tagBDSMA Mistress For Jeremy

A Mistress For Jeremy



With every breath I feel my muscles ache from pain and bliss. I think to myself "how did I get into this?" I am attached to the wall standing. I can feel the sweat drip off my face and onto my pecks. The stench of sex filled the air. Wishing I could touch myself, but I am not allowed, nor able. The light is dim, only lit by the candles. I look over and there she sits, smiling. She is wearing nothing but long leather boots. Her brown eyes pierce my soul. I know she is anticipating every move I make.

She walks over to me holding a candle. I am unsure what she is about to do to me. She smiles and grabs my throbbing dick. "So, you want to cum."

I whimper, "Please..."

She then strokes my cock softly and drips the wax onto my nipples. I scream from the pain, but she still strokes me. "Say my name."

She drips a little more, and I cannot contain myself. I scream, "Queen".

She then pours the wax onto my chest. I can barely contain the pain. I want to orgasm but I know I cannot without permission. With a stern voice she requests, "Say it correctly."

"Queen Mistress Samantha"

"Good, my pathetic boy." She paused with a smile, still stroking my cock. "You may cum." Her words burn more than the hot wax drying on my chest. I squirt onto the floor, missing her body. I look down and close my eyes. "My husband will be home soon. Clean yourself up, and go home to your wife." She releases me with a tug, then leaving me alone in the dark cold basement with a small bucket and a rag. As I scrape myself down, I think back to how I got myself into this mess.

3 Months Ago.

It was a warm afternoon, the sun was shinning, and my car's radio was playing "I Will Survive", but I was not feeling it. I was on my way back from an interview. This was my second interview I'd had since I was let go from my previous employer two months ago. Luckily my wife made enough to pay the bills and keep us afloat. I knew this company wasn't impressed with me and I felt like a total failure. I kept telling myself "You are the best.... You can do this..." but I felt like such a looser.

As I pulled into the empty drive way I noticed my neighbor. She was a smoking hot lady. I could not help but to stare at her working in her yard. I did not see much of her husband, Dave, or as she nicked named him GH for some unknown reason. He worked for some computing company downtown and always went on business trips. If there was one thing that I enjoyed about not working, it was coming home seeing her bent down in her yard.

I stopped the car only to notice Samantha approaching the car. I got out and put on a smile, to hide the frustrations of the day.

"Jeremy, Jeremy."

"Hello Samantha, nice day isn't it."

"Yes it is, I have a favor to ask you. I was trying to open my windows in the house but one seems to be stuck., Since you are at home, I was wondering if you would not mind to umm," she smiled at me, and shifted her weight, "come over and fix it?"

"I would not mind at all." What luck, she is so hot. I get a little extra time to stare at her body.

As we walk into her house she walked me into her bedroom. "It's the window over there. With that one open the air really flows through the entire house."

I walked over, and it was definitely stuck. I looked out and noticed the window pointed towards my backyard. "Just don't tell my wife I was alone with you in your bedroom."

"That may not be the only thing we don't tell your wife."

I looked over and there she was completely nude. I was in total shock. She walked over and grabbed my crotch, kissing me k. My brain screamed to tell her I had to go , but my damn testicles did not. Before I knew it she had unzipped my pants and yanked out my cock. She pushed her long brown hair away from her face and looked at me right in the eye. Samantha smiled mischievously at me as she allowed her fingers to travel to her nipples. She coaxed her nipples to come out and play...making them pink and hard. Giving one final pinch she lowered her mouth down to just about the tip of my cock. Sticking out her tongue she flicked the tip, causing my cock to jump. She did it again, but this time ran her tongue around the head....waiting and watching for my reaction. I tried my hardest to look aloof, but I didn't know how much more teasing I could take. Just when I thought I'd never feel her sweet mouth on my cock, she lowered her delicate lips down onto me, and my cock throbbed from her mouth sucking it. She ran her tongue wildly all over my cock as she gently sucked and hummed. She took the shaft of my cock in her hands and began bobbing up and down on my cock. Stopping suddenly, she started to lick the shaft and worked her ways to my balls. With one hand she started to stroke my cock, while she placed her mouth around my balls, rolling them on her tongue My head fell back and my eyes closed.... I was in paradise.

She then stood and pulled me to the bed. She wrapped her legs around me, forcing my cock into her cunt as far as it would go Moaning from the excitement she whispered in my ear, "Fuck me you stud!"

I started thrusting my cock into her. She felt so warm and wet around my cock. I could feel her juices squirting around it, sliding down her leg as I pushed my throbbing cock into her faster and faster She tensed and her legs, nearly suffocating me as they squeezed tightly.. Her body shuttered and I knew she was getting ready to cum.

Samantha released her legs and pushed me off of her. Rolling over on her belly she moaned, "Fuck me hard". I pounded my cock deep into her vaginal walls. I could hear our bodies slapping together and I started to slow as I knew I couldn't wait any longer.. I could feel her pussy clamp down on my cock as she was having an orgasm. I could not control myself and I shot load after load into her.

She pushed me off of her. "That was good, but it could be better. Please fix the window and leave. I have some errands I need to run."

With that she got up and went to the restroom. I have never felt so used. I thought the sex was great, but I was surprised about her reaction. I put my clothes back on and looked at the window. With a big push, the window opened. I left and went back home.

At the house I cleaned up, and made dinner for the wife. She came home a little late but was happy to see the house was clean and the dinner was made.

"Sorry I am a little late, hun, but my meetings ran a little long."

I smiled at her, "It is ok dear, the sauce needed more time to cook anyway."."

"How was your day? Did the interview go well?"

I had nearly forgotten about the interview. All that has been running through my mind was Samantha. Remembering about the interview brought me back to that low state. "It didn't go well."

"I am sure you will find something. Besides I enjoy you being home. It is nice having a house husband."


"Maybe tonight we can do something that will lift your spirits."

I smiled at her and started to clean up the dishes. We watched a little TV together. I could not get Samantha out of my mind. That was the best head job I have ever received.

To clear my head, I decided to go out back for a breather. It was already dark, and I looked over at the window that I opened earlier in the day. It was still opened, and the lights were on. I watched as Samantha walked across completely nude. She must have just gotten out of the shower. Her dark hair looked so sexy damp. She walked over to the bed and lay down. I could see her, legs spread and her fingers exploring her cunt.. She rubbed it and quenched her body. She abruptly stopped and walked to the window. Samantha winked, and then closed the curtain.

Did she know I was out here? I quickly went back inside to find Lisa preparing for bed. She was wearing a cute white nighty. To cool my thoughts I went and took a cold shower. When I got back, Lisa sitting on the bed.

"Do you know what I want from my house husband?" She pulled her teddy up exposing her freshly shaven pussy. She winked at me and motioned for me to come to her. I crawled over and kissed her on her neck. She pushed my head down onto her pussy. Spreading her lips apart with my fingers I began licking her gently. I could feel her pussy swell with excitement. I used one finger to sit just on the rim of her hole, tempting her. I increased the pressure of my tongue on her clit. Lowering my lips and I began sucking her clit as if it was a small penis. She pushed my head tightly against her pussy. She swerved her hips to force the temping finger into her a little. She was definitely enjoying herself.

She grabbed my hair and pulled me up. I grabbed her gown and pulled it completely off exposing her tiny tits. She lay back as I started sucking her little coned nipples. Lisa reached around to help glide my dick into her. I started to thrust myself into her as she shuttered in release, leaving her tell-tale wetness all over my cock.. Just feeling her juices pushed me over the edged, causing me to moan and squirt deep inside her.

We lay next to each other a while and I watched as her rhythmic breathing told me that she had already drifted off to sleep.. I just laid there letting my mind drift onto the days' events.. My sex life has always been very vanilla. Lisa was my first and Samantha is the only other person that I have had sex with. Lisa and I have always enjoyed sex together but the only thing we ever experienced with is a little oral. Well, mainly oral for her. She has never liked going down onto me.

After much of the night gone I fell asleep.

--If I get good responses there will be more---

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