A Mom-Daughter Swap: A Welcoming


"Okay," Ashley agreed, feeling compelled to obey.

Once Ashley was on her stomach, Charlotte straddled the ripe teen, sitting on her ass. As she massaged her shoulders she explained, "You see Ashley, you're now part of the Mother and Daughter Swap Club."

"What's that?" Ashley asked, as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the massage, wondering why she was relaxing into this instead of bouncing off the ceiling.

"It's a secret society where mothers share their daughters with other mothers," Charlotte explained.

"Really?" Ashley asked, as although that sounded strange, it did explain what she'd just witnessed.

"Yes, and Seraphina is your mother's Christmas present from the Club," Charlotte revealed, as she gently and yet seductively massaged the teen.

"Am I your present?" Ashley asked, the idea not upsetting at all, but quite intriguing. For some time she'd wanted to explore her sexuality with another girl, but she'd had no idea how to bring it up. It's not like that's a common conversation at the lunch table in the cafeteria, in the classrooms or even the locker room (other than what she'd walked in on earlier today). Truth be told, she'd always been attracted to older women (her teachers, her mom's friends, the women at church [sinful but true]) and Mrs. Fischer certainly qualified as a beautiful older woman.

"Do you want to be?" Charlotte asked, thinking this might be even easier than she'd anticipated.

Ashley wasn't sure how to answer this. The simple answer was yes, she was curious, Mrs. Fischer was naked, she was horny and her mother was at this very moment downstairs in the throes of lesbian passion, so why shouldn't she? The more complex answer was maybe, how would this change things with her new friend Seraphina (although Seraphina clearly wasn't concerned by that), with her mother (that too didn't seem to be a concern), what if she wasn't any good at it (she'd never done anything like this before) and what if she ended up not liking it (she knew she was attracted to girls, enjoyed watching lesbian porn [she had over 100 videos on her laptop, most of them older-younger plots like MILFs and TILFs, not to mention hundreds of erotica stories of lesbian lust]). That said, no wasn't an acceptable answer, she was too curious, and the opportunity she'd fantasized about for months was suddenly lying on top of her, almost naked, on her bed. Eventually, she answered, not a straight out yes, but close to it, "I think I do. Is that bad, Mrs. Fischer?"

"No, that's very good, Ashley," Charlotte purred, leaning down and kissing the back of her neck. "You will fit right in with the other moms and daughters."

"I will?" Ashley asked.

"Indeed," Charlotte continued, as she climbed off the shy teen, turned her around and pulled her up, "You are beautiful, sweet and I'm guessing, delicious."

Ashley blushed as she allowed herself to be undressed, as Charlotte pulled her sweater over her head. "Delicious? I've never been called that."

"I'm going to verify that very soon," Charlotte promised, always loving the first time she tasted a new pussy, especially loving to taste two fresh new pussies, two related pussies, on the same day.

Ashley could feel her cheeks burn red as she felt her breasts come free when Charlotte unclasped her bra and tossed it aside.

"Such yummy, perky breasts," Charlotte approved, leaning forward and kissing the already very hard nipples.

Ashley moaned on contact, her nipples very sensitive and already sending waves of pleasure directly through her and to her pussy.

"Are these nipples hard for me?" Charlotte asked, swirling her tongue around one of them.

"Yes," Ashley moaned in response, although in truth they'd been hard ever since the moment she'd walked in on the lesbian threesome in the kitchen.

Charlotte gently pushed the teen onto her back and tugged off the skirt and panties as she said, "I think I need to take you sexy undergarment shopping."

Ashley trembled, now only in her socks, both because of the sudden chill and also a slight embarrassment at her boring underwear, "Definitely," she answered.

"Actually, take off your socks, I'll be back in a minute," Charlotte said, as she got off the bed and headed back down to the kitchen where her purse was.

"Okay," Ashley nodded, disappointed to see her go.

Charlotte noticed the teen's disappointed tone and stressed, "Don't worry, my sexy kitten, I'll be right back and with a present for you."

Ashley, more comfortable now, countered, "I thought I was your present?"

"Oh, you are," Charlotte smiled, really enjoying her first opportunity to add to the community. "You're definitely mine."

Ashley took off her socks as Charlotte left, excited for whatever the MILF had in mind.

During this time, Jasmine had come hard from Seraphina's eager experienced tongue and was now returning the favour as she dined on Seraphina's delicacy right on the same kitchen counter where she usually prepared her family's dinner.

Charlotte walked in and watched briefly as her daughter was being orally pleasured by Jasmine. Usually she would join in when she witnessed such an encounter, either sitting on her daughter's face, eating out the eater or fucking one of them, but she had other delights on her plate, so she went to her purse.

"Oh yes, Mrs. Walker, taste my teen twat," Seraphina moaned, a big fan of alliteration.

Jasmine was intoxicated by the teen's scent and taste... knowing she'd passed the point of no return almost before the starting gun, knowing she was exactly where she'd been almost 20 years ago, addicted to cunt. In college, if she didn't eat a pussy a day she'd become moody and crave it, cunt was her addiction, and her relapse today meant she was again a mindless bimbo for cunt.

"Get your tongue deep in my daughter," Charlotte ordered, as she grabbed a pair of thigh highs still in their packaging.

Jasmine heard and sat up to ask what was happening to her daughter, "How is Ashley?"

"Very good," Charlotte answered, keeping it vague.

"Is she okay with what she saw?" Jasmine asked, still concerned she had forever tarnished her relationship with her sweet daughter.

"She was surprised, but she's more than willing to begin her own initiation into the Mommy-Daughter Swap Club," Charlotte revealed.

Jasmine had never seen her daughter as a lesbian, she had already had three boyfriends, one rather serious, but no one would have thought she herself was a lesbian back in college either, secrets are often kept that way. "Okay," Jasmine finally said, unsure.

"Trust me," Charlotte smiled, coming over and quickly kissing Jasmine, tasting her daughter's wetness on her lips, "After today, both of you will be forever changed and a whole lot closer," she added, foreshadowing the act of incest she planned as a finale for today's initiation.

"Okay," Jasmine nodded.

"Get back here, Mrs. Walker, you're an English teacher and my cunt needs a cunning linguist," Seraphina pleaded, her own orgasm interrupted by her inconsiderate mother.

"Your daughter tastes delicious," Jasmine said, somehow not feeling as if this was a strange thing to say.

"I'll let you know how yours tastes very soon," Charlotte promised, making her intentions clear, although she also planned to fuck her. She then guided Jasmine's head back into her daughter's wet cunt before heading back up to her newest teen toy.

"Yes," Seraphina moaned loudly the second her cunt was getting attention again. "Finger fuck my pulsing pussy, Mrs. Walker," she demanded.

Jasmine obliged, sliding two fingers inside the teen temptress, even as she tried to imagine her barely-legal daughter having sex with Charlotte. She was hardly one to criticize; having begun college when she was still seventeen, a group of her classmates had thrown her a muff-diving party for her eighteenth birthday; Ashley's birthday had been several months ago!

Ashley was rubbing her legs, her room quite cold, processing all the wicked wildness of the day, especially her own prim and proper mom in a lesbian threesome, when Charlotte returned. Charlotte opened the package and said, "Do you ever wear nylons?"

"Only to church," Ashley answered, hating pantyhose.

"Well, what do you think of mine?" Charlotte asked, lifting a leg onto the bed. "Feel them."

Ashley moved her hand and was shocked by how soft they were, way softer than the pantyhose she owned. "Oh my, they're so soft," Ashley said, as she moved her hands up and down them, fascinated by the sheer softness.

"Elegant stockings are for women of class," Charlotte explained, before adding, "and now that you're a member of the Estate of the Crown Mommy-Daughter Swap Club, you're a woman of class."

"I am?" Ashley asked, her life in her Canadian small town having been one where such a class didn't even exist.

Charlotte put her foot back on the floor, pulled the pink nylons out of the package and said, "Yes, you are. Now move to the edge of the bed."

"Okay," Ashley mindlessly obeyed, willing to obey almost anything she was told by Mrs. Fischer. She watched as her elder sat on the floor and rolled a sheer stocking up her leg, her hands arriving so close to her wet, needy pussy.

Mrs. Fischer paused and parted the teen's legs to get an up close and personal view of her ripe cunt. As she'd hoped, it was already glistening with anticipation. She wanted to bury her face in the teen's appetizing pussy, but also wanted to tempt her past the point of no control first, so she reluctantly reached back down and rolled the other sheer stocking on.

Ashley had thought she was about to get her pussy licked and was disappointed when she didn't.

Once the pink nylons were on, Charlotte got back onto the bed and asked, "How do the stockings make you feel?"

"Luxurious," Ashley answered, feeling decadent and rich for the first time in this fancy community, rather than outclassed. She then added, "Sexy."

Charlotte moved her hand to the teen's pussy and said, "Well you do look sexy; beautiful, sexy and horny."

"Back atcha with all three." Ashley moaned as fingers made contact with her cunt.

"So before I devour this pink pussy piecemeal, I need to explain how the system works," Charlotte said, teasingly tracing her finger over the teen's pussy lips.

"Okay," Ashley nodded, curious about this strange mother-daughter swap club, even though the title seemed rather self-explanatory. Maybe there were devilish details.

"You see, my kitten," the MILF continued, "you and your mother were selected from over a couple dozen other families who applied to purchase your house, because we wanted you to be the newest members of a growing worldwide community of kittens and cougars."

"Cougars?" Ashley repeated, the term having been used in Canada to describe older women who liked fucking college boys.

"Yes, you and the other daughters are the kittens and I and the other mothers are the cougars," Charlotte smiled, giving one flick of the clit. "Mreouw!"

"Oooooooh," Ashley moaned loudly, her entire body twitching. "Sorry, Mew!" with a giggle.

"So you will drink your daily milk from a variety of cougars," the MILF metaphorically explained.

"Is every teen in the community, are all my classmates kittens?" Ashley asked, trying to imagine some of the more reserved girls and some of the bitches being kittens, kitten seeming to be a submissive term.

"You're the only teen in the gated community who isn't in yet," the lesbian cougar answered, adding, "but not every girl attending your school from the larger community is a kitty, at least not yet. And of course nobody is allowed to be kittenized until her eighteenth birthday."

"Wow!" Ashley said, meaning cheerleader captain, Oksana, was a kitten, shy nerd, Marlena, was a kitten and her athletic next door neighbour and basketball star, April, was a kitten.

"And you can play with all of them," Charlotte added, as she repositioned herself on the bed, sitting too close to the edge to be comfortable.

"The kittens or the cougars?" Ashley asked, the idea of having sex with Oksana very exciting, although all the girls in the community were intriguing.

"Why both, of course," Charlotte answered, now sitting behind her. She kissed the teen's neck, cupping her firm tits.

"It sounds like I'll be very busy," Ashley joked.

"There's a lot of milk available," Charlotte responded.

"Can I taste your milk?" Ashley asked, as the naughty innuendo, the teasing on her pussy, the hot breath on her neck, the fake cock poking her butt and the fingers now pinching her erect nipples had her a flustered mess.

"Soon, but I think I'll get a taste of your honey pie first," Charlotte replied, changing the metaphor.

"I'd love that," Ashley said too eagerly, her pussy on fire...wetness leaking out of her.

Charlotte spun the teen around, grabbed her hips and pulled them up until the teen's ass was resting on her big tits and her ripe pussy was directly in front of her.

"Tell me what you want," Charlotte demanded.

Ashley didn't hesitate, as she responded, "I want you to eat this kitty's cunt."

"Are you willing to be a kitty for every cougar in the community?" Charlotte asked, not specifically pointing out that would include her own mother.

"Yes, Mrs. Fischer, every cougar's cunt, and every kitty's kitty," Ashley answered, eager to dive head first into the lesbian society she'd just discovered existed.

"You'll be a perfect addition, Ashley," Mrs. Fischer said, before she dove between the teen's legs and began licking, her second fresh wet box fish snack of the day.

"Oh fuck, yes," Ashley moaned, no longer caring about anything but the pleasure she was feeling, the orgasm that was building quickly. With her boyfriends she never reached orgasm from their inept oral sex or the quick two-minute fucks, but this was entirely different. She was feeling pleasure she hadn't known existed, she was making moans she'd never before made and she was begging for more. "Oh yes, more, feels so good, Mrs. Fischer, don't stop."

Charlotte had no intention of stopping, loving to eat a teen's cunt, loving to hear a teen moan, exhilarated by hearing a teen beg. Instead, she licked, she probed, she sucked. She took her time, wanting the teen's first oral sex from a woman to forever change her, to turn her either into a complete lesbian or at the bare minimum a bisexual who preferred women.

Ashley loved the licking, but was also frustrated by the teasing, the stops and starts. Suddenly, taking initiative in a way very unlike Ashley, she demanded, "Lie on your back, Mrs. Fischer."

Charlotte was surprised, but as a switch, able to be aggressive or submissive as the scenario dictated, quit licking and obeyed the order as she pouted playfully, "Wasn't I getting you off?"

As Ashley straddled the cougar's face she demanded with frustration, "You were driving me crazy, but I need to come right fucking now."

"Then fuck my face as you wish," Charlotte offered, always loving when a girl sat on her face, especially when she ground her pussy all over her and just used her for pleasure.

"That's the plan, cunt," Ashley nodded, as she lowered her cunt on the pretty MILF's face. "May I call you cunt?"

"You may indeed, cunt!" Charlotte laughed in reply, loving when a young girl could use 'cunt' as the dirty word it was.

For a couple of minutes Ashley ground and Charlotte licked. Unfortunately, Ashley couldn't get comfortable. She put her hands on the bed beside Charlotte's head; she put her hands on her own hips; she put her hands to the side.

Charlotte could tell the teen's frustration was growing and suggested, as she lifted her legs up vertically, "Push on my legs and use them for balance."

"Can you bend that far?" Ashley asked, looking back.

"I was an Olympic gymnast, I'm amazingly flexible, a human fucking pretzel," Charlotte said.

Ashley grabbed the legs and pushed Mrs. Fischer into a hairpin shape that didn't seem humanly possible. She asked with concern, "Doesn't this hurt?"

"God, no," Charlotte answered, "it feels great. Now fuck my face and cum all over it."

Hooking her arms around Mrs. Fischer's legs, Ashley was finally comfortable and began to really grind her cunt up and down in aggressively fast hip thrusts.

In seconds, Ashley was babbling as her orgasm was reaching its unstoppable eruption, "Oh fuck, yes, oh fuck, yes, yes, fuck!"

Charlotte kept her tongue extended the entire time and was rewarded with the teen's sweet cum splashing all over her face.

Ashley froze as her orgasm streamed out of her, and Charlotte licked and licked, lapping up every drop of teen cream.

Finally, Ashley let go of the MILF's legs and collapsed backwards onto her bed.

Charlotte sat up and asked, "Ready for orgasm two?"

"Sorry, I can't have multiple orgasms," Ashley admitted, and she had often tried.

"Time to prove that theory wrong," Charlotte said. "You forget I'm a cunt and this is what cunts do," as she pulled the teen up and kissed her.

For a couple of minutes they just kissed. No more, no less, well, that and also allowed their hands to roam, to squeeze each other's asses, to feel each other up, to stroke Charlotte's big cock.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, things were really heating up between Jasmine and Seraphina. After Seraphina's orgasm at the tongue of Jasmine, who was quickly remembering her wicked skills, they ended up together on the kitchen counter in an adapted 69. Jasmine was fingering Seraphina and Seraphina, after a couple of minutes of fingering had just rammed her fist inside Jasmine's cunt.

"Oh my God!" Jasmine screamed, loud enough that her daughter heard her upstairs.

Charlotte broke the kiss and smiled, "Sounds like your mom is having fun being initiated into the Club."

Ashley smiled and asked, her mother's scream somehow turning her on, "Isn't it time I was fully initiated, too?"

"It's definitely time for part two of four," Charlotte smiled, as she helped the teen get onto all fours on her bed.

"Four parts?" Ashley asked, curious.

Charlotte nodded, as she positioned her cock at the teen's inviting cunt, "Yes my dear, actually there are six in total, but only four are normally done today."

"Ohhhhhh," Ashley moaned, as the cock slid inside her. She wanted to know what the other two, or other four were, but was distracted by the cock that had just filled her but was remaining so motionless.

Charlotte smiled as she leaned forward and kissed the teen again, loving to kiss women, their lips so much softer than men's, the kiss so intimate.

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