tagErotic CouplingsA Mistress Wants To Get Wild

A Mistress Wants To Get Wild


She called and asked me to meet her at a motel a few miles from where I live for this evening. So I did. It was around 9:30 a late summer evening. The sun was going down very slowly leaving the surrounding into a nice warm atmosphere…just with the feeling we wish like going out and have fun meeting people around a drink or two. So I drove to the motel and knocked at the door 33. After a few seconds, the door opened… just like by itself…leaving me with the view of a bed, candles and quite a lovely smell…wow! What a nice summer evening! I heard a soft voice inviting me to enter. So I did hesitant but confident at the same time…remember it was an invitation!

In a matter of seconds, the door was closed behind me. So surprised I turned around to find my friend in a very sexy outfit. A black fishnet dress showing her nice big breasts and even her nipples were having a peak through the material. Under that beautiful short dress she was wearing a black g-string…and a great smile…

Now we were together in the same room…ready for a few hours we wanted to share in the best way possible.

The setting was nice, cozy, soft, warm and very open for a lot of beautiful erotic stories…

Tonight was her night…as she put it, and she told me that she will look after me all night long, she wanted to be the wildest lady on earth for me! She could be very wild but this time, she wanted to show me her wildest side. So, of course, I did accept with great pleasure. I just had to bring a bottle of champagne, two glasses and lots of love and passion…

So I did and I started to open the champagne…but no chance…she was all over me and told me to hold on with the drinks and to go and have a shower before we would have a drink…

So now I am in the bathroom, getting undressed and jumping in the shower. Within seconds, I could guess, through the wet transparent shower curtain, the nice shape of my lady still dressed with a very exciting fish net dress! I started to get a little bit nervous not knowing what she was going to do…until I could feel a hand searching for my dick…a dick with an already hard one…especially when you can feel the high erotic tension within that place and with a lady in heat who wants to go wild with you.

She stays outside the shower but with her right hand she was searching for my dick. It took her a while, not because she would not know where to search, but for the real pleasure mainly. She started to touch my feet, then to move up and close to my dick, she would go back down and that move for a while, enough for me to get really excited with a very hard wet one and my whole body also all wet from the hot water and probably with the heat all around me…

Then she finally grabbed my dick and started to really play with it…and slowly she stared to pull my dick towards the outside of the shower and now I am in the middle of the bathroom, all wet with my lady holding on to my hard dick…and what's next?

She decided to go on her knees and to lick my dick with all kinds of exciting moves all around: a real investigation of my lower body…and the heat is on. She kept on licking and kissing my dick, with a few sucking moves enough to drive me up to the wall. She was doing super well. It was very exciting to see this charming lady dressed in a very sensual outfit looking after my dick in a very lovely manner.

Then she stopped and moved to the bedroom, giving me time to "breathe" and to dry off my hot body!

She said "When you are ready to join me, let me know!" Very quickly I was ready, I could not wait any longer. I was so anxious to find out what she had in mind. And so I did find out step by step.

She asked me to sit on the edge of the bed with my legs wide open. So I did. She went down on her knees and starting to work on my dick…again…She loves it! And I do too! So for a while we had quite and beautiful time… Then she asked me to lie down on my back with my head on the edge of the bed. So I did. And she started to open your legs wide enough for her to come close to my head and she, at that time, presented herself to me with her hot pussy so close to my mouth that I took that move as an invitation…I was right …while I was kissing, licking and even sucking her outer lips, she kept on moving in a circular move staying in contact with her pussy against my mouth and my hungry tongue…I could tell it's what she wanted, she needed it and it's was fine with me…I did enjoy every second, every move, every licking…I also have to add that when excited she gets super wet and I do love that too, it's a beautiful sign of full excitement, or a life within…Then she stopped, turned around and gave me in the same manner her butt on my mouth where I started to kiss her rosebud to her great pleasure…her ass is very special, and me exciting her ass is a special treat for her…so every time we meet, her ass is on the menu…

After a while, making some very erotic moves, and my delightful kisses on her lips and rosebud, the tempo was certainly set up…the table is set up, the meal is served…time to have some food…, love food, erotic moves, exciting times between two people who are in search of each other, search of some very exciting moments …So we were…

Now as you said…"Let's move on!" and so I decided to behave the way we decided as being open to what ever she would like to go for…

Now it was time to have a nice drink…a nice glass of cool champagne…and she added "I need at least two glasses to get wild!"…So I thought maybe I should go along with her request not knowing where she wanted to go…

We spend some nice easy time on the bed drinking a few glasses of champagne until she stood up and told me: "Now Honey, close your eyes, lie down on the bed on your tummy and be patient!" At that stage, of course, I did not have too much choice, she wanted to be in charge, she wanted to go wild, she wanted to do me her way…so I did what she asked me to do and waited…

I believe she stood up and turned the light off…no light, no candle, just a beautiful scent and the feeling that she wanted to go wild with me…it was really dark, kind of warm, with a very special atmosphere you could have touch with one finger…I was excited, anxious, wondering what she would do…that she never did…

In the dark, I was waiting my face in the bed sheets…and waiting…and waiting…

After a few minutes that seemed like years, I did feel her both hands on my back and she started to do some walking with her hands allover and having reached my butt, she decided to give me some hard spanking…I was not used to that but it's what she wanted, so I let myself go and she kept on spanking my butt harder and harder, then she stopped and lay down on my back and told me very softly in my ear that what I got, it's what she wanted me to do to her…with special deep kisses all around her neck and even some bites on your neck and shoulders…She added that would turn her on like crazy and that should trigger her wild side…

I did not have the choice, I went along with her ideas, and still in the dark, she laid down next to my body giving me the chance to move on with her requests…so I did…every time I would spank her, she would ask for harder and the bites even deeper…she was in heaven, she could not stop screaming louder with the beat of harder spanking and deeper biting…I believe she was enjoying her own fantasies…I was also enjoying the scene…even I am not the type to spank or neither bite someone…but she asked for it, she got it and she was happy..

Then she moved back, turned me around on my back and she sat down on my dick making sure she inserted it inside her wet pussy…and she started to really dance all around my hard dick while I was enjoying her wet pussy with so nice juices…she was so excited…she was fucking me her way…a way that did please me a lot…I love when she sits on me with my dick inside her…

She kept on moving around, up & down and she was having a great time…after quite a while, she started to scream and told me: "Honey, take me the way you want, I did fuck you the way I wanted. Now I want you to fuck me your way, take me, do me, just fuck me hard and deep…I want you!"

Still in the dark, I did find her body in heat, I took her down on her back with her legs wide open and I did slide in between and started to get the head of my hard dick against her wet lips, and to slide it up & down against her clit, until she gave me some moaning…and screaming…She was hot and in bad need for a great fuck…

So slowly my dick in this so wet nest started to move forward and entered her vagina…her pussy was so hot and so wet… so I started slowly to go as deep as possible…she was in ecstasy, she was asking for more…she wanted me to fuck her harder and deeper and faster…but I kept on going deep inside and moving back to her clit and back for at least fifteen minutes, she was asking for me to cum…but I wanted to give her the very best, to make her happy, excited! After a while, it was the time of no return,…I was so excited that I could not wait any longer, she begged for me to explode inside her pussy…so I let myself go and within seconds I was cumin in full gear with faster, deeper moves…It was a very special time that we stayed like that, me inside her for a few moments, then we decided to rest for an hour or two..

So we did…until she woke up and started to touch me…but that second part of the wild encounter will be for another story…

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