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A Moment with You


AN: Aw, you guys are so nice it kills me! (If only guys fawned over me this much in real life!) Oh, I missed Literotica so much and I'm going to try to upload all my old audio and stories as soon as I can. :)

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I miss you.

I miss the naughty, lengthy emails we sent back and forth, the thrilling feeling I'd get when I saw them in my inbox, delighted to know what else you'd love to do to me. I sit at home often and think about it...wonder how it would be if I let you taste that special sweetness...gave you my delicate cherry.

I imagine calling you to my place, a dorm....somewhere you haven't been in years. But you indulge me. You observe your silly little girl with a knowing smile as I lead you in...

Sit you down...

And speak.

But, I can hardly manage that much. The reality of your closeness makes me shy -- shier than normal, and that smile on your lips widens.

I can barely get what I want past my lips. How can I tell you? How can I tell you that I want you to fuck me?

I can't.

I don't.

Instead, I move your hand to my breast. It's so large against mine, and stills the shaking of my nerves. I lift my eyes and look at you then. Soft, brown eyes beg such a sinful question, and you answer with a kiss. It's light at first, as if you're testing me, and I can't help but respond.

By now you must know it's my first kiss as well.

Your hand on my breast squeezes suddenly, wrinkles sheer fabric and palms dark nipples. Like a true virgin, I quiver nervously at the touch.

The humor in you eyes is incredible, but I don't let that distract me. Instead, I focus on the way your other hand. How you've wormed it underneath my shirt... how you make lazy circles against my skin with your fingertips.

You must relish it...mustn't you? This could be the last time, in a long time, that you'll feel such smooth skin.

And this will be the first time I've ever felt such touches from a man.

You smirk, and even through your pants I can feel you swell with pride at knowing.

"Undress," you tell me in that soft, yet powerful voice. In that smooth, sexy accent I've always dreamed of hearing.

No sir, you don't have to tell me twice.

The play has begun, and I don't dare resist. It's the power you have over me that's thrilling, the way you can make me do your bidding with only a few simple words.

You watch me from my bed, sitting on the edge, half-reclining against a bedpost.

I stand, still shaking, and let my hands finger the edges of the shirt you'd so deftly palmed only moments before. I unbutton quickly—maybe a bit too quickly—and let it slide from my shoulders.

I can hear your intake of breath.

There's no bra to be found. Your naughty little girl was prepared for this.

Daringly, I cup a breast in my hand and lift it slightly to my lips. I still have to tilt my head a little, but I can lick it. I can tease those soft nubs with my tongue.

While they tighten, you tighten, and I can see the outline of your cock pressing against your pants.

Next goes my skirt. The flowy, bohemian fabric pools at my feet and allows you a view of my legs. But that's not where you're really focused. Your eyes are trained on my pink panties, and the treasure that lies beneath.

Slowly, clumsily, I hook my thumbs underneath the waistband and pull down. I have to bend at the waist a little to step out of them, but you don't mind.

Not at all.

"This is mine," your eyes say as they wander up and down my body. You pull me to the bed in earnest, and stand above me, drinking in such a sight.

Young, sweet, tender flesh that blushes just for you. You can't see it, but you can feel it, warm under dark cheeks...breasts...thighs....

Your hands skim the expanse of me, pausing to squeeze and cup areas I'd silently wished away while gazing at myself in the mirror.

But once again... you don't mind. You love every curve, and trace them all with your mouth.

My fingertips weave through your hair while you make your way down, lower, and lower until I'm embarrassed at the feelings stirring within me.

When you reach that smooth, bare treasure between my thighs, I almost beg you to stop. It's wrong, it's dirty, but...to hell with it.

I want you to taste me.

This is what I've been so desperate for, and I know you need it too.

Reflexively, my legs part and you push them up for better access. I try not to look, and once I feel your tongue, I just can't.

You're probing, licking, teasing places I've never been able to find, and coaxing moans from the back of my throat.

And you just can't get enough. That sweet juice, that young skin, it's intoxicating, isn't it? You thoroughly enjoy taking me over the edge.

My whole body tingles with feeling, and my pussy is dripping with arousal. The way your tongue caresses my clit -- I just can't get enough.

And then...

I feel your fingers.

A thick digit presses for entrance at a place inside that I've never even dared to go. A place where sexy, uninhibited women place glass toys and vibrating contraptions. A place...where your cock should go.

You attempt to take my innocence then, with a wet finger and a kiss, but I can't take it. Not yet. Trembling, and on edge, I manage to pull away from you. My hands grab for your shirt this time, your pants.

But before I can strip you of each frustrating article, you press your wet fingers at my mouth. I stare up at you curiously, but know what you want.

I'll do what you want.

Coyly, I slip your slick fingers between my lips and watch you while I suck. Your eyes close for a second, enjoying it, but not more than me. Playfully, I glide a hand over the hardness protruding from your pants, and you twitch. Enough of that, you decide at once, and nudge me away.

I smile, watching you kick off clothing, and savor my own flavor on my tongue. The boldness only lasts a moment, though.

When I see your cock, that magnificent straining muscle, my whole mouth goes dry.

It's much larger than I thought.

It's more than I can take.

I can't...can I?

You don't give me the luxury of pondering any further, instead, you take guide my mouth downward, and urge me to open up. I do so eagerly, greedily, but only manage to suck the head.

Your breathing quickens regardless, but I can tell it's nowhere near enough. With both hands this time, you force my head down further and make me gag.

"Take it, you little schoolgirl slut," you grunt.

"Take it like a good girl."

The words make me want to smile, even though I can't. I just cough and slurp, and lick and swallow until your groaning is the only thing I can hear. Your hips lift from the sheets at odd intervals, fucking my throat in a way I never thought possible.

At the last moment, though, I have to pull away. My mouth disengages, and with it goes a trail of saliva and precum. It breaks against my chest, and I lick it from my lips.

"Good girl," you whisper, panting, and my heart races.

I lower my head again, this time to your balls, and lick eagerly. My small hand wraps around your thick cock and jerks sporadically. I feel you tighten up again, and my mouth waters. This is what I want.

And yet...

Not yet.

You move me away with a pleasurable amount of force, and pin me, belly up, on the bed.

I've always wanted to take it from behind, but I know I can't.

Not this time.

Not the first time.

If I did, every inch of that dick would go too far.

Would go too deep.

Would surely tear me apart.

Precum, like a tear, drips from the head of your weeping cock. I can see in your eyes how badly you want me, but you have to be gentle.

This time, at least.

You tell me to grab you, and when I do, I hear you hiss in pleasure. The words 'fuck yes' pass your lips, and I smile, suddenly shy again. Full of guts, I position the swollen head at my entrance, and push ever so slightly.

I can't, I realize.

I can't even take that much. How could I manage the whole thing?

You cover my hand with your own, in a brief, reassuring gesture, and I close my eyes.

"You'll take it all," you tell me. "You want it all, you little slut."

My pussy clenches, my body clenches, still desperate to cum, and you take the opportunity to push in.

You do so with force -- there's nothing gentle here anymore. I grab your forearm with one hand and squeeze to combat an inkling of pain.

You're in.

An inch in...but you're in.

"Please," I whisper, thrilled by the filling sensation. "Please...more."

I squeeze around you again, this time by reflex alone, and you stifle a groan into the space between my breasts. You're teetering on the edge of something, fighting back the urge to fuck my cunt the way you know I want it, and easing in the way you know I can take it.

But I can't stand it.

Daringly, I wrap my legs around your waist and jerk you forward, another few inches into me. It's so tight, I feel I might tear, but so good that I can't stop.

"Fuck me," I beg. "Fuck me."

And this time, you don't resist. Your little girl's cunt is so tight...so hot that you can't deny yourself the feeling.

This is a virgin, you tell yourself. This is pure sweetness.

What starts out slow and gentle quickly becomes frantic. The bed rocks with our motion, of thrusting, of pounding, of screaming and crying. You lift my thighs and though I'm scared, I take it.

I take every hot, hard inch from that position, and allow you to fuck me deeply. It hurts, I can't deny it, but the pleasure far outweighs the pain. In seconds, I'm squeezing tight around your cock and my hands, grope for something, anything to hold onto. More, I continue to beg. More!

But before that "more" comes, I do.

I hadn't meant to let go, but as soon as you began to piston in and out of me, I couldn't hold back any longer.

You groan loudly as I contract around you, squeezing only the way a naughty little bitch like I could.

The orgasm washes over me like a flood, and I struggle to handle your sharp thrusts. You force another out of me, and this time, the words "oh daddy," pass my lips.

This seems to send you over the edge. Your body tenses, but you won't cum inside me this time.

No, you know what I want.

Quickly -- almost too quickly—you pull out of me and begin to stroke you cock furiously.

But your hands are no substitute for that hot, wet heat you've just experienced. I reach down and massage your balls the way I did before with my tongue, and I can feel how close you are. I replace your hands with mine, and jerk you harder, amazed with the way your foreskin glides up and down, wetly. I can smell my scent on you, and I know it must drive you wild. I beg you, louder this time, plead and whine for your cum.

You can't help but oblige me.

It startles me at first, a thick, white rope of spunk, splattering against my face and neck. A glob covers my glasses, another hangs from my pouted lips. The bright white looks great against my skin, and makes me giggle.

You love the way that sounds, don't you? Something so innocent from such a little whore.

I keep pumping, the same way you pumped into me, and milk out every last drop.

With a satisfied sigh, you wilt down beside me, and thank me silently. I lie on my back, staring up at the ceiling, and stay still. My body is sore, and I know I'll feel it more in the morning, but I don't care.

It was worth it.

My eyes wander to you, and I smile. I know you're not into attachments, that fucking is more important than making love, but for a moment I imagine you humor me -- that you wrap your arms around my waist and tell me there's no one else.

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