of us go down to basement dungeon, my own private amusement park, full of toys, paddles, whips, canes, suspension swings, mirrored walls and ceilings, cages, stocks, pillories, bondage chairs and beds. I am the Mistress of Ceremonies, the scene director, and ring mistress. I wear my thigh high black PVC boots, a black lace garter belt, and cinched push up corset that exposes my beautiful breasts and shaved pussy for only my friends to see.

I invited two of my Domme friends; Mistress Aurora Borealis and Lady Levitra over to join the party. We play a game of boner ring toss, taking turns throwing rings on to Doc's, Grumpy's and Bashful's boners. I win, but of course, I get the most practice.

Sleezy, in his/her French maid outfit, is there to serve drinks and appetizers: pigs in a blanket, meatballs, and vegetable sticks with ranch dressing. He is also there to give head to our strapons or real ones whenever a Mistress tells him to.

We wrap Sleepy and Doc together with a roll of cellophane, naked and back to back, until they look like a one big takeout deli sub. Mistress Aurora takes her scissors and cuts holes out to expose Sleepy's breasts and Doc's cock and we all takes turns flogging the protruding parts, while listening to the muffled screams they make while wearing ball gags in their mouths.

I have asked effervescent Happy and shy Bashful to put on a show for us, as we watch in a circle jerk -- my favorite spectator sport.

Domination and submission are all about fun, about play, about exercise, and I wish society could understand that. It's about fulfilling our fantasies, our desires, our needs, both of the sadist and the masochist, the dominant and the submissive, the top and the bottom.

2:05 AM: It's been a long day and a fun night. ..I put it all down in my daily blog. My friends have gone home, Sleepy is already asleep in our bed, Dopey and Grumpy are locked up in their cages for the night, and Doc and Sleezy have retired to their rooms, tired but satisfied. Now it's my turn and Happy and Bashful are here to please me. ...but this must remain private and not for my blog, so good night and sweet dreams.


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