tagLesbian SexA Moist Date Ch. 3

A Moist Date Ch. 3


Chapter 3: At the Apartment.

Dedicated to Veronica and her Goth Slut Dreams...

As the four girls traveled together toward Jennifer's apartment, Monica had worked her hand under Jennifer's black leather miniskirt while she was driving, and Ronni and Vixxen were locked in a clinch in the back seat.

Monica heard a strange sound and looked over her shoulder from the front seat to get a view of the make-out session in the back. In the darkness, she had heard a guttural hocking sound as if someone were gathering spit in the back of their throat. Her eyes widened as she saw Vixxen working up a supply of saliva in her mouth. The gorgeous, huge-busted Nordic blonde was poised over her Asian girlfriend's mouth, which was only inches from hers.

Ronni gazed up at her blonde Amazon's face in lust and muttered, "Ummmmm, oh, baby, give me some. Gimme some of that."

"Um-hmmm, um-hmmm," was all Vixxen could reply when she opened her mouth and slid out her long, serpentine tongue. Strings of saliva connected her luscious, full upper and lower lips as well as the tongue as it moved out. Even in the darkness, Monica could see the whitish slime of Vixxen's spit gathered. Ronni opened her mouth and slid her own long tongue out from between her bee-stung Asian lips. Vixxen proceeded to spit the mouth slime onto Ronni's tongue. It was a gooey mass of girl-spit. Her aim was perfect. The beautiful Asian girl groaned and took it all into her mouth, savoring it's special taste. She ran it around her mouth, swallowed loudly, then opened for more. Vixxen roughly spit again right into her girlfriend's mouth. Ronni tasted again as if it were fine wine--or girl cum.

Suddenly, Vixxen noticed Monica was watching them. She smiled. "Ummm, you want some you hot little bitch? Want some of my mouth?"

Monica was turned on so much by the scene in front of her that she had stopped rubbing Jennifer's cunt and just stared. She could think of no real reply but just opening her mouth and waggling her tongue at the beautiful Nordic girl in the back seat. Vixxen hocked more saliva supply in her mouth and leaned forward in the seat to get closer to the horny blonde in the front seat. She came within an inch or two of Monica's lipstick-smeared mouth and sent a ball of her spit directly onto the girl's tongue. Her aim was perfect again. Must have had a lot of practice. Monica felt the gooey spit hit her tongue and she smiled while bringing it into her mouth to taste. It was an incredibly hot scene, two girls getting to take the Nordic girl's saliva directly into their mouths. Monica didn't want to swallow, just leave it there to savor. How soon could they get to Jennifer's?

"Hey, not fair, girls. I gotta drive, and I'm not getting any," Jennifer moaned from the driver's seat.

"Don't worry, baby. You'll be getting plenty if I have anything to say about it," was Ronni's reply. Jennifer stepped up the car's speed, feeling her thong being swallowed by her own cunt juice.

Finally, they were to Jennifer's apartment. They piled out of the car and followed to the front door. Ronni and Vixxen were giggling, arms around each other. Monica squeezed the Latin girl's leather-covered ass all the way in. It was obvious the four girls were in the mood for the hottest night of their lives.

Once in the elevator up to the fourth floor, they coupled off to each side for a quick make-out and cunt-grinding session. They just couldn't keep their hands off each other. Jennifer finally got them all inside her apartment.

"Wow, what a great place, honey," Vixxen said. She dropped onto the couch and pulled Ronni down onto her lap.

"How do you guys know each other?" Monica asked, realizing they knew these girls very little.

"Oh, we work together down at the Black Raven. We dance for the boys. Sometimes men. Always for each other. Right Ronni, sweetheart?" Vixxen massaged her Asian girlfriend's huge right breast. "We strip for them out on the stage, then go back to the locker room and fuck each other's tits off."

"Yeah, baby. And you are one incredible cunt-eater." Ronni soul-kissed the Nordic girl under her. When she broke the kiss, she took off her black leather jacket and tossed it aside. Vixxen did the same. This revealed their skin- tight tank tops. Vixxen's was part of her catsuit, and the zipper had lowered past the bottom of her tits due to the tusseling in the back seat.

Monica noticed, with the jackets off, the armpit hair as they raised their arms. "Hey, that's a coincidence, Jenn and I work together too, but in an office. More boring than your scene. You up for some music since you're dancers?"

"Cool, babe. Why don't you put on some dancin' stuff?" Ronni got up from Vixxen's lap and walked toward Monica as she attempted to turn on the music from Jennifer's system.

Vixxen also grabbed Jennifer's wrist and brought her down to her lap. "We haven't gotten to know each other yet, you sexy thing. Give me a kiss, baby." Jennifer was surprised by the change in pairing but went with the flow. This was not the way the first date with Monica was supposed to go, but what the hell... She licked her lips and wrapped her arms around the Nordic blonde. The two girls began to make out in each other's arms on the couch.

Meanwhile, Ronni had drawn Monica into her body and began grinding her crotch on the beautiful blonde. She wrapped her arms around Monica's waist, then ran her gloved hands down to the blonde's skintight black leather-covered ass cheeks. Monica in turn rested her arms on the Asian girl's shoulders and plunged her hands into the thick black hair. She returned the grinding as they began their slow dance of lust, staring into each other's eyes. Ronni's tongue snaked out of her mouth, the gold stud glistening with saliva, and she wagged it at the blonde. Monica took the invitation and locked lips with the big-busted Asian beauty. Their tongues wrestled with each other as they sucked them first into one mouth then the other.

The sounds of four girls making out in sloppy, wet kisses and tongue sucking could be heard in the small living room. Moaning with passion, each female couple feverishly swapped spit. Hands massaged and squeezed ass cheeks and breasts.

Suddenly, Ronni moved her black leather-gloved hands up to either side of Monica's face and held it as she kissed the beautiful girl. They moaned into each other's mouths. The lipstick that they had been refreshed was now smearing again over each other's mashing mouths. Their cheeks hollowed as they sucked each other's tongues in hot fire. Monica lost control in her lust for this big- titted Asian beauty.

"Oh my--fuck. Oh, baby, I want you so much." Monica groaned into Ronni's mouth. "Oh, ummmmm." She groaned again as their mouths mashed wetly. They began violently grinding their covered cunts into each other. Suddenly, Monica knew what she wanted.

"Oh, yeah, Monica. Oh, yeah, baby. Do it to me, do it." Ronni said as the blonde suddenly lifted her arm so that her armpit was exposed to her full lips. Monica clamped her mouth to the sweaty armpit hair under Ronni's upraised arm, and began to French kiss her pit. She tasted the tartness of the sweat and smelled deeply of the Asian girl's unique scent combination of her leather jacket, sweat and perfume. The leather smell was strong, as she had been sweating all night under the jacket as she danced. Monica was in heaven as she licked sloppily, sucked in the hair and rubbed her face. "Oh, you slut, suck my pit, suck my sweat! You fuckin' slut!" Ronni groaned. "Yeah, that's it, baby! Now let me taste." Ronni placed her leather-gloved hands on either side of Monica's face and brought it up to her own. They locked lips again and shared the taste of Ronni's sweaty armpit. The two girls stood in brazen passion as they shared the special flavor and bodily juices, feverishly drooling into each other's mouths.

Ronni broke the kiss and practically ripped off Monica's tight tank top. The huge breasts fell forward toward the Asian girl's mouth, and she dove for the rock hard nipples. Ronni sucked at the breasts, licking around their bottoms but suck-biting the nipples until they shrank to hard buttons. She pushed Monica back toward the club chair and turned her around.

"This is what I want, baby, I'm going to suck your asshole until your cunt drips down into my mouth!" Ronni pressed her face into Monica's leather jean-covered ass crack and kissed while sniffing the heady aroma of leather and female perfumed ass. She couldn't get enough of the aroma. She had to lie there and French kiss the blonde's leather ass crack, she just needed it to satiate her lust. Monica could hear her sniffing and feel her mouthing from behind her. The blonde undid her belt and leather jeans so her new girlfriend could pull her pants down. Once they were off, Ronni pressed her face back into Monica's ass crack and shot her tongue out to fuck the girl's rectum. Ronni slid her tongue in and out while fingering the girl's cunt. The girl-wetness from both the front and back was driving the Asian girl wild.

"Oh baby, oh, fuck my asshole! Oh, gawd! Please!" Monica could feel her orgasm begin building. Jennifer and Vixxen had actually stopped their clinch on the couch to watch the two girls. Suddenly, Ronni groaned and turned Monica around, plunging her tongue into the girl's cunt and fucking her furiously. The feel of her leather-gloved hands massaging her ass cheeks was almost too much for the blonde. But when Ronni plunged a leather-covered finger deep into her rectum, it set her off.

"Oh, oh, no, yes, yes! I'm, I'm gonna cum, cum, oh!" Monica's eyes began rolling back in her hand until only the whites of her eyes could be seen. Her mouth widened baring her teeth. She emitted a high-pitched keen and began jerking her body in half. Spittle began to leak out of the corners of her mouth. "Oh, gonna cum, gonna cum!"

"Yes, baby, give it to me, cum on my fuckin' mouth! Let me have---ummmmmfffff," Ronni's face was suddenly engulfed in hot, squirting girl cum as Monica squirted the liquid in near splashes. "Oh, yeah squirt it, baby." Ronni swallowed as quickly as she could. "Ahhhhhh......" The fluid was sweet. The blonde spasmed again. As the Asian beauty continued to chew on her clit and dig her tongue into her cunt, Monica begin orgasming again.

"Oh, shiittttt! I'm gonna come again! Oh, my gawd! Oh my...... ahhhhhh." Monica jerked again on the sultry, sexy Asian girl's face, grabbing her thick dark hair and pounding her head into her groin. "Ohhhh, bayyyybeeeee!" She spasmed then squirted again into the waiting mouth. Ronni eagerly gulped down the girl fluid, tasting every last drop.

As soon as she came for the last time, Monica pulled Ronni's head up by the hair and gazed lovingly into her almond eyes. She pulled the beautiful face up to meet hers. She stopped it just inches from her own, and gazed hotly into those mysterious, hooded, Oriental eyes. She could smell Ronni's breath, reeking of pussy juice, lipstick and saliva. They paused like that for a moment, the two girls breathing in each other's erotic essence, their mouths so close. Monica's hands clutched Ronni's hair tightly, the Asian girl's pouting lips almost sneering at her in erotic satisfaction. Then suddenly, the blonde pulled that female-animal face to her own and felt the full lips mash to her's. They growled into each other's mouths while tongue lashed hotly and saliva mixed with the pussy juice on Ronni's mouth. Monica tasted her own female juices, sucking it all in, reveling in the intimate, deep sloppy wet French kiss that they shared. Ronni wrapped her arms around Monica and they rolled to the carpet, female lips to female lips, huge breasts mashed to huge breasts, nipples hard and roughly stimulating the others, belly to belly, cunt to cunt, clit to clit. The two beautiful, busty girls roughly rolled together in erotic abandon, combining lust with a form of intimate emotion after deep orgasm. They were lost in their mutual passion for each other.

"Hey, baby, it's our turn to play. Where's the bedroom?" Vixxen asked, rubbing her brunette girlfriend's large breasts.

"In there, let's go, Vixxen, I can't wait much longer. I'm gonna cream just watching this shit." Jennifer got up from the girl's lap and took her long- nailed manicured hand in her own. They intertwined fingers. However, when the other girl stood up from the couch, she drew the Latino girl in closer to her. Their breasts touched roughly, nipple to hard nipple. They gazed hotly at each other. Jennifer began to form a question when suddenly the muscular Nordic girl reached down and, with her arm under her legs, lifted the brunette in her arms. Jennifer's breath was taken away by the sudden demonstration of strength from this gorgeous, sexy blonde. Vixxen lifted Jennifer in her arms and drew her into her large breasts with very little challenge at all. Jennifer placed her hands on Vixxen's taught biceps and held them, feeling the muscles bulging. She dug her long glossy nails into the girl's arms and drew her face in to meet the blonde's. They clinched tightly and indulged in a deep, wet, passionate kiss. Jennifer's senses burned with the sudden erotic power that Vixxen held over her. She reveled in giving herself to this strong, sexy blonde and allowed the girl to carry her into her bedroom, all the while sucking on each other's tongues. Vixxen brought Jennifer to her bed and gently placed her down. The brunette lay there with her white silk blouse disheveled, her black leather miniskirt rucked up revealing her stocking tops and garter belts. The picture of wanton lust.

Vixxen gazed into Jennifer's eyes as she unzipped her catsuit, allowing her huge breasts to roll free. She removed the suit and boots, but decided to put the boots back on again. She stood with her hands on her hips in those high, platformed black leather boots. "I like to fuck with these on. You like, baby?"

Jennifer couldn't believe her eyes, glazing with lust. "Oh, yeah, oh, yeah. I love that look. Let me catch up, Vixxen." With that, she practically tore here blouse off, removed her leather skirt and drenched thong, and lay there in her stockings and platform high heels. She tossed the thong at Vixxen, who caught it. She brought the juiced panties to her nose and sniffed loudly.

"Hhhmmmmm. Smells so good, Jenn. Hhhhmmmmm. I wanna keep these to sniff whenever I think of you." She pressed them closer to her nose and inhaled the fragrance of the Latino girl's pussy. "But now's the time for the real thing...."

Vixxen moved toward Jennifer and laid her body down over the busty brunette. They clinched and began making out for a few minutes. Suddenly, the Nordic blonde broke the kiss and looked at Jennifer. "I want a taste, now, baby. I wanna make you come all over my face. And I want you to suck my sweet clit." With that she turned around and locked with the brunette in a tight 69, burying her face in the sluicing cunt. Jennifer in turn got a close look at the blonde- haired pussy in front of her. She inhaled deeply to draw in the tangy woman- scent mixture of sweat, perfume and cunt. The odor of fresh leather was added by the thigh-high boots that Vixxen wrapped on each side of Jennifer's head as she mashed her face to the hairy hole. Jennifer enjoyed the smooth feel of the leather boots on either side, rubbing her breasts and arms.

"Oh, so good, baby. Tastes so good." Vixxen moaned as she slid her gold- studded tongue deeply in and then out of the neatly shaved pussy under her. She sucked the clit and surrounding skin deep into her mouth and chewed. With one long-nailed finger, she gently scratched at Jennifer's rectum. "Uuummmmmmmmmffffff."

"Yeah, yeah, oh Vixxen it's so fuckin' hot.... Your pussy is so beautiful. The hair...." Jennifer groaned as she French-kissed the hairy cunt.

"You like that, Jenn? You like that hairy pussy? Just for you, baby. Just for you. Get it good. Do me good, baby. Fuck my asshole too, babe. Yeah, fuck it." Vixxen breathed into Jennifer's pussy.

With that, Jennifer slid her tongue out of the Nordic girl's cunt and began to slowly lick the area of skin dividing the pussy and rectum. She wiped her long, flat tongue over this most intimate female region. Vixxen was in heaven at this special attention. Then Jennifer slid her tongue slightly up and then around the hairy ring of Vixxen's asshole. She rimmed the hole wetly, then slowly drove her tongue down and into the dark nether hole. She could feel the stud in Vixxen's tongue began to flick ever faster over her clit while her cunt was being suctioned by the blonde's full pouting lips. Jennifer began to do the same to Vixxen's rectum, while sliding three fingers into the open cunt beneath it. The two girls remained locked in this intimate, erotic embrace. Heat built. Long-nailed fingers squeezed hard ass cheeks. Pussy juice mixed with saliva. The two girls gripped each other tighter and tighter, the energy of orgasm beginning to build in each other's groins. Just before she boiled over, Vixxen experience the most powerful anal orgasm she had ever felt, quickly joined by her cunt giving up whitish fluid that spurted into Jennifer's face.

"Holy shiiittttt!!!! Unnnnnnnhhhh!!!! Oh, gaawwwwwddddd, bayyy-beeeee!!!!" Vixxen's double orgasm took her breath away. Just at that moment, Jennifer joined her in a powerful orgasm.

"Vixxxxxx.... Ohhhhhhh.... Uuuuhhhhhhhh.... Shiiiiittttt!!!!" The two beautiful girls spasmed in each other's arms, pouring womanly juices into each other's faces, mouths and over hot, swollen lips. All was hungrily slurped down and thoroughly tasted. They spasmed for several more orgasms. Vixxen's muscular legs clamped on either side of Jennifer's head.

Suddenly, the brunette pulled her face away from the blonde's rectum and mashed her face against the leather-boot-covered thigh. She inhaled the erotic aroma of the leather and wiped her mouth and nose against the soft boot-skin. She began to trail kisses down the length of Vixxen's boot, reveling in its soft feel against her cheek, clutching it with her hands. Vixxen enjoyed this boot- worship and allowed the girl to do so. Eventually, Jennifer made it down to the leather-encased foot, licking and kissing the platform and heel, sucking it into her mouth.

"Get this off, I want to smell your feet inside, baby." Moaned Jennifer as she helped Vixxen slide the boot off. Once off, she tossed it aside and drew the glossy-nailed foot to her nose, sniffing deeply. She could smell the toes that had just been incased in the black leather boots, with their strong combination of leather and sweat. Her tongue slid out between the full, pouting lips and licked each one of the toenails, in between each toe. She sucked each toe deeply into her mouth, savoring the rich flavor. Vixxen looked down at the gorgeous brunette who was French-kissing her sweaty foot and felt another charge of orgasm build between her legs. She watched the wide, serpentine tongue leave a path of sloppy saliva dripping from her toes and wipe under her foot. She could hear Jennifer loudly sniffing at her foot as she worshiped it.

Then, Jennifer guided the saliva-drenched foot down toward her pussy. She inserted the toes between her cunt-lips--an easy task, as juiced as it was. Vixxen then took Jennifer's foot and did the same to her pussy. The two girls lay on their sides on the bed, both clutch each other's foot and fucking themselves with them. They began to groan, pant in heat.

"Fuck me with your foot, baby. That pretty, hot foot." Vixxen breathed in deep lust. "ohhhhhhhh...!"

"Yeahhhhhh! Fuckkkkkk! Your foot feels sooooo goooooddddd.....!" Jennifer moaned. They increased the foot-fucking motion until both writhed and spasmed in orgasm together. One orgasm followed another. Juice flowed over painted toes. Once the orgasms slowed, they removed each other's feet from their nether regions and slowly licked the juice from around and between their toes. Jennifer reached for one of Vixxen's boots to inhale the leather scent again. She was addicted to the erotic aroma.

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