tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Model for Murder

A Model for Murder


Buddy Mann loved his job.

As a photographer, he got to do photo shoots of hot-looking nude models for websites. For the past several months, he'd been focusing on taking pictures of a buxom, curvaceous Latina beauty with the stage name 'Callie Page'. She had a lilting Spanish accent, straight black hair that curved inwards at the bottom of her neck, mesmerizing black eyes, a shaved pussy, and coffee-cream skin. He couldn't begin to imagine the pleasure of touching that delicious softness and smoothness, but he got to see every inch of her, almost every day.

One day, she was in the changing room. Ray, one of the lighting men, asked Buddy to go get her and bring her into one of the studio bedrooms for a photo shoot.

He went over and waited outside for her to get naked and ready. Still dressed, she opened the door, seeming to be on the verge of tears.

"Could you come in, please?" she asked, fighting back sobs. "I need to talk to someone, in private."

He walked in. "Callie, what's wrong?" He sat down by the large mirror next to the bathroom.

She sat on his lap, and with her head on his shoulder, she let her tears soak his shirt. She could feel his boner through her tight jeans. He could feel her erect right nipple through her tight, light green T-shirt (she wasn't wearing a bra). Her left hand was touching his right nipple, and on purpose, or so it seemed to him.

"It's Derek," she sobbed. "He's been cheating on me."

"Why would any boyfriend of yours cheat on you?" Buddy asked. "Every straight man in the world dreams of having a beauty like you for a girlfriend."

"Thank you," she said. "But he thinks he can have as many girls as he likes, and I can't have anyone else."

"You could have any man you wanted. Any man in the world."

"Not with a boyfriend as jealous as he is. He knows I was with someone else last night. He saw it in my eyes, and he's been looking around to find the guy I was with. He slapped me here and left ten minutes ago. When he comes by you, keep your cool, OK?"

"OK," Buddy said. "But we've been touching now. He might see guilt in my eyes, and he's a big guy. Each muscle of his is the size of Ohio. He'd kill me with just one punch."

"I wish someone would kill him," she said. "Then I'd be free." She looked in Buddy's eyes and purred, "Any man who killed him for me...I'd let that man do anything he wants with my body."

Buddy took a deep breath. The tip of his hard-on was poking against her right buttock. She rubbed her ass against it.

"Well, if he's cheating...he shouldn't be...judging you for cheating," he said in sighs and grunts. "Who's the guy...you were fooling around with?"

"Oh, I can't say," she said, caressing his cheeks. "I'd put him in even greater danger than he's in right now. He's trying so hard to show no guilt on his face around Derek."

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked that. It's none of my business."

"Derek was cheating with Cheryl, though."

"Cheryl Bates? She isn't one tenth as beautiful as you are. How could she satisfy him in ways you can't?"

"Thank you," Callie sobbed, touching his cheek again. "You're so sweet." She kissed him on the lips.

"Wait. Uh, I like you, Callie, I really do, but-"

"I'm a model, Buddy. Of course you like me. Every guy likes me. You want to have sex with me. Every man wants to have sex with me. My job is making every guy in the world want to have sex with me. I could have any man I wanted...but Derek has me in a...sexual prison." She began sobbing again.

"And I want to free you from that prison, but I can't take Derek in a fight. I'm skinny, and he's huge. And I can't kill him. I mean, I want to, for you, but I don't wanna go to jail. We'd never be together, except for-you know-conjugal visits. Oh, I'm sorry for saying that." He blushed.

"I'd come to you for conjugal visits," she purred, then pecked him on the lips again.

He raised his hand to stop her from kissing him some more, but he touched her left breast. "Oh! I'm sorry. That was an accident."

"No, it wasn't," she corrected, holding his hand still so it would cup her breast. "It's OK. I'll let you touch them. I'll let you touch all of me from now on."

"B-but what if Derek knows I've touched you?"

"The other guy had been touching me a lot before we had sex, and Derek never knew...until the sex, that is. Squeeze my breast. I'll let you." Buddy gently squeezed it. "I can't see that other guy anymore, though. For his safety, I had to break up with him. He wasn't that important to me, anyway. I just wanted to get revenge on Derek."

"I see. Well, I guess we'd better get ready to do this photo shoot."

"You want me to take all my clothes off now."

"Yeah, well-I m-mean, we gotta g-go to work. I'll go get the cameras ready, and get Ray to set up the lighting, and I'll leave you here to undress." They stood up. She held his hand on her tit and looked in his eyes. "Look, I like you, but what if Derek walks in on us?"

She let go of his hand and pulled off her T-shirt, revealing her pair of large, natural beauties with a delightful wiggle. They hung without sagging, and her nipples were dark brown, each about a quarter in diameter. "He left here to talk with the company's investors in our house, or so he says." She unzipped her jeans. "I'll bet he's really in bed with Cheryl, though." Always looking in his eyes and searching for his reaction, she pulled her jeans down, revealing a pink lace thong.

He couldn't stop staring, but he reminded himself to be professional. "Sorry, I shouldn't be in here while you're undressing."

"Why not?" The jeans were down to her ankles.

He tittered a little.

"Buddy, you've seen my vagina and anus up close, many times. Why is seeing me in my underwear a problem?" Indeed, she'd now removed her jeans and high heels, and was standing before him in nothing but the thong.

"OK, I guess you've got a point." He was hoping the point in his pants wasn't too obvious.

Looking into his eyes the whole time, she pulled down the thong to reveal her shaved crotch. She kicked the thong aside, then turned around for him.

"Do you want to look at my body as I put on my makeup?" she asked as she put all her clothes in a gym-bag. "I don't mind if you do."

"OK." He tittered again. Does she really want me to replace Derek, or is she playing with my head? he wondered; and who was the other guy?

He admired her beautiful, round bubble-butt as she put on her eyeshadow, mascara, blush, and bright red lipstick. It was...hard...to resist the temptation to touch himself. When she was finished, she turned away from the mirror and faced him.

"How do I look?" she asked. "My face, I mean."

"Oh, sorry," he said, tearing his eyes away from her breasts and crotch. "Yes, your face is perfect...N-not that it wasn't already perfect without makeup, but y-"

"Thank you," she said with an 'I love you' grin. "And since you like looking at my lower body so much,..." She approached him, turned around, spread her legs and bent over so he, sitting, had her asshole and pussy at eye level. She spread her cheeks so he could see the holes better. "Do my vagina and anus look OK?" she asked, looking back at him upside-down from between her legs.

"When do they not look OK?" he panted.

She giggled while still showing herself off to him. "Silly! I mean, are my vagina and anus clean enough for the photo shoot?"

"Actually, they're kind of sexy when they're dirty."

"Really? Do I smell bad?" She sounded embarrassed...almost.

"Well,..." He leaned forward and sniffed. The urine and faecal odours were strong: she'd obviously used the toilet not too long ago. He kept sniffing, for he'd never smelled her piss and shit before, and he liked knowing how they smelled, even though it's never a pleasant smell.

Knowing full well she'd crapped not even an hour before arriving in the change room, and remembering she'd wiped herself in a hurry before getting off the toilet, she was amazed that he was still sniffing...and smiling. She kept her buttocks held wide open for him, and felt his sniffing nose's exhalations blowing on her anus, perineum, and wide-open vagina. "Well, what? Do you like it?"

"Callie, let me put it to you this way," he said, still sniffing. "There's a famous quote from Macbeth."

"What's that?" She smiled to see his nose still so close to her ass.

"Fair is foul, and foul is fair."

"You like the smell of my pee and poop?" Her ass-cheeks were still spread to the maximum, and he was still sniffing and grinning.

"If it's yours, YES." His sniffing nose was half an inch from her chocolate-brown, poorly-wiped asshole.

"You're so sweet," she said, then surrounded his face with her butt-crack, rubbed her anus against his nose, and closed her buttocks tightly against his face. She held him that way for a few seconds: it was the sweetest suffocation in history. Then she let him go, and he stood up as she turned around to face him. "I love how far you'll go to worship me. I'd kiss you, but you have my poo-smell on your face. You should wash up." She put his hands on her breasts.

"I'm not washing my face for a week," he grunted as he gave her tits gentle squeezes. "I don't care how bad I smell."

"Then I won't kiss you...until you do wash up."

"As much as I like you, I shouldn't be fooling around with you. Derek will kill me." He pinched her nipples, making her sigh.

"Then you'll have to kill him," she said, then turned around and headed for the door. "Come, take pictures of me now." He followed her out of the room.


They were in a bedroom, her lying on the bed with her legs spread, and he was taking pictures of her while Ray was in charge of the lighting.

"Ray," Buddy said, "can you fix the light to the left of the bed, please? The pictures are coming out too dark in that area."

"OK," Ray said, then moved the light a bit. "How's that?"

"Perfect," Buddy said. "Thanks. Now, Callie, how about some butt shots? Can you roll over on all fours, please?"

"Sure," she said with a grin, then had her ass pointing right at Buddy, and also Ray, who was standing right behind him. Her grin stayed on her face as Buddy's camera was clicking away, him slowly getting closer to her.

As he, through the camera eye, was feasting his eyes on her liquorice vulva and caramel swirl of anus wrinkles, he wondered, Why does she like me so much? What appeal could I possibly have for a Venus like Callie Page? I'm skinny, socially awkward, jumpy by nature, not particularly handsome, and my income is modest-I'm just a photographer. Sure, I was nice to her when I comforted her in the changing room; but why would she want to comfort me in the crotch so much? Callie could have any guy in the world: why plain old me? Hell, RAY'S better looking than me, and as little as he has going for him, it's still more than what I have going for me!

Still, Callie was smiling at him as she opened her pussy lips for his camera. She started fingering herself. All that delicious nakedness before his eyes, and he couldn't have her...of course, he COULD have her...but he'd have to get past Derek first-great, big, musclebound Derek.

One finger of hers was tickling her clitoris, and the fingers of her other hand were sliding inside her cunt. She closed her eyes, and her wide-open mouth let out sighs. Soon, her whole fist slid inside her vagina.

"Holy shit!" Buddy and Ray whispered together.

Buddy kept clicking his camera as she continued fingering her hard clitoris. She was squealing, then screaming louder and louder. Finally, she let out an ear-piercing scream, pulled her hand out of her cunt, and collapsed on the bed. The men looked at her fist.

It was dripping with come.


Buddy followed nude Callie back into the changing room, where she went to the sink and washed the come off her hand. She looked back at him and smirked to see his eyes admiring her body.

"So, I guess you're going home now to deal with Derek, eh?" he asked.

"No," she said. "He'll probably be here soon. I don't want to go over to him, that's for sure. I'm in no hurry to put on my clothes. I'll let you look at my body."

"Well, I like to look, but but if he walks in on us,..."

"I'll let you touch me, too," she said, now standing in front of him. She took his right hand and put it on her still-gooey vulva. She put his other hand on her ass.

"Look, I like to touch, too, but w-we shouldn't be..."

"I like you touching me, too." She opened her left buttock out wide so his fingers would slip in the crack. "Do you want to finger my anus? I think you do...Oh!"

He'd slipped a finger deep inside her soaking vagina. Her eyes stared permissively into his as that finger explored her vaginal walls. A finger on his other hand coaxed her anus open. She put her fingers on his chest and tickled his nipples.

"So that's...what it feels like...in there," he grunted. He put another finger in her pussy, making her raise her upper lip in a snarl, squint her eyes, and open her jaw wide. Her eyes never left his.

"I like...letting you know...my secret places. Ah!" She put her right hand on his crotch and squeezed it. "I want you...to know...everything...about my body. Oh!" Her left hand's fingers pinched his nipple.

He slipped his finger an inch past her anal ring. It felt muddy in there: he was actually curious about her shit on his fingertip. He slid the finger in and out, as he was doing with his fingers deep in her pussy.

She took his head and brought it down to her tits. She squeezed them against his cheeks. Being smothered to death between them would have been the best way to die. His lips grabbed her left nipple and began sucking.

She ran her hands through his hair and sighed, her eyes squeezed shut. She raised her left foot and rubbed it against his erection. Finally, she squirted on his fingers.

"Ah!" she screamed.

"What was that scream?" an angry male voice asked from outside the changing room.

"That was Derek," she whispered. "Quick! Into the washroom!"

He rushed in, and she shut the door. Derek walked in, another man behind him, just outside.

"OK, Jeff, you can go," he said.

"Alright," Jeff said, then left.

"Why aren't you dressed yet?" he asked. "The photo shoot should have been long over by now. And I heard a scream. You screwing your boyfriend in here?"

"No, of course not," she said. "I banged my toe. I'm about to get dressed now. Get out of here!"

"I'd have sworn you banged your secret man. He's in the bathroom, isn't he?" Derek asked, then opened the door. As he swung it open, he felt Buddy's resistance. Derek kept pushing the door open wider, crushing Buddy with his strength and smiling. "That's him."

"It's the mop bucket, you idiot!" she said, pushing Derek out of the way and getting in the bathroom. "Get out of here! I need to pee!" She slammed the door in his face. "Go fuck that skinny Cheryl whore, speaking of cheating!"

"OK, I'll let you go for now," he said, his face right up at the door. "But whoever's fucking Callie, whether he's here or not, I'm gonna find him, and kill him." He walked out of the changing room.

She sat on the toilet and began peeing. He looked down at her while licking her come off his fingers and sniffing the brown on his other hand.

"Eww," she said. "That's my shit."

"That's why I worship it," he said, still sniffing. "To worship you."

"Oh, please, wash your hands."

"Only if you'll let me see what you're doing down there," he said, looking down at her legs and smiling at the sound of her pissing.

"Pervert," she said, opening her legs and looking up into his eyes. "Still, you're sweet."

He washed and dried his hands, all the while keeping his eyes on the line of piss still flowing out of her urethra and into the toilet bowl water. She had a lot of piss to get out, which pleased his urolagnia fetish to no end. "I'm starting to think I'd like to kill him for you," he said, now rubbing his sore arm.

She sneered as she watched how his eyes were studying her peeing. "You'll have to work out a plan for killing him," she said.

"Working out a model for murder...for my model."

"I want to belong to you," she said, then squirted out her last few spurts of piss. She reached for the toilet paper, but he stopped her hand.

"Allow me," he said, then ripped off some toilet paper, folded it into a rectangle, and reached between her legs. She raised her legs and spread them wider as he wiped her dry. "Since your anus isn't perfectly clean, I should wipe you there, too."

"Thank you," she said, got off the toilet, and got on the bathroom floor on all fours. She spread her legs out wide and pushed her butt out so he could see her asshole better.

He got some more toilet paper and wiped the excess bronze from her anus. She looked back at him and sneered when she saw him looking at the streaks of her shit on the toilet paper. He tossed it into the toilet bowl, then stared at the golden liquid in it. "My queen deserves to have her divine ass wiped for her." He looked back at her asshole and started sniffing again.

"Why do you like it so much?" she asked, then pushed her anus closer to his face. "It's so dirty and disgusting."

"Because it's yours," he said, then flushed the toilet while keeping his nose inches from her anus, sniffing away. "It came out of your delicious body, so it can't be dirty or disgusting."

"Really? Would you eat my poo, and drink my pee?"

He paused, squinted, and looked to the side for a moment. "I'll have to get back to you on that question." They laughed. He stared at her asshole again, then took a few more sniffs, loving the faecal odour.

"You want to sodomize me, don't you?" she asked, with a perfectly straight face as if there were nothing extraordinary about the question, while opening her buttocks wider to show him her anal gape. He almost slipped his nose inside.

Practically drooling, he said, "Oh, you know the answer to that. But first, I have to think about how I'm going to deal with Derek."


The next day, Buddy and nude Callie were out in a garden, getting ready to do another photo shoot. Phil, another employee of Derek's porn photography company, was ready to leave.

"Do you need anything else, Buddy?" he asked. "I gotta go help Ray and Tim with something."

"No," Buddy said. "I'm fine. You can go."

"OK." Phil left.

Who was Callie's ex-boyfriend, the one she slept with behind Derek's back? Buddy wondered. Did she really break up with him? If she's worried about him getting hurt, and she likes me, why has she been coming on to me so much? Was Phil the other guy? Ray? Tim? Jeff? There are so many other guys working for Derek's company: photographers, lighting men, models-like Cheryl. Is Callie just using me, or does she really like me? My dick sure wants to believe the latter. If that other guy didn't matter so much, why not get HIM to kill Derek, and then make a move on me, if she likes me? I dunno: I can only hope she really likes me.

"You just about ready, Callie?" he asked.

"Yes," she said.

He took some shots of her walking around on the grass, then bending over. This went on for about a half an hour.

After that, Callie squatted in front of a bed of multi-coloured roses. She winced a bit as he aimed his camera at her.

"Is something wrong?" he asked.

"I have to pee," she said.

"Then pee," he said, still looking through the lens.

"Right here?" She saw his finger ready to click. "As you're taking pictures?"

"Sure, why not?"

"Men want to masturbate to me peeing?" she asked, then let the apple juice pour out of her hole.

"I wanted to jerk off yesterday, when you were on the toilet," he said while clicking pictures and getting closer to her pissing pussy. "I'll bet you look beautiful even when you shit."

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