A Mom-Daughter Swap: A Welcoming


Jasmine moaned in Charlotte's mouth, suddenly curious what it would feel like to be fucked by a candy cane. Moments later, she found out as the striped treat slid inside her easily.

Charlotte broke the kiss and climbed onto the counter too. She whispered, as she began fucking Jasmine with the sweet, "You understand every woman in the community expects you to eat her cunt, don't you Jasmine?"

"Oh," Jasmine moaned, finding the idea immediately exciting, as she reminisced about her freshman year when she'd regularly serviced a few of the seniors.

"You like that idea, don't you, Jasmine?" Charlotte asked, seeing the natural submissiveness shining through the impressive beauty of the sexy wife.

"Yes," Jasmine moaned in response to both the question and the pleasure building quickly through her.

"Yes Jasmine, you'll be a perfect addition to our secret society," Charlotte whispered, already imagining next Tuesday's Christmas Eve orgy, a tradition in the community, where the men had a poker night that always ended in them poking each other all night, while the women had a huge Mommy and daughter Christmas Olympic-like-family-challenges evening full of twisted tasks and cunt diving competitions.

"So close," Jasmine moaned, her orgasm rushing down Christmas Lane.

"You'll be eating cunt every day," Charlotte promised.

"Yes," Jasmine moaned, biting her hand to attempt to control her moans, again, both because of the idea of eating cunt again and also because her orgasm was so close.

"Come, my sexy slut," Charlotte ordered, furiously fucking the horny housewife.

"Fuck, fuck me harder," Jasmine begged.

"Come, you fucking slut," Charlotte repeated, sensing name calling would enhance the writhing slut's orgasm.

"Fuck, yes!" Jasmine screamed, the name calling being the final straw that broke the invisible barrier as she came hard.

Charlotte kept fucking Jasmine throughout the orgasm, before pulling out and putting the cum coated end of the candy cane into her mouth. Jasmine opened her eyes and watched as Charlotte removed the candy from her mouth as if it were a fine cigar and said, "What a neat taste combination."

"Sweet and creamy," Jasmine smiled, glowing in the aftermath of pleasure and knowing from long experience how good her pussy tasted.

"That is exactly how I would describe my own twat," Charlotte said, as she got off the counter and moved to a bench. "Want to come find out?"

Jasmine was completely mesmerized by Charlotte and the situation as she sat up and climbed down off the counter, her leg giving out as she almost fell, grabbing the counter for balance. She walked willingly over to Charlotte, dropped to the floor, recalling the hundreds of times in college she'd been between a girl's legs and looked at the shaved pussy. Jasmine hadn't been the only one entering this encounter without any panties.

"Go ahead, begin your new role as community pussy pleaser," Charlotte offered, spreading her legs further and offering her inviting cunt to the clearly hungry wife.

"Don't mind if I do," Jasmine said, leaning forward, extending her tongue and tasting her first pussy in almost twenty years.

"Mmmmmmm," Charlotte moaned as Jasmine's tongue made contact with her pussy lips.

"Mmmmmmm, indeed," Jasmine mindlessly replied, the sweet, fondly remembered, heavenly taste of pussy hitting her taste buds and she was instantly addicted again; she imagined like a smoker who had quit for years and then decides to take just one puff.

"Oh, yes, Jasmine, eat my cunt," Charlotte said, "consider it your Christmas snack."

Jasmine responded between licks, "I hope it's more than just a Christmas snack."

"Oh, that it is," Charlotte promised, knowing she would be having Jasmine over for coffee and cunt often.

For a few minutes, there was just licking and moaning, Charlotte enjoying Jasmine's tongue and wild exploration; Jasmine enjoying the reacquisition of a long-neglected skill. She licked, she probed, she explored. She rekindled her lust for licking; she reclaimed her submissive lesbian nature; she regretted ignoring her carnal lust for cunt all these years. The hot students who paraded before her, her fellow teachers dressed in nylons, the parents at parent-teacher interviews who were aggressive in their discussion of their child's grades. So many lost years....

"Oh, God, Jasmine, I'm so fucking close," Charlotte finally broke the verbal silence, needing to come.

Jasmine licked faster, wanting to taste the full torrent of pussy juice as Charlotte came, dying to get a female facial.

Charlotte's orgasm was imminent when they were suddenly interrupted by another voice.

"Mother, I thought I was supposed to fuck her first," Seraphina complained, startling a cunt craved Jasmine In mid lick.

Jasmine turned her head to see Charlotte's sweet 18-year-old daughter dressed in adorable Christmas attire, watching with her hand rubbing her pussy through her dress.

Charlotte grabbed Jasmine's head and somewhat roughly pulled her deeper into her twat, which was about to gush, "Give me a minute, young lady," she demanded single-mindedly, before ordering, "Get me off right now, my eager cunt licking housewife."

Jasmine was mortified to be caught in the act, but as she always did when given a direct order, she resumed licking, still eager to taste Charlotte's cum. She attacked the pussy more aggressively, focusing on the swollen clit, and in under a minute she received her two-decades in waiting treat.

"Yes!" Charlotte screamed as she let go of Jasmine's head, leaned back and allowed her cunt cum to gush out of her and coat the pretty MILF's face.

Jasmine was surprised by the excessive amount of wetness splattering her face and into her open mouth. She eagerly caught and licked the cum, savouring the sweetness for which she'd worked so hard. She didn't quit licking until Charlotte pushed her head away and said, "Ready for your community Christmas present?"

"Um, yeah," Jasmine nodded, wondering if the Christmas themed teen was her gift, and even though that seemed unbelievable, it seemed to be the reality.

Charlotte stood up, pulled Jasmine up and kissed her. Breaking the kiss, Charlotte joked, "God, I taste good."

"You always do," Seraphina joined in, wanting to see the look on the MILF's face when it became obvious that mom and daughter had sex.

Jasmine's eyes went big as she processed Seraphina's last statement, watched Seraphina walk over and put her arms around both of them.

Charlotte explained, "You see Jasmine, besides moms playing with moms while the girls are at school and the men at work, we also share our daughters."

"When you're not using your daughter for yourself," Seraphina added, leaning in and frenching her mother in front of a relative stranger.

Jasmine's eyes went even bigger as she watched a mother and daughter kiss in a way no mother and daughter should ever kiss.

When the kiss was broken, Charlotte explained, "This community is one affiliate of hundreds in the international Mother and Daughter Swap Club."

"The what?" Jasmine asked. Even though she'd heard clearly what was said, she just couldn't believe it.

"There are mother and daughter swap clubs across the world. There are even a few in Canada. I checked while we were researching your past. They're in Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto and Regina, which is a really funny name for a city," Charlotte revealed.

Her head spinning at the information rapidly coming at her, she couldn't help but be even more stunned that the city where her husband was born, where her in-laws still lived, would have such a society. She couldn't fathom where in the city such a community could exist and remain secret.

"Why don't you unwrap your present?" Charlotte suggested, placing Jasmine's hands on Seraphina's shoulder straps, amused by the completely overwhelmed Jasmine.

"I don't think I can," Jasmine said, finding the situation incredibly awkward.

"Refusing a gift is a serious no-no here, Jasmine," Charlotte pointed out, acting offended.

"But this is your daughter," Jasmine defended, even though she found Seraphina very attractive, and now that her lesbian side had been awakened after two decades of being dormant, seeing Seraphina in a much different light.

"Don't you want me?" Seraphina asked with a pout. She was a great actress, the lead in all the high school plays and musicals, and knew how to manipulate an uneasy MILF target; she had singlehandedly seduced all three of her new teachers this year (although not simultaneously).

Jasmine stammered, suddenly apologetic, "No, no, no, it isn't that."

"Am I not pretty enough?" Seraphina questioned, continuing the sly onslaught of guilt on the cute MILF.

As her daughter manipulated Jasmine, Charlotte grabbed her strap-on from her oversized purse (her strap-on being her own never leave home without it item) and put it on, planning to give Jasmine the fucking her husband wouldn't be giving her tonight while he was being fucked himself.

"No, you're very pretty," Jasmine quickly responded. "Gorgeous, actually."

"So you'll accept your community Christmas present?" Seraphina asked sexily as she pulled her dress over her head to showcase her tight teen body.

Jasmine stared at the teen's amazing body, now naked except for her red and white Christmas stockings and a Santa hat.

After removing her dress, too, Charlotte asked, amused that Jasmine was speechless and staring at her daughter, "Isn't she fucking delicious?"

Jasmine turned to see Charlotte also naked, her huge tits staring at her, as was a big black cock jutting from between her legs.

"A younger version of me," Charlotte continued, posing sexily for Jasmine.

"Twins," Jasmine joked, the idea of getting fucked suddenly very appealing, as she kept gazing at the big cock.

"Want to taste your Christmas pie?" Charlotte asked.

"I've been keeping it warm all day for you," Seraphina added. "It's flavourful and moist, too."

"I am still a little hungry," Jasmine said, deciding if she was going to relapse into the lust of lesbianism she might as well go all in... literally.

"You can eat my daughter's fresh snatch while I give you the Christmas fuck you were expecting from Dave tonight," Charlotte suggested, as she led Jasmine to a different section of the large kitchen counter and helped her pull off her dress. "Hop on up."

"Yes, ma'am," Jasmine joked.

"I'm not a ma'am," Charlotte corrected. "A Mistress maybe," she added.

The term Mistress sent chills through Jasmine. It was a term she'd used during her second year when addressing her psychology professor, Mrs. Penny: a woman who'd really helped her explore her natural submissiveness and need to please. Jasmine hopped onto the counter and watched as Charlotte moved between her legs.

Seraphina climbed onto the counter too and straddled Jasmine's face. "I hope you're hungry."

"For teen pussy, definitely," Jasmine said, as she gazed up at the teen's ripe twat.

Seraphina lowered her cunt onto the MILF's face just as her mother slid her big strap-on dick inside their newest conquest.

Jasmine moaned as she licked the teen's cunt and felt the cock slide inside her, not having been with two girls at once since her senior year in college, a wild graduation night that had involved five girls, including a MILF girlfriend of one of the guys.

Seraphina leaned forward and kissed her mother... their own unique female version of the Eiffel Tower, as Charlotte used Jasmine's big tit for balance.

For a few minutes, Jasmine was fucked.

For a few minutes Jasmine licked.

Then Seraphina began grinding on the MILF's face.

Charlotte really began to slam into Jasmine.

Jasmine tried to lick aggressively while the pleasure of the hard fucking overwhelmed her very being. She licked; she moaned; she prepared to have one orgasm as she delivered another.

"Oh yes, eat my cunt," Seraphina moaned, as she furiously ground her cunt into Jasmine's face, so close to orgasm.

Charlotte suddenly pulled out, knowing how to keep a horny slut desperate.

Jasmine wanted to beg to have that cock back in her, but she was busy licking cunt and swallowing and instead, focused on finishing the task at tongue.

"Oh yes, oh yes, fuck, Mommy," Seraphina screamed, as her orgasm hit and for the second time in under twenty minutes Jasmine's face was coated with pussy juice.

Jasmine eagerly lapped up what she could, noticing a similar taste between mom and daughter.

Charlotte sucked on Jasmine's tits until her daughter's orgasm was done.

Seraphina got off Jasmine's face and off the kitchen table as she said, "I think we have a keeper."

"Yes, she's a natural pussy pleaser," Charlotte agreed.

"And so fucking hot," Seraphina added, admiring the MILF's beauty as Charlotte pulled Jasmine up.

"I'm flattered," Jasmine said, appreciating the compliments, as she stood up and stretched, the position having been a little uncomfortable on her back.

"May I return the favour, Mrs. Walker?" Seraphina asked, as she sank to her knees in front of the MILF, enjoying eating a pussy as much as she enjoyed having hers licked.

"If you must," Jasmine joked, as she watched the beautiful young blonde bury her face in her pussy.

"She must," Charlotte added, as she joined them on the floor, expecting the second of her new pretties to arrive any minute to catch them all in the act.

Seraphina loved to take her time when worshipping a pussy. She liked to explore every fold. She liked to hear the girl or woman she was pleasing moan. She loved seeing and tasting the wetness increase as she pleasured it.

Jasmine moaned softly, enjoying the tender licking, feeling Seraphina was pleasing her the exact same way Jasmine had pleased many girls back in her wild college days.

After a few minutes, Charlotte heard the front door close and was happy Jasmine was enjoying the licking so much that she didn't hear. Charlotte moved her hand to her daughter's cunt and began slowly rubbing her just as Ashley walked into the kitchen.

Ashley walked into the kitchen to get a drink of water and froze as she saw a lesbian act involving her mother, her neighbour and one of her classmates.

Jasmine, unaware her daughter was suddenly watching her be pleasured by an experienced eager tongue, moaned, "God, Seraphina, don't stop."

"You taste so good, Mrs. Walker," Seraphina replied, also unaware she was being watched.

Charlotte put her lips to her mouth to shush, probably unnecessarily, the speechless daughter.

This had been a surreal day for Ashley. Two hours ago she'd walked in on two of her classmates in a 69 in the girl's locker room, an hour ago she'd been invited to go shopping with two of the most popular girls in the school who'd bought her the outfit she was now wearing, both of them insisting she keep it on after she'd tried it on, and now she was watching her mom being eaten out by a teenager.

"Oh, fuck," Jasmine moaned, her orgasm building.

"I'm going to eat you all fucking night," Seraphina purred.

Charlotte got up and walked over to the paralyzed teen, took her hand and led her out of the kitchen... both Jasmine and Seraphina unaware they were suddenly alone, although Seraphina had felt her mom move away from her and guessed why.

Jasmine, sensing something was off, looked up and saw Charlotte walking out of the kitchen with Ashley! She didn't say anything; she didn't know what to say, but her orgasm was suddenly stopped in its tracks.

Ashley had no idea why she was letting the almost completely naked woman lead her out, or why she didn't say anything, but before she knew it she was upstairs and being led to her bedroom.

Jasmine moved away from Seraphina and said, "Oh, my God, Ashley saw us."

Seraphina smiled reassuringly, looking up at the worried woman, "It's okay; Mom will take care of her."

"How?" Jasmine asked.

"I'm sure my Mommy told you about our mom and daughter swap club," Seraphina reminded her as she stood up and kissed her... knowing the key was to get her back to the task at hand.

Jasmine's head was spinning and her mind and body were pulling her in different directions. Her mind reminded her she was a mother and a wife and what she was doing was wrong, so wrong. On the other hand her body was begging for attention, begging to return to the glory days of her youth. As she pondered her two very different options, she returned the kiss, melting into Seraphina's softness.

Seraphina, knowing the MILF was completely intoxicated by her, took control as she distracted her from her internal mother moral code by lowering herself back to her knees and resuming licking her sweet pussy.

Any fragile resistance left in Jasmine dissipated completely as the gorgeous blonde resumed licking her. She decided to worry about the future in the future and live in the present with her Christmas present.

Charlotte led the disoriented teen into her bedroom and to her bed saying, "Ashley, I can explain everything."

Ashley was flustered, partly because of what she'd just witnessed, partly because of the strange day, partly because there was a naked woman with a strap-on in her bedroom, partly because she couldn't explain it but her panties were very wet, partly because she'd been questioning her sexuality ever since arriving in California and partly because she couldn't take her eyes off Mrs. Fischer's large breasts.

Charlotte taking the teen's lack of freak out, her following her upstairs obediently and her now staring at her tits all as positive signs, joined her on the bed just as Ashley challenged her, "You can explain why your daughter was licking my mother?"

"I can, actually," Charlotte nodded, unperturbed, as she crossed her legs on the bed in a fashion that showcased her tits, her pussy and her cock.

Ashley attempted to get comfortable too as she tried to not be flustered, even though her body language, red cheeks and inability not to stare at Mrs. Fischer gave it away.

Charlotte explained, "This is a very special close-knit community."

"I see," Ashley said, that not really explaining anything; her community back home in Canada had been close-knit but they'd never gotten naked with each other.

"You look tense," Charlotte said. "Let me give you a massage while I explain everything."

"I don't know," Ashley said, as she wondered if she was getting hit on, and if she was, was she okay with that?

"Just roll onto your stomach," Charlotte ordered. "I promise I won't bite."

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